125 Homecoming Hairstyles That Will Give You The Crown


Homecoming is a school tradition that is considered to be a rite of passage. Almost everyone attends and everyone wants to look their best. But this event does not go without you making a few big decisions – what to wear, what makeup to do, and who to go with.

These decisions can be tough especially when you have no idea where to start. So, to help you get one decision down, here are 125 homecoming hairstyles for you to choose from.


When Picking Hairstyles You Should…

Your hairstyle for the night is not something that you should pick immediately. In fact, ladies decide on this a few weeks before the event. Here are a few things you should consider for your homecoming hairstyle.

  1. Know what your gown will look like.

Except when you’re in your casual attire, hairstyles should always match your gown. This doesn’t mean that you should have the same color as your gown. No, that’s not the point. This just means that your hair should be a good complement to your gown.

For example, if your gown has a lot of lace on it or is predominantly white, accessorize your hair with a few leaves or flowers that match the lace print. For example, this photo has perfectly chosen accessories that will complement the design of the gown.

Another example is this hairstyle. Usually, homecoming attendees are young, so it’s more ideal to pick a style that will help you look your age. The photo below is a perfect example of looking your age. Braids make you look younger and it’s often a softer look than a very sleek hairdo.


2. Know if you need hair extensions.

Even if you have short hair, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get long tresses on the big day. Fortunately, hair extensions are popular in the beauty industry that they are now in different shades and types. Depending on your hair extensions, you will either have a temporary or a semi-permanent type.

There are clip-on extensions that don’t require you to spend so long in the salon. These clip-ons will be strategically placed either beneath your natural hair or are just a fixed hairstyle (like a bun). If you just plan on having hair extensions for the night, use the type that gets detached easily so you don’t spend such a long time removing it when the night is over.


3. Match it with the theme.

Some schools have themes during their homecoming dances. Ideally, you should follow the theme so you don’t look like the odd one out. If you’re worried about looking like the rest, you should be assured that with so many hairstyles you will see here, it’s difficult to have something similar to someone else in the dance.

One way to match your hairstyle with the theme is to add an accessory fit for the event. If your homecoming dance is about princes and princesses, then a small tiara above your precious curls would be an ideal accent to you look. 

On the other hand, if you have a more boho chic theme, you can use these hairstyles that have a lot of waves and braids for a more laid-back look.


All the Hairstyle Inspirations You Need For Your Homecoming

To start this hairstyle list, it’s important to know that you can be creative and stylish with your hair regardless of its length. All you need is a lot of creativity and inspiration and this list will definitely give you lots of both!


  1. Tucked Half-Up

A tucked half-up hairstyle is a go-to look for ladies with short, medium, and long hair. This can be done in a lot of ways but the main point is that you have to tuck one section of hair under another. In this hairstyle, there were four sections of hair that were twirled (to make it easier to manage) and then tucked under each other. You can hold your hair up by using a hair pin.

Here’s an unfinished tucked half-up where you can see where the hairpins should go. You can also create a messy version of this by having your hair fall loosely at the side. Unlike the photo above, this hairstyle was not pulled enough so you can see some small strands of hair sticking out to give that natural look.

You don’t even have to divide the upper part of your hair into four sections. Sometimes, two sections can already be enough. This is very simple that you can do it on your own. Start by getting one section on each side. Pull one side towards the middle and use a hairpin to put it in place. Then, get the other side and insert it in the space between your flowing hair and the other section. This will give the illusion that your hair is tucked.


2. Laid Back Loose Hair

When you’re more of a laid back person, chances are that you won’t be comfortable with a lot of hairpins sticking into your scalp. In all honesty, having a lot of hairpins on your head can be quite uncomfortable not to mention the rough patches of hair you’ll get once the hair spray has set in. So, to avoid those inconveniences, you can just let your natural hair fall down and let it do the talking.

If you have naturally curly hair, take your cue from Zendaya and let it just naturally fall down on your shoulders. This hairstyle works well on tight fit gowns. Imagine wearing an eye-catching cocktail dress for the homecoming. All you need is to don a bright red lipstick and let your hair fall down naturally. 

You can also add something extra by adding accessories. If your hair will be swept to the side, it would be nice to have dangling earrings to complete your look.


3. Braided Crowns

And then there are braided crowns. It comes to no surprise that braids are popular among teenagers because almost every girl grew up being taught how to do the perfecr braid. However, this hairstyle seems to never go out of style because even as you grow older, braids can be transformed into a more mature and elegant look.

Take, for example, this fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are hard to do, but all your hard work will be rewarded once it’s done. This kind of braids is often done with a tail at the back of your head. But did you know that you can also convert it into a crown? As you can see here, the fishtail was done on one side and it was put above the head.

A braided crown can also turn your hairstyle into a boho chic-themed hairdo. Boho chic hairstyles look more down to earth and carefree as compared to the other braided crowns. The trick to giving them more volume is to tease the top part of your hair so it doesn’t go flat at the back.

When it comes to braided crowns, your hair stylist will often suggest to have just one kind of braid. But as you can see in the photo below, that two sbraids can add more beauty to your hairdo. This works when you use the smaller braid and turn it into an actual crown. In that way, the bigger braid will not look over-the-top.


