85 Low Bun Styles For Every Occasion


The low bun is popular among busy women – it’s the perfect balance that helps you achieve that beautiful elegant look without having to spend more than 15 minutes doing it. Since most women are busy building their careers, taking care of their kids, and running from one errand to another, they don’t want to waste a lot of time on a hairstyle that might actually just be doomed to fail. And surely, they don’t want to put so many pins keeping this hairstyle up knowing that it’s just going to hurt your scalp. If you are one of those women who can deeply resonate to this troubling concern of looking well-groomed while you rush towards your office, then you’re in the right place. Check out these low bun styles that you can also use on your everyday events!

The Simple 3-Strand Braid Bun

First up is the simple 3-strand braid bun. As you probably know by now, there are different kinds of braids and you can always use them as part of your low bun. The first on the list is the 3-strand braid because this type of braid is the simplest you’ll ever make. In fact, this is one of the first braids you will be taught as a kid since it’s easy to understand and it neatly gets all your hair in place.

Here’s an example of a 3-strand braid used on a bun. As you can see, the braid was done separately forming a crown in front of the lady’s head.

So how do you create a 3-strand braid bun? Follow these steps:

  1. First get a lump of hair on one side (based on the photo, you should get the lump of hair in front of your head, the one near the parting of your hair).
  2. Divide this lump of hair into three equal parts.
  3. Cross the rightmost part over the middle part and pull it together. Don’t pull this tightly because you want to give a messy finish to the braid itself.
  4. Then, cross the leftmost part over the middle part (what used to be the rightmost section) and again, pull it together.
  5. Continue doing the crossing over of hair sections until you reach the end of your hair.
  6. Tie the ends with a hair elastic.

As you can see below, the bun hairstyle started off with two braids on each side. To complete the bun look, simply twirl the two braided ends together at the center just above your nape. Secure the whole bun into position by using hair pins.

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You can also do this 3-strand braid bun differently by starting the actual braid at the level of your nape. As seen in the photo below, the woman has parted the two sides of hair and then went on to braid each side. After securing each side into braids with an elastic hair tie, she then twirled both underneath each other forming what looks like a heart-shaped bun.

You can even have your 3-strand braid on one side. Simply part the majority of your hair to the side you prefer and continue adding doing the braid until you reach your nape. It will seem weird at first since it’s not symmetrical, but the side braid is more unique than two braids.


The Dutch Braid Bun

The Dutch braid is a simple braid in itself (pretty similar to the 3-strand braid) except that you get a bit of hair every crossover that you do. Take a look at the Dutch braid bun below. As you can see, you start this hairstyle by parting the hair into two and start doing the braids on each side. And then, you put the ends into a bun similar to what you see below.

You don’t even have to follow the two sides. You can create your bun in many ways like the one you see below. The Dutch braid came in 4-5 sections to be joined at the bottom. This hairstyle might take longer than usual, so if you just have five minutes to spare, this isn’t the ideal hairstyle for you.

Here’s another Dutch braid bun that has perfected the messy hairdo. You can cop this look by starting the Dutch braid small at the very side of your head and work your way down by getting a thin pinch of hair at the very edge of your scalp. You can see that it looks very elegant even if you have a few strands of hair falling here and there.

You can even loosen the braid to the point that it looks very loose. In this hairstyle, the braids weren’t tightened that much together so it has a very messy appearance. But even if it looks that way, the braids can go on the whole day without falling off!


The Waterfall Braid Bun

The waterfall braid is one of the hardest braids you will make even if the steps are very simple. Looking at this waterfall braid, you’ll see how easy it looks and so natural except when you actually try to do it.

So if it’s that hard, why do it then? Well, for one thing, waterfall braids are beautiful. Not only do they look good on teenagers, but it also looks perfect for young professionals who are trying to make a statement in their careers. Face it, a braid will always make you look young, but when coupled with a bun, it’s going to look both classy and elegant.


The Twisted Rope Braid Bun

Running out of time? Don’t worry! The twisted rope braid bun is a lifesaver. It’s so easy that you can perfect this hairstyle even when you’re walking towards your office building. All you have to do is just get a lump of hair, divide it into two and twist them together. It’s like overlapping each other together to the point that it just looks like a rope.

low bun


Accessorized Bun

Although this is more of a finishing touch, know that you can always add a pop of color to your hair. Accessorizing the hair shouldn’t just be looked at something you randomly threw on. When you choose the right accessory, it becomes more thought off even if all you did was match your hairstyle to the occasion.


Take a look at this snowflake-inspired accessory. Taking it out of this updo definitely feels like something has gone missing. So to fill in gaps and holes on your hair, what you can do is fill it up with an accessory that can be as eye-catching as your hairdo itself!


The Messy Bun

A messy bun should always be part of a girl’s hairstyling skills. A messy bun has a few characteristics. One, all the hair is loose. As you can see in the photo below, not all strands are pulled tightly into the bun. Some of them are in a braid while some are loosely dangling on the side.

Two, it can be paired with a braid to complete the look. Like the photo here, the hair is given a more gradient look because the highlights were emphasized through the loose braids. Take note that if you are planning to have braids, make sure that they are loose too.

Here’s another messy bun that doesn’t involve any braids and yet it looks as beautiful as the others. There are many ways to create a messy bun, some simply tie the hairs together while some pin a part of the hair and twist a section of it around. Whatever your style is, as long as the bun isn’t a perfect circle, it can pass for a put-together look without even trying.

