150 Breathtaking Ways to Style Marley Twists


How many times have you woken and your hair has been a total mess? We all have looked in the mirror and prayed for hair that looks perfect as soon as we get up. Hair that needs no grooming and gives us the ease to do things easily without hassle is a dream. Though it seems impossible there are a few hairstyles that can give you a hassle-free look. The Marley twist is an example of such hairdo. Very similar to dreadlocks in aesthetics, the Marley twists are a perfect option for girls that desire low maintenance hair.

Marley twists can be done in natural hair or you can buy extensions made perfectly to be molded into twists. There are many twists that you can go for; commonly Havana twist, Senegalese, and Kinky twist are the ones people opt for. Among these Marley, twist stands out for being relatively easier to do. The hair also grows naturally and merges into the twist. So what are you waiting for? Go for a Marley twist and live life freely without the hassle of thinking of a hairdo and dealing with stubborn hair. Here are some Marley twists inspirations for you.

On top:

Make a top bun from your marley twists and place them on the top of your head for this funky updo. It will match well to any casual or party outfit you pair them with. Make sure to condition your hair and pay attention to the roots to keep your locks protected.


marley twists


Rock your twists in shade of blonde to look extra savage! You may have never thought of the combination but it looks very beautiful and fierce. It looks great on both short and long hair lengths. Since these are just hair extensions you don’t have to worry about any hair damage too!

here are several hues of blonde and even some mixed black hair for your inspiration.

 Hues of brown:

Here are some hues of brown shade that you can get for your marley twists. These hair colors can really amplify your twists and give them depth and dimension. They add to your personality and help to show off your attitude flawlessly.

Pulled back:

The easy hassle-free look is just a couple of pins away when you have marley twists. You can easily wrap some of your hair away and tuck them behind for a pulled back look.

Box braids:

Here is an example of how you can style your hair in marley twists with box braids in them. There are many YouTubers who have gained millions of views by sharing ways to get this sensational marley twist box braids. Try these braids and we are sure you will love them.

Flat twist:

Flat twists are much easier to do and can really protect your hair as there is less manipulation of hair in this hairdo. Make sure you clean your scalp and then condition it with deep conditioning products before you start your flat twists.

Short twist:

Have short hair and you’re afraid the marley twist won’t be a good choice? Fear not ladies, a marley twist can be done in short length of hair and we promise there will be no unraveling of the ends too.

Electric blue accents:

Get a bold streak of color to act as your accent in your marley twists and it will elevate your look in no time. It will perfectly show off your electrifying, fearless attitude.

Marley hair for crotchet braid:

You can easily get this gorgeous crochet braid and steal everyone’s attention wherever you go. Choose a soft and flexible marley hair to get this soft beautiful crotchet braid.

Shoulder length:

This shoulder length take on the marley twist has definitely got all our attention. A perfect look for the summers this look will keep the hair off your face and give you something to flaunt this season.

Havana twist :

Havana twists are a bit different from marley twists. They require more extensions and the sections taken for the hair are bigger and thus the twists can be bigger, fuller and looser too. These twists are more comfortable and expensive too as it takes more hair extensions. For every one havana twist, there are 2 or 3 marley twists.

Marley twist with curly ends:

Marley twists with big chunky hair sections and curly ends are definitely a hit! A soft feminine touch is added by the curls which makes this hairstyle much more desirable.

Ombre marley twist:

Ombre is a hair color trend where one color slowly transcends into another as we reach the bottom of the hair. Get ombre hair extensions for your twists to give it a beautiful transitioning style.


Cute jumbo twist:

Check your Instagram and we’re sure you will see this hairstyle everywhere. This is one of the cutest ways of styling a marley twist.

Senegalese twists:

Do you want your twists to be smoother and sophisticated enough to wear to your office?  Then opt for Senegalese twists. They are much tighter and have less resemblance to dreadlocks.

Just add hair jewelry and you can easily style your Senegalese twists for a sexy look.

Over the shoulder:

Leave your twists all free over the shoulder for a free liberating look. Keep your front hair away from your face and show off that gorgeous glowing skin this summer.

Crochet jumbo Senegalese twists:

This jumbo Senegalese twist can be the perfect addition to your personality. It is perfect as it is stylish and looks great while protecting your hair at the same time.

Invisible root marley twist:

The roots of your hair remains concealed in this hairdo with a special technique.This is a very popular hairstyle and is sure to steal hearts!

Hues of blue:

This hairdo has strands in a purple to blue ombre and it surely is eye-catching. This gripping hairdo is a must try for all the vibrant ladies out there.

