145 Breathtaking Havana Twist to Try this Season


If you are looking for a way to change your hairstyle into something beautiful and protective, havana twist are the ways to go! These twists look amazing and are a great way to diversify your image. These hairdos look great for an extended amount of time, and you can wear them every day and look beautiful without any effort. Havana twist is made from hair extensions and thus will protect your roots and help them grow! You can opt for this soft look, and you will be at ease for a long time as these are low maintenance, hassle-free hairdos.

When you get your twists attached, you can style them in a lot of ways. We have compiled hairstyles with these twists ranging from ponytails to buns. You will surely find the on that fits your taste well in this article. You can look polished and neat and show off your personality through these hairstyles. Choose hair colors and truly lift your spirits to a new high.

Tips to take care of Havana Twist

Once you get your extensions on, there are things you need to do to take care of them and make them last longer. Here are some tips and tricks for you to make your twists stunning!

  1. Wash your hair extensions in every two weeks
  2. Moisturize your extensions and keep them soft and supple
  3. Use essential oils or cream products into your scalp and twists
  4. Add moisture to your hair at night and use shower steam to lock it in
  5. Use applicator bottles to distribute hair products evenly all over
  6. Create a ponytail or braids in your hair before sleeping to reduce frizz

Follow these steps, and we are sure you will have frizz free healthy havana twist for longer.

Havana Twist Hairstyles

Style your extensions as you like and enjoy the freedom of having a low maintenance hairdo. Here are some stunning ways in which you can wear your havana twist.

Let it down

When you have these twists on you, you do not need much styling to look great. Just let them be free-flowing and enjoy the relaxed look.


havana twist Thick hair

Get yourself an illusion of having thick hair by opting for these big havana twist. The pop of color here is also beautiful. You should surely give this one try!

Box Braids

Try box braids and enjoy the freedom of having a low maintenance hairdo. These jumbo twists will make you look stunning, and the bonce in them is truly admirable!

 Crochet Havana Twist

Summery Braids

Summers are a great time to experiment with your hair. These braids have a summery vibe to them, and we love this breezy and relaxed hairdo.

Senegalese Twist

These braids are compatible with any look. You can wear this hair to any event, and we are sure these will be your favorite hairdo.

Big curls

These big dark curls are unique and simple. This subtle look with dark hair is alluring and approachable.

Thin Mambo Twists

You can keep your hair in small twists and enjoy the final result. The partition here also works well. Opt for this one if you are not a fan of big hair.


This sectioned hair is unique. You will surely stand out in the crowd when you wear this hairdo. They are a great way to keep the hair off of your face as well.


Cornrows are a great hairdo that looks great on long hair length. The rows here look well done, and you can try adding more sections here to make this a better hairstyle.

  Side Swept hair

There are brown highlights in this look, and the cornrows here are excellent. Choose a shade of brown that will bring out your skin tone and eye color too.

Pinned look

Cornrows are a versatile look and can be worn in many ways. Try fastening your hair at the back to keep them away from your face. They are a great option if you have many errands to run.


Curls are a very feminine hairdo and ad elegance to any look. Here are some brown and burgundy hues that add dimension to these curls.

Purple Hair

Spice up your hairstyle and get purple accents to amp up your look. These braids are adorable, and the bold,  purple hair surely adds flair to the whole look.

Here is another beautiful hairdo with purple hues. Purples are not very common, and we love how they add depth and dimension to the hair.



This havana twist is parted in the middle, and they look impressive. You can add balance to the look and make it look as thick or big as you want.

 Braids for teens

This youthful hair is beautiful and is perfect for teenagers. Make sure you try this havana twist with braids and add beads as you like.

Highlighted big hair

You can use havana hair in different colors to make your hair stand out in the crowd.


Jumbo Braids

This hairdo has big jumbo braids, and we love the chunkier sections of hair. The deep side part also looks good here.

Smaller twists

Smaller twists are chic and very beautiful. These twists are cool and can be worn to any event. Try this one if you like more minor details in your hair.

Up top

Wrap your hair in a bun and secure it on top. The half-up hairdo is very casual and has a youthful vibe to it. Here are some partial hairstyles that you can try irrespective of your hair length and texture.

These hairstyles are suitable for thick and long hair. The pinned up look is casual and is a stunning choice for everyday wear.

