The Bob Cut Craze: 88 Ways To Vamp Your Inverted Bob


The evolution of hairstyle has come a long way. In fact, the fate of other hairstyles that existed led to its extinction for all the good reasons. Among the most widely used hairstyles, in which seem foreseeably ‘timeless’ is the bob cut. This short haircut evolved into different looks, which includes our subject right now, —the inverted bob.

Why Choose Graduated Bob Aka. Inverted Bob?

Arguably, the inverted bob’s end is a far cry from getting ditched in the next decades to come. So, whether you’re looking to chop off your long locks into a short new ‘do or simply want to give it a refresh new look, the inverted bob could be an absolute choice. What grants it the upper hand is its versatility and smart cut to suit different face shapes. The cut’s short back and the longer front is both chic and very flattering.

A-line Vs. Asymmetrical Vs. Inverted Bob Cut

It’s still essential to learn their differences to help your hairstylist capture the ‘look’ that you want. The A-line, Asymmetrical, and the Inverted cut are technically alike. It’s shorter in the back that gets gradually longer towards the front and has a slight little bevel over it. However, each has its own feature that the other two doesn’t. Think of like triplets, they look alike, but they have features that set each apart from the other.

inverted bob

A true A-line doesn’t have stacked layers at the back. It’s slightly longer and more pointed than the front of an inverted bob. It frames the face better as the longer front hair tends to curl under the chin, which can hide the cheeks and jawline. On the other hand, the inverted bob appears more curved because of the stacked layers at the back and a tapered neckline.

The Long Inverted Bob

Okay, at first glance, you’d probably say this is an A-line bob. But, no. It has all the features of an inverted bob, except, the hair is longer. It’s more like a ‘cropped lob’ than literally cut short, chin or cheekbones. Options vary as to where the front hair’s finishing should be.

Your stylist can tailor the look to suit the shape of your face, depending on which looks more flattering. You can also choose if you like side part, middle part, or with bangs. Additionally, it gives you more freedom for styling. You can shorten it further once you’re ready.

The Classic Inverted Bob

The classic bob is far from boring. It’s the mother of all the inverted bobs that followed. It’s for all ages, for all occasions, and for all types of hair. The classic inverted bob should have a good amount of volume. Hairstyling mousse is your secret weapon to make your hair look fuller if you have fine hair. Just be careful when choosing a mousse. Always check the label to ensure it doesn’t anything that may damage your thin hair strands.

Inverted Silver Bob with Choppy Layers

Sometimes, the ‘messy hair, don’t care’ look of an inverted bob with choppy layers seems to be more appealing. Perhaps, the effortless style just makes this bob one of the ‘how to give your inverted bob a modern boost.’ The layers on both the front and back create more volume. Whatever the case that came about this idea, the choppy layers works! Create soft waves to your layered style, in case the straight hair makes your head look poofy.

Hot Pink Inverted Bob

Take your ordinary inverted bob for a daintier and intensely eye-catchy pink bob, by indulging in one of the sweetest hair colors, —hot pink! So, first thing’s first: Head to a pro. You can’t risk the chance of getting the sleek, healthier candy-colored result that looks consistent and deliberate. Having such a dramatic hair color, it needs extra care to keep its pastel hue alive. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely. And one more important tip; keep your makeup to a minimum. Let your pastel hair like this do the talking!

Stacked Inverted Bob with A Bump

It’s the edgy, choppy inverted bob with an additional volume on top of its extra volume. The ‘stacking’ is with a similar principle of adding volume as the angular bob cut. Apart from its mind-blowing fullness, the soft waves are in harmony along with some teasing backcombing. Whether you like wearing jeans, sweatpants, shorts or maxis, it can coordinate with any street style hit. The hair is all about personal comfort without looking too ordinary.

The ‘Messy’ Shaggy Inverted Bob

Go messy chic! Don’t mind the super extra volume because we absolutely find it relaxed! It’s a modern reminder of the freedom-loving ’70s ‘messy chic.’ I can imagine steampunk tee, acid washed skinny, tattered, jeans, and leather punk boots, or good old sneakers. 

