36 Fuss-Free Messy Buns You Can Rock From Day to Night


Want a cool hairstyle that’s easy to do, virtually maintenance free and yet gives you a chic, sophisticated and edgy appeal? If so, all you need is a messy bun!

Messy buns go anywhere from street to high fashion. You can wear one paired with a lavish long gown as you walk the red carpet or for a quick errand, paired with ripped denim jeans and a soft white shirt. Heck, you can even wear one as you lounge around at home in a ratty shirt while playing with your cats!

Why not give this easy-to-achieve style a try. If you need some inspiration, we’ve curated some of the best looking messy buns around. Try one, try two or maybe try them all! It’s all messy bun goodness you can enjoy.

messy bun

Twisted Bridal Beauty Bun

Hair twists are great because they work well whether you have long or short hair. This twisted bridal bun gives the right kind of romantic look while keeping it chic for a regal affair like a wedding. Drop a hair tendril here and there and you’ve got a stunner.

Not-So-Messy Bun

To make this, gather all your hair and place in a low ponytail. Make sure you get the plump volume up top. Make a small hole at the center and invert your ponytail so it’s inside out. Take the remaining ponytail and slowly curl them back into the loop. Secure with bobby pins, a quick hairspray and a touch of tendrils for a clean yet stunning style.

Twisted Braided Top Bun 

There’s nothing more amazing than pairing a messy top bun with braids! This sweet style can be worn for date nights and casual school days. To start, gather your hair in a high ponytail. Separate into two portions and braid each portion. Then twist the two braids to form a bun. Tuck with pins and top with a large bow.

Sky High Messy Dome Bun

Effortless chic is the best phrase to describe this look. Something so simple, you can do this with your eyes closed. Just take your entire hair and pull them all on your head. Then twist to form a crude top bun and then tuck into your hair band or secure with bobby’s. Don’t make it perfect. That’s what messy buns are for!

Reverse Braid Donut Bun

Make jaws drop with this stunning bun and braid hairstyle! Great for weddings and formal events, you’ll love the touch of quirkiness and sophistication all in one style. It’s not the easiest to do but when pulled off, you’ll make everyone wonder how you did it.

Reverse Loop Low Bun

Running late to a party and need a great hairstyle in a flash? This reverse loop bun is here to the rescue! Gather your hair in a lose ponytail. Leave a chunk of hair on either side. Take the first ponytail and tuck it into a hole you make, reversing it. Then take the two side chunks of hair, tie them into another ponytail and do the same thing. Tie off the remaining hair and start rolling it into itself and tuck it into the hole as well. Secure with pins, a hairspray and you’re out the door in no time.

Romantic Side Braid 

Take your side braid to a whole new level by combining it with a messy bun like this. Ideal for romantic dates or for a casual hangouts with friends and family, it’s a messy bun fit for anyone. If you have two tone hair or gorgeous highlights, make sure to try this too as it shows off daring color perfectly!

Messy Top Bun

Model and fashionista, Kendall Jenner, rocks this messy bun like no other. Pairing her ridiculously simple bedhead bun with a hot red lipstick and slinky black gown, she surely wows the cameras with this effortless look.

Low Donut Bun 

Stylishly simple, this low donut bun makes you want to just curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa while listening to the rain pour outside. It’s also perfect for quick errands or just a casual run into town. Messy, cute and just adorable!

Twisty Reverse Chignon

Great for on-the-go ladies, this twisty chignon injects sophistication without taking a full hour to do. Just gather your hair, tie it off and flip it on itself. After that, start twisting into a bun, tuck into the same hole and secure with pins. If strands of hair start falling off, don’t worry. That’s the look you should go for.

Elegant Dutch Braided Bun

Rock that Dutchmaid look for modern times with this glorious braided bun style. It’s one of those pieces that go well with a wedding gown or a black tie dinner party. Pair with dramatic smoky eyes or go for neutral shades. Regardless of how you style it, your hair is already a winner.

