75 of Khloe Kardashian’s Hairstyles We Absolutely Love


Love them or hate them. The Kardashians are here to stay.

Not to be lumped together, each sister has a signature feature they’re known for. Kylie made bank with her luscious lips. Kendall has envious long legs. Kourtney’s always had a petite figure to die for.  Kim’s behind is now more iconic than J Lo’s.

And of course, there’s Khloe and her ever-changing locks. From blonde to brown and back to blonde again, Khloe just manages to pull off every hairstyle she tries. Jealous? Well, better browse down our list and find your next hairstyle to show your stylist.


  1. Jet Black

khloe kardashian hair

Extensions or not, Khloe can definitely rock extra long hair. We’re pretty sure she’s donned a similar hairstyle as Kylie’s wearing in this snap. After all, the Kardashian sisters are known for their dark locks.

2. Vavavoom Curls

Pregnant and glowing, Khloe channels Old Hollywood style with big loose blonde curls and a bold red lip during a guesting for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. We all wish we could look this glammed up, pregnant or not.

3. Silky with Loose Waves

Well, those SugarBear Hair Vitamins are definitely working for Khloe and her sisters! If you’re after Khloe’s long and shiny hair, better get yourself a bottle of the vitamins to try. Even Kylie swears by them.

4. Brown and Straight

Sometimes you just want your outfit to stand out. And Khloe clearly knows how to do it with a simple hair look of pin straight hair pushed behind the ears.

5. Blunt Lob 

This shoulder length blunt lob definitely suits Khloe’s oval face shape well. Get some texture-adding curls and we end up with this classy, casual look.

6. Cornrows to the Side

Not too keen on getting a side shave? Follow Khloe’s way and get some cornrows instead. They’d give you the same rocker chick look without the commitment of a haircut.

7. Big Curly Hair

Khloe channels her inner Cersei Lannister in this braids and long curly hair combo she donned at a press event for the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy in Amsterdam way back in 2013.

8. Extra High Pony with Extra Long Locks

Look at this high ponytail and tell us it isn’t fabulous. We dare you. Want to steal this look? Good news, Justin Morgan, the stylist who created it, shared the step by step guide on how to achieve it. You’re welcome.

9. Simple Blonde Lob

Khloe’s journey to being a style icon started when she chopped off her signature long, dark hair into a blonde lob. She styles if here with a middle part for a more formal businesswoman look.

10. Ombre Cascading Curls

Here’s another vintage Hollywood look on Khloe. What can we say, that ombre and big, soft curls combo is to die for. This is definitely a great look to copy if you’ve got a wedding or formal event to go to.

11. Sunkissed Beach Hair

This hair screams beach babe through and through. Sunkissed highlights and tousled hair is all you need to look as hot and sultry as the summer season. Save this photo for inspo in time for summer 2019.

12. Layered and Curly

Khloe rocked her post-baby bod with this shorter reincarnation of her beach babe look. Well, she definitely showed her then ex-beau Tristan Thompson what he’s missing.  No wonder it’s rumored that they’re back together.

13. Volumizing Curls for Short Hair

Thin-haired girls have a lot to learn from Khloe Kardashian. A deep side part, pre-teased curled hair, and a bob would give you that thick head of hair you’ve been wishing for (or an illusion of it).

14. Textured Blonde Lob

You can also skip the defined curls by sticking to curling some sections for that just-got-out-of-bed look. Scrunch up those tresses to add more body and texture and you’re good to go.

15. Loose Waves 

Khloe rocks a blonder and longer look paired with a middle part for a throwback to her formerly long locks.  Some peekabo dark roots complete the look.

16. Extra Straight Ombre Hair

Remember that time in the early 2010s when ombre hair first became trendy? Of course, Khloe, being the queen of hair that she is, tried it out herself. Not surprisingly, she looked amazing.

17. Laid-back Waves

Although Khloe’s known for her extra hairstyles (as you’d discover going down on this list), she also turns to more laid-back looks like this one when she isn’t attending red carpet events or serving trendy street looks.

18. Auburn and Layered

Back in the earlier days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe wore her hair auburn and layered as was the fashion of the time. Not bashing her though, because this is a timeless look.

19. Long and Layered

Not gonna lie, we’re pretty envious of Khloe’s super long and straight hair in this picture. It definitely flatters her oval face shape and further emphasizes her statuesque figure.

