102 Fun and Spooky Halloween Nails That Will Complete Your Look!


When it is the spooky time of the year, people tend to move towards extreme ideas! They may try on a skeleton costume or have a hard time deciding what they want to be this time. Yes, Halloween sure is a fun holiday. But those of you who are not looking to get on with the costumes and want a full-on look, we have some Halloween nails for you! You can also create any design that matches your attire at the comfort of your home. In case you are not going for a costume, you can only flaunt these nails as well.

You can get a spellbinding style this season by getting your nails ready beforehand. And there is a lot of ways you can do that. There are some spooky, glam, and even everyday friendly ideas that you take some inspiration from. People also get their nails covered in skulls and add on fake cobwebs! You know it is about to get fun when you see such creativity. The best thing is, you can keep some of these even after Halloween! You can think about the colors you love to wear and turn them into your style with art!

Here we are showing you the best designs and the colors that seem to be enticing everyone! These are sure to make you forget all traditional, soft, and subtle Halloween nails out there!

All about the blood!

Halloween nails have a deep connection to the use of blood for sure. There are a lot of artists that use that bright blood red and add it to create that effect. The spooky feel is something we all love to recreate on these days. You can get the same effect on your nails if you tilt towards these ideas. We are sure you have something thought of already. If you have not, then you can surely look at these options and recreate them.

If you have never done something like this before, you need to take your time and do it before! You cannot wait for that day and get it done. You need to make sure that you take the time and get the structures right. If you get to it on the last minute, you can mess things up! And get frustrated over how things did not work out for you. So we suggest you take a few days and carve out the details.

halloween nails

Black and white Halloween nails

These Halloween nails are far different from your fall nails. They are not as colorful in most instances. You can get other ideas for Christmas nails and even thanksgiving nails that are much more fun and chipper. But here we will stick to the dark and gory themes. We are sure you will get to the groove if you have never tried these on before. They can be fun to recreate, as there are some beautiful patterns here. So get ready and get out your manicure set!

You can start by taking an idea and getting the colors that you need for that art. Then if you want to add on some add on the jewel, you need to purchase them as well. Then you can start to form the whole thing in your head. You can also draw them out if you feel that is helpful. This is one managed way to get your nails to look perfect once you are done!

The Halloween nails with pumpkins!

Pumpkins are nothing new to the concept of Halloween. You can see people carving out pumpkins and leaving them out on their porch during this time of the year. You carve a face on them and create the Jack-o’-lantern and leave them as a Halloween tradition. And if they are at your house, why keep them away from the nails? You can get inspired by these vegetables and get on with the idea.

It is widely believed that the carved out veggies can keep away evil from your home. So people keep them out and make them either a happy face or an angry one! There are no limits to people come up with that is for sure. And you can also do a lot on your hands. They need to be shiny and bright when you use that fresh nail paint on yourself. So do get the vibrant colors beforehand to get that perfect look.

The spider and cobweb design

Spiders make a lot of people uncomfortable, and they are also a significant part of all things related to Halloween. So you cannot miss it when you are recreating the Halloween nails for yourself. You will find a ton of women sporting them as well. So you can make yours different by getting on some color that you create yourself. Here we have a particular category, and they have all of the most pinned nail options.

The shiny metallic touch to the spiders is hard to find for sure. You can see that there are perfect cobwebs that accompany them. Make sure you get the long spidery legs done on you to get that creepy feel. This is undoubtedly one look that you will see on Instagram and social media sites most of the time. If you want to add some color, then red is an excellent choice. Add them on with any other color to get a gradient touch.

Some spooky nail ideas

Do you love creepy Halloween nails? Then this is the section of our article that will excite you the most. You can see some weird nail art here, and they are best if you want to stand out! There are blood splatters on the nails with the clown from IT. And that is cringe as well as fabulous all at once. There are some new soft options out there, but the spine chilling effect of the weird ones has a new feel!

