104 Long Bob Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2021


The hairstyles that make the most impressive are the ones that last longer for all of us. And the one we are talking about today is the long bob. Yes, they are undoubtedly one of the most exciting hairstyles out there, starting from how they look to how they can be styled. We are looking at the ways to make this length of hair the best thing you can ever wear! With the idea of bob becoming more popular each year, we are sure you will want to wear it. There are some hairstyles which will give you the confidence you need.

The length of hair can play a significant role in how you look. So you may want to be confident about how it looks; you want to be sure of the length that works for you. It is all about feeling confident and being comfortable in the way you keep your hair. We have the ways you can color and style your bob hairstyles. So you can take the references from this collection here and do your best to make it the look that sets you aside this year. Check them out in our selection down below.

Here we have collected the best of these bob hairstyles perfect for women of all ages! You can look through them to get the haircut that anyone and everyone finds aspiring!

long bob haircut

The bob hairstyles to try with the thick hair

The hairstyle, with an appeal as much as these long bob hairstyles are lovely. But we need you to have the hairstyle that works for you. There are layers you can add if you have thick hair. When you get the thickness in the hair, they can look big when you cut them short. They can even look like they were chopped off with a sword at times. So we want you to be able to see the charm that layered bob can have! There are bob hairdos that can be done with layers and short cuts to give you the thinning out it needs.

The perks of having long hair are that they can give you a chance to try new long bob haircut. They can be the perfect look if you add layers to them. If you also want them to thin out even more, then you can trim off the hair with razors on the inside. They can leave the thick locks and lower the height that they add. You can also achieve the needed volume when you do this. So you need to be aware of these styles and tricks before you wear the long bob.

How to make the correct long bob haircut?

If you find these hairstyles to be charming, you also want to get the hair on a new look. So start by understanding that the hair needs to get the perfect chops at the layers for it to look perfect. We also suggest you take this to a hairdresser who has the ideas of working with thick locks. If not, the hair will not get the needed trim and look bulkier and more substantial than ever. It can also make you look like you have a more prominent face that you do, which can be unflattering in pictures and otherwise, too.

So we suggest you take the time to make a conscious decision. It may take you some time, but you need to be careful with the thick locks in any way you can. For you do not want the hair to look messed up later on. They also need to grow back to a reasonable length if you’re going to make them better. Get them fixed once they are poorly cut. Only time can help you, then. So we want to help you be safe than worry about it later.

There are also some hairstylists that can help you get this iconic haircut. So look for them and find them by looking at reviews of their work. It has all become possible with the help of social media sites. You can see their hair and what others have said about them. With that, you can make an informed decision as to if you can go to a particular salon or not!

Hairstyles for the trendy look

Are you looking for a hairstyle that makes you feel like a perfect person? Then check out these ideas of some extra long bob. They can give you the perfect example of how the hair can get its charm and look amazing when you add some length to the hairdo. If in any way, you wanted the hair to be extraordinary, you could get some stunning colors that are out of the wildest imagination. They can accentuate the hair and give it the needed light. When the sun or any other form of light hits the strand, these colors will shine through!

They can be as long as you want, and you can also get to the shortest ones! There is no restriction on the way you can get your hair done. There are so many styles to choose from, and you can show your devotion to yourself with these hairstyles. We love these images, and they are surely encouraging us to get the cut. This week might be the one when you get the hairdo with these bobs. It is always better to have a new haircut for the festivities. There are also some ideas to get that done.

We can see these hairstyles are becoming the look to go for when you desire a gorgeous hairdo and an expensive look. There are some fantastic hairstyles in this collection, and when you try them, they will also be appreciated. If you want to get yourself some bangs, then you can start by getting an idea of how it may look on you. Some hair extensions can be used to get an idea about how they might look on you. The side bangs are also a stunning way to make your hair look extra!

The cuts and layers to try with curly long bobĀ  hairstyles

Any hairstyle that has layers can give it the lift. There is some long bob haircut with layers here, and we want to get them out in the open here. When you cut the hair in short lengths, they can give you an outstanding volume. Thus there are women of age who love to wear them. There are stacked bob ideas here that are adored by mature women all the time. It is so that there can be a lot of volume in the hair wherever there is a need for it. So check the stack out if you have thin hair.

There are also colors to these bob hairstyles that are lovely. You can also see how these colors will last longer and look better when you pair them with some cuts. If you want to add some highlights on the hair, you might as well also get the cuts for it. You can do the best with these hairstyles; all you need is to have a dense look. When the hair is cut and colored, it can also be curled and colored. We can also get why they are one of the glorious looks ideal for women of all ages.

We believe these hairstyles to be one of those looks that gets a lot of love and attention from everyone. You can also try to get an angled cut with the hair to give it the needed look. There are some images here to show that off as well. So if you are in the look for a different style, choose these. There can also be bangs of the various layers if you desire it. Add some short layered bangs on the hair if you want a cover on the face and add a bit of natural contour.

The range for the hair length to try out

Check out the pictures of a long bob haircutĀ in this collection? If you have seen them clearly, then you can check out the range with these hairstyles. The lovely locks are of styles that you would not even have seen if it were not for this collection. There are extra-long bobs for sure. And the single-layered hair bob as well. They are also ideal for women who desire a transitional look. There is no harm in looking at these hairstyles and getting an idea of the ways you can get the look.

Some hairstyles can make your face look smaller. The layered bob is one such example. You can see them on celebs as well. This is perfect if you have gained some weight on the face and want to hide it with the hair! They can also frame the front, and it gives the contoured effect to the face. There is no need for surgery when you have these layers. Check out the hairstyles here to see how we fill them with the short cut bob hairstyles. We can see the significance and love for these hairstyles.

