150 Impressive Medium Hairstyles To Keep Up With Your Fashion


Trying out different hairstyles is always fun and exciting even on regular days. We are always on the lookout of stunning hairstyles that would fit on us. This is why it’s always a good idea to check the internet for new hair trends. The medium hairstyles are making way this year and you have to check on these ideas if you are looking for a new hairstyle.

Many celebrities have been our inspiration when it comes to beauty, fashion, and hairstyles. Most of us have already stepped up in becoming a hair enthusiast – giving advice to some women about their hair.

While wearing different hairstyles gives you a sense of achievement, maintaining your hair is crucial. You could have heard a lot of myths about caring for your hair. But it’s always safer to listen to the professionals.

On this page, you will find a lot of hair care tips and guidelines to keep your hair healthy. We are promoting hair growth too and not just stunning hairstyles that you will see below.

You will also find the best hair care products that you will see in the market or online. Others may be pricey, but most of these are reasonably priced. This means that maintaining your hair doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, it can be cheap, but fun and flattering too.

Experimenting with your hairstyles is fun, but going for versatile and timeless ones are still the best choice. Medium hairstyle is the perfect compromise. It gives you the best of both worlds while making your fresh signature ‘do more personal.

If you need some inspiration to step up your hair game, keep on reading for the medium hairstyles that will look perfect on you.

Let’s on move on to the lovely photos!

medium hairstyles

Medium hairstyles for all types of hair

This is a hairstyle that is low-maintenance, timeless, and chic. No matter your race or hair texture, medium hair is always versatile. From straight, wavy, or curly, you can trust a mid-length hair to match whatever your fashion is.

Mid-length hair can mean a lot – as in ‘a lot’. It offers so many variations that rely on your taste, preferences, and lifestyle. Not all women have long or short hair, but the common hair length that most women wear is mid-length.

This could be the best time for a makeover and splash anytime at a party or even on your regular days. Check out this list for your hair inspiration and maybe, just maybe, you will find your signature ‘do here.

  • Blonde feathered mid-length
  • Volumized bob with highlights
  • Disconnected bob with lowlights and highlights
  • Messy middle-parted caramel-brown bob
  • Disheveled wavy lob with disengaged ends
  • One-length cut with blonde feathered layers
  • Extra-long volumized messy bob
  • Platinum blonde with V-cut layers
  • Straight, wispy brunette bob
  • Angled wavy comb over brown lob
  • Subtle waves ash-blonde balayage lob
  • Curved A-line cut
  • Side-parted ash-brown lob
  • Blonde waves with swoopy layers
  • Shoulder-skimming green balayage
  • Thick shag style
  • Daring black and blonde with dark roots
  • Strawberry caramel-blonde balayage
  • Disheveled balayage lob
  • Platinum and golden balayage lob
  • Medium blonde lob with bright highlights
  • Soft waves with bangs and caramel highlights
  • Messy brown shag hair with flyaways
  • A-line lob with face-framing layers
  • Blonde highlights with flipped ends
  • Wavy shaggy brown hair with balayage highlights
  • Dimensional brown balayage lob
  • Brown long feathered layers
  • Platinum blonde layered bob
  • Mid-length with backswept layers
  • Tousled chocolate brown bob with blonde highlights

How to maintain healthy hair

Although your hair is technically dead, it is still astonishing that it needs maintenance. This is why maintaining your hair healthy and strong is crucial to making your fashion marvelous.

Whether or not your hair is colored, or have undergone bleaching process, it still needs your utmost care. With the right hair products and proper washing, you should be able to achieve healthy hair.

To help you with that, here are some tips and guidelines on how to keep your locks healthy.

  • Apply conditioner on your ends. Conditioners are meant to hydrate and moisturize your hair. You should use it on the ends of your hair and not on the roots. Your scalp already produces natural oil that hydrates your roots. So, you should make more importance to your ends.
  • Hairsprays can be used on bobby pins to put them in place. Hairsprays, when used regularly, can also damage your hair. If you want your hair to be in place, use bobby pins to secure it. Then spray them with the hairspray for a firmer hold.
  • Use a silk scarf or pillowcase. Whatever your hairstyle is, wearing a silk scarf or using a silk pillowcase even when you go to sleep plays a vital role in your hair’s health. This is to prevent frizziness that will later result to split ends.
  • Big-teethed combs are useful. Try not to use combs with narrow spaces as it will cause hair loss, especially when your hair is still wet. Start combing your ends first before working on the roots way down.
  • Comb your hair before washing it. The hair is vulnerable when it’s wet. So, try to brush it before taking a shower to ensure that hair loss is avoided.

