136 Adorable Little Girl Hairstyles to try


How many times have you dressed up your little girl and had an ‘aww’ moment and with so many chores and errands that it usually leaves you drained. But your girls want a new hairstyle to flaunt every day and let’s face it, it’s hard to come up with inspirations for little girl hairstyles so fast.

If you are one such parent then you have come across the right article. We have some amazing little girl hairstyle ideas for you that look absolutely gorgeous. But don’t be mistaken these look fantastic yet are mostly easy to do.  Everything from braids, hair bands, and ponytails with a twist have been compiled in this article for you to browse through for inspiration. Follow some simple steps and get these hairstyles that will take a maximum of 5 minutes for you to complete. Here are 136 little girl hairstyles for you to try on your girls this school season.

Curly hair:

If your little one has curly locks of hair, then leave it as it is for it looks so cute on her!

little girl hairstyles

Cute chain updo:

This cute side swept chain hairstyle is easy to do and is perfect for a flower girl at a wedding!


This hairstyle is perfect for any formal school event. It is super cute and goes very well with gowns.

Crisscross braids:

This crisscrossed braided look is hassle-free for your little one and can be worn daily to school.

The cornrow:

Corn rows are a little time consuming to do and can take a while to look perfect but will save you the hassle of doing your girl’s hair everyday for school too!

Front braid:

This hairstyle has just a cute little braid that helps keep hair away from the face and can be done in minutes!

The twist:

This simple twisted hairstyle looks pretty and elegant. It is simple to do but it looks like you put a lot of effort into it.

Cute bangs

These forehead bangs look so cute and will look beautiful with curly hair. Place a head band of your choice to style it further.


Style your toddlers hair with colourful accessories like floral headbands and pins and it will keep the hair away from their faces and look pretty as well.

The buns:

This is a wedding day appropriate hairdo. Make braids and assemble them at the back on a bun and  it will look absolutely amazing.

The braid:

Style up a simple pony by creating a braid on a zigzag fashion and it will add so much definition to the look.

The front braids:

Braid one side of the hair, bring it to the other side and pin it. Place a floral headband and complete this adorable look.

Tie and split:

Tie top of the hair in 3 smaller sections. Make a bun on either side of the head. Split each section of the tied hair in half and add to their respective sides of each bun.

The beads:

Add beads of various colors on cornrows of your toddler and she will be oh so happy to play with them all day long!

Braids on back:

Start a thick braid from a side of the head and pin it after you reach the other side for this majestic look!


A stylish headband can look so lovely on your baby. This is one of the easy little girl hairstyles to try.

Multi-tied twisted hair:

This easy twisted hair looks oh so fabulous. Your little girl is sure to feel pretty all day with this hairdo.


This simple braid is perfect for school going kids. The hair will not bother them all day long so they can play around freely.

Up top:

This hairstyle is sure to make you little girl smile through the day. The up top tied hair looks perfect with waves.


This is an adorable instance of little girl hairstyles that are perfect for a special occasion. It is easy to do and can be styled with pins! The braid that is placed in the center of the hairdo makes it especially unique.

Barbie look:

Every little girl wants to look like her favorite Barbie. Curling her hair and putting on a lavish tiara is perfect as a birthday look!

Another barbie like hairdo is this one right here. We are sure your little girl will fall in love with this curly hairdo!

This hairdo has sleekly styled bangs and pulled back hair styles with some blingy accessories. It will look perfect if your girl is participating in a beauty pageant!


Style short hair by putting in some colorful ribbons and it will add flair to your toddlers’ hairdo!

Flower girl:

A beautiful bun is a perfect look for a flower girl. Style her bun with some cute accessories as you like.

Another cute flower girl hairstyle has been presented here. It is simply styled with a flowery headband.Another cute option for little girl hairstyles is this one here. A flower ornament has been placed on her head and it looks so charming and pretty.

Bangs :

Bangs are always cute and need no styling. It simply looks cute and adorable.

Short hair:

Short hair can be hard to style. Go for this easy look with 4 twisted tied sections of hair if your girl has short hair.

Day out:

This hairdo is perfect for a day out in the sun. It looks lovely on short hair.

Take a bow:

This faux bow look is absolutely adorable. Try this on your toddler for her day out with you or for school.

First communion hairdo:

This is perfect as example of first communion appropriate little girl hairstyles.  Try this if your baby has medium to long hair.


Up dos are very event appropriate hairstyles and will make little girls feel like princesses!
 School Day:

This hairstyle is perfect for a school going kid. The moms will also have it easy on this one as they are just regular braids on either sides.

Heart shaped Cornrows:

Cornrows are a nuisance free hairstyle that can be molded as per your wish. Create heart shapes in the cornrows for this delightful hairdo!


If your girl has short wavy hair then go for this simple hairdo. Put a little ribboned pin on her hair and you’re done!

