56 Stunning Invisible Braids For A Surprising Look!


Nothing ever oversteps the ideas of invisible braids! We all adore how they are not too loud, nor are they too subtle. They manage to make an impression without them being too bold. You can do so much with this little thing, and all you need is the time to take the time to look good. If you are looking to change your hair, this is one of the best new hairstyles that we suggest you try out. We are presenting a long list of looks that are best for you. And we will also show you this one way that you can color them for yourself!

This article is here to help you find out more and educate yourself in these invisible braids. We are not sure you are used to these new ideas. So we made sure to make this a beginner-friendly look that anyone can try out. If you are looking to make this the best time of your life, be a bit bold and try out new things! We are always asking women to be a bit more free and flexible and try out new options out there. Check out what new things are available on this hairstyles list!

What are Invisible braids?

The braids which are usually small and put a close to the scalp are called Invisible Braids. The main best thing about these braids is that it’s not visible to the eyes. You can see them sometimes, but sometimes you can’t see the scalp has been braided. It looks unique and is very easy to maintain for an extended period. This style can be put into a ponytail, bun, layered do, side-swept hairstyle, or top knots. The braids are beautiful and stylish and always will be in trend for an extended period.

This style works best with the short hairstyles as most of the natural hair is left free. People with long hair may have difficulties, but it can be done in long hairstyles too. The braid can be seen sometimes, but if it’s done correctly, then, it is challenging to notice the twists fro a distance until the person looks at the hairstyle closely. Well, there are so many different styles to choose from that you can spend all your time trying them out.

Dark Red Long Braids

Ruby reds are such a sophisticated, classy red hair. With naturally curly hair women, it is difficult to get a very sleek, smooth hairstyle, so invisible braids and an absolute gem for achieving this look. As it goes a great smooth keeping everything smooth and gives the illusion of straight hair. This is a natural healthy way to obtain a straight hair look.

invisiable braids


Caramel Blonde Braids

Caramel blonde is such a pretty blonde. It is a neutral milky brown color that looks phenomenon on chocolate or deeper skin tones. She has used invisible braiding to keep her curly baby hairs in place and has this beautifully defined curl all over.

Dark Brunette With Brown Highlights

This is also another way that many women use invisible braids is by doing it only at roots to help them give a cleaner look. Then doing warm gold-brown highlights on tan bronze skin gives will help you achieve this sun-kissed look.

Half Pony Invisible Braids

Having a very naturally tight curly hair is beautiful and all. Ironing the hair can also take a lot of effort and time. That’s where these braids come to play. Making a half pony without your baby hairs and edges standing up is impossible. But invisible braids help you lay those down to a place.

Braided Hairband

When you want to embrace your natural curls and do not want to braid it but curls give a lot of volumes. And you don’t wish to volume right on your face so for that make a simple french braid across your forehead that acts and looks like a headband. It takes less time than braiding your entire head and lets you embrace your curls at the same time.

Curly Hair Invisible Root Braid

Every woman loves curling their hair. Curly hair is like the top one, mostly used hairstyles when it comes to any occasion. Many women opt for curling their hair and for day to day basis. As the curls have always been in style, and now there are new different ways to curls and tools and techniques are endless.



As we all know, curls give structure and body and movement to your hair; it is so pretty, it can go frizzy and look like a poufy mess in humid weather. So using the right type of products to keep your curls stay is very important according to your hair type.

Many women opt for braids just on the root as it keeps baby hairs in place, gives the volume right on the sources as the curling wands cannot reach right at your roots. And it also gives an illusion of having a curl starting right from your roots. You can also try in invisible box braids to get the same effect!

This woman is seen rocking a lob with S-curls all over her head, where she has used invisible curls to give height to her hair.

Where the main goal is to have this exquisite hair look, but that’s impossible if there are flyaways and strays all over your head. So these braids help to smoothen down the top of your hair and create this very sleek and elegant look.

Having a big curly hair has been such a rave nowadays. Due to the beautiful women on Instagram, curly hair is finally getting the love it deserves. But big curl waves give volume only from a half shaft of the hair, and the top and crown of the hair lack volume that looks odd — so using braids to add a lift to your roots to match with the rest of the hair.

