65 Whimsical Loose Curls To Try


Curls are an all-time classic, aren’t they? Whether it’s a day out or a wedding, coils are everyone’s favorite hairstyle to look polished and pretty. Curls are the one hairstyle option that can completely transform a person’s looks. You can make your choice among coils too. There are ringlets, tight curls or loose curls to choose from and what you want depends totally on your taste and the occasion. But loose curls are one such option that is perfect for any casual, formal or informal event. There are thousands of ways that you can style loose curls further, and it looks great!

Loose curls can be created with straighter or a curling wand or tongs as well and are fit for all ages. Create a very feminine look using whatever is available with you. We hope that you have found perfect loose curls style to suit your needs by now. These are some must-try looks that we have combined for you to get inspired by. You can get it done at your stylists’ for a voluminous angelic look. So here are 65 loose curls hair styling ideas to bring out the best in you.

The Braids on back:

Braids and curls go very well together and create a very feminine and cute look. They look great in any length of hair and efficiently amp up your everyday hairdo. It is perfect for school going kids as well.

loose curls Pulled back:

This half curly and half straight look is to die for. The blonde hair color seriously brings out the beautiful loose waves. The hair on top has been pulled back in a sleek fashion, and the rest has been curled for a perfect look.

From tight to loose:

The easiest way to create loose free curls is to curl them into tight ringlet curls and then to pull them apart slowly. If you have bent them tightly but don’t want to look overdone, then unravel them into loose curls.

Cute accessories:

This mermaid hairdo is perfect if your prom is nearby. Try creating these soft curls and then style them into waterfall braid. You can further style this hairdo by placing cute and simplistic hair accessories across your twist.

Glam look:

This hairstyle is elegant and oh so beautiful. This look is perfect for proms or even your wedding day. This look has so many dimensions, and it is perfect for magnifying your beauty.


Go for a simple yet stylish look with this colored ombre hair styled into soft falling curls. This look works great with long locks of hair. You can wear this for a casual day out with friends.

Taylor Swift’s looks:

Taylor Swift rocked this soft wavy hairdo back when she was new to the music industry. This look gave a very smooth, innocent vibe and was made very famous by Taylor. She has her hair swept to the sides, which looks even better.

Formal hairdo:

You can recreate this look easily at home, and we know you will get all the compliments on your hairstyle. The clips placed to hold the hair up add a touch of bling to this hairdo. Similarly, the shine we see in this look makes it irresistible too.


This look looks perfectly balanced with the layers in this hairdo. The mix of colors makes this hairdo even more attractive. This look is perfect for a date night. It will work great on medium length of hair.


If we were to describe this hairdo in one word, then we would say that this hairdo is captivating. It has a very vintage vibe and is sure to make you feel like a goddess when you try it.


This is another classic hairstyle that incorporates the use of a bedazzled hairpin. The waves look very well styled with these bright hair accessories. This look is perfect for weddings and such festive occasions.

The Puff:

If you have thin hair, this is just perfect for you. You can pin this hair up on the back after backcombing to add some volume. Leave the rest of the hair in slight curls for a completed look.

Thick hair:

Wear this simple and easy hairstyle for an effortlessly chic look. It looks great on dark black hair that is thick. Long hair works perfectly for this particular hairdo. The braid in the front has added the much-needed detail. Add a little finesse in your hairstyle by wrapping some hair around the hair tie.

Curling iron:

Loose curls are a favorite among many because it can be done in a matter of minutes. Heat your curling iron and create spirals. Brush through this curled hair to achieve soft curls.

If you are scared of static reaction between your comb and hair, then you can run your hands along your hair to achieve the same effect. Try this look as you like and share your thoughts with us.

Big hair:

This big hair is trendy in social media sites. This is a perfect look for a date and has been sported by so many celebs over the years. This look has remained popular among women of all ages.

Work appropriate:

This look is perfect for medium length of hair and very works appropriately. You can do this in a matter of minutes and will help you look very polished every day. This hairstyle is sure to get you all the compliments in the workplace.


These loose curls have us drooling over the way it looks. This curly hairdo has been escalated to a new level by the hair color choices. The blonde with pink tips makes it a must try hairstyle. It will look great in an extended length of hair. A skilled hairstylist can surely recreate this look for you.

DIY with tin foil:

If you are worried about applying direct heat to your hair, then you can opt for this method of curling. Use tin foil to wrap your hair around in tiny balls and use heat over it to get this look. This big bunch of curled hair is very alluring.

