105 Mermaid Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want to Go to the Beach ASAP


Mermaids may be a work of fiction but that doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair to look like one. Growing in popularity over the past years, the mermaid hairstyle is an homage to the beautiful sirens of the sea. It’s usually characterized by long hair styled with a variety of braids, waves and colors.

Get yourself ready for spring and summer. Find inspiration in these absolutely gorgeous mermaid hairstyles.

  1. Fishtail Twins

mermaid hair

Nothing says mermaid hair as straightforward as fishtail braids. The two-strand braid is also pretty versatile as you can incorporate it into other hairstyles as an alternative to regular three-strand braids.

2. Beautiful Seaweed Ombre

Of course, you can never go wrong with seaweed green hair if you’re going for that just-stepped-out-of-the-sea look. Another great thing about the color is that it flatters a wide array of skin tones.

3. Dusty Purple Hair with Light Blue Highlights

Multi-colored pastel hair is another popular style for mermaid hair. The mix of three or more colors gives dimension to the hair and give it the illusion of underwater movement.

4. A Brighter Color Combo

Give the classic ombre color a twist by opting for bluish hues to pay homage to the colors of the ocean.

5. Pull-Through Braid for Super Long Hair

This pull-through braid on long hair just screams off-duty mermaid, doesn’t it?

6. A Starfish Crown

If you’re not up to something as permanent as coloring your hair, a simple crown of starfish would do.

7. Purplish Platinum Blonde Hair with Loose Side Braid

Long light-colored hair is a great canvas for mermaid hairstyles. Pro tip: Stick to loose or messy hairstyles to achieve a carefree, siren of the sea look.

8. Mermaid Waves and a Tri-Tone Ombre

Channel the colorful world underneath the sea surface with this tri-tone ombre hair.

9. Halo Braids on Straight Hair

Try out some halo braids and any sea-themed hair accessory like the one above and you’ll look just at home lounging by the beach.

10. The Mermaid Princess

Add a dash of fab to an otherwise boring fishtail style with a thin metallic crown.

11. Colors of the Sea

Multi-colored hair looks great when styled into thin, wispy waves that emphasize the melding of each color.

12. Braided Rainbow Updo

And if you’re up to something more put together, a wraparound braided updo pairs well with rainbow hair too. This look would be very fitting for beach weddings.

13. Hidden Mermaid

Be an undercover mermaid on a land mission with a hidden colorful layer of hair. This style particularly looks good on extra long hair.

14. Let Your True Colors Shine Through

Show off your ‘true colors’ by styling your hair in a bun. Just look at how the colorful strands mix with the natural ones, isn’t it cute?

15. A Ribbon and a Twist

Get a little more creative in showcasing a fantastic dye job and tie half of your hair into a side bow hairstyle.

16. The Heart of the Sea

Remember the pull through braid we mentioned about above? Give it a creative twist by styling the top braid into a big heart.

17. Candy-Colored Mermaid Hair

Sometimes three colors just don’t cut it. So, take the extra step and incorporate more color into your hair.

18. Cool Tones

This cool-toned look will perfectly fit girls who have a cooler skin tone.

19. A Hint of Yellow

Add some sunshine to cool-toned hair with a dash of bright yellow here and there.

20. Ultraviolet Hair with Large Curls

If you want to stand out among the sea of mermaid-haired girls at the beach, go for something as bold as this ultraviolet hair. Add some large beach curls to your hair to complete the look.

21. Bright Highlights

If you have light brown or blonde hair, this is the perfect style for you. Because your hair doesn’t need bleaching for the colors to show through, you’ll have more opportunity to change up your color combinations over the summer vacation.

22. Messy Fishtail Braids

Add some softness to a blunt A-line lob cut and incorporate some loose fishtail braids into your hair.

23. Blonde to Dark Purple Ombre

This is another great style for light-haired girls. It’s best paired with a halo braid to emphasize the color transition from blonde to dark violet.

24. Blue Green Highlights on Platinum Blonde Hair

Not yet ready to fully commit to the mermaid life? Test the waters with some blue green highlights.

25. Colorful Mermaid Hair on a Short Bob

Who says mermaid hair has to be long? Short-haired girls can also pull off the style with some bright colors and soft curls.

26. Messy Twisted Braids

When it comes to mermaid hair, the messier the better. But keep your hair calculatedly messy instead of just uncombed and unstyled. If you’re not a fantastic braider, go for hair twists instead.

27. Vintage Mermaid Coifs

Mermaids have been around for a long time, so it’s completely logical to see ones with hair styled into a 40’s coif, right?

28. Braided Updo

The contrast of dark hair and bright ombre hair is showcased in this messy updo.

29. Sea Colors Ombre and Braids

Secure your crown as the queen of the sea with this regal hairstyle of small braids, wispy curls and blue green hair.

