68 Best Headband Braids For You


Headband braids have become quite popular especially amongst people with long hair. This hairstyle is ideal for a bad hair day and provides some elements of peace and comfort. You can still sustain a sassy and adorable look even on a bad hair day. If you are looking for simple ways that you can use to add some style to your hair then headband braid is an ideal option.

In this era where many young women find messy hair to be appealing, a little mix of headband braid can help with creating the desired outlook. The loose braid helps with holding the hair beautifully in place. Braids have experienced a resurgence in recent years with many people coming up with varied versions of wearing braided hairstyles.

The beauty of braids lies in the fact that it looks great on any type of hair, whether its curly, long, straight or short, there is a way you can wear a braided headband in a way that creates a magical outlook. Take your time and check out the numerous braided styles that are shared below.

Things to consider before wearing headband braids

Before you wear the headband braid, there are things that you should put into account;

  • Ensure that your hair is well brushed and in the shape you want it to be in. If you prefer a curly braided hair then ensure that your hair is curled or wavy before you style the braid.
  • Go for a style that suits your facial structure. The headband braid is just a segment of the hairstyle however you need to think of how you want the rest of the hairstyle to look like.
  • You can consider adding accessories as desired. If you prefer wearing your hair down or pinning it up for enhanced volume, choose whatever improves your outlok

headband braids

Cute Headband Braid Ideas

If there is a hairstyle that encourages a relaxed and messy outlook then its the headband braids. All that you need to adorn this style is a clip of hairpin to hold the loose ends. The low ponytail headband braid looks cute and holds beautifully in place. If you are considering getting a style that’s whimsical and for a special occasion such as a wedding then adding some loose braid to your style adds to the uniqueness of the style.

Braids are timeless and also very unique. They have the potential of transforming a plain hairdo into something quite stylish. The headband braid can be worn in any part of the way. All you have to do is to figure out a style that blends with your facial structure. The side braid looks a bit complex and adds some beautiful contrast going by the underlying shades. The dark highlights create a beautiful contrast with the blonde platinum shades.

Such a complex piece of style with every piece of style adding to the intricacy of the style. The white blonde hairstyle is cool with the headband braid holding it beautifully in place. The high pitched style creates a magnanimous volume that enhances the facial features of the wearer in a cool way. Regardless of the style, you choose for your special occasion, adding a layer of braids enhances the visual appeal.

Braiding the headband may look complex when but its something that one can easily do without seeking the services of a stylist. All you have to do is to pick a few strands of hair then braid it across the hair like in the hairstyle below. The hair color enhances the elegance of the style.

Stunning headband braid ideas

Braiding the hair across the center has a way of holding the hair beautifully in place. Braids also create a beautiful contrast by bringing out the underlying colors in place. The flowing hairstyle below looks elegant and reflects beautifully on the face.

If you are looking for some fun and adorable style that is ideal for any occasion then the below one fits the bill. Braided hairband styles are not only cute but also very comfortable. The overlapping front style reflects beautifully on the face. The low ponytail also holds the hair nicely in place.

Headband braid can be worn on any part of the hair. It may be worn just like an accessory or as a way of managing long hair that can be flowing towards the face. The dark and golden shades used in the below style looks spectacular with the bright blonde shades holding the hair nicely in place.

A beautiful style that’s ideal for any type of event. The headband braid also looks beautifully done at the upper part of the hair. Combining the braided headband with beautiful highlights has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the style. There are several accessories that you can use together with the headband braid, you can go for a lace of anything that’s appealing and blends with your overall outlook.

Sweet headband braid hairstyles

Such a fancy hairstyle with amazing colors that blend perfectly well. The combination of dark and golden highlights creates such an appealing contrast. The loosely braided headband also holds the fair in place and enhances the facial outlook. Headband braid looks great on those who prefer wearing their hair down. It gives shape and also adds dimension to the hair in a way that’s quite eye-catching.

The flawless braided headband with wavy layers looks spectacular and enhances the overall outlook of the hairstyle. The golden blonde hairstyle looks magnificent and tight enough to last for several days. The wavy layers also create some expression of volume which is cool. Headband braid style can be worn with long hair or one that’s styled back, just ensure that you settle for a style that reflects well on you.

