113 High-Shine Metallic Nails: Shade Of The Future!


I think it’s fair to say that it’s time to lean away from the played out neutrals and nudes. Welcome to the future nail art addicts! The metallic nails are shamelessly slaying in the fashion universe. It’s unapologetically changing the game of how your good gracious fingernails used to look like. It’s like a touch of mercury has been embracing your dull fingers to create a glaring blast to anyone’s eyes.

If Superman has a wife, then, this is her fashion statement, gorgeous nails of steel! Metallic nails are attempting to outshine the gems! I can’t emphasize it any other way better than how poetic the look fits. It’s a quite intimidating nail art that only the bold, the wild or even the weird can rock this nail art. Check out the hottest out of this century metallic nails!

Bringing The Intergalactic Universe To Your Fingernails

metallic nails

The holographic metallic nail art above is a surefire reminder of the WAKANDA babes. Or if The Game of Thrones has a futuristic version, this would be Cersei Lannister’s long nails. I find this stiletto nails viciously gorgeous for all the right reasons. You’re looking at the aurora lights on your nails. Ain’t it the sexiest alien nails? Any glossy nails will be put to shame with these galactic-inspired nails.

Can’t help but giggle over this super cool nail design for the summer season. This raindrop multi-holographic metallic nail art is drop-dead gorgeous! The indigo and green duo-chromes is the metallic lacquer that will remind you of the relaxing soft rains in the middle of the night. Who wouldn’t love the way the color shifts in several colors inside each raindrop? It’s pretty magical, don’t you think? This metallic nail art is a sure winner!

Whether it’s an outer space-inspired or the super shiny stainless steel finish, —the metallic nails are for the boss babes. It’s the shade for women who are strong, independent, chic, and certainly bold. In the manicure universe, the holographic craze is a result of an incredible mix of metallic tone and contrasting pigments. The style above is an absolute sneak peek to the outer space. You can rock this palette with long coffin and ballerina nails.

Beautiful Darkness

If Disney’s Sleeping Beauty film takes a more dark and modern turn, I bet this metallic nail theme will be Maleficent’s fashion statement. The mysterious black metallic nails. Even when you choose the more conventional shapes like the almond, ballerina or squoval nails, it still exudes the don’t-mess-with-me vibe. It’s not too glossy, and it’s not a matte black either. A little bit of sheen, when caught by light, is enough. It’s beautiful on its own.

Chrome over black definitely has the swagger among the metallic nail arts. No wonder it captures many eyeballs, even without any additional embellishments. Who wouldn’t stare at this gorgeous luxe nails? They give the ‘rich and famous’ look, especially if you pair them with some nice jewelry. There are many metallic nail polish brands that offer this finish. So, don’t really need to shell out a ton of money to get this look.

Mind-Playing Black Ombres

Is this metallic blue, green, or aubergine? Fashion-forward nails are a must regardless of the occasion. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be Picasso. With endless metallic nail variations available, this metallic ombre is among the hottest. It’s a dark or deep cool-toned hue with a slight sheen and a hint of colors in several angles. Application is uncomplicated and playful. No exaggeration needed and looks absolutely sexy!

Are you thinking about giving bold nails drenched in molten metallic shades nails a go? Try this black holographic polish. It’s equally worthy of obsession. Another take to this bold metallic ombre is going dark, —like almost black. It looks elegant, modern, and still playful with the hues of the rainbow popping through the darkness.

Talk about upping the metallic manicure game with adorable high-shine holographic ombre design. Unlike the first two above, this one is shamelessly colorful and super shiny. Whether you have short or super long nails, this metallic polish can create wonders on its own without extra support from black studs, etc. Shout out to all the teens who like to try some fun and almost animated opulence. This is one go-to festive option you can try.

The Style Power Of Silver & Steel metallic nails

Silver nail polish color is an epitome of the modern fashion. It’s daring but can be elegant as well. If you are thinking of shaping your nails into a long stiletto, arrowhead or mountain peak, metallic nail polish is just perfect. It’s like having silver claws, —plus they make your nails look solid. It also compliments any skin color and finger length. So, if you are blessed with short chubby fingers, don’t fret! You can sport silver nails like a badass boss babe!

