123 Trendiest Lilac Hair Options of 2021


Hair colors have been an exciting part of fashion for a long time. Everyone loves to look great, and hair colors help a lot in making you look unique and beautiful! A hair color that has been stealing hearts and creating a buzz in the social media sites for some time now. And that color is none other than the beautiful lilac hair trend! Lilac hair makes gives you a soft glam look and is sure to make everyone turn their heads for a second look. If you are looking for a hair color that gives you a fairytale-like elegance, lilac is the way to go.

There are thousands of lilac hair inspirations that you can get from searching the internet. You can get confused as to which shade of lilac will work best for you! That is why we have gathered some excellent lilac hair ideas for you so that you can make an informed decision. Before diving into this magical hair color, there are some things that you need to consider. Coloring can be fun and make you look amazing, but they come at a cost for sure. You need to learn to take care of your hair to maintain the color and the quality of hair.

Tips for getting your hair colored

It’s better to know what you’re getting into with these lilac pastel shades beforehand. We have rounded up some tips for you to keep your hair luscious.

  1. Go blonde beforehand. Otherwise, the colors will not show up.
  2. Wash your hair less often to prevent the colors from fading.
  3. Do not wash your hair with hot water.
  4. Use violet based shampoos to keep the colors intact.
  5. Use hair care products to prevent hair fall and damage.
  6. Lilac hair can turn into a blue color if you do not take proper care.

If you pay attention to these, you can surely enjoy the pastel shade of lilac well. Here are some lilac hair styling ideas that are sure to make your heart flutter!

The event look

If you have short hair, try some chic and elegant braids. The twists in the braiding help to bring out the lilac hair and will be a perfect look for any special occasion.

lilac hair

Lavender hues

Lilac hair with lavender hues is perfect for anyone. They look very stylish, and we sure are in love with this color.


Lavender hues are the perfect trendy shade to try on if you want lilac hair this season. It looks gorgeous on all hair lengths. If you have a bob, this will look extra cute on you!

Long locks

Having long locks are perfect, especially if you want to try on something new and exciting like the lilac hair trend. This ashy blonde lilac hair looks mysterious and is ideal for a bold look.

Darker roots

Dark roots look very well balanced with any hair color. It is popular now and was the same over the years and is undoubtedly on top of our recommendation list.

Grey hair

If grey hair is your color, then here are some perfect hair color ideas for you. If you want to try something bold and look unique, opt for this grey hair with silver highlights.

You can style your grey hair in a lot of ways, and it is sure to look amazing. Even an everyday hair tied on the back seems beautiful. Go for this casual and effortless look.

Short bob looks trendy and is a choice of many women. You can try to get this look, and if you have short hair, it will be very easy and less time consuming to style as well.

If you have short or very short hair, this color will accentuate your beauty and look great. You are sure to steal hearts with this look.

Flowery detail

Adding any hair accessory on your lilac hair will make it look even better. You can add an ornament of your choice and make it look more polished. Here is an example of a flowery detail added to the hair.


If you think that pastel lilac shades can only look like you popped out of a fairytale, you are wrong. You can look sultry and hot with some beautiful purply-lilac shade.

Purple Hues

Purple hues are a very trendy look, and the hair has been famous for a long time now. You can also follow the trend and look stunning!

Blonde hair turned into purple shades look great. The hair color has the shine and glamour to attract anyone!

Purple hair works on all hair length, whether it is a short bob or an extended length of hair.

Even shades of light purple work well on any skin tone. They can accentuate the skin tone and also make you look super stylish!

Pinkish undertones

Here are some purple hair ideas with pinkish undertones. Pinks and purples work well together, and we love how they merge so well.

The well balanced purple hair with pinkish undertones is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things subtle.

The pastel shades help the light to reflect and give off the shine that we love. The glow makes your hair look perfectly healthy and lustrous.

There is something about this pinkish lilac hair that we adore. These strands of pink hair complement the whole hair well, and it is sure to look amazing on any hair length and texture.

This simple layered bob is getting just that kick of color that it needed to make it look trendy and chic. The color compliments the makeup, and the whole look ties well together.

Pastel shades tend to have a shiny factor about them that will give off a youthful hair vibe. The hair has this pinkish lavender shade hue to it, and it will work well for any skin tone.

