100 Medium Hairstyles That Will Look Perfect on You


Experimenting with your hairstyles is fun, but going for versatile and timeless ones are still the best choice. Medium hairstyle is the perfect compromise—it gives you the best of both worlds while making your fresh signature ‘do more personal. If you need some inspiration to step up your hair game, keep on reading for the medium hairstyles that will look perfect on you.

Why You Should Go for Medium Hairstyles?

  1. It’s the perfect compromise between short and long hair.

If you’re indecisive about how short you should cut your hair, medium length is the sweet spot. Unlike short and long hair, medium hairs will transform your entire look without having to sacrifice your style. If you wish to try out a new hair color, medium hairstyles will save you a lot of money. If you wish to get some layers, then medium hairstyles will let you try out every single hair trend.

  1. It makes our hair transition stage stylish.

Shoulder-grazing strands are everywhere, and if you’re thinking of going too short like pixies, you might want to go for a medium length first. After all, it’s easier to take off a few inches than to add one when you’ve made a big chop. Medium hairstyles are both functional and stylish—and it will allow you to experiment with your hair more than ever.

Yes, with a medium hair, you can try the haircuts and hair trends little by little. After all, getting a big chop—let’s say pixie—is edgy, but it can also make you feel like you’re watching years worth of hair growth.

  1. Medium hairstyles are versatile and chic.

According to stylists, medium length hair is universally flattering, and you’ll be able to come up with different medium hairstyles to suit your preference. Think of braids, bobs, shags, ponytails, layered cuts, curls, straight stresses and such that are easier to rock in a medium length hair. Also, it is easier to maintain a medium hair than a longer hair, and it’s more versatile than a shorter hair.

  1. Medium hairstyles will be always in style.

Hair trends come and go, bur a medium hairstyle will remain forever. Also, you’ll never be worried that having medium length hair might become boring, as there are endless ways to keep your hair stylish and chic—and more than that, you can play with your look. You may start by knowing how your part naturally falls, and look for medium hairstyles that go with it. Do you like to clip your hair on the sides, or pull them together in a ponytail?

  1. It will stylishly get rid of your unhealthy hair.

Stylists recommend regularly trimming your hair for a healthy growth, and going for a medium haircut won’t give you drastic changes. Most of the time, you’ll get some damaged hair due to over coloring, heat styling, and harsh products, and you want to cut off some unhealthy strands. A great thing, going for a medium length won’t call for a drastic change in your look. Once you’ve chopped off your unhealthy strands, you can try the medium hairstyles that will change your look.

How to Select the Right Medium Hairstyle for You

  1. Take your face shape into equation.

Do you know that your face shape is the most important factor that can make or break your look with regards to the hairstyle you’ll choose? As a rule of thumb, you should make your face look more proportioned or oval with your haircut. While women with an oval face shape could rock any hairstyle they want, women with round, square, diamond, long, and heart face shape can go for the medium hairstyles that bring out the best in them.

According to stylists, women with a round face shape should avoid hairstyles that add the illusion of width to their face, making it look rounder and chubbier. On the other hand, women with a square face shape should think of adding some layers into their medium hairstyles to avoid getting an unattractively boxy look. If you’ve got a long face shape, balance your medium hairstyle with bangs.

  1. Consider your natural hair texture.

Unfortunately, not every medium hairstyle works for every hair texture, and all you can do is to enhance your hair with a flattering haircut and hairstyle. According to stylists, a woman with a thick, wavy hair wouldn’t look too great in a pixie haircut compared to women with silky, fine tresses. The key is to know your hair nature and make it as your guide. After all, you don’t have to get the same hair of your favorite celebrity just to look great.

  1. Think how much time and effort you’re willing to spend on your hair.

If you’re a woman on the go, medium hairstyles that call for flat irons and curlers in the morning aren’t your best choice. Are you a woman who often put your hair in a ponytail whenever you’re getting late at work? Are you willing to put in twenty minutes of your time with a heat styling tool before you get out the door? Medium hairstyles are flattering, but it’s essential to consider if you’re really willing to deal with it.

