94 Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts for Every Hair Type


Hair trends come and go but you can never go wrong with a classic layered haircut. It’s definitely one of the most versatile styles flattering a variety of hair lengths, textures and colors.

From long cascading locks to edgier chops, find your next hairstyle in our compilation of the best layered haircuts.

  1. Layered Blowout

layered haircuts

If you’re blessed with thick hair, this multiple-tier layered cut would be perfect for balancing the length of your hair.

2. Textured and a Bold Fringe

Spice up a simple layered haircut and pair it with a bold fringe. Then style your hair with some relaxed waves to accentuate your layers to get a laid-back stylish ‘do.

3. 60’s Throwback

Channel the 60s and opt for bottom layers on medium length hair. Of course, the vintage look wouldn’t be complete without thick bangs and teased hair.

4. Boho Chic Layers

Looking effortlessly chic takes some work. Achieve this boho bedhead look with some medium and short layers on long hair and big tousled waves.

5. Angled and Choppy

Emphasize the blunt layers in your asymmetrical lob with partial curls that stop midway. This will also add volume to thin hair.

6. Volumized with Golden Brown Highlights

Getting a layered haircut is an easy way to add dimension and volume to straight hair. Amp it up some more by getting the occasional blowout and trying out some long side bangs.

7. Caramel Mid-length Layers

Highlights and multiple-tier layers definitely solve the problem of boring and shapeless hair.

8. Chocolate Brown Layer Cascade

Add shape to long hair with all-over layers of varying lengths. Part your hair in the middle to frame your face with the front layers to get that wind-in-your-hair look.

9. Classic Brigitte Bardot Layers

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot with long layers and an overgrown fringe. Tease the top part of your hair and boom– you’re a chic French girl.

10. Subtle Black to Blonde Ombre

Extra long hair is the perfect canvas for this black to blonde ombre. Tell your stylist to match the color changes to the length of layers and you’ve got yourself a subtle but well-thought-out look.

11. Textured and Blonde

Blondes have more fun, indeed. Embrace your golden locks with medium length and long layers. Curl your hair for that extra oomph like Blake Lively’s red carpet ‘do.

12. Long Ombre Layers

Some slight feathering and ombre color gives this otherwise boring layered cut a nice twist.

13. Scene Queen

Maybe it’s time to pay homage to your emo middle school self and get some chunky short layers.

14. Dark and Volumized

Give your dark locks dimension with some brown lowlights and well-placed medium to long layers.

15. Ashy Blonde

Remove unwanted brassiness from your blonde tresses with a much-needed ash blonde dye job.  Spice things up with a shaggy haircut sans the bangs.

16. Layered Face-framing Blowout

if you’re just not quite ready to shear off those long tresses of yours, get yourself some long layers to match instead.

17. Black with a Hint of Brown

Make your black hair more interesting with subtle dark brown highlights and bottom layers similar to this medium length cut Megan Fox has.

18. Classic Long Layered Cut

Spruce up your plain brown hair with a touch of blonde highlights and medium length layers.

19. Edgy A-line Layered Bob

A longer take on Victoria Beckham’s angled bob, this bottom layered lob (or long bob) maybe the change you need to revitalize your style.

20. Mid-length and Black

Long, straight, black hair just doesn’t cut it anymore. Update your haircut and ask your stylist for some face-framing layers.

21. Shoulder-length Layers

Shoulder-length layered hair is a great compromise between having manageable hair without having to go short.

22. Long Layers V-Cut

If you’re not a fan of short and medium length layers, get those bottom layers in a V-cut shape.

23. Short, Feathered Layers for Long Hair

Feathery layers work the best for thick, straight hair as they thin out the mane a bit and make it more manageable.

24. Face-framing Fringe and Layered Cut

Take cues from Carrie Underwood and try out this face-framing look. Get those flippy layers with a good blowout and some styling gel.

25. Flipped and Layered

If you’re not a fan of Carrie Underwood’s bangs in the picture above, you can leave your short layers uncut but volumized like the one above.

26. Long and Wavy Cascade

This all-over layers cut would work best for people with long and thick hair. Emphasize those multiple layers with a blowout.

27. Bottom Layers for Long Hair

Simple two-tier bottom layers also work well with long hair whether it’s straight or slightly wavy. This style would look particularly good when tied up in a ponytail.

28. Layers and Curls

What can we say, Carrie Underwood can definitely rock that curled and layered look. Credit where credit is due, Carrie made blonde curly hair fashionable way before Taylor Swift came into the picture.

29. Long, Brown and Layered

Brown hair gets a bad rap for being boring. Subvert the stereotype with layers.

30. Subtle Waves

Emma Watson may have been wearing a wig, but that subtly wavy layered hair is a fantastic look.