Invisible Root Braid

Invisible braids on root style are most done or used hairstyle. It just gives an exciting look and adds textures to the roots. These braids are also great for adding extensions. As you can see in the above, the invisible braids are used to add this very contrasting light ash blonde highlights to the hair that looks so stunning with the dark black hair. Getting perfect pin-straight hair is difficult, especially when you have naturally curly hair. It is almost impossible to straighten your hair right at the roots, and the result doesn’t look complete. So some hair gel. And these braids can save your pin-straight look.



Braided Bob With Chunky Highlights

Stippy or chunky highlights are such a massive hit in the early 2000s. It was such an iconic look. And the very tiny braided hair gives this exciting texture to the hair color, which makes the highlight pop even more. This is one of the invisible braids 2019 offered that we adored!

Here is another iconic look. A chunk of striped color hair only at the bangs don’t question why but you were such a nostalgic look. It’s unique. The braids help to separate the brown highlights with the black hair and make it distinctive.


The base of the color is this very elegant cool-tone ruby-red, whereas the stress is the actual fiery red color. The braids are doing the most to make the two reds beautifully contrast with each other.

Invisible Braids Half Top-Knot

A simple regular top knot bun is so basic and boring. And if you are all about that extra life when trying an invisible braided half top knot can help your clench your thirst for being additional and unique for sure.

Dip Dye Invisible Braids

Dip dye is a technique where you only add color to the ends of your hair that looks like you almost dipped your hair in color. Taking that technique to a subtle look, a dark brunette gradient with a light or medium brown. The color difference isn’t that prominent, but its a subtle, natural, and cute.

Space Buns

Space buns are such a 90s look. It recently had such a significant comeback and all over the right reasons. Buns can be a treaty with curly hair as it does not give that smooth wrapped look. So invisible braids can help you with smoothing of the bun without losing the volume.

Black Invisible Braids

Extremely tiny braids all around your hair may sound exciting and intimidating. Thinking about all the time and effort that is needed from this hairstyle. But the result is so beautiful that you would want to go through it. For curly hair women, it gives an illusion of straight hair without having to damage your hair and also more long-lasting compared to ironing your hair.

Invisible braid Top Knot

A sleek top knot bun looks so classy and elegant. But when you have lots of textures and movements, its impossible to create that elegant look without having to dump the whole tub of hair gel. So an invisible braid is used to give an illusion of having that sleek look. It helps to pull back every strand of hair with no flyaways or frizziness.


Half Pony with all invisible braids

Here for the half-pony, the invisible braid is used for the same reason as to why we used it for updos. To give an illusion of having a sleek hair pulled back in an alternative of using crap tons of product which will not even last you for an hour, and it feels sticky and heavy on the skin.

How can you not be in love with this half-do? The curls are so beautifully defined and bouncy which you can achieve by using hair curling products like moose. After that, using invisible braids and hair gel to slick only like an inch of hair from the roots to create this sleek look and also adds height to balance with the overall volume of the hair.

Faux Side Shave Invisible Braids

Side shaves are such a cool and edgy look. But the commitment it needs to have to chop your hair off hurts so bad. I’m all for it if it makes me look like that minus having to shave the entire side of the hair.

Invisible Braids With Afro

Black women have blessed these gorgeous beautiful tight curls. The natural afro hair is loved and hated by the people of the skin. We loved these hairstyles for ethnicity and uniqueness but hated for it being hard to manage and care for. But now there are so many products that are mainly catered for women with natural hair. If you are one of them, you can now relax and search for them in your local beauty store!

So the invisible braids at this point are used to slay those frizzy and edges and baby hairs. Afro hair has a mind of its own, so managing it can be quite tricky and needs specific products to make it work the way you want. You can ask for tips from your hairdresser and salon artist. They can give you pointers as to how you can get the hair of your dreams! They might also suggest the types of products to try out in case you wanted to take care of them better!



When it comes to these kind of hair type, there is a lot of understanding and natural products or styling technique does not work. Black or afro trilogy is very complicated and needs to be researched in depth.

The big curl that we adore!

This is a fantastic hairstyle, which is a sexy look in it. The invisible braids are at the scalp. In this hairstyle, you can barely see the twists as they are hidden. If you are looking for a fresh look, then this edgy afro invisible braid look would be very much perfect for your new hairstyle.