4. High Bun

The high bun is not a usual choice for homecoming simply because a lot of people think it’s too old to look at. But this hairstyle below shows that you can have a high bun and still look like you’re from the present time.


There are different kinds of hair buns, some more complicated than the others. In this hairstyle, the bun was created by mixing braids with curls. To start this kind of hairdo, first curl your hair so that it is easier to manage. Then, choose a few sections of your hair that will be braided. Combine the two in a bun similar to the photo below. 


You can also look more feminine when you have wavy locks cascading down your shoulders. If you have long hair like the woman below, you can definitely try having a high bun with some hair falling loose. Don’t forget to curl these sections or to add waves on them so that they don’t fall flat.


5. The Braided Bun

It’s not just crowns that you can create with braids. Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles and being able to put them in a bun proves that. This braided bun was made by doing a Dutch braid on both sides of the head and then wrapping them at the back. They will be put together by a few hairpins hiding beneath.

homecoming hairstyles


Or you can braid your whole hair and twirl them in the form of a bun. In this photo, only the lower part of the hair was braided so that you can put the actual bun just above your neck. 


You can even use the braid to wrap around the bun. If you have a hair tie that you want to hide, having a braid can cover the tie up for you. 


5. Messy Bun

If you have braided buns, then you definitely have messy buns too. A messy bun often works best if you plan on going to a casual event or when you want to look attractive even if you didn’t put that much effort. But depending on how it is made, a messy bun can pass at a semi-formal event. Maybe adding a tease or an accessory will make it look less casual.


6. Formal Updo

Of course, before there were any braids and ponytails, it was all updos for homecoming balls. This updo is a rare yet breathtaking hairstyle. The way the hair was looped to form a flower is something not a lot of hairstylists can achieve. If you actually have this updo, there’s no doubt that you’ll be attracting more votes for the crown.

This French roll is a different take on a traditional bun. Instead of having a circle just jutting out of your head like a ballet bun, a French roll is the way to go. This is considered a classic chignon (which refers to a knot or a coil of hair at the back of your head) where your hair looks neatly pulled back into a classic twist. If you aren’t a fan of loose curls falling around you, then a French roll would be an ideal version of a bun.


7. Classic Ponytail

If ponytails look like they’re just for casual days, then you are wrong. When done perfectly, a ponytail can be created for semi-formal events such as your homecoming dance. Take a look at this classic ponytail.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly use your hair as a ponytail do this simple trick – use a hair elastic to tie the majority of your hair, leaving a pinch of hair at the side. You will then use that section of hair to wrap the elastic covering it from view. Put the hair in place by putting a hairpin underneath (this will also add volume to the ponytail).


8. Fishtail Braids

You’ve heard about fishtail braids awhile ago. So now it’s time to talk about it in more depth. Fishtail braids look complicated the first time you do it. It’s not like your usual braid where you just divide all your hair into sections. Rather, you divide it into two sections at the beginning and the continuously get from each side as you cross them underneath the two bigger sections of hair.

Fishtail braids are better accompanied by accessories. Look at this photo for example.It looks like Rapunzel’s hair in the movie Tangled. This kind of braid is called a French fishtail wherein you use all your hair and work it from the top of your haid. Finish your look by adding a few flower pins at the side.

A side-swept fishtail braid as seen here looks beautiful for long-haired ladies. Take a look at how Blake Lively’s highlighted hair gets accentuated thanks to the twists and turns created by the braid.


9. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids is another kind of braid that is starting to gain popularity. If you’re going to the homecoming, it’s highly recommended that you ask someone to do this braid for you even if you know how to do it. For semi-formal events, a waterfall braid should not be paired with anything. Based on the photos below, the best complement style to a waterfall braid is having soft curls or wavy hair.


10. Half-Up Buns

Half-up buns give you the in-between of formal updos and casual locks. If you want to have something fun, yet look like you were really prepared for homecoming, then picking one of these half-up buns can help.



11. Over and Under

Over and under is just another term for tucked-in hair. Since this is just a technique, you can create your own hairstyle by adding an over and under method with your hair. Take a look at this simple tuck at the side. Because of its simplicity, this over and under hairdo screams elegance and grace.


You can also do a half-up-half-down style by wrapping two twirled sections of the hair at the middle. You can create on overlapped tie while letting your wavy locks cascade down your back. 


12. Bow Tie

Aside from the rose bun that you saw a while ago, this bow tie hairdo definitely fits one of the top choices for the most unique hairstyles. What makes this hairdo ideal is that it adds the perfect softness and beauty even if all they see is your hair.


13. Playing with Braids

And lastly, when you’ve had enough knowledge about braids, you can feel free to mix it up to fit the style that you want. This Dutch braid is perfectly matched with a low bun as you can see below. For styles like this, it is always better to have them a little bit messy for two main reasons.

One, a braid plus a bun looks tight when you pull them together. It’s just going to be painful and uncomfortable on your head and you definitely do not want that if you want to feel carefree at homecoming. And two, it just looks a lot more natural. Ironically, there are times when a messy hairdo is way better than a very posh and formal look.


Here’s another type of braid that isn’t as popular, but doesn’t fall short of beautiful. This kind of braid is called the pull through braid. 



Now that you’ve seen at least 13 different kinds of hairstyles, you can now have a wider idea on what you can do with your hair. Remember, that hairstyles should be paired with your dress and it should also match the theme of your party.