135 Whimsical Half Up Half Down Hairstyles You Can Wear for All Occasions


Dressing up for any occasion, special or not, is always fun. A great part of it comes from getting to choose an extra fancy hairstyle to go with your outfit.

Half up half down hair has always been a fantastic and versatile choice for these instances. Browse our library of the best reincarnations of the style to find the perfect one to wear to a wedding, a garden party or a casual summer outing.

  1. Loose Curls and Loose Braids

half up half down hairstyles

This elegant combination of braids and loose waves is a great hairdo for bridesmaids.

2. Half Up Twists and Ombre Hair

Emphasize the color transition in your ombre hair with some half up hair twists.

3. Flower Child

Looking for a hairstyle to wear to a garden wedding? Look no further than this fairy-like half updo.

4. Bridal Affair

Speaking of weddings, here we have a classic bridal look that’ll be perfect for long-haired brides.

5. Bringing Back the Hive

Nothing says vintage chic than a half up 60’s-inspired hive like the one Hilary Duff is wearing in this look.

6. High and Curled Half Ponytail

Go all out for your prom with this high half ponytail hairstyle. We gotta say those big bouncy curls really complete this look.

7. Messy Halo Braid

Get that boho chic style with a halo of very lose and messy braids…

8. Boho Princess

…Or opt for a more formal look with a fishtail side braid.

9. Weave Braids and a Studded Barrette

A nice studded barrette completes this bridal ‘do of weaved braids and loose curls.

10. Middle Part and Curls

Part your hair in the middle and pin it back into a low hive to steal Lauren Conrad’s casual look.

11. Loose Braids and a High Half Ponytail

Who knew loose cornrow braids can look this good?

12. Weaved Halo Braids on Ombre Hair

There’s just something so cool about this calculated choice to wear halo braids just right where your ombre hair’s color transition is.

13. Fishtail Braids on Short Hair

Look cute with minimal effort with this fishtail braid half up half down hairstyle.

14. Waterfall Braids and Waves

Emphasize the ‘fall’ in waterfall braids by curling the falling strands in loose waves.

15. Chunky Waterfall Braid on Loose Curls

This is another example of the same principle but with more defined curls and a thicker braid.

16. Daenerys-inspired Half Updo

Of course, we can’t complete a list of the best half up, half down hairstyles without a nod to Daenerys Targaryen’s hair, don’t you? And this braided and curled bridal style pays perfect homage to the mother of dragons and her locks.

17. Knotted Half up Hair with Blonde Lowlights

Here’s another great play on ombre hair. Tie your hair in a half up bun and you’ll get something as cool as this flower like one.

18. Zigzag Waterfall Braid

Try looser waterfall braids to emphasize the divisions of your curls.

19. Braids and a Messy Bun

Here’s another half up half down hairstyle reminiscent of the queen of Westeros. The key to stealing this look is getting the layered braids just right.

20. Sweeps and Big Waves

Not a fan of braids? You can still achieve a fabulous half up hairstyle with just sweeping curls and some big hair twists.

21. The Ariana Grande High Half Ponytail

Ariana Grande is a style icon for a reason. Copy her youthful yet sexy look with this extra high half ponytail.

22. Spiraling Down Braids

Draw attention to the length of your hair and let your waterfall braid quite literally fall down your mane.

23. Merida Gets a Makeover

Channel the badass Scottish princess Merida with this mixed braids and curls half up half down hairstyle. Plus points if you’re also a fiery redhead.

24. Simple Flower Power Half Up Style for Fine Hair

Go for a simply adorable everyday look by loosely tying half of your hair back and dotting it with some flowers.

25. Three in One

A hive, a halo braid and defined curls go hand in hand to complete this prom-tastic look.

26. Height and Waves

Make your bridal look extra dramatic by adding height to your half updo.

27. Twists and Waves

Halo hair twists and beachy waves pair perfectly in this summery style.

28. Masterful Braids

Show off your masterful braiding skills with precise braids like the one above.

29. Balayage Half Up Half Down Hair

This is a looser version of the same braided style with bigger waves.

30. Fishtail and Waterfall Braid Hybrid

Look cute and laidback. Try out some waterfall and fishtail hybrid braids in a half up half down style.

31. Loose Crown Braid

Go for bigger, looser strands to make your halo braid stand out more.

32. Hived in a Twist

Add a literal twist to the hive hairstyle.