Give it a bit of a ‘wet look’ by adding a squeeze of styling foam, also known as hair mousse or texturizer. By doing so, it will give your short shag’s frizzes and waves definition. What a better way to go street style while under the sunshine, right?

The Posh Bob: Victoria Beckham’s Signature Inverted Bob

The infamous ‘posh inverted bob!’ It ruled the bob cuts the moment Victoria Beckham introduced her own take on the classic short hair. I like the fact that not only in general, this ‘posh’ inverted bob is easy to modify with several ideas to settle on. You play up your bob with the ongoing trends of highlights. The sample above is similar to Victoria Beckham’s with its front hair almost ending to the shoulder. 

The Classic Inverted Bob with Teal Peekaboo Highlights

If you’re probing for a fresh new vogue for your inverted bob, try adding a funky shade in a more dramatic technique. I absolutely adore how the peacock peekaboo highlights look almost like hugging the base of the head where the color is applied. There are many cool pastel colors to choose from, I personally love the gradient effect of blues and any shades of green. This style is perfect for those with dirty blonde hair.

Short But Sleek Inverted Bob with Sharp Edges

If you want to say farewell to your long brunette locks, a polished straight inverted bob with side-parted would be the A-list style to go for. The sharp edge of this cut makes the overall look sleek with a sophisticated feel. It is so dang sexy with the angle and balayage. It’s highly suggested to blow dry your hair super smooth using a round brush. Pair this with smoky eye makeup and go conquer the world!

Jagged Inverted Bob (Straight Hair)

An inverted bob converted into a swing bob with jagged edges. Blondes would look amazing on this hairstyle, but not bad for brunettes either. It’s also perfect for women with naturally thick mane because the layers can tame the extra volume. The result will be a sleek look with depth and definition. Dip your hair tips into another shade takes this modern haircut to another whole level. Pair it with serious ear hardware and ultra red lippie.

Inverted Bob with Full Fringe Or Side-Swept Bangs

The most surprising Hollywood A-lister I remember who rocked an inverted bob with fringe is Katy Holmes. The Dawson’s Creek sweetheart nailed the sexy inverted bob. While the actress is known to keep her hair pretty low maintenance both on and off the big screen, she also can amaze you with her hairstyle choices. The cropped cut looks eye-catching and stylish with a full front fringe. If you find the full bangs too striking, go mellow with a softer side fringe.

The Curly Inverted Bob

Curls look incredibly luscious when cropped into a bob. The fluff and defined curls are very dreamy in a variety of styles. This inverted bob cut can help you showcase your curls and volume in all its glory. The inverted bob will leave your kinks looking beautiful and full of bounce. If the frizz worries you, no need to turn your back from your hairspiration. There are many anti-frizz products to help you tame your frizz and springs coils to life.

Tousled Straight Medium Inverted Bob With Balayage

This short straight inverted bob cut is stacked in the back and has long layers all the way through. It’s a carefree haircut with less styling required. The style is slightly messy but in a chic way, and it’s is so much fun with added hues. Moreover, cooler ashy toned hair color is on the outlook, and we mean they are setting the trend scene on fire. Perhaps, you need to try dipping your toe to dramatic contrast with cooler tone s and warmer tones to boost your brunette hair.

Sleek Deep Red Short Inverted Bob

Hair coloring techniques right now look almost 3D animated, which is why the craze of dyeing the hair is unbridled. And unlike the styles a few decades ago, you can look flattering with an oozing sex appeal in fiery hair color. The copper or deep red inverted bob is the best example of that sleek, sexy, sassy style. Consider stacked haircuts. They are cute and modern. The hair stylist should cut the front of your hair to finish a few inches below the chin. Followed by blending to a shorter length at the back.

Champagne Blonde Inverted Bob with Long Front Layers

A bob haircut with long front layers is just “wicked!” It’s super stylish and somewhat unwraps a cool-attitude vibe. When you’ve decided to cut your hair short, what’s only daunting is what style to go to create a look that isn’t worn by many. This haircut is ideal if you’re not 100% ready to take the plunge. You get all the volume that a bob offers, and still, have some length in the front to play with. The haircut also favors those with thin hair. I love this because it can be eye-grazing on one side for a fun.