There are also some stunning long bob ideas with the perfect cuts here. In case you have some thin hair, they can be perfect for a straight cut that lands across the hair. On the other half, some bob ideas have multiple sections. The bangs you can add to the hair can also give you a framed look. They can frame your face and give it that chiseled look. The asymmetrical bob is also one of the ideas for the perfect bob that we have collected in this portion of our hairstyle here. Check it out!

The long bob perfect for thin hair

When we have thin hair, there is always a deep residing need in us to get them a bit thicker. For the longest time, women wanted to get a more abundant and healthier look in their hair. The locks can have layers in the hair, and that is the answer to adding thickness. When you add the needed layers, they can give the hair a lift, and it makes the hair look thick as well. You can see how the colors and the layers are perfect for you when you want to get rid of that sparse look.

You can go for a long bob with layers if you desire a look like these women here. The perfect idea of a hairdo comes with the way they look at you when done. If you have the hair that can give you a fairy-like look, then you can achieve the hair of your dreams. There are also the perfect instances of these images that can guide you to your goal. The truth is that the bob will always remain the hairstyle that is in trend. It has been this way for decades. We can also see them today in this collection as all love them.

In case you desired a look that can give you the modern touch to the hair and also make you look serious, then these are the ideas for it. The stunning locks we showcase here are lovely for all occasions. You can see how perfect they are for the office. They can also be styled to match the need for a special event. You can also pin them down to a bun if you want to get the ideal look for a formal occasion. When weddings are coming up, the hair can be curled too!

How to style your long bob

Now when you have gotten the hair that you desire, you can get to style them! The first thing to start by doing is getting the hair in place. The cut is the first thing we do for sure, but they are colored next. We have to see the lovely colored and cut hair work for you. But then you can also put in the effort for it. There are ways to get the hair in a different light. We can see the long bob straight hair ideas on these celebs, and thus we want them too! You can also get the strands straightened to get a sleek appearance.

They are the best looks to try for a teenager. They are great for when you want to go ahead and get yourself an elegant appeal to the locks. You can try out other forms of styling the hair as well. You can also get them in curls and get some thickness to the hair. When you add the coils on the hair, they are bound to feel thicker and more prominent than usual. There are ideas about adding some thickness to the hair with these coils that make for a good-looking bob.

The next thing to think about is how to get the hair partitioned. They are one of the most significant ways to get the locks to stand out. When you have an oval face, any hairstyle will look good on you. But if you have a round face shape, the middle-parted locks can be the best thing for you. Anyone who wants to cover the face on the sides and even get an oval look can get these hairstyles. If you wish to the same contour look, you can also get a deep side part for your bob hair.

How to color the hair with these bob ideas?

There were a lot of long bob haircut 2019 showed us. They were all laced with colors that are, to this date, the best shades that we need to work with. You can see them coming on as strongly today as they are doing now. The platinum blonde hue is one of the most adored colors that anyone can try. These are the shades that are lovely for anyone who desires a standout look! You can also get your hair in dark roots if you want to add the needed depth in the hair. The black on the sources is one of the crucial shades.

When you do that, they add needed depth to the hair. Blonde and caramel shades have also always been around with these bob ideas. These are shades that we can see on women of all ages. There is no doubt that both these hues are perfect for women with any skin tone! And you can go with the shades of green and blues. If you go for a pastel finish, they are perfect!

They also make the hair look like something that you see on fairy tales and storybooks. We can also see caramel tones of brown on the hair. They are ideal for when you desire the look that suits your skin! Women with olive tones on their skin can look exceptionally high when you give it the colors of brown tones. If you are looking to get the depth in your hair and accentuate the dark hair, these brown and black hair ideas are perfect. There are also other fun colors that you can get. Anything can look good with the bob.

The hairstyle that can work for office and parties alike!

If you are looking at these long bob 2020 ideas, then you know that some ideas are versatile in all sense of the word. The hair here with the short haircut and the straight locks are loved by women who work. You can also get the locks permanently styled with these consecutive locks. You can also go for a perm if you desire that look. It is about personal choice for most of us. We are looking at the colors and cuts and are sure you are also interested in knowing about them. It sure looks professional.

You can see that there bob hairstyles are ideal for parties too. There are Instagram stories that are filled with the bob with platinum blonde colors. They are ideas that we see on these models, and they make it all worth trying out. But if you never try these bob ideas, you will feel bad for sure. You have to give it a try when there is a chance. Since they are best for all occasions, you need not worry about looking too out of sorts in any circumstance.

The choice you have with the long bob

Bob is a fun hairstyle for sure. It makes you feel like a new person. It also gives you the fresh and youthful look that we see on most women nowadays. There is a charm relating to the hairstyles that provide us with hope. We are confident you will look like a fashionista when you have such locs. Some charming women have styled their hair in this fashion. And with that, the locks have become the popular one to try. Styles that can give your hair the needed boost that anyone desires.

The long layers in the bob make the hair look stylish and gives it the trendy style. You are ready for a party, and you can also look good for an office event. When you see these hairstyles and decide one for yourself, you can view your best. There are some stunning options here, and we showed them off to you. They can make you look like a bubbly person, and they also make a big impression on the others. We love how these bob hairstyles give the hair the perks of the short haircut but can also make you enjoy some length.

So if you desire to get your hair in an updo, you can do so. There are ways even to get the long bob in a majestic braid. With the benefits of both of these in one, these are one of the best looks that you can opt for. They also make you look professional. And give you the boost of elegance and confidence. Thus we find them to be one of the hairstyles that women of all ages and preferences can try out. So choose them, and you will see this to be an addictive hairstyle for you.