20. Slicked and Elegant

Khloe really gets the big guns out for red carpet events, doesn’t she? This elegant slicked back and curled look is probably one of our favorites among the bunch.

21. Ash Ombre and Chunky Layers

Save this picture and take it to your stylist next summer. Nothing says sun-kissed than dark brown to ash ombre and soft beach waves. The shorter layers also give this look a slight edge.

22. Shoulder-length Straight Cut

Embracing her natural blonde hair (yes Khloe’s not a brunette!), Khloe transformed her look with this iconic blunt bob done by stylist Jen Atkin back in 2017. Since then, the two have collaborated to bring us many spicy and trendy hair looks.

23. Side Part Glamour

Khloe definitely embraced her cut, styling it in many fab looks such as this one. With a lob, you can never go wrong with a deep side part and tousled hair for added volume.

24. Casual Waves

Style up a casual hoodie with slightly curled hair as Khloe did in this laid-back look. Hey, just because you’re wearing loungewear doesn’t mean that you can get away with unstyled hair.

25. Layered Beach Hair

Cheat that sun-lightened hair look and get some dimension-adding highlights and lowlights similar to Khloe’s in this look.

26. Ombre and Spiral Curls

Sometimes subtle curls just don’t cut it. Make a bolder statement and copy Khloe’s Taylor Swift-inspired spiral curls. The dark to light ombre offers this classic look a twist.

27. Faux Side Shave for a Street Look

Another great way to fake a side shave is by slicking back a portion of your hair with gel. Take the look to another level with temporary gold dye and you’ve got yourself a hip hairstyle to wear with your trendy street looks.

28. Trendy and Hip High Pony

High ponytails are all the rage on social media right now what with Ariana Grande rocking it almost every day. Khloe gives the style her own flare as she pairs it with a flawless blowout.

29. Blonde and Volumized

This hairstyle screams cool girl and you can’t convince us otherwise. We also like how versatile it is being made up enough for formal events and simple enough for everyday wear.

30. Channeling the 90s

Khloe channels 90s supermodels in this pushed back hairstyle and matte makeup look. Hey, if you’re going to pay homage to the decade why not go all out, right?

31. Long and Straight 

This minimalist look is perfect for an effortlessly chic red carpet outfit. It’s the perfect compromise between not wanting to stand out too much and still looking great without trying too hard.

32. Long Textured Layers 

Khloe gives off Jessica Simpson vibes with this look. That middle part, that length, that volume, and those layers scream mid-2000s Jessica for sure and we’re here for it.

33. Light Blonde Goddess

It’s pretty clear Khloe’s mastered that beach babe look. Here, she goes blonder and longer for a more look-at-me vibe.

34. Elegant Curls

Who says ombre hair and bombshell curls don’t mix well? They’ve clearly never seen this glam look Khloe served.

35. High Pony and Layers

This is definitely a great go-to going out hairstyle for people who’d like to keep things simple but also want be on trend. There’s just something about a high half ponytail that looks youthful and fresh.

36. Flipped Layers

Want a carefree yet stylish look? Try out this layered and flipped hairstyle that Khloe wore years ago at a red carpet event.

37. Dark Roots 

Although a natural blonde, Khloe loves rocking dark roots paired with extra light blonde hair. It suits her though, even making her look like a Barbie doll.

38. Natural Blonde

Going back to basics, Khloe lets her natural hair shine and it looks great. if you’re stuck looking for a new look, maybe all you need to do is go back to your natural color, too.

39. Big, Bold and Blonde

Welcoming the New Year, Khloe started wearing her hair curly at the beginning of 2018. Who can forget this iconic and bold New Year look? Definitely not us.

40. Kardashian Brown

Woah! What a throwback. Back when Keeping Up with the Kardashians began airing, Khloe wore her hair dark brown and long to match the dark hair of her sisters. That’s smart branding for you.

41. Classy, Side-parted Lob

This sleek and straight look is the style you wear if you want to be taken seriously without sacrificing style and Khloe has pretty much mastered it.

42. Half-up Pony

Take that half ponytail to the next level by tying it extra high and pairing it with big wavy curls on layered hair. Now, that’s what we call casual glam.

43. Half-up Top Knot

Here’s a literal twist to the half ponytail–twist it into a top knot. Now, curl your hair in small loose waves and you’re suddenly an Instagram influencer. Khloe would be proud.