Messy braided waves are hairstyles that work well for relaxed days. The hair is long enough and the braided headband adds some element of beauty and complexity to the style. The messy layers also make it look relaxed and appealing. To achieve an adorable braid, ensure that your hair is brushed straight for a flawless look.

Simple and sassy is the best definition for the braided headband below. The braids have intricately held the voluminous hair in place in a raised way that’s quite appealing. The underlying dark highlights are also beautifully brought to the surface with the loose braids.

If you find it challenging holding your long hair in place then headband braid is the best option to use. A combination of a headband braid and the flawless hair creates a cute contrast. The low ponytail also fastensthe hair securely in place in a way that highlights the facial features.

From the flowing bang to the thinly braided hair, the style below looks spectacular. The thin headband brad creates a cute contrast and holds the two segments beautifully in place. The dark and golden highlights also reflect nicely on the hair.

The low braided headband has a way of highlighting the flowing layers of hair and also adding to the intricacy of the style. The braid wraps he hair beautifully in place and makes the color highlights to pop. When long hair is left to flow loosely, it can really be irritating and braids provides a way of giving shape and elegance to the hair.

Cool and subtle headband braids

Headband braids can also be worn in very cool and subtle ways. If you have a voluminous hairline then you can wear a front braid and style it in a way that adds glam to the style. The style looks trendy and so adorable with every layer of the hair creating an adorable outlook.

A nice way to hold your ponytail in place. The color highlights create such an adorable contrast and reflect the facial features beautifully. Braids help with styling a focal point with your hairstyle and just like the one below, the simple loose braid makes the ponytail to pop.

Add some sparkle to your style with streaks of platinum highlights. The lower bun is quite voluminous and also held beautifully in place with the front braid. When you have one dominant hair color such as the dominant black hairstyle below, a braided headband helps with adding style to the hair.

The front braided headband helps with holding the loose frontal hair in place with the flowing layers creating an adorable outlook. Flowing plain hair has a way of drawing attention to the braided hair which then becomes the focal point. The style is cute and reflects beautifully on the face.

Elegant headband braid hairstyles

A magnificent outlook that captures the eye. The flawless nature of the hair draws focus to the braided part which is relaxed and loosely done. The hairstyle provides insight on managing long and flowing hair in a way that’s simple and elegant.

A hippie headband braid that reflects the facial structure beautifully. The predominant dark color makes the style to be quite distinct with the braid creating an eye-catching contrast. The low braid also highlights the cute bang and the slightly raised updo. The fact that it goes all around the hair shapes the hair nicely in a way that accentuates the key facial features.

The inner braided side headband is the highlight of the style as it beautifully brings the underlying colors to the surface. The hairstyle looks cute whether straightened or held beautifully with a ponytail. The color shades used makes the entire hairstyle to pop in such a magical way.

Bring some charming effect to your hairstyle by incorporating unique headband braids like the one below. The fishtail style is adorable and makes the hairstyle to look flawless. The straightened strands bring out that soft and adorable appeal to the hairstyle.

Rocking a braided headband doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily come up with a simple way of creating some contrast and style. The loosely braided headband enhances the wavy outlook and makes the whole hairstyle to stand out. The aspect of color is another key thing that adds some element of contrast to the style.

Light and Brown Headband Braid Hairstyles

The beauty of having a hairstyle that pops lies on the aspect of styling and how you get to blend color highlights. A cool combination of brown and light blonde colors has a way of creating such a magical outlook. The side headband braid reflects nicely with the low bun holding the hair beautifully in place.

If you want to draw attention to the front area then its ideal that you make the rest of the ara simple and cool. The front braided headband enhances the facial features and makes the entire hairstyle to look simple. It’s such an adorable hairstyle with the flowing strands of hair creating a magnificent outlook.

An elegant golden blonde headband bread that looks amazing and enhances the facial features. The braided headband looks huge and adds shape to the hairstyle. It’s just important to add to your braided band, a beautiful mix of color highlights that blends well with the style.

A good way to enhance that natural hairstyle in a way that captures the feel and mood of the moment. The dark color blends nicely with the skin tone with the headband holding the hairstyle nicely in place. If you have short hair and still wants to make it stand out in style then the below style is ideal.

What a beautiful way to hold hair nicely in place. The front hairstyle makes the headband braid to stand out and also creates a cool contrast. The voluminous hair is held into such an adorable shape with the color highlights creating a magical outlook.