31. Platinum Blonde Layers

Give dimension to platinum blonde hair with front-facing and bottom layers.

32. Highlighted Straight Layers

The same layered cut also works surprisingly well on highlighted brown hair.

33. Statement Fringe

Give a rocker twist to that classic 60’s hair by taking the layers a bit higher and adding more volume on top with some teasing and hairspray.

34. Straight, Blonde Layers with Thin Bangs

Hide a wide forehead with some short bangs and de-accentuate a long face with bottom layers like Reese Witherspoon does in this flattering haircut.

35. Arctic Blonde 

A layered cut goes well with a blonde to white blonde ombre.

36. Long Hair with Shoulder-length Layers

Medium length layers give long blonde hair a little more body and texture.

37. Textured Beach Waves

Get that beach babe look with some waves on layered hair. The subtle dark brown to blonde ombre also contributes to that sun-kissed look.

38. Fiery Red

We told you a layered cut works well with all hair colors. Give life to red hair with a two-tier layered cut and partial curls for texture.

39. Blonde Balayage Highlights

Pair a gorgeous balayage with some bottom layers to accentuate that subtle color change.

40. Face-framing Curled Layers

Get your dark hair ready for the summer with a golden brown dye job and some layers. Style it with some curls and you’ve got an easy-going but stylish everyday look.

41. Simple and Straight

When you’ve got great hair you don’t really need to do much. Some slightly feathered layers and good styling are all you need.

42. Feathered Layers on Brown Hair

This flipped out and layered hairstyle may just be what you need to change up your look. It’s a win-win really since you get to keep your long hair but still get a brand new style.

43. Mermaid Blue and Silver Layers

Recently got an awesome dye job? Why not complete the look and get some bottom layers to shear off those dead hair ends.

44. Feathered and Bouncy

Not gonna lie, we too covet that bouncy and shiny hair we see in commercials. And if you do too, then you might just want to get a layered cut and a good blowout.

45. Choppy Layers Curled

Choppy layers are an instant way to get your overall look a bit more grit and edge. Curl it from the middle down and you’ve got yourself a stylish yet laid-back first date hairstyle.

46. Soft and Elegant

Amanda Seyfried is a natural beauty but her soft waves and elegant layers make her look extra youthful and fresh.

47. Face-framing Layers for Textured Hair

If you have coarser hair texture-wise, you can still pull off a layered cut. Just make sure to keep your layers low to avoid frizz.

48. Straight, Dark Brown Layers

Here’s a similar look viewed from the front.

49. Loose Curls and Parted Bangs

Give your 60s-inspired hairstyle an update with loose curls and some parted bangs like Zooey Deschanel does in this look.

50. Shoulder-length Layers for Afro-textured Hair

Give your wild hair some structure with shoulder-length layers. Who says girls with naturally curly hair can’t wear a layered hairstyle?

51. Volumizing Layers for Thin Hair

Shoulder-length layers on long hair also work for ladies with thin hair as it gives the hair more body.

52. Messy Waves

Spruce up your dirty blonde hair with some highlights and bottom layers. Style it with subtle waves like Mary-Kate Olsen for a boho chic look.

53. Cascading Waves

Emphasize those front-facing layers by curling them away from the face.

54. Face-framing Blowout

A good blowout and some face-framing layers are all you need to add volume to thin hair.

55. Blonde and Feathered

Get that blonde bombshell hair with all-over layers styled in flips.

56. Curly and Bouncy Light Brown Layers

Cute meets sexy is what we get from this curled and layered look. It’s the perfect hairstyle to wear if you’re gonna be a bridesmaid for a wedding or just going out for a formal dinner date.

57. Choppy Layers

This choppy and tousled look screams cool girl through and through. Those extra short layers on top definitely give this cut its tough look.

58. Volume on Top and Side Bangs

A much more modern take of the 60s hair is this layered cut and long side bangs combo that Jennifer Garner is wearing. The balayage also gives it some serious summer vibes.

59. Silky Straight Layers

Keep it simple with shoulder-length layers and a brightening dye job. Beautiful hair shines despite minimal styling.

60. Side-swept Bangs for Straight Hair

Embrace your straight hair with choppy layers and some scene queen style bangs. Take cue sfrom a young Shailene Woodley pulling off the look.

61. Bottom Layers for Thin Hair

Thin hair would surely benefit from some bottom layers to give the illusion of a thicker mane. Part your hair in the middle as Jennifer Aniston does and you’re good to go.

62. Cascading Front Layers

Using a small flat iron, style your front layers to turn away from the face to achieve this vibrant look.

63. Long and Bouncy Layers

Straight hair tends to fall flat on bad hair days. Counter that with layers and blowdrying your hair inwards to give your locks some shape and a bouncy look.