  1. Flaunt your best features with your medium hairstyle.

Have you noticed that some medium hairstyles highlight, accentuate, or even enhance your facial features, while some of them downplay, mask, and conceal your flaws? The key is to know your best facial features and be ready to flaunt it with your medium hairstyle. Do you love your angular jaw, rounded cheeks, heart face shape, or brown eyes? Make them stand out more with your haircut and hairstyle of choice.

Medium Hairstyles—and Your Personality

Apart from your clothes, nail polish, handbag, and shoes, do you know that your strands are saying more than you think? Your hair can reveal a lot of things about you through its color, length, texture, and style. In fact, the Chinese medicine states that everything should be balanced, and going for a certain haircut, hairstyle, and hair color have an underlying cause.

If first impressions are important to you, ace them with your medium hairstyles. Psychologists say that women with red hair are fun-loving and have a good sense of humor, since the red hair stands out easily. In fact, red heads are considered as wild and fiery.

While a woman with a dark hair is perceived as thoughtful, women with bold colored hair are perceived as a rebel and free spirited person. Some say that women with black hair are mysterious and secretive too. If you want to look more genuine, go for brunette shades that will also show that you are loyal, kind, and smart.

Do you have that naturally curly hair? A great thing, it reflects your warm-hearted personality and generosity. The same thing applies to women with a straight hair that she always curls. According to the hair theory, curling your hair attracts more fun and adventure since your hair itself makes a statement.

If you’ve got that wavy hair, you might also have a strong will power and high energy yet can be a stubborn too. Medium wavy hairstyles also channel your dreamy and creative personality. On the contrary, women with thin hair are perceived to be sensitive and delicate. She might prefer to save her energy and refrain from extreme adventures and sports.

If you’re a woman with a sleek, straight hair, it only shows that you are a perfectionist and you want to be in control of everything. Also, women with a straight tend to have a more refined personality, but are sophisticated and sociable too. If you always straighten your hair whether it’s wavy or curly, it only shows that your life is too chaotic and you need some peace.

According to physiognomy, women who have medium hair length or hair above the shoulder are well organized, straightforward, and fearless. Also, women with shoulder length hair are believed to be elegant and love new challenges in life.

A great thing, women that go for practical medium hairstyles are perceived to be goal-oriented and a good thinker who loves logic since the hairstyle is easy to deal with. That’s also the reason why on the go women opt for polished, high ponytails.

On the contrary, if you love a high maintenance hairstyle, it also shows that you’re self-critical, worry about details too much, and tend to seek attention with your hairstyle. Unfortunately, your high maintenance hairstyle also shows your insecurity. After all, giving considerable time, effort, and money on your hairstyle shows the need for acceptance. Also, out-of-the-box and elaborate medium hairstyles reflect your fun nature.

Best Colors for Your Medium Hairstyle

Whether you wish to go natural or go bold, you should consider your skin tone and even color theory when deciding for your hair color. Not any hair color will do, as it should flatter your skin tone and bring out the best in your facial features. If you want a timeless look, go for the shade range of your natural hair color. Do you know that the pigments in your skin and natural hair color are your deciding factor?

Technically speaking, if you use a hair dye, the chemical removes the outer color of your hair and reveal its pigments. Also, the hair color is influenced by shade and level. The color level starts from scale 1 that is the darkest towards to scale 10 that is the lightest. While a dark hair has lots of red pigments, a blonde hair has golden pigments, and middle hair shade has orange pigments.

Also, your skin tone has these pigments which made you cool or warm tone. For instance, a woman with naturally black or brown hair has warmer undertones, but women with naturally blonde hair have cooler undertones. In the color theory rule, warm undertones look great in warm hair colors, while cool undertones look best in cool hair colors. More than that, it is best to consider your natural eye color when selecting hair color.

When asking a professional to do your hair color, make sure both of you are in the same page. This is especially true if you don’t want to visit salon every three weeks for touchups. You must let your colorist know, so she’ll be able to present the colors that are easier to maintain. If you’ll do the hair coloring yourself, don’t use a box color since its artificial pigment is harder to lift if you’ll decide to change your hair color.