Add on bats and cats and some spooky spiders here and there. You can also mix the colors and get them to stand out by getting the touch of supernatural on top. And if you are looking to go to the extreme, the last picture here will help you out. Here there are eyes and uses of the dripping blood effect too. When you look at them, you can even start to feel uncomfortable. And this will no doubt take a lot of time!

Metallic touch on the nails

Halloween nail art 2018 is not complete without the mention of these metallic shades. They are sure to make you the center of everyone’s admiration. These were loved by women last year, and they are still going on strong. You can take the idea of creating a new galaxy even in the nails with these shiny glitter shades. Choose the undertone you want for these metallic tones, and you can get that shine and luster that you want on your hands.

We are sure no one wants to skip away from these nail art options. They can captivate anyone’s hearts for sure, and we are in love with the use of these colors. You can mix them up with some shapes and bold textures, and you are ready! Most women love to add on some embellishments on them as well. A bit shine never hurt anyone for sure. You can get them to look beautiful when they shine on the night parties!

No need to erase look

Are you looking for summer nails? Or nail art that you can keep on even after October 31st?  Then you are in the right place. Usually, we get colors and designs that are too close to the theme of Halloween nails and then head on to finding removers on the next day. That seems like a waste of time and effort and even money for just a day! There is so much work that goes into these nails so you should keep them!

Thus we made sure to keep the options out for you. You can take these bold colors and get them to look fabulous on you for that night and then also carry it off in the latter days. These will transition well from the festivities to the casual day. If you do not mind that fun look on your nails, you can get these to last quite some time. Until you get bored and want to change them up, you do not need to erase it.

Colorful Halloween nails ideas

People portray Halloween as a dark and gloomy situation most of the time. You will not even see the colors on a lot of Halloween decorations; not unless they are blood red! But you can change that perception and head-on with your thoughts. If you want a chipper look to try, then you can take the fun colors like the oranges and reds and create something that is more fun than gory! As always, you can take cues from the work here.

Here we put together some fun doodle-like drawings. You can see that there are the mummy and Dracula references on these nails and they are not deep and scary but funny in some way! You can get the same done on you if you are going for a chill vibe this time! Even the ghosts seem happy about the choice of these hues here. So dive into this collection and get that funny look on this season! We are sure you will adore it.

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110 Simple Nail Designs for the Most Clumsy Manicurist

If you have long fingernails, then you can add a lot of detail to your Halloween nails. You can get them to look extra special as you have more space with the colors and the textures to play with. You can, for sure, get the elements on a larger scale too! Here we are showing you how to add that gradient effect on the length that you have. Do not get disheartened if you do not, and you can get nail extensions and achieve that canvas!

We have some fabulous work done on long nails here, and you can check them out. These can get your creative juices flowing for sure! You can take elements you like from each of these styles and then incorporate them in a look that you want for yourself. Make sure you get the technique right before you do so! We put together matte shades and some shiny metallic in here too. So here is the perfect mix for all!

Get creative with Halloween nails

One thing that one can stop you from is choosing the colors to get on your Halloween nails. It is the day to be expressive and show off that fun side of your personality. So on the one day of the year when you can be anyone you want, we hope you choose to get creative! These Halloween nails are undoubtedly works of a creative mind. The use of textures and shine adds the dimension to the nails that you would not see otherwise.

The cobweb with the holographic glitter is a mix of both spooky and charming ideas. You can get the same if you put in the effort to find these hues! You can get yourself some happy pumpkins and ghosts as well. Get your idea of the afterlife and paint it on to your nails. It is all in your hands for sure. If you are looking to get inspired, you will find many genius options here too.

Matte ideas for Halloween nails

A style that is captivating and alluring is the Halloween nails done with the matte polish on them. You can see an added depth on the nails when the dark colors are not shiny. Shine reflects light away to add dimension, but the deeper tones tend to add depth. And the dark themes of this fun holiday are explored when we add on such colors. You can top them off with any other design, and they will merge well together.

