91 Ultimate Highlights For Black Hair That You’ll Love


Highlights can do anything you’ve ever dreamed of! Highlights add all the depth, dimension and texture that you could possibly think of. Washing a dark hair with some strategically placed highlights can totally make a drastic transformation. They can do it all to your hair. When it comes to adopting highlights, what could be better than a black hair?! Black is the most popular hair color all around the world as it easily contrasts the colors placed on it.

Black hair lets the colors do their job! So, today we are looking into some stunning black hair highlights that are ideal for any hair type and skin-tones! Choosing a perfect shade can be a little tricky, but I got you covered with a number of dark hair highlights. Whether you prefer soft-subtle highlights or bright-beachy ones, these styles are surely gonna inspire you to book a hair appointment, any day.

I know, I know, we always need some celeb-inspo first. So, lemme assure you that the red-carpet celebrities like Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, Naomi Campbell, any many many others have been the ‘talk of the season’ with their black hair highlights, and leaving us with the celeb-inspiration we always seek for. Let’s jump right into the options, shall we?

Teal Highlights

Teal hair is all the rage this season. You can a get a teal ombre highlight that makes your black hair brighter and brighter. There are thousands of unnatural hair colors, but teal seems to be more appealing and vibrant. It is an interesting black hair highlight option.highlights for black hair

Caramel Highlights

Black hair subtly touched with caramel tints go a long way. It looks simple and sophisticated. Here, this short and edgy bob is made more interesting with some strategically placed caramel highlights.

Green and Purple

Cap highlighting is a great technique for a medium length hair. And on the top of that, if you go with cool shades like green and purple all around, then this combo will take your hair to a next level.

Chestnut Ombre Hair

Ombre hairs are pretty popular right now as it gives your hair a perfect depth and dimension. You can try a warm chestnut color for highlighting your black hair. To get the same effect, you can roll your hair through the quarter half!

Warm Brown

Warm brown is an interesting idea for a black hair highlight. The warm brown tints on this hair look is sure to steal hearts. If you have an extremely dark hair, you might just wanna go with this tone.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde highlights go a long way, ladies. You should choose this highlight if you want a cool toned hair. This works best on almost any skin-tone!

Copper Brown

If you are someone who loves a contrasting warm shade, then you will surely fall for this hair look. Copper brown is an ideal black hair highlight for an easy-going, low-maintenance look. Opt this hairdo for usual, everyday hair.

Rich Burgundy Highlight

We are loving the contrast between the dark black hair and a rich burgundy hue highlighted on it. These two colors compliment each other perfectly making this whole hair look very tempting.

Shay’s Smokey Brown Highlights

We love Shay Mitchell’s smokey brown highlights. Her dark hair has the perfect amount of cool tones that results to a seamless dimension, texture and depth. This hairstyle frames your face and is suitable for all hair types.

Rosie Highlights

The gradual transition of black hair into a rosie pink ends is undeniably a head-turner. Whoever lays their eyes on this hair will surely fall for it. This hairstyle is a great example for black hair highlights.

Orange Highlights

As they say, “Love at the first sight.” I totally had the hots for this hair-look as soon I saw it. The orange highlights on a very black hair makes it look like an instant love! To bring out your skin complexion, you should totally try this look.

Honey Highlights

This honey highlights hairdo is a perfect blend of warm and cool tones. The highlights have been places in thin sections, making this look perfect for women with straight to curly hair. 

Neon Purple Highlights

Neon colors look glossy and full of shimmer when highlighted on a brunette hair. Here, the hair looks very appealing and it gives the whole hairdo a great story.

Almond Colors

It’s amazing how highlights can totally change the dimension of a hair. For instance, take this hairstyle where the black hair is highlighted with almond colored highlights and even a short hair has so much to look into!

Caramel Highlights

This look incorporates soft caramel highlights that have been placed in subtle sections on black hair. The lights are heavier towards the end of the hair. The style looks extremely low-maintenance, all thanks to the customized hand-painted highlighting.

Blonde Highlights

This look has just the right amount of blonde highlights that makes anyone who sees it irretrievably swoon. JK! Or am I? You can adopt this hairstyle if you want an easy going hair that does not make you self-conscious all the time.  

Soft Sun Pop

When it comes to black hair highlights, everything with a right amount looks perfect. Look at this glossy soft sun-colored highlight that makes the boring dark hair pop from a mile away. Try this look and be super amazed!

Subtle Honey Touch

Sometimes, even a little amount of color can do A LOT! If you wanna dazzle everyone with your hair, then you must try some honey highlights. Honey color is considered as one of the most satisfying black hair highlights. Try this set for a simple yet stylish look.