Ponytail with a twist:

Try this ponytail with a twist for a casual yet beautiful look. The ponytail is styled by keeping loose curls on the bottom and braiding the top half.

The Volume:

This hairstyle is just so charming and girly. There is volume on the crown and the curls enrich this look.

Triple section:

This hairstyle has three sections and two sections have been braided to later be tied up. This can further be styled by putting on a ribbon of your choice.


This falls under the unique little girl hairstyles category. Try this look on your baby and make her stand out in the crowd.

Wedding day:

This is a wedding day appropriate hairstyle that is just so chic and beautiful. Choose to recreate this hairdo on your girl the next time you have to go to a wedding and you will love it. These are our top choices for wedding day little girl hairstyles.

Heart Shaped braids:

Braids are an essential part of a lot of little girl hairstyles. The braids here have been shaped in the form of a heart and accessorised with beads.

Partitions and variations:

Try sectioning your baby’s hair into multiple yet same width sections and braid them. Style it with beads of various colors for a cute hairdo.

If you are not a fan of beads and letting your hair loose then tie the braided hair into buns and you will get this cute finished look.

This is another unique hairdo for your child. The braids here have been arranged and crisscrossed that gives it a maze like look.

Small buns:

This simple look is just so endearing. These buns are on our top recommendations of little girl hairstyles.


Pigtails are the easiest among the little girl hairstyles. They are quick and look absolutely charming.

Event ready:

If you have an event in the near future that you need to take your girl to then try this simple hairstyle and style it up with some hair jewelry.


This bun has been put together so well and the ribbon just adds to its beauty.

Thick braids:

This thick braid looks so cute and can be done in a matter of minutes. It is perfect for a school day.

Top knot:

You can easily make a top knot when you are running out of time. Tie all of the hair up high and twist them. Place it over the top and achieve a perfect top knot.

Funky Pigtails:

This funky pigtail with middle partition looks playful and cute. We simply love how easy they are to do and yet look so crafty.

Hair Jewellery:

Here is a fun little way you can make things fun and colorful. Add hair jewellery of various colors and types and you can really perk up a simple style too.

Simplistically sweet:

This dual braid hairdo looks perfect as it is tied down by a beautiful silky ribbon. Its perfect for any special event formal or informal.

Black girl hairdo:

Black natural hair is beautiful and can be styles in so many ways.Here are some inspirations for your baby girl.

Twists are a great option for an everyday wearable hairstyle that looks like a lot of effort was put into them.

This classic hairdo is easy and will keep the frizz away. There are multiple braids here done in sections and tied back for a  sleek look.

This back braided hairstyle with top fluffy hair is so cool. Try this modern day hairdo instead of regular braids for a change.

Make a top knot bun and leave natural hair casually loose for an adorable hairdo.

Keep it casual and simple by leaving the natural hair freely and tie a hair band to give it an edge.


This fun and easy hairdo is perfect for a playful young toddler.


Give your girl a hairdo that will allow her to enjoy her day without hassle with this one. It has edge and is so unique at the same time will be easy for your baby to handle.

The chic hairdos:

Try these chic and elegant hairdos for your girl that are just perfect for a special occasion.They are very classy and girly and looks so stunning!

This upside braid with ponytail is very distinctive and pretty.

You can also make a bun on top as a variation!

The bow:

The bow in here just adds to the wow factor of the hairstyle. The flat braids and loose curls look mesmerising too!

Treat for the eyes:

This hairstyle looks confusing to the naked eyes but is actually easy to do once you try it. These are plain tied hair and have been placed below and above other ties for an illusive effect.The bow:

These tight ringlets looks gorgeous and the white bow in here makes it so very wedding appropriate too!

Upside braid and buns:

All little girl hairstyles are too cute to handle! This specific bun followed by the upside down braids looks so lovely and nice!

Ties and braids:

Try these hairstyles that have been tied first into segments and then braided for and added flair! You can tie them all up later or go for a fluffy top bun. School ready:

Getting your kids ready for school can be a nightmare sometimes. There are so many chores that you have to complete and get them all ready to leave. A major part of getting ready is obviously their hairstyle for the day.

Here are some little girl hairstyles for a perfect school day look for you to get your inspiration from!

You can twist and tie sections of hair and make pigtails.
 braid their hair in french braids and tie them up into a pony tail.opt for this simple look and add ribbons with patterns for an elegant hair day! The long bob:

This simple long bob looks absolutely cute! She will look like a mini boss as she flaunts this hairdo.
Braids and Buns:

This bun has been wrapped by the braid from the front and it looks so cute and lovely!

This hairdo has sections and is easy to do but looks hard and complicated at first sight. Try this one especially if your girl has bangs on the forehead.

Tight braids:

These tight braids are perfect for casual day out or a school day. Its versatility is what makes this a good option.