64. Simple Long Layers on Ultra Straight Hair

You can also take some pieces of hair and flat iron them slightly away from the face to recreate this Rachel McAdams hairstyle.

65. All Over Layers for Thick Hair

Feathered layers would also give your hair natural movement even without much styling.

66. Flipped Out Golden Brown Layers

Channel 90s Meg Ryan with this flipped out and shaggy look.

67. Effortless Long Layers

Give long hair the extra oomph it needs with some layers. Comb through your hair a few times with styling cream and you’ve got an effortlessly sexy look.

68. Sexy and Cute Bangs and Waves Combo

There’s just something so cute and adorable about bangs. Balance them out with some waves and bottom layers to add some playful and sexy vibe to the style.

69. Platinum Blonde Layers with Soft Waves

Platinum blonde hair can look severe sometimes. Soften it up with some all-over layers and soft waves.

70. Gold Highlights for Brunettes

Add texture and dimension to red-brown hair with long layers and blonde highlights. The additions would also definitely enhance the vibrancy of your hair.

71. Choppy Layers for Fine Hair

Some shoulder-length layers and full but thin bangs would be a match made in heaven for fine hair.

72. Peekabo Shaved Side for an Edgy Look

If you’re up for the commitment, ask your stylist for a quarter side shave to give your layered hair an edgy makeover. Then wear it loud and proud in a side-swept hairstyle.

73. Side Part Hair with Soft Waves

This hairstyle screams rock n’ roll chic with its chunky lowlights and highlights. Of course, those short layers also contribute to its overall cool and carefree vibe.

74. Balayage with Long Layers for Thick Hair

Don’t have much time to style your hair on the daily? Get some medium length layers and you’re good to go.

75. Textured and Ombre’d

Get on the trend by updating your classic layered cut with an ombre color and styling it tousled for a just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

76. All-over Layers for Straight and Fine Hair

Long, straight hair doesn’t have to be boring. Add shape to your hair with shoulder-length and long layers. Then slather on some styling gel after blow drying to emphasize them. Easy peasy.

77. Long Side Bangs and Long Layers Combo

You can never go wrong with face-framing layers to thin out full cheeks. Elongate more with long side bangs.

78.  Ombre and Texture Combo for Straight Hair

Gotta confess. We looove this 70s inspired look on Sarah Jessica Parker. But what makes it up to date are those subtle layers on the bottom.

79. A Classic Layered Bob

Here’s a great layered cut for older women who don’t have much time to deal with long hair. Who says layers won’t work on short hair? Just be sure to keep the layers closer to the bottom to avoid fly aways.

80. Parted Bangs and Choppy Layers

Give Alexa Chung a run for her money with this parted bangs and choppy layers combo.

81. Layers on Short Blonde Hair

This short layered look is reminiscent of the one Drew Barrymore rocked in the late 90s and early 00s.

82. Face-framing Side Layers

Looking for an easy everyday hairstyle? Give your layered hair volume with slight waves.

83. Victoria Beckham-inspired

Short hair is definitely still on trend today. Leave more room for styling by opting for a layered bob and leaving it long in the front.

84. Choppy Layers with Soft Waves

This choppy layers and soft waves combo is the perfect hairstyle for a casual Sunday brunch with friends.

85. A Twist on the Rachel Haircut

Remember The Rachel Haircut Jennifer Aniston popularized in the 90s? Give it an update with some bangs and flippy styling.

86. Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

A feathered layer cut is the way to go for girls with thick hair who are itching to get something new without sacrificing length.

87. Overgrown Pixie for Curly Hair

Older women should take cues from Meg Ryan’s chic overgrown pixie look.

88. Black to Blonde Ombre and Feathered Layers

If only we could get this perfect blowout at home to get a feathered layered cut looking fab every day. Well, we can at least try, right? There are definitely some ways.

89. Very Short Angled Bob

Make Victoria Beckham proud and resurrect her iconic angled bob haircut from the early 2000s.

90. Long Bottom Layers

Give the classic layered cut a twist by having your stylist shape the bottom of your hair into a V-cut.

91. Choppy Pixie

Who didn’t love this choppy and layered pixie cut on Jennifer Lawrence way back in 2013? It definitely flattered her round face and full cheeks.

92. Face-framing Mid-length Layers

Medium length hair with bottom layers is a classic and timeless hairstyle to frame and complement almost every face shape.

93. Short and Piecey Cut for Thin Hair

This piecey and blunt short haircut is the perfect ‘do for girls with thin hair. Just tease it up a bit up top for added volume.

94. Gorgeous All-over Layers for Long Hair

Get supermodel hair by shearing some layers in your long hair. Wear it with a deep side part for a woke-up-like-this vibe.