120 Gorgeous Indique Hair Extensions For Luscious Hair


If you have sparse hair or are just looking for that perfect hair extension to make your hair look luscious and dense, then Indique hair is the answer to your prayers. They have been making hair extensions for matching everyone’s needs and liking. You can surely get lost into the world of the beautiful hair collection that they have. By using hair extensions, you can get the desired hair length and thickness that you desire. Furthermore, you can try on any hairstyle you want, and understanding that liberating feeling is just great.

Indique hair extensions are an excellent option for the ladies who have always desired thick and dark hair but have not been blessed with such hair naturally. Before this, there were not many hair options if you wanted fuller and healthier looking black hair. Now you can surely look for alternatives and choose the hair texture and length that works the best for you. You can try on the various lengths and figure out the one you love the most.

Facts about Indique hair

Here are some facts about Indique hair that can help you decide to try them on and fall in love as well!

  1. They use 100% human hair.
  2. The Hair is 100%, Remy.
  3. Each Piece of Indique Hair is the same length as the donor.
  4. The hair is unprocessed, clean, and natural. There is no silicone processing done.
  5. They are sewed well together to ensure minimal breakage.
  6. They can be used for almost a year.
  7. You can wash, iron, blow dry them without any damage.

Here are some hair extensions from them that might help you make the decision.


SEA Tahitian Wave

Indique’s Tahitian Wave has a slight wave to them. They are tangle-free and are extremely easy to manage too. If you are a fan of the beachy waves, you will also like this one here. You can get this done using heat or take the heatless curling methods as well.

indique hair


This natural black hair is an excellent option and one of our favorites. It has a great amount of thickness and a great body to the hair that we adore.

Bounce collection

This one is a good afro hair that can be achieved with the weave ins from Indique. They are incredibly soft and manageable.

There are surely a lot of options here. Set your heart on one and get going to the path of looking flawless! This is the way to feeling your best every day.

Curly extensions

You can get some curly extensions for yourself from Indique hair, and we are sure you will look great in these hairstyles. No one can tell the difference and know that these are not your natural hair until you tell them yourself!

The fun hairdo

This is one fun hairdo and looks very festive too. The headband surely adds a pop of color and flair to the hair. You can make this hairstyle your own and add elements to it to suit your liking. This is a liberating look in here, and you can feel relaxed and fun.

Girl gang secret

We are sure that you will share your experience with your girl gang after you use these hair extensions. You can surely bond over how great they look. You will not be able to help yourself from recommending them once you start loving them.

Up close

Here is an up close zoomed in look from the hair extensions that you are bound to fall in love with. The hair looks glossy and very natural. No one will be able to identify it as hair extensions for sure.

Sleek hair

Sleek straight hair is only a matter of minutes away with Indique hair bounce relaxed straight hair extensions. You can wear them and get the perks of smooth hair that needs no styling every day.

Frontal bangs

If a full frontal bang is what you desire, fear no more, you can get them in an instant with the Indique hair extensions. They frame the face well and are incredibly soft and easy to style as well.

Casual look

You can get a casual, everyday wearable look quickly. That is the dream of every girl to get hair that needs less styling and looks gorgeous all the time. Here we have an image that can show you how good you look with these sleek hairdos.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair has been in trend forever. The beautiful blonde locks can work well for anyone. It can look excellent for girls of all hair length and skin tones as well.

Short hair

Short hair can be very stylish and is easy to maintain look for every girl. You can style them in waves and curls and also keep them sleek and straightened if you prefer them.

Big Afro

The Afro hair is a beautiful hair trend, and we love how they can be such a bold fashion statement. You can get these bouncy afros in various length and colors as you like them. Once you get them, they will last you for a year for sure.

Janet Jackson hair

Janet Jackson is a beautiful woman and certainly makes anything she wears into a fashion statement. Her hairstyles have been iconic, and we have loved to see them and have been trying to recreate them for years. You can surely get this curly natural hair look of Janet for yourself too.

The Browns

Brown is a very flattering color for many, and we love how shiny and sincere they can go. They bring out the natural skin tone well and make the eyes of the wearer shine through. Here is a perfect brownish blonde look for those who love some shine to their locks.

All the waves

Every girl loves the waves and curls that give off a romantic vibe. You can get this look by getting this gorgeous extension for yourself.