Messy Donut Bun Updo

Charming and stylish, the donut bun is a favorite go-to for many fashionistas. They don’t only look good and are easy to do but also give off a retro vibe. It’s like you walked out of a fun 60s style magazine when you sport one.

Curly Tight Top Knot

Fun messy buns aren’t just for straight hair. In fact, they create more impact if you use it with tight curls or funky colored hair. This messy donut top knot is one example. It’s a complete standout as it is.

Funky Top Knot for Long Hair

For ladies with long thick hair, this top knot is an easy one. Great for warm or hot days where you want to let your neck feel the cool breeze. To create this, pull all your hair up as if in a ponytail but leave a portion to create a dome-like bun, then twist the remaining hair around to cover the hair band and tuck the edges.

Side Twist Bun with Bouffant

Such a romantic hairstyle will have your partner swooning at your gorgeous look. This classic style is great for garden weddings, elegant dinner parties and romantic date nights. It’s chic, classy and absolutely divine.

Side Chignon Tangled Bun

Get all tangled up but in a good way with this charming messy look. Great for casual errands, meeting friends over lunch or simply enjoying the outdoors, it’s an effortless updo you can rock from day to day.

Cool Clean Office Donut Bun

Who says messy buns don’t work in the office? Because this cute cool, clean donut bun definitely does! Something simple that can be done in less than 5 minutes, it’s a great office staple you’ll love to wear over and over again. To make, just separate your hair into two ponytails. Wrap and twist on top of each to create a perfect bun and secure with pins.

Bohemian Chic Top Knot

Festival season is the perfect chance to sport such a fun and cool hairstyle like this adorable top knot. Pair with long, wavy bedhead locks and you’ve got yourself one party-ready hairstyle. You can also take it a step further by adding pastel chalk colors to your hair to give it that extra wow factor.

Medieval Lace Braided Bun 

Something about braids and bun just go together perfectly like bread and butter. This Jane Eyre styled lace bun is one style that simply makes people come up close and stare at it for a long time. It’s unique, it’s daring and absolutely elegant. Wear this as you walk down the aisle, or for an extravagant dinner date with your favorite person in the world.

Casual Side Braid Low Bun

Going the fifty-fifty route, this hairstyle is 50% braid and 50% bun. This one’s pretty easy to do if you’ve got nimble hands to make braids. Just start with a regular waterfall braid. As you go down, make it looser until you reach the bottom then simply twist into a bun. Of course, you can go as messy or as clean as you want. Tuck certain parts with pins to keep everything lovely.

Messy Top Bun with Bandana

Super cute for summer, you can wear this top knot and enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine! Pair with a big smile or a refreshing lemonade drink. It’s a fun top bun you’ll easily fall for. We especially recommend this with ripped jeans or a white tee. It’s a summer fantastic look you can’t go wrong with.

Magical Sock Bun

Already a classic among the trendy hair fashionistas, this magical sock bun doesn’t get old. To make one, you do need a handy dandy sock. Simply pull your hair high up in a ponytail. Take your sock, cut the end off so it’s open on both sides then roll it into itself to create a donut shape. Insert it through the ponytail and starting at the top, begin tucking and rolling your hair into the bun, adjusting as you go down. Pull and arrange the hair to cover the entire bun as you roll down. Once you hit the base of your head, you should have a perfectly done sock bun! You’re welcome!

Bouffant High Top Knot

Echoing the beauty of retro cinema sirens, this classic do gets a modern twist. Instead of the typical beehive volume, this uses a high voluminous top to create height and drama. You’ll love this bun to bits for cool and chill days.

Twisty Thick Top Bun

Quite the retro glamour look, this twisty top bun is great for women with long thick hair. Hillary Duff shows off her version on the right side with twists and long plaits to accent everything. Pair this with dramatic cat eyes, bold red lips or a gorgeous smile. It can easily wow your date or whoever you’re with.

Large Knotty Sidebraid with Loops

Quite a stunner, this hair is nothing short of dramatic. It combines the romantic look of a thick side braid with the complicated twist and turns of looped hair plus a bun! Elegant and truly captivating, you’d want this on your head for those lavish black tie events.