To know whether you’re warm toned or cool tones, check your wrists. If your veins are green, you are warm. But if they are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. To make things easier, you may think of matching your skin tone with a celeb, so you’ll have an idea on how the hair color will look on you. When it comes to skin tones, you should pick a hair color that’s opposite to your skin tones.

If you’re a woman with a fair skin yet has cool undertone, go for cool hair colors like platinum blonde and avoid warm tones like caramel and gold. Do you know that the paler your complexion is the lighter your hair color can be? On the other hand, a woman with a fair skin yet with a warm undertone, think of butterscotch, copper red, golden blonde and such as long as you avoid blue and violet based hair shades.

If you’re a woman with a medium skin and a cool undertone, think of natural browns and nothing too extreme. On the other hand, a woman with medium skin yet with a warm undertone, think of light golden brown. However, women with olive skin and cool undertones should think of highlights to add some interest into their look, while ones with warm undertones should stick to caramel colors.

If you’re now looking for best outfit colors to flatter your medium hairstyle and hair color, you still need to know the color rule. According to stylists, women with very fair skin should think of neutrals, jewel tones, and pastels on their outfit, contrasting their honey, gold, platinum, and champagne hair color. Remember, going to light or too dark can be harsh for you.

If you’ve got that fair skin, think of soft yellow, mint green, lavender, peach and coral on your outfit that will look great with your red, butterscotch, and dirty blonde hair. On the other hand, women with medium skin will look best in olive, royal blue, purple, and forest green colored outfits. If you have an olive skin, going for earthy palette on your outfit is your best bet.

When it comes to women with dark skin, jewel tones, pink, and orange in your outfit will contrast beautifully with your jet black hair. On the other hand, one with a deep skin should go for a jet black hair, and think of outfits with yellow, blush, white, and jewel tones in them.

Women’s Medium Hairstyles: Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure the time is right when getting medium haircuts and hairstyles.

Some women go for a big chop whenever special even is coming, or a break up is just happened. According to stylists, you should never get a big chop when you’re having a big change in your life, or even when you’re expecting a public appearance.

That’s the reason why medium haircut is great as it’s the best way to test the waters before going too short. Once you’re already acquainted with your new look, then, you’ll be able to explore other looks that will look great on you.

  1. Don’t take rules too seriously.

It’s true that one should consider her face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle before plunging into a new look, but you don’t have to be constricted with those rules. After all, your hairstyle and haircut have something to do more with your state of mind over other things. As long as you feel happy, confident, and satisfied with your hairstyle, forget the other details.

  1. Your hair texture could make or break your look.

If you draw inspiration from a fine-haired model from a glossy page of a magazine, you’ll be surprised that the same hairstyle will look differently on you. Instead of working against your hair texture, flow with it. Do you know that your natural curls will pop out with a medium haircut over a longer one? If you have a thick hair, pay attention to your layers as it can add more volume to your hair.

  1. Look for a good stylist and bring some inspirational photos.

Your stylists have lots of medium hairstyles in mind, but you won’t love all of them. To avoid getting a bad haircut, consult and talk to your hair dresser. Remember, the shorter your haircut is the lesser the mistakes you can conceal. To make sure you’re on the same page, bring some visual aids to show your stylist. Apart from the photos that you like, show your stylist the photos of hairstyles that you dislike.

  1. Be realistic with your medium hairstyles.

Most of the time, medium hairstyles require some time and effort to look good, so how much time are you willing to spend each day for your hair? You’re free to explore the looks you want, but you should also know how to fix your hair yourself. If you have a deep attachment with your long hair, don’t fret as your medium hairstyles are not forever.

How to Maintain Your Medium Hairstyles

  1. Wash your hair the right way.

Over-washing can damage your hair, so rethink the way you normally wash your hair. Remember, your hair’s natural oils protect your scalp and hair, and over shampooing only strips them. According to experts, you just need to shampoo your hair three times a week instead of everyday.

Also, if you’re a fan of hot showers, you must know that it can be extremely drying to your hair, so better go for cold water when washing. This is especially true if your hair is already damaged, very dry and brittle as it needs more oil to keep your scalp healthy.