These two are more suitable if you have thin hair of medium length. The small top knot looks excellent, and they are perfect for teenagers.


The nice twists on the side of this hairdo are beautiful. This is a striking look and is sure to make you feel bold and fierce!

Medium hair

If you have medium hair length, then we suggest you opt for one of these havana twist hairstyles.

Try tieing your hair on top and wear this hairdo with style! This hairdo is cute and can be worn to any occasion.

If you want a unique hairdo, try this up top look. This hairdo is perfect if you have a medium length of hair. This stunning hairdo will help you stand out.

You can opt for thin twists and look fresh and beautiful every day. You can keep it subtle and enjoy a liberating look.

If thick twists are your thing, go for it! You can enjoy big thick twists even if you have short to medium length of hair.

Here are some cute hairdos for you especially if you are looking for a youthful, well put together look. These twists are stunning and neat, and the beads make them edgier!

Put your havana twist in a side puff and get the hair away from your face to enjoy your day!


This layered hairdo has us swooning over it. There are details in this hairdo that makes this one a must try. The hair on top and the shaven side is also alluring.


Updos are a classic way to get your hair away from your face. There are multiple ways in which you can wear your havana twist into a classy and chic updo. Some of such updos are below.

This braided updo will be your savior on days where you just can’t be bothered by your locks. These type of updos are making a comeback.

Try this updo for a breezy, cool look. This hairstyle is the ideal choice if you are going out for a beach day.

This up top look is sure to catch everyone’s attention. This is a bold look and has a daring outlook on it.

Keep things fun and flirty with a big twisted updo for a date night. You can remain hassle-free and enjoy your night carefree!

The best way to rock any hairdo is to carry it off with a lot of confidence. This look has a lot of oomph to it even after being simple.

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to wear your twists. This up top updo is one of our favorites. Try this thinly braided twists and look lovely for weeks!

Medium locks

If you neither fall under the long hair category or the short hair one, you’re the middle length beauty! There are many things you can do if you such hair and here are some twists to inspire you.

Red hair

Red is the color of love and passion and who would not like the boldness that comes with this hairdo? You can spice up your hair with a shade of red, and we are sure you will love it!

This short braided hair is cute, and the beads here surely spice things up. But the hero of the look is the red accents here for sure.

These thick bold braids are lifted to a whole new level with the reddish burgundy shades of highlights. You can also try this one if your choice is a bit bold.

This turban like hairdo is undoubtedly astounding. The red hues surely pop out in this look, but the hairstyle itself doesn’t seem to very flattering.

This half and half look are very trendy nowadays, and we love the black and burgundy play of colors in each section here. Here we have two options for you with lighter and darker hues of red and black on short and long hair.

Red is a very captivating color for sure. When you decide to wear this shade make sure you are up for it, for all eyes will surely be on you after the coloring!

These circular braids are accentuated by the red hair color, and we love how this has played out. The striking color is undoubtedly a must try!

The pop of colors in this look is surely admirable. This dark red is bold and beautiful and goes well with the big braids.

Take a little risk and try a flaming red hair color next. It will surely make you the center of attention.

The slightest hints of red and brownish shades make this a beautiful combination. Try this one the next time you want to change your hair color.

Narrow ends

The twists here have tight curly ends, and the thin braids have a youthful vibe to them. We surely love this one and recommend it to all young girls out there.

Blue tinges

Blue is another bold color option that we have for you here. It can bring out the best of your complexion and make your hair stand out. Here are some blue hair options for you to choose from.

The bluish tinges here with the curly ends in this hairdo makes this so cute. This one is an adorable one, and we are sure you will love it.


Step out of your comfort zone and try something bold and fierce like this blue accent here. This color pops in this hairdo, and we love the play between dark black and the bright blue.

If being subtle s more your style opt for this one. The shiny bluish hair tinge is sure to leave you mesmerized. You will surely receive tons of compliments for this choice of color.

Everyday wear

Here are some hairstyles that you can wear on an everyday basis.

This is a casual side-parted hair. You can wear this for a day out when you are running your errands.

Try thin braids and leave them free to enjoy a liberating hairdo. This is one such hairstyle that will give you a natural polished look. If you want the hair away from your face, you can opt for this look. Throw your hair back and go through your day without the hassles of free-flowing hair. Here are some other casual and relaxed hairdos that you can try if you have long locks of hair.