The longer section of Afro hair!

The long afro with the suitable hair color looks perfect for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is always in trend and will be in fashion for an extended period. The long afro with having a waving hair and made an invisible braid from this hair makes a perfect hairstyle for the black people. It is easy to maintain and looks the same for an extended period.

Dragged Down Braids

The hairstyle is such a unique hairstyle. Instead of the mainstream invisible braids only at the roots, this hair instead pulls the twist down to the middle shaft of the hair, After that go for a silk press or any straightening technique to create a smooth base. Then use curling want to curl the hair to get this look.

Chunky Braids

Chunky braids are excellent to give an illusion of having thick hair. It provides a lot of volumes. Afro hair can sometimes be prone to dirt and environment, so braiding the hair is a protective style to protect it from UV rays and pollution. They are also a good way to keep your hair in place. In case you were wondering about how you can get the same, there are a whole answer and question series out there. You can look below to find out the answers to them as well.

Chignon Updo

Chignons are a very intricate style of an updo. It consists of rolling and twisting hairs to create this very intricate and beautiful patterns in your hair that is perfect for any special occasion. It is such a fashionable bridal hairstyle look. And you don’t want to ruin that beautiful hairstyle with frizz and atrocious baby hairs to ruin this hair look. So invisible braids help to keep them at bay. These braids are so thin that the tiny braids almost appear to be strands of hair rather than braids.

Feed-in Ponytails

This is another comprehensive exam of a sleek, invisible braids ponytail. But it has an interesting spin to the hairstyle. Three points a center and two points straight above from the arch of your brows. Now make three invisible cornrow braids on those three points and then make a tight ponytail to complete this cute.

Invisible braids on your natural hair look perfect, and it is also an excellent alternative to sew-in-waves, clips, and extensions. So these are the fantastic unique hairstyles that are beautiful around and usually the types that you are indeed looking for. These hairstyles won’t take a long time, but the invisible braids are unique because of its main feature that is invisibility. So to make you your braids entirely invisible, you can consult a professional as it won’t take a long time for these hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible style of Braids!

There are so many queries that one can have when trying on a new hairdo. You know that butterfly feeling in your tummy when you feel like it can go either way? Yes, that is what one can feel! So we are asking you to firstly get answers to your questions before you can jump into selecting and trying out new things for youself. They are interesting and exciting, for sure. But they also have this tendency to be a bit troublesome if not done right! So take the time and get your research done! Here are a few of the most asked questions!

1. How can you get Invisible style Braids?

If you are a pro at handling hair related things, you can get them at home! If you are not,
then you can try to get the look on by heading on to a salon! They can let your hair be treated in the best way possible!

2. How much does it cost to get Invisible style braids?

The cost if one of the most thought about factors to take into consideration when we are talking about getting these braids. It usually will take anywhere between two hundred to three hundred dollars. But it may depend on the salon and the artist who gets it in your hair!

3. What is the time is taken to get these braids done?

It usually takes up to six hours. But it can take up to eight hours at times. It depends on the hair and how you want them done! So get ready with snacks and charge your phone well! Here were all the most asked things regarding these braids!

4. How do you take care of these braids?

When you get the braids, one part of your work is over. But them comes the hard part. That is taking care of them! There are products out there, but doing your hair good is a lot more effort than using products only! You need to make sure you use a satin silk cloth as a pillowcase when you sleep at night!


There is a lot of love surrounding this style of braiding. We made sure to bring to you the best of the styles out there. These hairstyles are not only there to make you look beautiful. They also have a hidden attachment to the black African culture that we all love. They are a part of the ancient rituals, and they are an identity factor as well. So when you wear them, you should feel proud of your culture. Since ancient times, women have been wearing their hair in these braids. We are sure you will also want to get the same for yourself.

If you are looking for inspiration, this collection will be helpful for sure. And when you want to explore new horizons, you need to keep an open mind! There are styles of braids that we have discussed out here on our website a lot, but there is something special about these invisible braids. They are perfect for any woman who wants their hair to have minute details on them. They are not at all about making a big loud statement, and they are about the soft, feminine touch! So we are asking you to be expressive and adopt these hairstyles!