150 Light Brown Hair: Awaken the Everyday Goddess Inside You!


Are you also among all the beautiful women whose hair color is exactly between blonde and brown? Having light brown hair makes you luckier than you imagine because of its versatility. However, such hair color is actually becoming more and more popular at the moment. With proper care, it can look more amazing than a very complicated dye job. As it follows, you will find out how to wear your light brown hair, how to highlight it, maintain it, style it and much more. 150+ pictures are available for you to look at and identify the shade that would really make you happy.

  1. Almond brown on a celebrity

2. Wheat brown on long hair

3. Sandy-brown tips highlighted 

4. Hazelnut brown on thick hair

5. Tan brown highlights in shiny hair

6. Light brown for Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie accentuates these tones, in her characteristic style: stylists are cautioning you not to choose this color if you do not have prominent features like her, because you risk being swallowed by this shade of brown.

7. Natural looking hair is not

8. Mahogany brown chosen wisely

9. Ombre hair with light brown shades

Why is Light Brown Hair in Trends?

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to breathe new life into your hairstyle. If you – like the Hollywood beauties Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel – usually wear your hair dark brown, then you can just match the beginning of spring to brighten a few nuances. At least Jonathan Long, color expert for Clairol, thinks so.

“A drastic change is not necessary, even subtle highlights or a slightly lighter color make your complexion glow optically, which fits in perfectly with the sunny spring weather,” he told Cover Media.

In the color choice, however, Jonathan advises caution. “To stay true to the natural look, you should lighten your hair by a maximum of three shades,” he added.

In addition, you should definitely match the new color to your skin color. “If you have a cool skin tone, cool chocolate brown is best, and for a warm complexion, I recommend golden caramel nuances instead,” Jonathan advised.

You can also easily adjust the rest of your look to your new hair color. For lighter shades, pink and nude tones or a fruity raspberry red look fantastic. Instead of dark, dramatic winter outfits, you combine subtle pastel colors or simple white and cream tones – which always go well with brown hair.

10. A Confident woman with oak brown hair

11. Brown hair around the face

12. A multitude of light brown shades

13. Sandy brown for Emma Watson

The former witch of Harry Potter, Emma Watson, is sporting a sandy brown hair hue, which is perfect for her short haircut; being so close to her natural color, it will not require many reps!

14. Ombre with sun kissed tips

15. Light to dark brown in one

16. Chocolate brown with reddish hues

17. Reddish brown and blonde highlights

18. Ombre hair uses more than one brown

19. Something close to a glazed strawberry

Celebrities and Light Brown Hair

Even stars clean up with the stereotype that blondes have more fun and profess to their light brown mane. This is because light brown hair looks as natural as hardly any other hair color and fits almost every skin type! For example, light brown shades completes pale skin perfectly: Mischa Barton is one of the Hollywood beauties who combines her elegant paleness with light brown hair and her individual style. She remains (almost) always true to her natural hair color!

Beyonce Knowles has been wearing light brown hair for years to her caramel skin tone – even though she’s black by nature. She is the style leader for all beauty queens, who want to risk a new color, but do not know exactly which one it should be. If you choose light brown hair, the possibilities of variation are enormous: from cool tan shades to warm golden and caramel nuances, the color palette of the colorants offers all the tones your heart desires. Get rid of the street killer image – with our care and styling tips that’s no problem!

20. Buttered toast and Swedish blonde

21. Swedish brown and rich darker brown

22. Light brown with ginger highlights

23. Light ash brown and highlights

24. Dirty blonde mixed with brown hues

25. Ash brown with highlights

26. Light ash brown on long hair

27. Beautiful almond brown and ashy tones

28. Cocoa brown on straight hair

29. Uniform chocolate brown hair

How to Get the look!

So far you have always bleached your hair brightly and now you want to create a more natural look on your head? Then light brown hair is the optimal alternative to hard darker browns! To try out the look, you can first resort to a light brown tint that only darkens the hair over time.

But you should pay attention to two things: Choose a light brown, which is slightly reddish, otherwise you run the risk of missing your hair a green tint! Also, do not forget that even a tint that is darker than your current hair color leaves a lasting glow. If you want to turn your dark mane into a light brown dream, be sure to get advice from a hairdresser – lightening dark hair is more complicated and usually more harmful than over-dyeing light hair. Professionals use special bleaching methods that gradually brighten up your hair. If you want an even softer transition from dark to light brown, try the highlighting method: a hairdresser will only give you lighter strands, which then turn into a sexy light brown!