Lilac hair

After some time, you will see the natural hair color peek through from the hair. The lilac hair will still look perfect and give off an edgy vibe. You can surely go in with some re-touches with some mild and safe hair colors to keep it in the same hue.


This hair looks like its straight out of a fashion magazine. The hair has baby bluish tones on the base and has a silvery tone on the bottom that we love. You can surely try this one to look picture perfect every day.

Silver hair

This is the perfect combination of bold and beautiful. You might have seen many Instagram posts with models in this hair color. You can surely try this one if you are feeling a bit bold and yet want a classy look.

Brown and lilac hair

This combination of brown and lilac hair is bold and yet stays on the safer side. The dark base on the top will work very well with medium skin tones, and the lilac hair is sure to stun everyone.

Half and half

There are a half and half situation going on here. There are some dark black hue contrasts with the silver lilac hair. The transition is pretty bold and would take a lot of guts to pull off for sure.


You can work with any technique possible to look amazing when you have beautiful hair color on you. Here are some hairstyle inspirations for you. You can go a twisty pin up at the back to a braided look and pull it off well.

The ends

Here the ends have this pinkish highlights that work well to break the monotony of the dark roots and silver hair.

The purplish lilac hair ends with pink highlights here, and that adds the perfect pop of color. This is one look that has both the simple and the fashionable sides to it.

Wild colors

If you are a lover of colors, here are the perfect blend of colors for you to choose from. The variety of colors are excellent and would surely make you the center of attention anywhere you go.

The pop of hot pink at the roots attracts us instantly.

The burgundy, pink and lilac shades show off well in this loose braided look. A hairstyle is a good option for a special occasion.

This is a shade of lilac with so many colors together. It has a flirty vibe to it and makes the whole hair very youthful and vibrant.

Short hair

Short hair is famous, and there are a lot of ladies who have tried on this look. Here are some ideas for you if you have short hair and want to see how lilac hair looks on them!


With lilac hair, there will never be a dull hair day. Even if you go for some casual hairstyle, it will manage to look smashing.

Lady Gaga’s hair

Lady Gaga has tried on many bold and daring hair colors and has managed to look amazing. You can also follow the fashionista and work on some of her bright hair colors to copy her.

Bob haircuts

The angled bob will look shiny and gorgeous when you opt for a beautiful purple lilac shade of color. You will look your best with this killer combination.

You can surely style your bob with some light curls and waves to make it look more polished. The dark black streaks with the purple lilac hair look great.

Sleek hair

Long sleek hair is beautiful on its own. You can try on these pastel shades to make yourself look a bit different from everyone else.


A topknot is a fashionable choice for women of all ages. You can surely opt for this classy and youthful topknots for a day out. It is sure to keep you fresh and stylish during the hot summer days. Here are some ideas for you to choose from.

This shoulder length black and silver hair with a messy topknot is perfect for those lazy days.

This braided topknot is surely very stylish and has been a hairstyle adored by many. You can add beads and ornaments as you please to make this hairstyle more trendy. Try this one the next time you want to stand out in the crowd.

You can achieve this look with the use of some minor hairpins and also add some waves at the end of the hair to make it look more chic and elegant.

A topknot can be the perfect choice for a daring outfit. The shiny, lilac hair undoubtedly shines through this look and ties the whole attire together. Many models and celebs have sported it over the years.


Try a simple plain bun and enjoy the perks of having a hair color that looks good all the time. This one is undoubtedly going to come in handy when you are feeling a bit lazy.

Loose hair

Sometimes it is best to go with the simplistic style. You can leave your hair casually and let it fall naturally for an effortless, glam look. You can surely add some waves here and there to make it look a bit more polished and ready for the day.

Here are some different hair colors and hair lengths with a casual untied, let loose style to inspire you.

All the braids

Braids are a classic addition to the hair and can make any hairstyle look fashionable and very chic. You can add elegance to the hair by adding twists in multiple forms, and we are here to show you some ways to do that!

Try braiding a couple of strands of your hair to achieve a girly and youthful look. You can wear this one for a casual day out with your friends.

This hairstyle has a lot of factors about them that we love absolutely. Some braids transform into a bun on the pinkish lilac hair. There is a simple side braid on the second one. These are looks that you can casually wear for a day out.