These twists are so adorable on thick hair. You can further style this hairdo with hair ornaments and other accessories.One minute hairstyle:

This puffy hairstyle will take literally a minute to do and is so pretty. The half up hairdo is girly and cute!

New :

This hairstyle is very trendy and new and is perfect if you want to keep the hair all tied up yet look pretty.


The flowers on hair combination is a classic one isn’t it? This hairdo is classic and cute and all you need is an ornamental flower.Elegance:

This curly hair is pinned at the top and the bow placement makes it so much more attractive.


This sleek tied up hair with waves and curls on the back is so adorable.


Cornrows are a classic hairstyle and here they have been tied up in pigtails and it looks very put together.

Twists and tails:

There are twists in the hairstyle. The cornrows are small and the twists are big and bulky that makes the whole look.


These little girl hairstyles look very good if your daughter has thick hair. This hairdo is simple and chic and looks very alluring.


This hairstyle is so structure and looks really daring and savage!

Cute variations:

These are certain varied options for little girl hairstyles that looks absolutely enchanting.

Braids and crosses:

There is a braid here on the crown and crossed hair that are formed by tied segments of hair both above and below.
Side Swept:

This hairstyle has a wow element with the addition of that hair ornament. The side braids and side swept hair looks all well balanced.

The pineapple:

This inter crossed braids with the bun on top is easy to do yet looks like a lot of work. You can try this out and we are sure you will be applauded for your efforts and skills! Neat:

This hairdo is quite neat and the colorful bands add new dimensions to the hairdo.


Here is a perfect instance of how you can change a simple braided hair into something much more appealing.
Super cute:

This on top buns look oh so adorable. Try it on your baby and we are sure you will not be able to stop taking pictures.
All natural:

Leave your daughters hair in her natural texture for a liberating free look.

Fishtail braids:

Fishtail braids here have later been twisted and tied as the braid reached the bottom of the hair. This results in a captivating hairstyle.
Sleek and tight:

This hairstyle had started with pigtails and made into tight fishtail braids. It looks so pleasing and well done.

Loops and braids:

This hairstyle has a tight braid in that have been placed in between the loops of the hairstyle. It adds to the mystery of the look and is very exquisite.

The waterfall:

This waterfall braid makes it to the top little girl hairstyles that we heart. It looks so artistic and decorative.


The ponytail has been sectioned into twisted hair and braided hair . Then they have been twisted together for this look.


This bow adds to the elegance of the hairstyle and the bun with sections adds definition to the whole look.


You can add decorative ornaments to your simple front braids to take a simple hairstyle to a whole new level.

Sectional pigtails:

This four sectioned hair has been tied up into a pigtail. The decorative ribbons add so much elegance to the whole look.


These two options for little girl hairstyles are trending nowadays. It is perfect for a school day or a day at the park!

Eye catching:

Your baby girl will catch everyones attention with this sectioned braided look. The ribbon is what really adds to the whole look.The front:

This detailed front section is easy to achieve and looks like a total knockout!
On top:

The natural hair tied on top is a classic choice of little girl hairstyles. It really compliments girls with long hair.The exchange:

Here hair had been braided from either sides and exchanged into the opposite sides pigtails. This is an easy and beautiful look.

Make your baby feel like a princess with this heart shaped textured hair crown. It has been well decorated with ornamental hair pins and it looks oh so royal and cute! The Rock-star:

Tie the middle front section of your baby’s hair and make a bun on the crown to give her a rock-star like look. This looks so delightful and daring!

Three braids:

There are three braids made from the front sections here which has later been tied up into a pony. It looks great with the cute ribbon at the back!
A pin :

Place a beautiful pin to keep her hair away and watch your toddler enjoy her day!

Ruffled up:

This ruffled up hairdo is perfect for wavy hair texture. It can be worn to any event and is so easy to do.

Loose or tied up:

You can let the hair all loose or tie it up in a nice bun with a head band for a cute look.

Backward braid:

This braid at the back is looking so stunning! The little bow adds to the look so much too.

Crown braid:

This braid placed on the top looks like a crown and is absolutely beautiful with the hair accessory added next to it!


Here are some quick inspirations for you to style your toddler’s hair. These are cute and easy to do. Here we have everything from sweet and simple with braids and hair jewellery to a sassy and bold look.


There are many little girl hairstyles that you can choose from this article to make your princess feel her best on any day. These hairstyles have a range from short hair to medium and long hair and it covers the hair textures too. You can do these hairstyles on curly, straight or wavy hair and it will look fabulous no matter what. For the moms out there, you can even do the same style on your hair and twin with your little one for an event. Doing so has become extremely popular across social media platforms and we are sure you will love it.

By now you must have found some inspiration for little girl hairstyles from going through this article. All compliments are sure to come to your little one as she captures everyone’s attention with these cute little hairdos! Thank us later when people admire your hairdressing skills too!