What are the best products and tools for medium hairstyles?

Every woman should know how to maintain her hair, no matter the texture or hairstyle. For medium hairstyles, the maintenance doesn’t make any difference with long or short hair.

Everything is the same, especially when it comes to hair products that you will need to use. With the proper care and maintenance, you should be healthy hair with these products.

Although there is a specific hair product to achieve the hairstyle that you want, most of these products are friendly enough. Hair sprays, conditioners, shampoos, oils, gels, mousses, and more are the standard ones.

But for specific details, check these products carefully.

  • Mason Pearson Popular Bristle and Nylon Brush
  • Barbar Ceramic ECO8000 Blow Dryer
  • Aussie Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner
  • Denman Grooming Brush with Natural Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins
  • L’Oreal Serie Expert Mythic Oil to keep your ends polished
  • Couture Colour Pequi Oil
  • H2PRO Ultra Light Nano Hi-Tech 2500
  • Paul Mitchell Express Ion Blow Dryer for a salon-worthy hair
  • IT&LY HAIR FASHION Pure Texture as a heat protectant spray
  • Multi-functional 1-inch Flat Iron to soften frizziness
  • Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for the non-wash days
  • X5 Superlite Thermal Round Brush (Ceramic) for a great finale look
  • Shu Uemura Full-Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo
  • Shu Uemura Full-Shimmer Illuminating Conditioner
  • Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo
  • Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner
  • 1-inch or 1 1/2-inch Curling Iron
  • White Sands Infinity Hairspray for flexible hold
  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
  • Sachajuan Ocean Mist Texturizing Spray
  • Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist
  • Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist with Rosewater
  • Frizz Ease 10 Day Tamer
  • Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode Flexible Hold Hairspray
The quest for amazing hair

It’s always every woman’s plight – dull hair that needs a makeover. We all have been there and we only want one thing – amazing hair, don’t care!

While most of us have probably tried so many products for our hair, the journey doesn’t actually end there. We may have a lot of hair treats at home, but the effective and trusted ones are always the best.

Here are more hair products that are also professionally recommended.

  • Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse
  • Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3
  • Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec Hair Brush
  • Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite
  • Davines OI Oil
  • Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo, Volume and Fullness
  • IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel
  • Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence
  • Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush
  • Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
  • It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
  • Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizer Spray
  • Rita Hazan Root Concealer
  • Tancho Tique Stick
  • TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray
  • Spornette round brush
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk Dry Shampoo
  • R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam
  • TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hold Level 3: Boost Hair Spray
  • Clairol Nice’n Easy Color Care
  • Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Uplifting Dry Shampoo
  • Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair
  • S.Oil Serum + Oil
  • Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Collection
  • T3 Cascading Waves Reversed Tapered Barrel plus Convertible Base
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System
  • Carol’s Daughter Coco Crème Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter
  • Herbal Essences Blue Ginger & Micellar Water Shampoo and Foam Conditioner
  • Moroccanoil Perfect Defense

Best shampoo and conditioners for all hair types

Shampoo and conditioner are the two hair products that can’t function without the other. Both products are crucial in promoting hair growth and it’s important that you have the right combo for yourself.

We have checked all the best products for any hairstyle, including the medium hairstyles. You can consider these shampoos and conditioners your partners in crime.

  • Devacurl One Condition for natural hair
  • Briogeo Shampoo for straight hair
  • Living Proof Color Care Shampoo for fine, colored hair
  • OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo for textured hair
  • Pureology Serious Color Care Shampoo for damaged hair
  • Zion Health Adama Ancient Minerals Shampoo for fine hair
  • MOROCCANOIL Moisture Repair Shampoo for dull hair
  • L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Conditioner for curly hair
  • Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Invigorating Shampoo for healthy hair
  • Kerastase Masquintense Hydrating Hair Mask for dry hair
  • L’Oréal Paris Frizz-Defy Shampoo for colored hair
  • Pantene Anti-Frizz Shampoo for frizzy hair
  • Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo for thin hair
  • John Frieda Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo for sensitive hair
  • Briogeo Blossom & Blossom Volumizing Shampoo for all hair types

Picking the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type or even the medium hairstyles is just the same as choosing your outfit. It can be tiring and confusing, especially that there are so many options available.

But with these hair products that we have collected for you, there shouldn’t be any more confusions. Shampoos are designed to remove all the dirt and build-ups from your hair while conditioners are there to moisturize, nourish, and protect.

With all the products we’ve used, others can be damaging. This is why it is important that you chose the right hair product for you.