30. The Perfect Colorful Highlights to Dutch Braid

Hair with bright highlights makes for a multi-dimensional Dutch braid.

31. Crowning Braids on Peach Ombre Hair

If Helen of Troy was a mermaid, this is definitely what her hair would look like. Steal the look by tying your hair into a crowning braid and adding some sea-themed accessories to your hair.

32. Color Reveal

Sometimes subtlety can speak more loudly than bold statements.

33. Dark to Light Pink Curls

Get creative with your color combinations. Peachy pink and dark red hair totally work for mermaid hairstyles, too!

34. Big Flowing Waves on Long Hair

See what we mean? After all, Ariel, probably the most famous mermaid, is a redhead.

35. Violet Hair and Blunt Curls

Go for a more mysterious look by opting for a dark to light purplish ombre. Give it some slight edge by incorporating blunt half curls.

36. Rainbow Braids and a Flower Crown

This rainbow highlighted blonde hair braid look is the perfect one to wear to a beach wedding, don’t you think?

37. Very Light to Very Dark

Stand out with this high contrast hairstyle of platinum blonde to dark violet red ombre.

38. Ombre’d and Curled

Take a flat iron and add some bouncy curls to dyed hair.

39. Contrasting Colors

There’s just something so attention-grabbing about neon green mixed with cool colors like silver and purple.

40. Dark to Light Ombre on Naturally Curly Hair

Girls with natural curls are so lucky. Their hair is practically made to pull off mermaid hair. Just be sure to keep your locks moisturized when you’re at the beach to avoid summer frizz.

41. Side Waterfall Dutch Braid and Aquamarine Hair

Give Aquamarine a run for her money with this sea-tastic braided hairstyle. We told you starfish hair clips are the bomb.

42. Twisted Peach Curls

Not a fan of blue hair? Don’t worry you can still pull off a mermaid hairstyle with warmer colors like peach pink.

43. Faded Colors

Go for a lowkey look and opt for some dusty and faded color combinations like this seamless silver to light blue ombre.

44. Rainbow Ombre for Super Long Layered Hair

Long and layered hair is the perfect canvas for this rainbow color ombre.

45. Ocean Waves Half Updo

Look put-together without looking like you tried too hard. Style your hair with a twisted half updo and loose flowing curls.

46. Blue and Violet Combo

You can never go wrong with a blue and violet combo.

47. Beachy Curls and Multi-Tone Ombre

Get beach babe waves and start curling your hair from the roots down to the ends. This would also give your hair some texture and body.

48. Loose Dutch Braid

Give a regular Dutch braid a mermaid makeover and incorporate some bright highlights to your hair.

49. Bluest Blue

Pay homage to the ocean with a true blue ombre.

50. Spiral Rainbow Curls

You know how the light of the sun hitting the water creates the illusion of little rainbows on the sea surface? This is what that will look like when recreated onto hair.

51. Fishtail Braid and Sea Waves

Recreate the waves of the sea onto your hair with an aquamarine ombre and loose curls.

52. Colorful and Blonde

This style gives a new meaning to layered hair.

53. Twists and Braids for the Mermaid Princess

We told you mixing braid types in one style makes for the prettiest mermaid hairstyle. Believe us now?

54. Bright Colors on Blonde Hair

Keeping bright dyes on the bottom part of the hair gives you the option to easily cut the color off at the end of the summer. Too bad some schools still have strict rules against colored hair.

55. Dark Green Ombre for Black Hair

It’s a shame mermaids aren’t typically depicted with dark hair. Just look at this gorgeous black and blue green hair combo and tell us it doesn’t remind you of the sea.

56. Blue to Green

Blue and green also works well even when separated into an ombre style.

57. Sea-Like Waves on Super Short Hair

Good news to pixie-haired girls! You can definitely pull off mermaid hair too.

58. Laid-Back and Messy Half Up Fishtail Braid

Sometimes all you need is long hair and a fishtail braid.

59. The Perfect Style on Long Virgin Hair


We gotta praise the creative yet subtle homage to the sea this hairstyle has. See that hair clip at the end?

60. Braided Mermaid

Got extra time to style your hair? Better get down and start braiding your hair to get this beautiful mermaid look. Stay true to the look and incorporate some shiny hair accessories like the strand jewels in the picture.

61. Fiery Sea Siren

Honestly, red and orange ombre hair should be more popular for mermaid hairstyles, don’t you think? It perfectly captures the colors of the sea horizon during a summer sunset.

62. Blue Hair with Layers

Layers on long hair give curls more volume and body.

63. Glammed Up Half Up Mermaid Hair

Incorporating pearl accessories should be a staple of mermaid hair.

64. Weaved Braids and a Barrette

This pretty four-strand braid weave hairstyle is completed by a nice hair barrette.

65. Girl-Next-Door Curls

Add some playful curls to colored hair for a fun summer day look.