  1. Use the right products for your hair.

Do you know that not all shampoos are created equal? If you have a fine hair, go for a gentle shampoo since the straighter your hair is the faster your hair become oily. On the other hand, women with coarse, curly hair can go for hydrating shampoos. If you’ve got that kinky, African hair, you should put more effort on moisturizing your hair since the kinky texture makes it dry and brittle.

However, if you’ve recently colored your hair, it’s best to avoid washing it to prevent fading your hair color. Also, you should skip clarifying hair products, along with shampoos with sulfates and silicones. If you can, go for a dry shampoo to soak up excess oil. Also, don’t forget to switch hair products as the weather changes. While you need a deeply moisturizing product in the colder months, you won’t need something so heavy during the hot season.

  1. Deep condition your hair every week.

If you normally put conditioner into your wet hair after shampooing, experts say that you should towel dry your hair so your conditioner will be absorbed by your hair. Concentrate the conditioner on your ends and not on your scalp.

Apart from your regular conditioner, you should invest in deep conditioning treatment for your hair, for extra hydration and replenishing moisture. If you can, go for avocado oil, olive oil, and other natural oils that are high in vitamin E. This is especially true if you have thick, curly, or even kinky tresses.

  1. Get regular haircuts.

Do you know that when skipping haircuts, the ends of your hair are getting dry and having split ends? To keep your hair healthy, save some budget for regular trims, which also cuts off your split ends and breakage. If you’re thinking how often should you trim your hair, experts recommend having it in seven to eight weeks.

  1. Go for natural hairstyles that don’t need heat styling tools.

Medium hairstyles are incredibly flattering, but you must know that your hair needs some rest too. As much as you can, let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer. Also, resort to natural hairstyles like braids, ponytails and such so you can avoid heat styling tools. If you can’t avoid the use of flat irons and dryers, simply use a heat protective spray, or move on a cooler setting.

Heat protectant designed to wrap your strands to prevent damage and minimize your frizz. If you need to use blow dryer, go for low-heat setting to prevent dry and damaged locks. More than that, you should keep your blow dryer three inches away from your hair. Also, master the trick of flipping your head and shaking your hair while blow drying. Do you know that moving your hair while blow drying will give you more volume? Also, rest your brush and blow dryer on your ends to make your hair sleek.

  1. Use the right hair brush and brush the right way.

Do you often resort to fine tooth comb to fix your hair? According to experts, it’s better to use a boar bristle brush since natural fiber minimizes friction when brushing. More than that, you should brush the right way. To lessen the tension on your roots, start at the ends of your hair going up.

However, excess brushing actually breaks your ends and stretches your hair. Also, experts recommended to limiting your brushing twice a day. More than that, you should keep your hands out of your hair to lessen the tension on the roots. If you skip heat styling tools but you put your hair into tight braids, then you’re still damaging your strands.

  1. Opt for a healthy diet and get a lot of protein.

Do you know that protein is the building block of your hair? Incorporating more protein, along with iron into your diet will make your hair healthier. Remember, your hair is the last organ that receives nutrients, so you should make sure your daily intake is enough so your body will distribute it evenly. More than that, iron deficiency will likely result to hair loss.

  1. Step up your hair care regimen.

Just like your skin, your hair deserves some care, so create a regimen suited for your hair as there is no one regimen fits all. If you have damaged hair, skip those hair products with sulfates and silicones. If you have fine hair, avoid products with too much oil that can add weight to your strands. This is especially true if your hair products contain coconut oil, aloe oil, argan oil, or olive oil.

If you’re a woman with a thick hair, invest in hair products that boost moisture and hydration, along with soothing products that can lessen the frizz. On the other hand, women with curly hair should opt for deeply moisturizing hair products as the texture makes their hair dry and even dehydrated.

Hair serums, hair oils, and even ingredients like shea butter are great. If you were blessed with an afro-hair, take extra care when deciding which hair products to use as your hair is more vulnerable and more susceptible to damage.

With these hair styling tricks, a medium-length hair will never be boring. Just be strategic with your layers, angles, and hair styling, so you’ll be able to rock your medium hairstyles beautifully.


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