Ash Highlights

Ash colors are the most cool and refreshing hair colors that uplifts the hair from zero to ten less than in a minute. Ash colors look great on warm and pale skin tones and it does nit fail to give your hair a great story. If you want a refreshing transformation for your black hair, this is the one for you, ladies!

Auburn Hair

For a permed hair, what better than some auburn highlights, right? I love how the auburn orange highlights have enhanced the tight spiral curls that are placed on the top. If you have an extremely curly hair, or a permed hairstyle, then you should give that hair a break and try this one!

Golden Spirals

Gold and black make a perfect match! The hairstyle shown in the picture proves how amazing black hair highlights be when paired with some voluminous spiral curls and a popping golden color. It’s all about the view, gals.

Accented Ends

If you don’t want to go with a strict highlight all around your head, then you can leave it just on the ends, too.Leave some streaks of highlights on the top if you want. This hairstyle is very practical and amazing from every angle. 

Sun-kissed Hair

This sun-kissed look has all the right things going on for it – from the gloss to the most perfect blending. The curled half of the hair has subtle touch of the coffee color highlights that makes it look so faded yet very very pretty.

Coffee Color

These coffee color inspired highlights have all the rings of perfection to it. The black hair highlights have been painted on in sections of varying patterns and they are lighter at the front and thicker at the lower-lengths of the hair. This is an ideal match for the girls who love flaunting a day-to-day look in a stylish manner.

Heavy Almond Highlights

If you are anything like me, you will surely love a heavy highlight that accentuates the darkness of the hair. In this black hair highlights the almond color is painted all over the brunette hair which makes the hair-look like that of a celebrity! 

Pink-ish Balayage

If you want to keep up with the ongoing trend, then you might wanna catch up with a pink-ish hair highlight on your dark black hair. The blend of pink and black not only demonstrates a jolly vibe, but also shows all your sass. Get this look to slay the floor, girls.

Frontal Bang Highlight

Imagine this bob without any highlight. It would be just another plain black asymmetrical bob with no fun, right? See how just one strand of nude blonde highlight has turned the table for this black bob. You can get this exact updo by just highlighting a thick strand on the frontal bang. 

Dark-To-Light Highlight

The highlights where the dark roots joins the lighter ends always look so interesting. You can get this look by blending a peach blonde color as black hair highlights.

Pixie Bob

Rihanna is the queen when it comes to fashion. She wears such trendsetting hairstyles that are totally inspiring to the fashion industry. If you want to get this classy look, you can get an edgy pixie bob with a cap highlight with blonde streaks. This hairstyle will surely be a game changer for you.

Burgundy Charm

This hairstyle is surely a very charming one because of the sheeny burgundy highlights on a black undertone hair. This hairdo looks totally marvelous on flashlights making it inspo-worthy! You can either go with full hair coverage or get an ombre style with this tinge.

Shiny Yellow Tint

Next we have a very shiny, very glossy hair with the yellow colored highlights. The hair is highlighted in thick portions where the highlights are lighter on the top of the head and gets darker on the ends. It is a classic hair highlighting style.

Teal Green Color

Do you have the palest complexion? If yes, then neon colors and teal colors are the one for you. Teal green complements the black hair amazingly leaving it to be more iconic and gothic-looking.

Subtle Caramel Highlights

The following three examples portray some subtle caramel tints that look amazing as black hair highlights. When if comes to hair coloring, the blends and mixes are just endless. You can give your hair any kinds of style and paint it subtly with the caramel color and look alluring down the road. These hairstyles can make your boring and outdated look simply amazing and interesting.


Silver Blonde Highlights

One of the very classic highlights for the brunette hair is the silver blonde. Silver blonde colors completely change the view of a brown or black hair. It splashes the most icy and stimulating vibe when colored into a hair. To get this look, keep the roots darker and slowly transition the color into silver laces towards the ends.

Multi Highlights

Black plain and straight hairs mostly look charmless and non-striking. But, if you are looking for a hair transformation that strikes every eyes then choose the neon colors that show off the black hair highlights in perfection.

Nude Blue Highlights

If you have a heart to carry off the trendy and stylish look of the year, then the nude blue highlights might do all the favors for your dark hair. Add fringes for achieving an alluring look for your hair. Nude blue color is style inspo of this era!

Black To Sable Transformation

Sable highlights is our newest favorite highlight. This look has so much texture and the sable colors have been painted on in small customized and uneven sections. The highlights add character and dimension to the look giving it an illusion volume.

Kylie’s Ombre Green

Kardashian sisters are famous for their astonishing figure and styles that they adopt. Kylie Jenner changes her hairstyle within weeks and still set a trend. If you have a short hair, you can get a green ombre to look like Kylie!

Ultra Red Highlight

I am in awe of this layered black haircut which is given an ombre look with ultra red pigments. This red highlight can totally transform your hair from the level of zero to ten!