66. Face-Framing Curls

Looser waves give you a more laid-back look.

67. Underneath It All

Another beautiful ombre mermaid hairstyle.

68. Blue Green Hair on Dark Hair

Blue green highlights and lowlights on dark hair? Yes please.

69. Halo Fishtail Braid

Ditch regular braids and go for fishtail braids instead.

70. Light Blue Ombre and Twists for Short Hair

Style a lob with two-tier hair twists to emphasize a nice aquamarine and purple ombre.

71. Chunky Blue and Silver Highlights

Who says mermaid hair can’t be funky? Go for chunky bright-colored highlights to achieve this look.

72. Fishtail Braids Braided Into Fishtail Braids

When we say braids are mermaid hair staples, we really, really mean it.

73. Bold-Colored Updo

Keep your hair safe from the sea breeze and tie it up in a braided bun updo.

74. A Back Braid and a Bun

Keep some side hair tendrils to keep the updo looking casual.

75. Blue Green Hair on Long and Naturally Curly Hair

Contrary to popular belief, Afro-textured hair can pull off mermaid hairstyles, too

76. Blueviolet Highlights on White Blonde Hair

Cool colors like blue and purple mesh well with the lightness of silver blonde hair.

77. Blue and Violet Balayage

A multi-colored balayage dye job gives dimension to ultra straight hair.

78. Half Up Twisted Bun

Curls always add movement to colored hair.

79. Multi-Colored Ombre

Keep your hair moisturized and shiny to fight the heat of the summer sun.

80. Dutch Braid Updo

This Dutch braid updo is the perfect go-to hairstyle for beach parties.

81. Messy Bun Updo

Keep updos just a bit messy and loose to keep things casual.

82. Ultraviolet Hair

Give the illusion of having naturally purple hair by dyeing your roots a much darker shade.

83. All the Colors of the Deep Sea

Blue green, dark blue and purple. These are the only colors you need to recreate the deep sea onto your hair.

84. Mermaid Curls on Long and Layered Hair

Curl your hair in a variety of looseness and thickness to get the illusion of thicker hair.

85. Dusty Violet Hair and Extra Loose Braids

Long and thick hair is the ideal canvas for this mermaid hairstyle.

86. Blue Green Fishtail

Wanna know why fishtail braids are named the way they are? Take a look at this blue green ‘fishtail’ hairstyle.

87. Dutch-Style Fishtail Braid

While the color combo on this looks more My Little Pony than a mermaid, it’s saved by its use of a Dutch-style fishtail braid.

88. Rainbow Mermaid Hair

This hair is truly a work of art. Notice how each color strand is done in ombre?

89. Bedhead Curls and Blue Green Hair

Curly-haired girls are so lucky they can get away with uncombed bedhead hair easily. Just add some aquamarine and light blue highlights and they’ve got the mermaid hairstyle down alright.

90. Half Up Loose Bun

Half up hairstyles look great when paired with long multi-colored hair and loose waves.

91. Pastel Mermaid

Bright pastel colors mix well with silvery hair for a classic mermaid hair color scheme.

92. Half Up Updo

Half updos are the perfect way to display bright colored hair.

93. Two-Tone Mermaid

94. Dark Roots and Loose Waves

Pastel blue hair also looks great with dark roots.

95. Colorful and Geometric Undercut

Go for an edgier look and incorporate a geometric and colorful undercut to your style.

96. Tight Fishtail Braids Rolled and Flower Buns

Did you know that braids can make flowers when wrapped in a bun?

97. Messy Braid on Sunkissed Hair

You don’t have to bleach and color your hair to get into the mermaid hair trend. Some sun-kissed highlights and a messy braid also do the trick.

98. Glow in the Dark

Is there anything more modern than glow in the dark hair?

99. Black Blue Hair

Black blue hair and a seashell crown? Now, that’s an easy yet foolproof mermaid hair look.

100. Faded Blue Green with Dark Roots

The great thing about dying dark hair pastel colors is that it makes for a great dark roots and light hair combo when it grows out.

101. Bright Blue Green Lowlights 

Brighten up pastel blue hair with some brightening blue green lowlights.

102. Half Up Mermaid Hair on Natural Brown Hair

@BelleMagazine posted to Instagram: I’m not even gonna pretend like i don’t have mermaid hair envy

Skip out on hair dyes and go for a more natural look. You can easily achieve mermaid hair by compensating with loose waves and braided hair.

103. The Mermaid’s Tail

mermaid hair

Leave some space on the bottom of braided hair to achieve this mermaid’s tail look.

104. Seashell Clamp

Better hit Etsy or Amazon to stock up on some seashell hair clamps before summer comes.

105. Mermaid on Day Off

68 Daring Blue Hair Color For Edgy Women

Keep things casual with messy hair and loose waves on aquamarine hair.