You can even start making your messy bun by tying your hair into a ponytail, then don’t pull the last section of your hair fully through the hair tie. The end product will look like a loop at the low side of your head. To complete the messy bun image, pull some sections of your hair from the hair tie just to loosen things up.

You can even let strands fall down and not make them part of the whole messy bun. If you have short to medium hair at the sides, try something different and leave them as they are. You can also use a curling iron to give it a beach wave effect so they don’t look like you forgot to include them to your bun. It’s also best to make use of your bangs here loosely dangling on the sides.

Here’s a front view of a messy bun. See? It still looks elegant. It can even pass as a red carpet hairstyle especially when you pair it with the right ear or necklace accessories.


The Bouffant Bun

The bouffant bun is one of the more flamboyant buns you’ll ever see. Aside from the fact that it sticks out of your head, bouffant buns are often made for women with long hair because you need to get that amount of hair to beef up the bun.

Here’s a messy and low bouffant bun that you can do under five minutes! all you need is to tease your hair a bit and divide it into a few sections. Wrap those sections together to create the tuck in effect you can see here.

A less messy bouffant bun is this simple hairdo donned by Selena Gomez. This look is a party and gala-ready hairstyle in one! It shows elegance and at the same time, the bun itself does not look it was just twisted without any preparation. Compared to the other buns you’ve seen here, this low bun is put together by pins just underneath the whole bun.

And there’s another type of bouffant bun that’s so big it covers a good half of your head. Hairstyles like this need a lot of hair, but they are still very easy to do. To add more volume at the top, simply tease the topmost portion of your hair so it doesn’t lie flat. This look is perfect for bridal and maid-of-honor appearances.

Here’s a step-by-step infographic on how you can create your own bouffant bun. This style beautifully shows how the hair was formed into a bun that is wrapped by different sections of hair from different sides. This hairstyle takes longer than usual, so give it a good 10 minutes if you want to perfect it. The trick here is to have long enough hair that is of equal length so when you wrap it into a bun, it won’t go in all directions.

And finally, you have that perfect bouffant bun that hangs low above your nape. This type of bouffant is best suited in formal events as you would look overdressed with an oversized bun on your head during casual days!

Here are some bouffant bun styles you can also try depending on your hair length and occasion to attend to:

Here’s a different take on a bouffant bun that doesn’t look like a circle. Instead of going for the traditional bouffant bun, you can create a low bun with a cute tail that was made out of tucking your long hair around and into the hair tie beneath the bun.


The Cinnamon Bun

If you’re a lover of bread and sweets, then you have most likely seen or tasted a cinnamon bun. When translated into a hairstyle, a cinnamon bun is a bun that has twirls similar to a cinnamon bun (hence, the name).

Take a look at this hairstyle. To be able to achieve this look, you would need long hair to be able to twirl the strands into a huge circle like this. If you will notice, it’s like a bouffant bun because it created a separate circle at the back of your head.


Low Side Bun

If side-swept bangs are a thing, side buns can be popular too! Remember the times when Selena Gomez went to a red carpet event with a low side bun? That became the official start of this hairstyle’s fame. As you can see below, Nicole Kidman has donned a similar hairdo on the red carpet.

Here are some red carpet-ready side swept low buns that you can also try:

And then there’s a messy side bun for your everyday look. The trick about side-swept buns is that they can look pretty well when they’re messy too. These photos show that even on bad hair days, a side bun can be able to mask that your hair is dead or flat.

Knotted Buns

Not all buns have to be complicated. In fact, you can create one by just knotting your hair. Take a look at this low knot. You can get this look by using your own hair as your own tie!


Or you can create one that’s sleek so it doesn’t scream that you’re stressed and overworked.


Simple Ballet Bun

And now with the simplest of all buns and is probably one of the oldest way to creating an all-tied hairdo. The ballet bun is called as such because in ballet, there shouldn’t be any tiny hairs sticking out and falling all over. So here’s a sleek version of the messy low bun!


Everyday Hair Buns For The Busy Girl

Now that you have an idea with the different kinds of buns out there, it’s a lot easier for you to pick which ones to make when you just have five minutes to spare. Take note, though, that even if they look very natural, a messy bun that is too messy can give the wrong notion that you just tied your hair without looking at the mirror.


Bridal Buns For Your Hair Inspiration

Surely, it’s not just the everyday buns that you are interested in. You have probably seen some photos above that fit your preferences for your next big day. To help you out, here is a compilation of the best bridal looks you can achieve with a low bun.

When deciding on what kind of bridal bun to choose, first know how your veil will be placed. If your veil will be a headband, then a bun that is too messy is automatically out of your options. You don’t want your veil to get caught up on your head!

If you don’t have a veil, then a messy bridal bun is a perfect choice. A messy bun will give you that volume and texture in your hair. This is also a strategic approach to a hairstyle because people won’t have to look for the veil since everyone will be focused on how natural your hair will look put up by a simple accessory like one below.

You can also go for a simple messy bun. The best way to accessorize using this kind of hairstyle is to have killer earrings. that will add a contrast to the dainty way the bun was created.

With so many buns, it’s impossible that you haven’t found a bun that you would like. Don’t forget that when you create a bun, always match it with the occasion and the accessories you’ll use.