A simple plait can also create a subtle look to your hairstyle. The hairstyle is quite voluminous and the braided headband creates such a beautiful mix to the style. The predominant dark color looks spectacle and reflects the facial features beautifully.

Simple and creative headband braid hairstyles

The loosely fixed braided headband is not only adorable but also highlights the wavy layers of hair. The brown blonde color used looks magical and reflects the facial features beautifully. A braided headband has a way of bringing a magical touch to a simple hairstyle.

A slight bouffant has a way of enhancing volume around the crown area and keeps the style from looking flat. The braided headband also brings such a cute balance between the front layers and the layers below. You can easily achieve a bold braided outlook even without having long hair.

One of the ways of making your style pop is by using a braided headband to create a cool contrast. The predominant dark color looks soft and the thin braid brings an element of intricacy to the style. Explore several braiding patterns that can reflect well with your hair and facial structure.

Such an elegant hairstyle with a braided headband that holds the hair nicely and also creates an adorable outlook. The flawless nature of the hair is the real highlight of the style with the shades used creating an appealing outlook. Achieve this flawless look by trying out various braid styles that suits your facial structure and enhances your outlook.

Simple and classic is the best description for the hairstyle below. The subtle headband braids look sleek and captivate the adorable facial features in a magical way. The hairstyle looks flawless and glamorous yet in a very simple way. Find inspiration from this look by trying it out on a not so very long hair, it will look great if you have similar facial structure.

Classic headband braid hairstyles

Clean, classy and chic are the best words to describe the glamorous hairstyle below. The braid creates a nice contrast and makes every segment of the hair to pop. The blend of dark and brown highlights makes the style to pop in a beautiful way. Braided headband equally look great on dark hair however you have to figure out a stylish way of adorning the style.

If you admire having a flawless outlook but want something that’s not too plain then consider going for a simple and classy style like the one below. The braided headband looks cute with the flowing hair creating an adorable outlook. The braid brings to the surface the underlying color shades and that enhances the outlook of the hairstyle.

To have a cute headband braid, you can keep the messiness and the heavy bang in the front to a minimal. If you add a heavy ban with a lot of messiness then an additional headband braid may in away perpetuate the complex outlook. A beautiful contrast is created as in thehairsyle below with the long overflowing hair.

Headband braids look great with very long hair. It creates a flowing adorable look but you can still recreate the look by adding a few streaks of color highlights. If you are considering a beach trip or some magical vacation then letting your hair loose is the best way to enjoy the relaxing appeal. The loose flowing hair brings that casual and relaxing look that makes every moment memorable.

A beautiful headband braid with a stack of layers that looks flawless. The hairstyle looks simple yet very classy with the highlights creating an adorable outlook. The front layer of hair connects beautifully into a slightly raised curly bun. The intertwined layers of waves and braid create an appealing contrast in the hairstyle. It’s great when you not only create viseal appeal but also enhance volume with the hairstyle.

Elegant headband hairstyles

The braided headband adds style to a simple and elegant updo. The flowing hairstyle is not only cool but captures the facial outlook in a very magical way. The subtle streaks of golden blonde blend well with the brown shades and adds to the glamorous outlook of the style.

The layout of the braided headband makes the mix of shades to pop in such a magical way. The raised fron hair creaes a cool contrast with the braid beautifuly concealed. The bright and brown layers of color also create such an adorable and contrasting outlook.

Fancy headband braid hairstyles

A great style for vintage fashion lovers, it looks adorable and holds the hair well in place. If you want a style that sets you apart from the rest of the pack then consider going for the style below. The color combination exudes intricacy and uniqueness that makes the wearer stand out.

One thing that stands out with a headband braid is that there are lots of options to choose from. Depending on the length of the hair, you can settle for a style that appeals to your style well. The hairstyle below looks simple yet so adorable. The braided headband adds some element of intricacy to the style and the highlights of white blonde also blends beautifully with the golden blonde shades.

Such an intricate style that makes the entire hairstyle to stand out. The braided headband makes the updo to stand out with the front bang creating a beautiful mix. Color highlights also add significance to the style as it beautifully stands out. The element of volume expressed in the hairstyle is another thing that makes the hairstyle to stand out in an adorable way.