Three-Tier Highlights

For those who don’t know what a three-tier highlight is, you can look closely to the picture below. Notice how the black roots becomes medium brown towards the mid-section then followed into a lighter shade of brown. There are three colors involved on the three section thus making it a three-tier highlight. This look works best on a long length hair.

Copper Glow

I love how the copper ombre highlights go hand in hand with the black hair. If you are into warm tones, then there is no denying that copper is one of the best colors to work with. Love how this hair glows her face and that smile makes the world stare her!

Frosty Blue

Try some frosty and icy colors like blue and ash colors to take your hair to a whole other dimension. You will absolutely love this look for a spring look.

White Sands

There is no denying that this is one of my favorite black hair highlights! The dreamy waves on this look have us in awe, right? The stylist has created a perfect fall look for this long length. The white sand lights have been custom-placed and painted on to create a wavy masterpiece. I can’t wait to try on this look.

Shay, Nicole, Vanessa

Three red-carpet celebrities demonstrating their perfect black hair highlights!

Gray Magic

Just a touch of a color can do one hell of magic to a simple black hair. Are you willing to try on a fray ombre style on your black hair?

Tiger Print Highlight

Tiger print highlighting has been pretty popular these past years for its outstanding allure. You can mix the brown and black highlights customizing a tiger print on your hair giving it an illusion of volume and depth with added curls.

Subtle Melt

For getting this look yo can choose a subtle chestnut shade that isn’t too flashy for a black hair. As this color fades away, it still gives your hair a pretty subtle look.

Glossy Blonde

Glossy blonde when hit with a black hair, makes it a popular choice for many when it comes to highlights. The blonde highlights in this case look extremely glossy and adds depth to the hair. This style is perfect for women with big textured hair but straight or sleek hair.

Blue, Purple, Green

The mix of three highlights can totally make your black hair highlight even in the crowd.

Smooth Caramel

This dark style looks like a melting caramel. The highlights have been placed in thick partitions, cutting down on the amount of tint they add. The placement of caramel adds to the charm of the look. This style is perfect for wavy and curly hair types.

Extreme Cherry Tint

With all the talk about warm tones, it will be unforgivable to not mention one red style in this list. This cherry red on the black hair has stolen all of our hearts, no? You should try this hairstyle if you want a ripe look for your hair.

Rich Highlights

We love this color creation which is a glossy and saturated black color topped off with caramel-toned highlight. This can be your go-to look that plays a huge role in transforming your boring black hair into a spotlight hair.


Indian Superstar

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone proves that the tousled black hair favors honey colored subtle highlights. Get this look and look camera-ready anytime, any day.

Sky Blue Hue

Blue shades never go out of style! The blue ombre accents on a sheeny and long wavy hair can make heads turn all around you. You should definitely go for this look without a second question if you are looking for a spring hair.

Gold Accents on a Bushy Hair

Bushy spirals are usually very hard to style because they require a lot of maintenance and care. If you want to give your thick bushy hairstyle a simple tweak, then you should try highlighting certain strands golden that folds the boring chapter on the book. It looks totally manageable and fancy, too.

Honey Baby

This hair look proves that the golden highlights look best and do best when placed on either side of the head to frame the entire face perfectly. It is simple and very elegant at the same time.

Mocha Brown

Mocha brown hair looks stunning paired with the black hair. This is an ideal example of black hair highlights.

Meghan Fox

I never know how Meghan Fox manages to look so sexy and seductive all the time! Maybe it’s her eyes or the lips or the body or the hair. Or maybe it’s all of those combined together to make a bombshell altogether. Love her honey brown highlights on the black base hair.

Gold Tints

As gorgeous these crazy thick ringlets look, as is the stress to manage them. If you are looking for an alluring look for an Afro-American hair, simply highlight the curls with a gold tint. The blend makes the hair more stylish.

Violet Bangs

Ever thought of only highlighting the bangs? Well, get ready to be amazed by the violet highlights that works perfectly on the long bangs which we show off almost exclusively. Try this look for a vibrant hair-vibe!

Green Tinge

Green highlights are almost always a super hit with dark hair, making them a popular choice among women. The color is bold but has a base and it melts perfectly into dark hair. The green highlights in this style have the ombre effect and help add depth and more texture.

Pink Bob

The dramatic and edgy pink bob is the most mesmerizing hair transformation all over Instagram walls. You can go with rich pink shade or pastel pink to get the same effect on your dark base hair.

Have you found an inspiration on black hair highlights? Let us know in the comments below which style checked off your personality! The best part about the black hair highlight is that they take your hair to the next level. Be playful with the colors and customize your own designs, Happy styling, xx!