30. Very light vanilla brown

31. Full, rich chocolate to toast hair

32. Brown with light brown highlights

33. Volume created with blonde tones

34. Amazing brown cocoa hair

35. Light to dark ashy undertones

36. Natural looking celebrity style

37. Disheveled hair dyed in ashy tones

38. Lighter shade of coffee brown

39. Copper brown hair shade

How to Maintain the Look!

The key to a beautiful hair color is the right care – only so it gets luminosity and can come to its best advantage. Even light brown hair requires a beauty routine that makes it shine! For dyed hair, you should definitely resort to shampoos for colored hair and care treatments that help you to preserve the color as long as possible. Because the danger that the hair finally looks dull and dull is unfortunately very great, especially in light brown – in that case you would be with the ashy street skinned blonde, which you wanted to avoid!

A tip that helps you against this boring look: shampoos for blonde hair. These give your tan a sunny touch and radiant luminosity, which is a must have especially with warm shades of brown like gold and caramel.

40. Brown base with lighter tips

41. Sofia Vergara’s choice in color

Sofia Vergara is a natural blonde, but her olive skin looks so good in combination with her light brown hair. Honey highlights were added from the cheeks down. Her hairstyle is a good reason to justify her position as the best paid actress in comedy series!

42. More naturalness is impossible

43. A touch of sun kissed brown

44. Warm mocha hair in one nuance

45. Brown sugar and honey brown

46. Golden bronze in the sunlight 

47. Cinnamon brown with subtle highlights

48. Brown barley dye job

49. Mocha brown and tanned skin

Light Brown Hair: How to Style the Look!

In order to avoid the street killer look with light brown hair, the right haircut can be the solution. In order to not let the look get too severe, you should definitely opt for a soft feminine cut. It fits like a glove to the golden brown. Otherwise you can let your ideas run free with light brown hair – whether it is braids, beach waves or curls – the golden reflections of your hair color underline each of these styling variants perfectly. Not without reason hair stylists recommend customers with thin hair shades like light brown: the color makes your hair look voluminous. In order to conjure up a bit more tension in light brown hair, you can put on dark blonde highlights such as highlights.

With the right care and your individual styling the street killer look is a thing of the past. Even though light brown hair is not a wild styling experiment, it adds glamour to your look. Tan is the perfect hair color for all beauties who like it subtly but still chic!

50. Pure diamond hair or close

51. Butterscotch and sunflower blonde

52. Medium complexion vs honey hair

For a medium complexion, choose golden hues because those are the ones illuminating your entire face. A golden brown with touches of honey and caramel will make you look like you just came from the beach.

53. Waves of caramel hair

54. Hot toffee in hair

55. Light ashy blonde tones

56. Perfectly dyed long wig

57. Havana brown to light blonde

58. Impressive waves of beeline honey

59. Glazed strawberry at the tips

Using Hair as Sunscreen

Sun damage is more common on a person’s scalp if it is not covered by plenty of hair. This may also be the reason why men tend to get melanomas more often than women. In this study, it was determined to what extent hair protects the skin and whether the color, thickness and amount of the hair affect the degree of protection. In pilot facilities, various types and amounts of human hair were irradiated with light and tested for how much UV radiation is filtered through the hair.

Brown, but also red hair, protects the skin best

Both brown, red, blonde and white hair protects the skin from UV radiation. Red and brown hair protects the skin best. Blonde and white hair protects them from UVB radiation, but to a lesser extent from UVA radiation (especially white hair).
Melanin, and thus the color of the hair, plays an important role in the protective performance of the hair. Even more and thicker hair provides better skin protection.

60. Ombre hairstyle strikes again

61. Layers or dark and light brown

62. A golden wheat attempt

63. Jennifer Lopez’s brown nuance

Jennifer Lopez’s hair is another successful story. Her caramel hair has a light brown base, in which two lighter tones reflect the light around her face. In order to obtain her look, you must use professionals because they add black, red and blonde undertones. You will look like a modern horsewoman!