These curly hair extensions save you from the hassles of styling your hair each morning. They can save a lot of time. You can walk out of your house in the morning as you wake up with these.

Afro hair wigs

There are a lot of options from Indique hair if you desire a full-on luscious looking afro hair. There have been tons of positive reviews about this product, and many have loved it.

Here are some ladies who have sported this look and managed to look gorgeous in them. You can get ideas to get this look from the pictures below.


Make it a fun experience by adding a bold color of your choice. Be daring and bold in your preferences to reflect the inner diva in you!

Tight curl

Tight curls are the best option for women who have short hair. It helps to keep the hair in place and makes the wearer look stunning as well.

Everyday look

Here is a look that you can pull off every day, and it is sure to look amazing on you. You can add the desired air length with your choice of wigs and enjoy an everyday glam sort of look.

Layered hair

This layered brown hair is pretty, and the sections here seem to frame the face well too. You can get this look in a matter of minutes with the selection of Indique hair.

The bobs

Bob haircuts have become extremely popular, and the frontal bangs here are undoubtedly alluring. If you do not have this look, then you should think about getting it. These bobs are surely two very different styles. Choose one for a precise, compelling look and the other if you want to keep things a bit fun and flirty!


It would not be wrong to say that the use of hair extensions can create the perfect hair for photo shoots. This long braided hair works well with the top bun and is picture perfect.

Zendaya’s hair

How many times have you wanted a strand similar to that of a celeb? You can surely get this look from Zendaya with multiple hair extensions available.

Thick hair

We love some thick hair that flows smoothly. There is something so charismatic about the curly waves and the luscious bulky hair that makes us drool over this look.


You can get all the shine you desire by choosing a hair extension and wearing it with confidence. The final results will surely be applauded by all everywhere you go.

Long locks

The bangs here are beautifully framing the face. Such a look would be perfect for concealing your forehead, especially if you have a big one!


The blowout look can now be achieved at home. You can get these gorgeous locks and get a salon-like blowdried look with minimal effort. We are sure you will love the volume that comes with this hair.

The flat, sleek look

This look right here is very youthful and fun. The silky straight hair can be worn to any event and is sure to turn out to be a timesaver.

You can get ready to get showered with compliments when you try this look on. There is nothing but perfection in this hair, and we love it!


Wear your hair with the attitude you want and pay no attention to what anyone else thinks. You are going to look amazing when you are your true self!

Must try

This curly hair look is a must try. There is a flirty and fun vibe about these wigs. They are just irresistible.

Khloe’s hair

Khloe Kardashian’s hair looks perfect all the time. Be it in photo shoots or everyday paparazzi photos her hair seems to be flawless. Copy her style if you are a true Kardashian fan.


There is just one word for this hair; Desire. We genuinely desire this fantastic hair. The curls and waves are excellent, and they look so shiny and lustrous.

Dense hair

Let’s be real here ladies, we all have looked at someone’s thick, dense hair and sighed. We surely desire it for ourselves. There is nothing better than having a full head of dense hair. Through Indique hair, you can attain that look.

Different partition

You should never stop experimenting with yourself. There is always room for new trends and things in life. Try different partitions of hair sometimes, and you will be surprised by the outcome for sure.

Here are some middle partition options for you to try on.

Try a deep side part on some occasions, and that will give you a fuller look. A change of partitions itself can make you look so different.

The best thing about the partitions is that it can give you a change of look no matter what hair texture and length you have.


If you are a beginner and are having some difficulty in buying and wearing these extensions, you can take ideas from this article here for sure! There are many informative videos online that will surely help you get your wig on!

The trust

You can fully trust Indique hair to be the best and try it on without having any doubt on your mind. They will work great for everyone, and you can rely on the quality too.


You can get your hair up in cornrows before you put on a wig. You can wear this under your extension and protect your natural hair and let them grow.


Look fresh and pretty every day with this gorgeous hair curled extensions. The big curls are very sexy and will look healthy too!


You can look competition ready with these luscious locks forever. Style them as you please and look pretty every day.


When you try on this Indique hair, you are surely going to look alluring.


Add a headband on the way to your gym. This makes for a fresh look and is sure hassle-free.

All about the texture

Here are some beautifully textured curls that you are inevitably going to fall in love with.