Twisty Side Plait with Bun and Highlight

Just as dramatic as the other side braid, this one adds more texture and a pop of color into it. It starts off with a waterfall braid that ends up twisting into a neat round bun. It’s accented by a colorful piece of highlight hair, giving it that unexpected oomph you don’t usually see in such classic hairstyles.

Large Messy Top Knot Hive

A lot like a modern homage to the beehive. This twisty, tangled messy top knot bun can bring you all the drama you want. It’s lavish and totally elegant. We recommend this with wavy tips and tendrils to highlight that messy yet fantastic style. Pair with large hoop earrings and smoky eyes to finish it off.

Bohemian Double Dutch Braids With Bun

Messy buns and braids make for wonderful couple. One is detailed and rustic, the other loose and relaxed, it’s a match made in heaven. This Bohemian style double dutch braid is easy to make. Just grab strands of your hair and create braids. You can double them or if you have super long hair, create a crown from one long strand. Then tuck and pin the braids in place. Take the remaining hair and transform it into a messy bun to complete the look.

High Fashion Tuck Knot

In high fashion, one day your hairstyle is in and the next it’s out. But one avant garde twist to the classic tuck knot bun is this beautiful hairstyle. Sleek and clean, most of the hair is used to create a simple tucked bun. A thick strand is used to wrap around the bun and cover the hairband while the ends are cleverly frozen with hairspray and strong hair gel to create a sharp fan-like design. Totally chic!

The Messy Lover 

Perfect when on the road or jetsetting, this messy bun will make you look fresh and cool even when hauling your luggage around. Thick hair gets the best look out of this style but it doesn’t mean ladies with shorter or thinner hair can’t do it. You just have to be clever about creating volume to capture that strong, plump look.

Classic Top Knot Bun

This little tutorial is how you do a simple, twist top knot bun. This is nothing complicated, in fact, you can do this in less than a minute! Gather your hair to the top of your head then twist them all. Afterwards, start rolling it around itself as you go down to the base of your head. Then tuck the ends, secure with a pin and you’re all set. That’s all there is to it!

Large Loop Knot Bun

Definitely a cool way to jazz up the ordinary hair bun, this style lets you create an elegant and unique style all your own. To make, just take your ponytail and take portions of hair and wrap it around sections of the base, covering the hairband. Do this again and again, using only sections of your hair. Carefully tuck the tips back into the band to create a seamless look. Once you’re done, secure areas where needed with a pin and you should be set.

Messy Ribbon Knot

A cute variation to the Lady Gaga ribbon hairstyle, this one combines that messy bun look with that unique aesthetic. The tutorial below is easy to follow and will make you want to use this style over and over again. Truly something you don’t see everyday.

Country Diva Large Bun Hive

Reminiscent of large bun hives sported by country divas, this diva bun hive will certainly make heads turn. Messy with a down-to-earth charm, you’ll love how easy this is to do. Simply gather your hair and create large volume, either through teasing or using a beach hair product. Then twist and pile your hair on top of your head as high as you can. Let strands fall off wherever and you’ve got yourself a messy country star large bun hive. Are you ready to rock the stage?

Pleated Tuck Bun 

Follow this tutorial for a unique tuck bun. If you have thick hair, this one will work great but it also works fantastic for ladies with thinner yet smoother hair. The cool thing with this bun is it creates dimension and texture all around. It also gives your hair wonderful height, minus the beehive look of course.

Teased Messy Bun Updo

While teasing the hair is a completely 80s look, you certainly can use it together with this bun without conjuring up the gods of bizarre neon and gaudy print. This one’s made using the traditional top knot method. The only difference is you give your hair volume and texture first, either by teasing the hair or using hair products. If you’re already born with naturally thick or textured hair, then this hairstyle will be a piece of cake to do.

Tangled Bun Braid

Yes, sometimes, you just can’t have enough braids. If you’re like us and love braids to death, then this might be the style for you. Inspired by French maids, this one is a lot more looser and feels more relaxed. Any small hair strand that parts away is fine, it’s part of the charm of this cute Bohemian Elvish princess look.