Sun-kissed Inverted Bob With Soft Waves

What’s not to love on a hairstyle with smooth and soft waves draping down close to your shoulder? It’s actually quite a romantic look. If you are already rocking an inverted long bob, it is so easy to switch to this hairstyle without a drastically changing your haircut. Make a flawless finishing with caramel blonde, honey or gold are more flattering. The heavy streaks on a graduated bob’s long front hair like this need to hit the right place.

Tousled Inverted Bob with Soft Pink Pastel Lowlights

Some people find pastel colors for their hair intimidating. Pastel hues are not your ordinary hair color choice. Your hair would look unpleasant if it ain’t done right. It’s hard to go back when you see your newly chopped mane look like a kid rubbed the strands with crayon. But, it definitely looks spectacular in the hands of a great stylist. Just at those pastel-colored tresses hiding and peeking through the other wavy hairs. I bet you’re thinking about going for these soft pink lowlights now. Go for it! 

Ginger Long Inverted Bob with Bangs

If you have striking blue eyes and you feel that you can rock full bangs and ginger mane (if you’re blonde or brunette), you should try this long inverted ginger bob. The gently arching fringe of this haircut compliments soft features and draws attention to your eyes. What I really like about this lob is its approach to a fiery hue such as ginger, and how it flatters your soft features. The deep ginger hair is perfect for graphic, curved bangs to accentuate your bone structure.

Modernized Pinup Inverted Bob With Side-Part

This inverted bob looks so wicked! Perhaps, one of the devastatingly cool short, wavy graduated bob. Wavy hairstyles are not only for long-haired women, but short hair can also sport this distinctive look. The side-parted waves covering one eye have a balancing effect and attract the attention towards the eyes. The key in this superb hairstyle is the almost graphic shape of the waves. It resembles the pinup girls in the ’50s, —just slightly disheveled. Use styling serum to add shine and definition to your waves.

Layered Inverted Bob with Silver Balayage

It’s silver, it has shape, and the overall look of it suits women from all walks of life, —even little ladies! No, I’m kidding. But it’s not impossible. All jokes aside, the bob is a gorgeous pic for all the good reasons. The layers create volume without weight. It looks vogue, and definitely easy to maintain. If you are not a fan of a striking silver hair, yet open for something similar, there are alternatives. You can add pink overtones to your silver hair. You can also go for metallic, or pastel of silver rose.

Razored Inverted Bob with Balayage

Anything with sharp edges or razored cuts are badass. It’s one of the most favored renditions of the inverted bob that looks very flattering. And here’s another good news is, you don’t have to go through a drastic chop job to get this edgy hairstyle. It’s a short bob on dark brown silky smooth hair, spruced up with blonde streaks stacked over dark hair. I think with brown roots, caramel or honey blonde highlights would be perfect.


Sweeping Brown Inverted Bob with Copper Streaks

Any haircut that allows you to sport some fringe, make it swept aside or straight with a middle part is very convenient. Sloping cheek-skimming fringe can make a short forehead look more pronounced. Sometimes, simple is better, but it doesn’t have to be boring too. To copy this look, you can ask your hair stylist to cut your bangs on a steep, swooping, angle. It will give You can copy this look with or without streaks of other hair colors.

Clean Cut Inverted Medium Bob

A simple, classic graduated bob haircut in medium length works well on virtually any face shape. It’s an elegant style that works best if you want to keep your natural hair color. This bob is ideal for women suffering hair fall but don’t want a major short hair. It helps reduce the weak hair strands while you’re supplementing your tresses back to health. Use the proper hair care products to retain its shine and stay straight and healthy for longer.

Short Inverted Bob With Undercut

The idea of a reverse bob is quite fun and always on-trend because of so straightforward. Your nape gets the freedom of short hair while you enjoy the chicness of elongated frontal strands. For some, the shaved nape sounds too much, but actually, it’s all about how to rock the hairstyle. This shaved naped inverted bob is already making rounds in the fashion industry. If you got a neck tattoo, get this haircut to put it on display!

Check more inverted bob cuts to choose from!

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