Braids and twist:

Wearing braids and twists are a pretty trend and look amazing on everyone. This Janet Jackson inspired braid and twist look is on on the top of our recommended hairdos.

Twisting marley braids:

This hairstyle falls under the marley twist diy category for it can be easily done in under 5 minutes. Simply twist the marley twist together and tie them up for a casual hairdo.

Bun on top:

This bun on top of the crown of your head will give you a carefree attitude. This looks amazing and gives any attire you choose a rock star vibe.


Try this hairstyle and leash out the fun-loving side of your personality. This hairdo gives a young and funky look and is very attractive.


Want a big voluminous look? Increase the amount of marley hair extensions and get the illusive thick hair look.

DIY Marley twist:

No need to head to the salon to get your marley twists. You can get this easy look at home and look fabulous with minimal expense.

Side swept:

This side swept havana twists done on marley hair look amazing and alluring. Give it a try and we are sure you will love this effortlessly beautiful look.

Long marley twists:

Who doesn’t love long beautiful locks that fall freely? This is definitely a must try look where long strands of hair are in marley twist; half of which have been tied up to give it a sorted out look.

Here are some other inspiration for your long hair desires.


Being easy and comfortable in your own skin is a sign of confidence adored by everyone. Go with a casual marley twist that can be molded as per your needs and enjoy your day as you go through all your errands.

Here are some inspirations for you if you want to go with casual hairstyles.


Very casual and pretty this hairdo is perfect for anywhere that you have to be. Try it out yourself to find out how amazing it can look.

Stylist’s touch:

If you are not the kind who can pull off these twists by yourself, then visit your nearest stylist and get the trendiest hairdo of this summer.


Ladies get this beautiful Senegalese twist with your marley hair extensions and enjoy this cool and beautiful hairstyle.


Perfect for an event or a casual day out, this easy-going hairdo is just beautiful. Stay hassle-free and cute with this hairdo.


This attractive hair has been the choice of many ladies. It is distinct and attractive and surely stylish.

Chunky long twist:

Opt for this gorgeous hairdo and look amazing. Take bigger chunkier sections of hair and twist them to get this big bulky twists.


Create a mix between two popular hair trends and get this trendy look. Style your marley twists in a bob hairdo and you are bound to love the result.

Large twists:

These large twists completely amp up your look.

Inspired by Solange:

This gorgeous hairstyle is inspired by the one and only Solange Knowles. The singer has worn her hair in marley twists countless times and it looks absolutely rocking!


Want your inner diva to shine through your hair? Then definitely choose this sexy hairdo that will make you look irresistable.


Looking adorable is everyone’s desire. Get this innocent adorable hairdo to bring out your cuteness.


Natural hair can look gorgeous with a twist. Carry your natural locks with an attitude to kill!


Want twists and lots of them but have less volume of hair? Opt for artificial hair extensions and it will work out just fine.

Havana on top:

Go for this beautiful blend of class and swag by tying your havana twists in a top bun and leaving the rest to fall free.

Funky fun:

If you are a teenager looking for a fun cool hairdo, this might just be the thing for you! It is casual and funky to match your personality!

High on top:

Marley twists can be a lot to handle sometimes. In occasions when you just want your hair off your face, opt for any of these top buns and look casually comfortable.


You can either put all of them in a bun or even let half of it down for a fun half up half down hairdo.

Experiment with different hair colors to bring some kick to your hair.

Twist with marley hair:

Try these marley hair twists and accentuate it with some minimal makeup. You will look smashing everyday with this hairdo!


Any hairdo can look great if you accept yourself the way you are and flaunt your beautiful smile. These pictures prove that it is all in the way you carry your hairdo that makes it work!

Tied down:

The twists have been carefully and beautifully tied down to get this unique hairdo. Wear it and walk down with a boss like attitude.

Middle part:

This middle parted crotchet braids look divine in long hair. Try it out for a girls day out.

Deep side part:

Opt for a deep side partition on your hair and let all the hair fall on the heavier side for a easy look that is pleasing to the eyes.


Try this updo sort of a hair on your kids and make them feel like the most beautiful girls on the planet on a special event.

Brown and blonde:

Hues of brown and blonde look well balanced on twists and add to your look.


If you have thin hair opt for some extensions for a fuller looking hair.


Be daring and bold and get ready for anything that comes your way with this  bold twisted hairdo.


Get some bangs and add an element to be praised over in your hairdo.


Layer have forever been a fabulous haircut that beautifully frames the face. Get big crotchet braids in your layered twisted hair and enjoy the admiring glances.