Accentuate your updo with braided headband

No better way of wearing an updo like accentuating it with a headband braid. It’s not only cute but also create such an appealing contrast. The color of the braid also creates a nice contrast and blends well with other highlights.

Seeing celebrities adorning braided headband is a common thing and that has led to the popularity of this style. The rows of braid are easy to manage and works well for a relaxed environment. The color highlights enhance the elegance of the style and make it pop.

Instead of wearing a headband or a scarf, a braided headband provides the best natural outlook. If you have long hair and you struggle with holding it all together in place then the below style is a nice option. The hairstyle may work well with hair that’s not very voluminous.

Adorable headband hairstyles

Headband braids can still be used in less voluminous hair in a way that captures attention. The braids are plaited in a very intricate way that enhances curiosity. The thin hairline also works well with the chosen style and in turn, holds the hair nicely in place.

Front headband braid can be used to create an illusion of a voluminous hair and as a way of accenting an updo. The hairstyle looks voluminous and sassy with the braided headband holding it beautifully in place. The bright blong color used in the hairstyle also makes it to really pop in a cute way.

A hairstyle that shows a beautiful blend of brown and blonde highlights. The tiny headband braid and fits nicely and creates a flawless outlook on the hair. Instead of wearing a scarf, you can keep it natural with a front braid if you want an appealing magical outlook.

Intricate headband braid hairstyles

From the messy texture to the huge headband braid, this hairstyle looks intricate and quite eye-catching. The combination of dominant dark and blonde layers of color create such a magnificent contrast. The styling also highlights the facial structure and features in an appealing way.

The dominant two tones frontal headband is epic and makes the flowing hair to look quite voluminous. This is a surefire style that suits any formal event. It looks great on young women as it highlights the facial features beautifully. The tight braid highlights the colors in an adorable way.

Take your hairstyle a notch up by adding a cute headband braid in place. If you have a voluminous hairline like the one below then wearing a little bit bigger braided headband looks cool. For thin hairlines, a tiny one works well. The hairstyle below looks cool with the color highlights adding to the complexity of the hairstyle.

You can wear a headband braid in such a subtle way that still hides it within the voluminous hair. For a great outlook, how you get to style the hair is quite critical and has the potential of transforming the facial outlook. Headband braids don’t have to be bold and big, it can also be thin going by the type of hairline.

A flawless outlook with the long hair flowing effortless and nicely held in place with the headband braid. The headband looks unique and such a magnificent way to create some style and intricacy to the hairstyle. The aspect of color is another element that makes the entire style to really stand out.


Glamorous headband hairstyle ideas

The baby headband braid brings out such an innocent and appealing look with the flowing strands creating an amazing look. From the golden color highlights to the side to side braid, each piece of style enhances the overall outlook of the hair. Recreate this hairstyle in a simple way, all you have to do is to pick strands of hair then divide into three layers. Plait it as you progress to the other end.

Headband braids can also be braided in a way that makes it look as if it’s not part of the actual hair. The way the braid is tightly fitted and how it holds the flowing hair in place is something that creates such a unique outlook. Add glam and elegance to your hairstyle with the adorable color combination. Bringing a few strands of hair around the face has a way of capturing an adorable facial outlook.

Amazing headband braid hairstyles

An amazing wavy hairdo that enhances the facial structure beautifully. If you have loose voluminous hair then braids can easily get lost within and that holds the loose hair nicely in place. From the well-blended color highlights to the simple braid, every element in the hairstyle below creates a beautiful outlook. Such a relaxed appearance is something that everyone needs once in a while and you can adorn it without losing on the glam side of your hairstyle.

Loosely braided headband with a low flowing ponytail is a great way of holding the hair beautifully in place. The colors used makes the entire style to really pop in a beautiful way and also adds intricacy to the style. The loosely flowing hair is also cool and enhances the facial structure well. Before you settle for any braided headband style, ensure that it blends well with your facial structure and adds life to your style.

A simple and elegant hairstyle that fits any occasion, The simple headband braid is beautifully styled and brings to the surface, the underlying highlights used on the hair. A good way of creating some contrast in your hairstyle is by combining color shades that blend well.

Such a thick braided headband that looks voluminous and beautifully in place. The hairstyle is quite voluminous with each headband braid holding beautifully in place. Turning pieces of small braids into huge chunks of braids makes the hairstyle to look unique and also very adorable. It also fits the facial structure and enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.