44. Cute Space Buns

Wanna look cute while working out? Follow Khloe’s way and wear your hair in half space buns.

45. Back to Basics

Sometimes you just gotta let your outfit shine. Keep your hair simple with a middle part and tousled layers for a simple yet chic street look.

46. Full-bodied Lob

Did anybody say volume? Embrace your thick hair by exaggerating it with teased hair and thin curls. Parting it in the middle as Khloe did would further emphasize the volume.

47. Brown to Blonde Balayage

This look screams style siren, don’t you think? Khloe ditches ombre hair for a while to rock a balayage look with extra long hair. Better save up for long hair extensions.

48. Face-framing Layers

Before her weight loss, Khloe tried to hide her body and cheeks with hair. Her go-to style was long hair with face-framing layers sometimes curled slightly for volume.

49. A Side Part and Textured Hair

Look like an Instagram influencer with this deep side part and tousled hair look Khloe’s rocking.

50. Blonde Bombshell

Although she’s more confident with her body now, Khloe still wears her hair long sometimes for a more sultry and sexy look like the one above.

51. Layered Soft Waves

Khloe emphasizes her new toned and curvy body with long hair and medium length layers. She’s also more into her natural blonde locks. Props to her!

52. Balayage and All-Over Layers

Of course, she still keeps a touch of brown in her hair. The two-tone look definitely gives her hair more dimension and texture. The all-over layers in this look also add volume.

53. Side-swept Brunette

Rocker chic meets glam in this look. The softness of those side-swept curls and ombre hair pairs well with the rougher style of the leather jacket she’s wearing. A perfect first date look.

54. Half-up High Pony

Sometimes we catch ourselves doing a double take to see whether it’s Khloe or Kylie in the picture. A further testament to the youthful powers of a half ponytail? Definitely.

55. Effortless Classy

Look good without looking like you tried too hard and follow Khloe’s example to get this light blonde and tousled hair look. The angular look of those curls also emphasizes the extreme curves of her body.

56. Feathered Layers

Fine-haired girls take some notes. Feathered face-framing layers work well on your hair. Take inspo from this 70s-inspired hairstyle Khloe’s wearing.

57. Dark Roots and Jagged Curls

Dark roots with jagged curls and a blunt lob may be too severe for some, but if you’re a badass woman like Khloe Kardashian it’s just the perfect combination for an all black street look.

58. Side-parted Blunt Lob 

If you’re not too keen about the dark roots in the look above, maybe this toned down version is more your style. It still has the jagged curls and the blunt lob.

59. Textured Curls

The thing with fine hair is that it can look limp. Khloe knows just how to avoid that by opting for texture-adding curls and some layers.

60. Sleek Half-up High Ponytail

Looking at this picture we find it hard to believe that Khloe’s actually 34 years old already. There’s just something so innocent and playful about a high half ponytail especially if it’s done right like this.

61. Classic High Ponytail 

Sometimes a simple ponytail is all you have time for while getting ready in the morning. It particularly looks good with highlighted hair like Khloe’s as it adds dimension to an otherwise boring style.

62. High to the Heavens Half Ponytail

Here’s proof that Khloe can pull off almost any hairstyle. This bold high ponytail look may look ridiculous on other celebs, but on Khloe, it just looks right. Good thing, there are many tutorials on how to achieve this look online.

63. A Middle Part and White Blonde Layers

If you’re not bold enough for that previous look, maybe you’d be more comfortable with this platinum blonde style Khloe recently revealed on her Instagram. The look was the product of celebrity hair colorist Tracey Cunningham.

64. Casual Textured Lob

Khloe opts for some curls on her lob for a casual yet classy going-out look.

65. Effortless Chic

Another look at one of Khloe’s go-to hairstyles: the high half ponytail. Consider dabbing some dry shampoo to your roots to give you more body and volume and avoid a flat look.

66. Knotted Space Buns

Khloe rocks some serious space buns paired with a red and gold outfit. Try knotting your space buns more smoothly for a more put-together look like this one.

67. Bold Diva Curls

Khloe gives Beyonce a run for her money with this bold, divaesque hairstyle. What’s a better way to start a new year than with a fearless and wild look?


Which of Khloe Kardashian’s hairstyles did you like best? Are you a fan of her bold and trendy looks? Do you prefer her understated and simpler styles? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Of course, don’t forget to save this article so you can go back to it later and show your favorite ones to your stylist.