Wear your attitude with your marley twists and slay the look.

Thick hair:

If you have thick hair then this hair is as close to perfection as you can get! Opt for this artistic hairdo to show off your cool side.

Short hair:

Short hair can be styled in so many ways. Marley twists can easily be done on such short hair and we guarantee you it will look great. Find your short hair inspiration here.

Hair jewelry:

Choose some beads or other form of hair jewelry and get this glamorous and sexy hairdo.


Big braids :

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a big braid that has been decorated with golden attachments. Go for this look and win hearts all over.Fresh:

This is an edgy hairstyle that looks completely stylish and alluring.a


These long and thin braids are absolutely alluring and captivating. They are a very feminine and sexy hairdo that gives a lady-like flair.


This combination of black and purples tinges on the long marley twists looks terrific. Style it with some front puff and you are good to go.

Short chunky twist:

Create a cute look for your day out and choose this short chunky DIY marley twist hairdo. Look casual and cute everyday !

Pop of color:

Add a splash of color to your hair by choosing a mild hair color like brown or a bold color like burgundy or red. These colors will add more oomph to your hair and make you oh so gorgeous. Here are some inspiration for you.

Side bun:

Make an easy side bun by sectioning your hair into two parts and then pining them down.

Marley twists with caps:

Be winter ready by adding caps of your choice to your look. You can even opt for hats and other items of clothing to either protect yourself from cold or to add an element of style.

Ashy Box braids:

Box braids have been carried off by many and it looks cute. But you can accentuate the braids by going for a bold color like ashy blonde to highlight the hair and add depth.

Rope twist:

This rope twist has been beautifully styled by putting it up in a high bun for a no mess look. It looks absolutely stunning and is a easy at home hairdo .

Short crotchet:

You can look ravishing in short hair by getting crotchet braids. Add hues of colors to make it even better. Here is an idea for you where a short bob sort of look is achieved.

Coppery red:

This truly majestic look gives mystic vibes with its fiery red hues of colors. This bold choice of hair color makes you look fierce and captivating.


Go for a unique look this season and opt for this bold updo. Both fierce and sexy, this hairdo will keep all eyes on you!


Braids are cute and very flexible choice. Put your marley twists in a big side braid and show off your casual side.

Or opt for some up top tied look with box braids throughout.


Get your hair in a ponytail and achieve this young look perfect for teens. Get some color into your twist to add some flair. Here are some brown hues in black that add dimension to the hair.


Grace any event with your beautiful marley twists pinned down in a voluminous updo. This look is very easy to carry to any event and is very versatile too. Add elegance to your hairdo by opting for this.


Wear your marley twists with your sexy black dress for a flirty look. Perfect for a party, this look is absolutely fun and fab!

Natural curly:

The naturally curly hair suffers the most as the seasons change. Hair can easily get damaged and thus opting for a marley twist is a wise choice to look good and protect your hair.


Dive into the carefree side of your personality and opt for this carefree top bun to go with it!

Medium length :

If you have medium length of natural hair or want twists of medium length in your hair , choose this hairdo and you wont be displeased.

Mini twist:

If you want short hair twists, then opt for this mini marley twist for a chic, elegant look.

 Afro-textured hair:

Embrace your natural hair and style it in ways that protect it and make it easier to handle. Not sure how marley twists will look in natural hair? Here is a picture for your reference.


Bring out the inner fashionista in you and go for this stylish hairdo with your marley twist. Everybody’s eyes will be on you the day you decide on sporting this look for sure.


If you are yet to find the kind of style you want, here are some of our recommendations for a natural protective marley twist. Here are options with long, short, colored and naturally black hair that just might inspire you!


It would not be wrong to say that today the standards of what was thought of as beautiful have changed. There are no longer particular hairstyles that are thought of as beautiful. The modern day society has changed the definition of what is beautiful and has accepted all forms of beauty. People are owning up to their culture and sporting various looks that are becoming the new fashion. The black community especially has risen up and accepted their gorgeous natural hair. The hairstyles that they wear are becoming increasingly popular with celebs like Beyoncé Janet Jackson and Kelly Rowland sporting the hairdos.

Marley twists are one of such hairstyles that are becoming increasingly popular among teens. There are social media posts blowing up with the twists every day. They became hugely popular in 2013 and the trend has not died down. We are sure this trend will be alive due to social media buzz for quite some time to come. We have compiled the trendiest ways to style your marley twists to give you options and inspiration. Try some of these 150 marley twist hairstyles next and thank us later for the compliments that come your way.