Blonde hair

If you are the girl who loves bright blondes here are some precious wig ideas for you.

Beach day

Are you getting ready for a beach day? Leave the worries about your hair back at home with this beautiful and reliable Indique hair. They are going to look fantastic and natural all day long!

Back view

If you want to see how this Indique hair will look from the back, here are some snaps from the end to help you.

If you have always wanted a long hair like that of Rapunzel, nows the chance, you can get your extensions of 100 percent natural hair and achieve the look of your dreams!


You will look your best from all sides when you get your hair on. There voluminous full hair is going to get you all the compliments in the world for sure!

Strike a pose

You are surely going to want to strike a pose as you get your extensions on.

This wavy hair looks very flirty and fun. There is a casual vibe to this look, and we recommend this one to everyone out there.


A side-parted wavy hair is simplistic and elegant as well.

There is no way anyone can figure out that it is not your natural locks. Not even from a close up selfie!

You can surely look smashing as you get ready for an event. Strike a pose and capture the moment to relish it forever!

Top Bun

The top knot look on this one has been worn by so many celebs and influencers as well. Beat the heat this summer with a fashionable hairdo like this.

The Royal choice

Meghan Markle looks excellent in her silky hair, and we have loved it. You can surely get this look in a matter of minutes with some hair extensions.

Options for bounce Indique hair

There are some excellent hair options for you if you are into some curly wavy hair. These bounce hair extensions are the perfect choice for any occasion and work well in styling too.

There are only good things that users have to say about these beautiful bouncy waves. Try them now to know why!

Carrying a look with confidence is all that is required to make sure you look your best.

Get ready for a date night and forget the hassles of having to do your hair. You can get your wig on and not keep him waiting!


What you see is what you get here, and you are surely not going to be disappointed by this look.


Get glamorous with the choice of extensions. You can surely get various colors like the blonde highlights to spice things up

Here we have some exciting blonde hair ideas for you to get impressed by.


No matter what hairstyle you pick, you are going to shine through! Get ready to look your best and feel the same way as well.

The different textures and colors in this picture are eye-catching. You need to try one on to join the family and shower love on these extensions!

There are surely enough options for everyone. If you want an afro look or a sleek hair with mild waves, you will find it all here!

We have different hair texture and hair length, and thus, you can navigate through this to find the best fit for you.

If layered hair is your liking, then get them and flaunt them.

Indique hair is loved and used even by professionals to complete a look for their celebrity clients. You are surely getting the best of the best here.


Soft curls

There is something very endearing and lovable about getting soft curls that fall naturally. These looks are very attainable and are loved by many.


You will be all smiles when you try on this short bouncy hair extension for sure.

Get ready to get this youthful and fun hair for the next time you step out of the house.

These naturally falling hair ideas are surely going to inspire you to try them. These looks are easy-going and effortlessly elegant.


Chill vibes

Relax and enjoy your day as you manage to look beautiful in these extensions. You can wash these extensions and keep them styled for the next day as you gather up on your beauty sleep as well!


This hair is nothing short of majestic. The molten gold sort of aura that entices you. This is a fierce look, and we cannot stop looking at it. The perfect word to describe this look will have to be picture perfect!

How to take care of Indique hair

Once you get your desired hair extension, you surely need to learn ways in which you can take care of them. Here are some tricks and tips for you to take care of your clip on.

  1. Wash your hair regularly with a mild cleanser.
  2. Use sulfate free shampoo.
  3. Use conditioners even on the roots of your hair to ensure they are well nourished.
  4. Keep some gap in the days before you wash your extensions.
  5. Dry your extensions thoroughly to prevent them from tangling.
  6. Use hair care essentials prescribed by Indique to ensure the protection of hair.
  7. Use hair protectants to prevent hair damage.
  8. Comb through your hair extensions to prevent breakage and damage.

If you have found the perfect match of Indique hair for you, then we are sure you will be thrilled with their performance. This article was carefully put together to give you an idea of how your hair would look with these natural hair extensions. Not everyone is blessed with the perfect thick and long hair and thus comes in need for these luscious hair extensions.

If you tried on these Indique hair extensions, do share with us the experience you have had with them on the comments section below. Like and share this article with your near and dear ones too. Stay with us for more on stylish and elegant hairstyles. Make sure you go through others in our archives too.


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