No jewelry, no problem. Make your nails your bling instead! Versatility is one thing to love about metallic nails such as chrome and silver. It’s an all-season nail polish shade that can look cool with any nail cut. It also is a ‘standalone’ style that doesn’t need support from extra frills. It looks chic by itself. It’s a perfect fashion statement to balance an all-plain or all-matte ensemble. If you feel like wearing an all-white, you might as well go silver nails!

Skipping the crystal glitz calls for the mirror shine. Metallicizing your manicure is a different approach to wearing it. The chrome is far from the usual full of cutesy glitter little figures and stripes. It’s the kind of nail art that is as straightforward as it is. It will remind you more of the terminator or any science fiction movies with it’s ‘high-tech machine-like’ appeal. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful because it looks uncomplicated and definitely unique!

Metallic Red Is The New Sexy Nail Hue

As far as we’re concerned, sexy red shades are not multi-tone. They are either satin-sheen, glossy or deep matte finish. But the modern manicure doesn’t have to keep sexy red nail polish shades somber. Metallic reds are the new addition to the sultry spectrum. These different characteristics of reds on each nail freshen up the subdued hue we are very used to see. Wear them! You are sure to tear up social with its vibrancy and playfulness.

Metallic reds, especially crimson and imperial reds look stunningly hot because of how it prominently brings out the prismatic rainbow effect. Just take a lot at those long stiletto nails wrapped in holographic red polish. The rainbow puddle showing a slight degree of purple that follows the shape of the nail intensifies the look. I think this color looks uniquely playful on lipstick nails with the holographic red in a nearly linear line.

White Metal For The Modern Angels

Chrome over white is pretty much the counterpart of the gunmetal nails in the world of holo nails. It’s definitely the go-to wedding-theme nails of any cut and shapes for all holo-metallic addicts! The nails unparalleled high gloss finish that switches from metal to polished white is incredible! The white chrome’s brilliance has a distinction between silver and gloss, —that’s what gives it an interesting appearance.

Pastels wear a new face for the modern trend’s sake. The mermaid hologram pearl effect of this nail polish is just as delicious as it gets. Notice the slight shadow of purple and pink? It glistens but not too much, just enough hint to get your curious eyes mystified! For those who love metallic whites but also want to stay low-key, this is a perfect choice. It’s a simpler style of the nail coat above, yet its simplicity can turn many eyeballs!

Gradience On The Hype: Metallic Ombres

Looking at these beautiful metallic finish on her nails you might think it’s a complicated job because of how striking, and luxurious it looks. It looks like she dipped her long nails in shimmering rainbow water. If you are tired of wearing conservative nail colors, why not go for something contemporary or any dazzling manicures at least once?

French tips are among the most desirable classic nail art styles that many wear up to this day. Wearing this nail art above will definitely bring out the feisty animal in you. Those sexy claws with chrome tips are ready to leave some marks in your memory. But unlike the classic French tip, this one faded effect on the metallic finish is unique and cheeky!

Whether it’s silver, gold, or chrome tips, this somewhat ombre effect are the new metallic trend in the nail art universe. It makes long nails a little less ‘blah’ and be more of ‘aha!’ As much as we enjoy decking out our nails in the comeliest, most out-of-this-world designs, we can’t help but want to try something as quirky as this metallic long nails.

Metallic nails don’t have to be smooth-looking. You can also play with textures and prompt on a style that is a little more offbeat! As mentioned before, trends come and go, so as ditching the failsafe neutrals (no pun intended.) Not setting aside the nudes and natural nails entirely, but a comeback of whimsical colors and textures would be awesome.


Satin Shine Speaks Elegance

If you’re in trouble making up your mind which nail art to choose, why not have them all? You have the liberty to express yourself, and I doubt your manicurist will mind because it’s absolutely hip! Do you get head over heels for lustrous pastels? Or you can’t get chunky glitters off your favorite list? Maybe you’re fascinated with the light brilliance that satin metallic finish offer? Well, have them all on each finger!