Large curls:

If you have tons of hair, then you can quickly achieve this look. If you don’t have this big bunch of hair, then you can add extensions to create this hairdo. This looks very stunning and dramatic, and you can try this for a different look.

Flirty :

This is a very flirty and easy hairstyle. The soft waves will add to your look and give a very girly vibe. It will look great if you have thin hair of medium length. The color in the hair has darker roots and lighter blonde hair color that adds shine and dimension.


This hairstyle has waves in the front that frames your face and gives it a chiseled look. You can do this hairstyle with the help of some styling tools and some hairspray if you are worried about your curls falling apart.

 Long waves:

If you have substantial long hair, then this getting free soft, loose waves will give out the same result.  Make sure you use some spray to protect your locks from hair damage. You need some strong hold hairspray to hold the look for longer hours.

Hair Dryer tricks:

If you don’t have a hair iron or straightener, then you can use your hairdryer to create big gorgeous curls using your hairdryer. Just twist the sections of your hair and use your dryer to achieve this look.

The punch of color:

This hairstyle is one of our favorites. There is a light tinge of brown with reddish shades that add a glamorous touch to the look. Add a pop of color to this look by going bright on your makeup.

Wedding day look:

The one day that you want everything to go perfectly is your wedding day. If you are getting married, you can use this as your hairstyle inspiration. This look has a soft romantic vibe perfect for the wedding day.

Amanda Seyfried’s look:

Amanda Seyfried has hairstyles as stunning as the actress herself.  Take your inspiration from her to get flawless looking hair. Here she has straight hair till her neck, and then it slowly transitions into curly hair.

Romantic :

. This look is the very glamorous and stylish look that you can easily pull off. The well-balanced combination of braids and curls can make anyone look amazing.

Braids on top:

This hairstyle has waves that are very soft and feminine. We love the way this hairstyle looks. The color on the hair is very modern, and the braid on top adds just the touch of style it needed.

Straightener styles:

If you don’t have a curling iron handy, then you can use a straightener to create this look. You need some time to adjust yourself to the rotation of the hair to curl them, but once you get used to it, you will be doing it every day.

Blonde hair:

These curls are very beautifully transitioning into soft waves, and it forms a perfect foundation for a half updo. This platinum blonde hair looks very elegant and chic with this hairstyle. Try this for any formal event that you need to attend.


This casual and free hairstyle looks very easy and liberating. This easy twist hairdo is perfect when you have to attend an event, and you have little time. This is a look for you to be the princess for the day! Furthermore, we are sure this will be the one to keep you feeling fresh!

The twist:

Here the slight loose curls have been styled into a twisted hairstyle. The blonde hair color adds many dimensions to this hairstyle and is perfect as an everyday look. Just pin your braided hair with a pin, and you’re set.

The winter look:

These stunning loose curls have been styled so casually here. The long hair is very stylish and looks like an excellent hairdo for the winters. The best thing is that you can do this hairstyle when your too lazy to wash your hair.

Colored curls:

Colors add a different touch to any hairstyle. This bright ombre hair color has added so much oomph to these light, loose curls. We recommend this hairstyle for an everyday look. Try this, and you can thank us later.

Event ready:

When you have to attend an event looking polished as ever you can use this hairstyle. The braids have been styled well at the back, and the curls at the bottom add a touch of glam. This can be done at home, or you can visit your stylist for this chic look.

Hair jewelry:

Add a stunning piece of hair jewelry to add a touch of girlish glam to your look. These loose curls look ravishing and can be worn to your wedding as well. The intertwined spirals are perfect with the whole look.


Every girl has a desire to look like a Barbie doll. This hairstyle is perfect for getting the barbie vibes. This hairstyle is so well out together. The next time you need to attend any particular function you can go for this loose curls look.

Lots of curls:

This way of styling your hair will add volume like no other. These curls are perfect for when you have short hair and need to look stunning. The hair color is very remarkable and looks like you have out a lot of effort in this hairstyle.


This hairdo is gorgeous and has a very sexy vibe. The long length of hair makes this hairstyle so extra. This hairstyle is giving us primary hair goals. This hairstyle has tangled curls, and it has added a rough ruffled look.

The darker at the roots hair color is very complimenting the makeup well, and the longer hair strands have blonde and brownish hair color. You can try to recreate this look for a very sexy look at a special event.