Thin ends

The braids here shift from medium thickness to a narrow end at the base, and we love how it transcends so well. You can make this hairdo a bit festive and fun by adding some beads here and there.


The hairstyle has a very bright outlook and can be worn by anyone. It has a certain charm to it, and the youthful vibe is surely on out top recommended list.

Brown hair

Brown is a subtle hair color, and the earthy tones of the colors are flattering for all skin tones and hair texture. Here are some hues for you if you like the brown tinges on you!

Thick hair with brown tones? That surely makes for a beautiful well put together look.

The combination of dark hair and brown shades has been worn by many over the years and is not so common. The tried and tested hue is surely good looking though!

The mix of reddish-brown hair in these havana twist is working well. You can also opt for this casual, fun look when you want to change things up a bit.

Ombre hair is a viral hair color trend, and we love the way the brown and black ombre hair makes the twists pop out in this one.

Try streaks of darker and lighter hues together to achieve a well-balanced look.

Dyeing your hair in light brownish hair can surely transform it. The short hair here achieves a lot of dimension with the use of brown.


Use a colorful headscarf to add some oomph to your twists. You can keep things fun and flirty by using beautiful and vibrant scarves to cover your hair!


Hair accessories are a big part of any hairstyle. You can add so much flair by adding some beads, and they will surely transform your simple hair.

Short hair

If you have short hair, this hairdo is perfect for you. You can look stylish no matter how short your hair is!


This havana twist has a relaxed vibe, and we love how it has that girl next door charm to it.

Pink hair

Shades of pink are very girly and lovable. They are being very popular and has been sported by many celebs and influencers as well.

Try this magenta hair and keep it in a top bun for a nice hairstyle.

This lighter shade of pink makes a good combination with the ash blonde streaks. They are very bold and unique hues to try.

This hot pink ombre hair is working well, and we love how the color breaks the monotony of long dark hair.

Over the top

Place your havana twist in your crown on a big half updo and enjoy this edgy look.


Space buns

Space buns are a cool new hair trend and have been seen making its rounds in all social media sites. They are versatile hairdos that are super cute and can be worn to the gym or for a day out!

Try this fun butterfly shaped space bun and look ravishing!

You can opt for this cuter, more subtle look too. They are neat and very stylish also.


Blonde hair is a trendy hair color. Here are some blonde hair color options for you to choose from.

The curly ends are beautiful in this blonde hair dye.

The play of black and blonde makes this a magazine cover worthy hairdo.

Keep it classy by going for all brown hair with darker natural roots.

This elegant hairdo is perfect for any event and will surely get the attention of everyone.

This cool and ever-trendy hairdo has a chill vibe to it. You cannot miss the ombre blonde hair in these gorgeous havana twist hairstyle.


Middle parted

If you have thick hair on you, you can opt for this look with middle partition, and it will look well balanced.

Middle parted hair works well for women with larger foreheads. They can be the perfect way of making your forehead look smaller.

Rockstar hair

Havana twist is a hairstyle that has a lot of oomph and a fierce vibe to it. This hairdo will match your rockstar vibes and make you look out of this world.


You can make twists at your home and enjoy this look for a long time to come.

Side partition

Side partitions look flattering on most women. If you have thick hair, you should surely try parting your hair this way.

Rapunzel hair

Having long hair like Rapunzel was a dream for many of us for sure. You can choose long havana hair and achieve that look which is beautiful from all angles.


If you are a fan of sectioned hair, here are some Havana twist with minor parts for you to get inspired by.

Thick locks

Choose thick and luscious extensions for your havana twist, and you will end up with healthy looking fabulous hairdo every day!

Havana Twist is a great option especially if you want a protective hairstyle. They are trendy and so versatile. Many celebs have been sporting his hairdo, and the social media has been blowing up with twisted hairstyles. They have a cool and stylish vibe, and the best thing about them is that they stay gorgeous for weeks.

If you are looking for ways to spice up your hair and look stylish every day, this is the way to go! We are hopeful that you found the perfect havana twist to match your personality and let it shine, through from this article. Make sure you share this article with your close ones and comment down below to share your thoughts with us. We immensely value the opinions of our valued readers. Stay with us for more on stylish hairdos and fashion!