Braid either side of your hair and get yourself this back to school type hairstyle. You can surely wear this one for a birthday party or even to your gym as well!

Loose braids can give off an illusion of a fuller and thicker hair. This hairstyle will take a matter of minutes to do and gives a natural, effortless vibe.

A reverse braid will suit you perfectly if you have thick hair. If not, you can add some hair extensions and get a fuller looking twist.

Here are multiple braids incorporated into this look that makes it different. You can add beads and other hair jewelry to make it look more festive and fun.

Lovely pastels

Purple, lavender shades can look perfect on any length of hair. If you are unsure of coloring your hair back at home, you can get it done at a salon and get it colored professionally.

You can get the professional treatment to your hair and get it beautifully colored and cut. This will surely make you look polished and pretty.

It will surely aid you from making any hair coloring mistakes, and the results will be great too. Take help from your hairdresser to get the perfect cut and hues to complement your skin tone.

Tapered back

Some short hairstyles work great when there are layers to add volume to the look. The tapered end here is beautiful, and the layers add a glamorous touch to the hair.

The tapered ends can also work well in the back with some angled haircut. Add some waves to this hair to make it more elegant.

Messy Bun

Buns are an excellent hairstyle and are a lifesaver on the days when you are feeling lazy. The messy bun placed up top can work well with lilac hair.

Shoulder length

If you have shoulder length hair, then here are some hair options for you to choose from. Lilac hair works well with all hair length, and you can get an idea of what it looks like from the pictured below.

Up top, we have some straight hair options for you. You can opt for a well balanced middle partition or a deep side partition as your choice.

This is a formal look for those who cannot take the hassle of hair falling on the face; this tied back look is best for you.

If you are not a fan of straight hair, go for these wavy, curly looks here.

Add some pinkish lilacs to your hair to make it a unique look.

A purple shade of hair can look very trendy and is a favorite among many.

You can get some texture and dimension to your lilac hair by adding some waves to your mid-length hair.

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are perfect for a special occasion. You can add some hair accessories to make this look formal and prettier. The twists are easy to do, and the waves on the hair length make it perfect for occasions like weddings.


The pop of colors here are truly magical and is a must try. From loose waves to a low bun, every hairstyle looks astonishing with the shades of lilac hair.

Debby Ryan hair

The American singer and actress Debby Ryan sported this beautiful lilac hair, and we can’t get over how lovely this shade is.

Violet gray hair

You can opt for some beautiful and unique hair colors to spice up your hair game. The violet gray hair is undoubtedly an option for you to try on.

Short haircut

Having short hair, you cannot experiment with some bold and daring hair colors. You can surely choose some bright pop of colors like these shades of lilac hair right here.

This pinkish pastel lilac hair goes well with this short haircut.

Add purple shades on the top section of your hair, and you can look ravishing with this look.

You can also opt for some grey silver lilac hair to make things more interesting. You are sure to love this one.

The Browns

If you have a natural brown shade of hair, you can surely opt for this lilac hair options with a brown base. Here are some brown hair ideas for you to choose from.

The dark black roots with the brown below it look very gracious. You can see how the browns transcend into a beautiful pink lilac hair. The rose gold lilac hair is sure to inspire you to try this shade on.

The hints of brown here are giving it an earthy tone, and it looks good with the whole hair.

Hues of purple

Here are some shades of purples at various intensities to meet the requisites of the inner diva in you.

This bright shade of purple works well with the purple shades next to it.

Any hairstyle looks good on purple-hued hair strands. You can twist the hair and tie them up for this formal, beautiful look.

Rose gold shades

Add some bangs on the front to frame your face and look adorable in this pinkish lilac hue.


These rose gold shades are perfect for any girl, and it is undoubtedly an inspiration for us.

This hair color option looks like it was done for a magazine cover. You can get the same shade of lilac to enjoy the same look.

Slight waves

Adding slight waves to the hair can make it looks more polished and event ready. You can add more texture as you like on your short hair if you want the results.

These short lilac hair with some slight waves are sure to make you happy with the final look.

Light Shades

Try some bright ashy shades of lilac hair to stand out in the crowd and receive all the compliments.


Add a funky hair band to make things more fun and flirty.
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