The scrunchie Loose curls

This is one hairstyle that can be done without much hassle. You can create soft, loose curls with the help of hair tie that you have in the comfort of your own home. Use the hair tie to make a high ponytail and let the hair down.

The rest of the hair you can curl in segments using a hair curling iron. Curl the hair sections completely and then take the hair tie out. Move your hair around and achieve this soft, casual curls.

Get the volume

You want a big hair with lots of volumes but still, want to keep the girly managed hairstyle? Then there is one look you can try. You can use a curling iron of bigger width to achieve this look.

We love this super classy hairstyle. Recreate this hairstyle and be the show stopper in daily life!

Cute and stylish Loose Curls :

If you want a look that has many dimensions in them, then do try this look. You can recreate this look for a glam event you need to attend or as your birthday look even. The sideways braids have perfectly framed the curls, and we love the mysterious vibes it has.

The effort put to create this hairstyle is commendable, and we sincerely recommend this for all the teenagers out there.

Be extra:

This magical hairstyle looks so ravishing. The hair has the perfect blend of bouncy loose curls that frames the face. This hairstyle has darker roots, and the color starts to step in as we reach the neck.

This hairstyle is oh so glamorous, and we love that it can be worn to any event.

Bare minimal:

Keep your look minimal by keeping very slight curls at the base of your hair. You can easily attain this hairstyle at home and that what we love about it. The hairstyle is done on long hair and has this flowy effect that we love.
Try this hairstyle with some beautiful hair color for added appeal.

Young and vibrant:

There is a funny and flirty side to this hairstyle that we think is very appropriate for young girls. The colors in this hairstyle are so beautifully complimenting the look. The braids have added the youthful girl vibe, and we love how simple this hairstyle is. Not only are these stunning, but also are easy to do!

Do try it on yourself or your little girl and get ready to be appreciated for your hairstyling skills!

Faster and easy :

Are you in a hurry each morning to do your hair? You should go for styling your hair with a curling iron. Curling irons are an excellent investment and will help you to get ready in a matter of minutes. You can achieve beautiful loose curls in a matter of minutes and complete your attire.

Don’t be scared of hair damage that iron will cause. You can easily use products like hair protecting spray to reduce hair damage.

Crisscrossed hairstyle:

This is a gorgeous hairstyle that you can carry to any event. This goes perfectly with any dress you wear, and you can create this distinctive look with the help of some hair spray and pins.

Make sure you hide the hairpins on the inside to give some finesse to the hairstyle.
Short hair:

Have short hair and want curls? This look is perfect if you have hair that reaches to the neck only. Use some styling tools to do this hairstyle and use hairspray to keep these wavy locks in place.
Keep it intact:

Use your hair styling tool to create this beautiful curly hairstyle. Use the iron at a high heat setting to achieve curls faster. These curls will look perfect in any hair length. So if you want to add that texture and depth to your hair, you need to try these out. There are tutorials online as well from which you can learn how to get the perfect curls!

Run your hands through your curled hair to get a more natural curly look. After you achieve a look of your desire, you can keep it in place with the use of some strong hold hairspray.

Looks to kill:

Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen has looked to die for and is indeed very pretty. She wore a lot of loose curls at the beginning of her modeling carrier and had to be given credit for making this hairstyle famous.

This is a very coveted look that has a very effortless vibe to it. This hairstyle can be worn to any event and is a top recommendation from our side.

Blonde hair curls:

Blonde is a hair color that has been well received for so many years. It is the perfect color to bring out your natural features. This color brings out the skin color perfectly. The short hair has been well styled with these loose curls and goes very well with the color.

Attempt your stylish loose curls today, and we are sure you will love them. You can style them using styling tools or attempt to create them easily at home. There are tons of beauty gurus on Youtube who have come up with creative DIY videos that can help you create loose curls with products available at home. Loose curls can easily give you a gorgeously romantic look or a casual vibe according to the way that you style them, and that is why we love them.

Loose curls can be different as per your taste. Get big voluminous curls or casual soft curls as you like and amp up your look in minutes. You won’t have to visit your salon or burn a hole in your pocket to do them. You can quickly get these curls at home with minimal efforts. Just the fact that they are the midway between tight curls and straight hair makes it easy for amateurs too. We adore these curls and are excited for you to share your hair experiences with us. So do try these hairstyles and comment your views down below.


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