Are you hunting for the latest sparkling new color?  Why not update your nails with a little glow? There are myriad of nail arts that revolutionize every metallic manicure lover’s nail game. Yet, the satin finish that humbly glistens without being overwhelming rocks the internet for the past years. Just like this metallic nail finish, it’s so pretty you can’t help but blush to look at your long nails wearing it.

Do you love pearly pastels whipped with some mirror-like shine to a whole new level? The style above might be your next nail-spiration. Chrome on coral hues is all the rage in the fashion world. It looks feminine and brings a happy vibe. It doesn’t matter if you wear them on short nails or long nails, they have such a catchy appeal on its own. It’s one of those colors that update feminity with a good dose of ‘sass.’

Everlasting Gold Metallic Nails

Just in Pinterest alone, you can find more than a gazillion way to do metallic nails. Therefore, this trend is bound to bring loads of fun. The gold nail polish has been an ongoing craze way before other metallic colors existed. Gold manicure complements any skin tone. Styles, come and go. This metallic finish can go missing for a few seasons but goes back to the trendy scene. But, they started to represent social status.

Of course, the power of gold is perpetual. A few great strokes of a good quality gold nail polish, you are set! Even for gold nail polishes, it has various tones and shine levels. The one shown above has a more satin-like sheen to it. It’s perfect for the gold lovers who want to keep it less intense than most gold finishes. If it’s your first time to go gold, try this!

Isn’t it amazing that you can get mirror-shine punch with just a few swipes of a brush? What’s even cooler is the fact that metallic nail polishes are a hit among women from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a millennial or someone who is young at heart, and strides on what’s new in the world of fashion. You can have fun without spending a lot of money on salon visits. Even for short nails, metallic nails can look pretty!

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Party Holographic Metallic Nails Art Ideas

This holographic finish has been making waves this year as it takes reflectiveness and glossiness to new levels. The iridescence of this multi-colored high-polish manicure is among the prettiest metallic lacquers you shouldn’t miss to try! The streaks of blue, green, yellow, and pink are the hues for the seasons like spring and summer. The best thing about holographic nails is you don’t need extra effort to be creative. It is creative alone.

While go-to solid chromas and neutrals are always a great choice. I can’t help but fall head over heels for this rainbow holographic ombre combo. Mermaid nail art trends have evolved at a rapid pace, which none of its variety fails to surely stand out. From statement beach-inspired patterns to a reflective holographic ocean-world. You can choose to skip the starfish or seashell embellishments. Instead, bring it with diffracted rainbow patterns!

Even the holographic hues have has its color densities at various levels. Some like the diffracted hues to be very prominent. Others like it better when there’s a dominating base with just a hint of metallic colors. Check out the sample above. It’s a chrome nail polish with a slight hint of rainbow colors, while the other nails kept in white chrome.

We can all agree that shiny things are the best things, especially for the ladies. However, sometimes, it’s lovelier to wear nail polishes that are still bold, but a little less overwhelming. If you don’t have diamonds or any type of bling, why not paint them and make it 10 for all your fingernails! Absolutely love its powdery appearance!

Why not bring your luminosity craze to a full blast? I’m pretty sure Katy Perry and Lady Gaga rock any out-of-this-world galaxy fingernails like the style shown above. Shifting the rainbow disco ball-inspired manicure with the glistening crystals overlaying the others. If you want your own version of this look, go check out Pinterest. You will see a multitude of Pinterest boards showcasing loads of sparkling nail art designs to get inspiration from.

A Touch of Pretty Pastel On Metallic Shades

chrome nails

Polishing up your nails doesn’t have to be uniform. You can alternate the metallic design of your choice with your favorite matte or pastel shades. The good thing about nail art is it has endless options and it doesn’t have rules on what colors to match. Matching is definitely just an option! The nail art above is the best example of alternating different nail art designs, colors, and textures! Even chunky glitters side by side with metallic looks fun!

Let’s talk about matching. One of the coolest ways to refresh your manicure with a little glow is by matching your nail polish to your nail embellishments. The nail art design shown above is a gorgeous example. She used clear nail polish as a base coat ornated with holographic gemstones that reflect the same colors as her holographic nail polish on her other nails. If you have an upcoming wedding, this design is perfect for that special event!

Check out more inspirations below!