You can see the long teeth look on the first one here itself makes an impression. When you lay eyes on it, it captivates you and takes you to a whole new world. You can also get the spooky yet capturing feel on your nails if you get these designs on them. Here you can see how! These artists are showing off some mysterious-looking ideas, and we want you to give them a try! They will undoubtedly need attention to detail, though.

Embellished Halloween nails

Who does not love the idea of adding that glam glitter and add on to their nails? They can surely take your nail art to a whole new level. Here we have some stunning designs that are great if your heart tends to get gravitated towards this glittery shine! You can see some accessories added on to the nails here and get inspired to try out the same. You can visit your beauty shop and get them for yourself.

Make sure to apply them securely on top of your base coat. They need to be secured well as they can fall off more quickly if you do not get them pressed into the nails. You also have to apply dense layers of topcoat to get it all sealed in. Here are some fabulous and shiny options for the girls who love the idea of glitters. Check them out and decide on what you want to try this Halloween.

Short nails options

Do you have short nails and you do not want to get extensions? Then it is all ok! You can get the design you want on short nails as well. Most people think that there have to be long sharp nails on someone if they’re going to get that Halloween to look down! But that is not entirely true! You can get stunning shapes and designs of Halloween nails on your short nail as well. Here we are showing you how you can get it done.

The one that everyone loves is the black and white mix of the skull! You can take your toothpick and get on with these designs. That is how easy they are! You can also try out some fun colors if you want your nails to be the talk of the crowd! They can accentuate your look, and the vibrancy will make them pop! Check them out here as we lay out the best ones for teens to try out on a budget!

The themes to explore!

When it comes to a holiday like Halloween, there is so much you can do. It is all about the dead and the spirits that are around us. The touch of supernatural feel makes it an ideal holiday not only for kids but also for adults! You can see these night themes on Halloween nails mostly. They are the ones that have bats as a reference to the vampires and the story of Dracula. It can be exciting to try them out with some deep hues!

People like to add on some black cats and pumpkin as well. There are some beautiful tones on each of these nails, and we adore them! The second picture here can make it clearer for you. These are the nail art that you do not need to erase on November 1st! You can keep them and flaunt them around as well. But if you are looking for something deeper and darker, we have those here as well! Check out this section to know more!

The creative designs and their variety

These are the best Halloween nails 2019 designs that we have come across. You can try them out if you want to explore the depths of the holiday and check your creativity too. Here there are all kinds of patterns and themes all put together in one category. You can see that the dark themes are loved by most. The reason being the mysterious nature of the holiday. There are references made to the devil and the evil out there on these nails.

If you are not heading out to a salon to get this done, then these fun, colorful designs are perfect. They suit every nail shape, and they are also easy to do! You can even get these everyday things on them like the pumpkin and the skull that everyone loves! If not, you can also take it to another level and make it spooky! Add some devil faces and the number 666 to make it more transparent! You can also get the red nail polish to add on the effect of blood!

You are choosing the one for you!

So as you reach the end, did you decide on the Halloween nails you want? You may have noticed that the ones with cobwebs and skulls are relatively popular! But you can also opt for some fun pumpkin ideas if that is not up to your alley. Do not shy away from the use of textures and colors, though. You need to open to the use of bright shades. When you mix them up with metallic shades of nail paint, it will look like a million bucks for sure. You also need to shape your nails before you get on with these patterns!

Before you start your nails, you need to make sure they pair up well with your dress! The outfit you are wearing should match the nails you have on. This way, it can create a well-managed attire for you. We also suggest the use of some rhinestones on the nails if you want that bling on your nails. They can make a big difference in the way the whole attire comes together. Take ideas from our collection, and you can add some elements to them by yourself. If you are feeling lazy, then you can go with some stickers as well.

It is about the celebration of the holiday and feeling good about yourself. So make sure you enjoy what you are doing. The designs and colors should impress you first, more than anyone else!