The versatility and beauty of medium hairstyles

Mid-length hair always appears to be flattering as it’s not too short or too long. It can go to any variation and design that celebrities have made famous.

No matter your race or age, medium hairstyles are always up for exciting and challenging experiments. There are so many cute hairstyles for this length that we find interesting, especially those who have sharper facial features.

Different styles of updos, buns, ponytails, braids, ombre, balayage, and more are awesome for medium hairstyles. Mid-length is long enough to style with ease and short enough that you don’t have to do anything more.

Medium hairstyles are fun and outgoing at the same time. You can choose any color you like for it that it doesn’t have to be overrated. There are a lot of different beautiful colors that you can choose from – it all depends on your taste and preferences.

What’s always fun about toning your hair is that it can express more of yourself. This is what most artists do – they always express their lifestyle through their hair color and it’s becoming a trend.

Upkeeping may not come in handy, but with these tips, hair products, and guidelines that we have shown you, things would be easier. Medium hairstyles can be your everyday-look, casual, formal, or any events that you may have.

It doesn’t have to be literally fancy, but what you think that fits you better can definitely make it. You can style your hair with anything you like while making it look effortlessly beautiful.

Mid-length hair is even easier to maintain with proper care and right hair products and tools. Consider checking this page all the time for your checklist on what would be the hair product that you can use for your hair.

We still have a lot of ideas for you below. Keep checking these stunning photos for your inspiration.

More beautiful ideas for medium hairstyles

If you haven’t picked your favorite hairstyle for your mid-length hair, don’t fret. There are still so many options and ideas available on this page. You can always try any of these hairstyles for your medium hair.

There are so many styles available here – from rose gold medium hair, wavy halo braids, and more. But for your convenience, we rounded up more tips for you.

  • Gregarius Magenta Red
  • Urban Edgy Ambiance
  • Pink Petal Half-Up
  • Twisted Half Updo
  • Platinum Color Melt
  • Silver Bardot-Inspired Layers
  • Classy Waterfall Braids
  • Rose Gold Long Bob
  • Wavy Side-Swept Braids
  • Loose Curls Half-Up
  • Side-Swept Dutch Braid
  • Ash-blonde Ombre
  • Double Fishtail Braids
  • Chic Angled Bob
  • Simple Spring Knot
  • Easy Boho Chic Style
  • Elegant California Waves
  • Dark and Bright Copper
  • Cute Blue Beach Waves
  • Effortless Back French Braid
  • Classy Side Dutch Braid
  • Subtle Orange Waves
  • Lowlights and Highlights
  • Elegant Under Lights
  • Platinum Lob With Dark Side Part
  • Burnt Orange Curls
  • Light Brown Face Framing Balayage
  • Dark To Light Brown Ombre With Side Fringe
  • Asymmetrical Blonde Bob
  • Dark Chocolate Auburn With Wine Highlights
  • Wavy Wine Red Lob
  • Sleek Bob With Blunt Bangs
  • Stylish Shag With Deep Purple Ends
  • Chic Soft Waves With Undercut
  • Outgoing Pastel Balayage
  • Bright Hibiscus-Inspired Tones
  • Two-Tone Side-Parted Bob
  • Dark Curls With Bangs
  • Elegant Blonde Lob

Regardless of your preferences, your mid-length hair should not be compromised with a terrible hairstyle. Always find a good hairstylist who can do great with your hair. These photos would be your best hairstyle inspiration if you are on the lookout of ideas this summer.

Find a hairstyle that fits your preferences

Fashionable hairstyles don’t mean you will need to mimic any of it. The gist is, you will have to have a hairstyle that you are comfortable with – not just being fashionable.

Have a hairstylist to check the status of your hair if it’s healthy enough to deal with any harsh process. Hair colors may need bleaching to achieve the right hue or tone that you want. Thus, your hair needs an assessment if it’s good to go.

As soon as you get the green light, prepare your hair for an all-new look because it will take longer before you can change it again. This is especially for those who have to undergo the bleaching process.

Ensure that your scalp and ends are all healthy. Most of all, get the right products for your hair type and texture so that you can promote hair growth.

If you have damaged hair, choose the products carefully as chemicals can bring more harm to your hair. We have shown you a lot of hair products that are professionally-recommended. These are safe for any hair types.

Always bring those hair products with you, especially when you are on the go. Sometimes, we tend to forget the things that we need if we’ve got so much on our plate.

However, know that your hair isn’t just for fashion. It’s part of your body that protects your scalp.

Do you have favorites in these medium hairstyles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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