64. Darker auburn hair and highlights

65. Classic beauty framed right

66. Caramel hair goes lighter

67. Non-glossy light colors

68. Blonde tips looking natural

Its Versatility

Light brown hair has conquered the creatures of the stars – actresses like Sofia Vergara have opted for this special hair nuance. This color really has potential to become your favorite one and maybe wear it for life.

Nougat, Espresso, Cafe Latte – these are only a few shades of brown, which are varied, so every woman who wants brown hair will find the right shade for herself. Golden brown is one of the most popular shades under the brown shades, because this light brown looks both natural and very seductive. It gives the hair a very feminine touch and looks like it were kissed by the sun. You can not get enough of golden brown and that’s a good thing, because the color is absolutely timeless. A nuance that can or will become a love for life!

69. Sparkling amber nuances in the front

70. Charlize Theron and her light brown hair

71. Model looking sweet with caramel hair

72. Ash brown and blonde highlights

73. Sandy blonde for fair skin

74. Gradual lightness added in hair

75. Espresso hair and honey touches

76. Models go for the hair too

77. Both cold and warm tones

78. Celebrity chooses trendy hair colors

Light brown hair is a warm brown shade that best suits warm skin tones: an olive or dark complexion with a yellow or gold touch. If you have a rosy skin tone, it is best to leave your tips for last and dye them with a lighter brown hair color and a gold stitch.

A gold shimmering, light brown works best with hair cuts and styling that are soft-cut and have a girly or feminine look – from the braided hairstyle to the shag. Light brown is a color that brings out curly and wavy hair and makes it look voluminous.

79. Nina Dobrev’s dark brown hair

Having dark brown hair is not boring at all. If you ever doubt that, think of Nina Dobrev. She rarely changes the color of her hair, but often takes care of it and leaves it loose and shiny. Her skin is olive, but she can still play the vampire role!

80. Light ombre hair on point

81. Caramel and sparkling amber in one

82. Cooper and ginger blonde nuances

83. Gradient formed with lighter colors

84. Sparkling amber hair

85. A very natural look

86. Jennifer Lopez strikes again

87. Dyeing job done well

88. A more retro look

The perfect make-up for light brown

The make-up should match your light brown hair. Eye shadows in warm shades such as rose, apricot and bronze match perfectly with light brown. The lipstick is suitable for rose and brown tones. If you like it more striking, you can apply a bright red lipstick – the rest of the makeup should then be nude.

89. Shiny rose brown hair

90. Blue eyes and brown hair

91. Cold tones of brown

92. Face highlighted from ears down

93. Angelina Jolie’s mesmerizing look

94. So perfect it shines

95. Messy Havana brown hair

96. Striking golden blonde hair

97. Medium champagne hair color

98. Butterscotch medium hair

General Color Considerations vs. Light Brown Hair

Brown hair has a lot of superb shades, which is very pleasant. But in order to choose the perfect colors for your hair, you have to take into account the hue of your skin. The hues of warm skin are yellow / orange or olive. Skin with shades of blue or pink is considered to be the skin with cold shades.

And the neutral skin, such as Jennifer Lopez’s, has pronounced or warm pink, olive and yellow shades. To decide on the color of your skin, the color of your eyes is the secret. Cold colors are usually blue or gray, and warm colors are brown, black or green.

Colors to wear if you have light brown hair and light olive skin

If you have warm skin tones and light brown hair, the color of coffee, bronze, sage green, and mango orange are the perfect colors for you. Also, soft peach or carrot colors, summer yellow and green apple go well with that hair. Enhance your shade of brown skin and dark brown hair with colors like green olive, tree-colored or jade color.

The color of green lemon and grass are just as good for you. As for the shades of red, choose dark red, copper or dark orange. White oyster and ivory are excellent choices for summer outfits as well.

Colors to wear if you have light brown hair and light ivory skin

Lively colors, such as black, dark blue, purple and dark pink, are perfect for you. In addition, you may include silver, blue sky, light yellow and pink.

The light and pure white, but also the bright red will look extremely beautiful on your skin and will show off your brown hair. You will look much younger and more beautiful with cold colors such as light pink or dusty, pale yellow, lavender and pale purple, blue powder and soft white.

Are you already familiar with the different shades of light brown hair? Lets see if you can identify them below! Comment with your favorite shade!