33. Flower Bud Bun

Extra long hair is the perfect canvas to make this bud/bun half up hairstyle.

34. Simple Half Up Braid for Straight Hair

A simple half up braid is a foolproof everyday hairstyle for casual days out.

35. Classic Loose Bun 

You can also opt for a bun instead of a braid.

36. The Perfect Bridal ‘Do

These four-strand braids mesh perfectly with the vintage vibes of this curled bridal look.

37. Bedhead Half Up Buns

#wokeuplikethis is what these messy and cute half up buns screams.

38. Tied up in a Ribbon

Beautiful hair is a gift and this half up hairstyle with a ribbon proves it.

39. Rope Twists

Be a little more creative and ditch those braids for this rope twist hairstyle.

40. Two-Strand Halo Braids

Make your hair your crowning glory and try layering your halo braids.

41. Lazy Braid Half Up Half Down Braid

Start loose and tighten up a braid to get this lazy girl look.

42. The Total Braid Inception

When it comes to half up hairstyles, you can never go wrong with braids (within braids).

43. Half Ponytail Twisted to the Side

Take your half up ponytail a little bit to the side and pin it with a cute ribbon.

44. Messy Curls and a Half Up Braids

Look effortlessly chic for prom with this messy curls and half braids combo.

45. Half Up Dutch Braid

Complete your spring look with a one-sided Dutch braid.

46. Top Twists

Some top twists always look cute.

47. A Twist on Fishtail Braids

Make fishtail braids more interesting by layering and separating them into sections.

48. Flower Power

Look like an ethereal wood nymph with this flower-decorated half up hald down braided hairstyle.

49. Nature’s Child

Not a fan of flowers? Try other nature-inspired hair clips instead.

50. Braid Hybrid on Straight Highlighted Hair

Combine different types of braids and twists to make a regular half up hairstyle more interesting.

51. The Perfect Present

Complement a cute half up ribbon hairstyle with low lying spiral curls.

52. Pinned Back in a Low Half Up Pony

Only got a few seconds to style your hair? Get some clips and pin half of your back.

53. Flower Bud Hair Twists

These Dutch-style hair twists look a little bit like flower buds, don’t they?

54. Sleek Hive for Brides

Wow your groom with this sleek hive half updo.

55. A Simple Bump with Spiral Curls

Balance out your big curls with a tiny half up hive.

56. Curly Half Up Half Down Hair for Short Hair

Short-haired girls can also pull off half up half down hairstyle.

57. Perfect Curls

A half up style is the perfect canvas to showcase layers of perfectly spiraled curls.

58. Jewelry-Studded Braids

Some pieces of bejeweled hair accessories are a great addition to glam up a simple halo braid.

59. The Hive on Dirty Blonde Hair

Make sure to leave some front hair pieces when styling your hair with a hive.

60. Loose Dutch Braid Gathered in a Braided Bun

Got thin hair? This loose waterfall and braided bun look is the way to go.

61. Simple Half Up Half Down Style for Shoulder-Length Hair

Opt for tighter curls and a half updo if you have shoulder-length hair.

62. Zipper Braid on a Short Bob

This zipper-like fishtail braid style works well for short bobs.

63. Bold and Big Half Up Braids

Make sure to take a bigger portion of your hair to braid if you want a larger half up braid.

64. The Perfect Bridesmaid ‘Do

Don’t be afraid of using hair accessories to style a half up half down hairstyle.

65. Simple Dutch Braids in Half Up Hairstyle

This simple Dutch braid is a great go-to hairstyle for high school or college students who don’t have much time to get ready in the mornings.

66. Back to Nature

Nature-themed hair accessories like this leaf accents are ideal to wear to garden weddings.

67. Knotted Half Up Bun

Be creative when knotting your bun for a more elaborate hairstyle.

68. Fishtail Braid Halo

Fishtail braids look particularly good on highlighted hair.

69. Promtastic Half Up Hive

Looking for your prom hairdo? Why not something like this volumized half up hive?

70. Pinned Back Loose Curls

Pinning back curled hair into a half up hairstyle is a good simple and easy style to wear for formal occasions.

71. Two-Layer Half Up Braids

Don’t hesitate to mix and match different kinds of braids.

72. Side-Swept and Braided

A side-swept half updo is a fantastic ‘mermaidy’ style to wear to a beach wedding.

73. Halo Braids for Brown Hair

Don’t forget to use hair pins and hairspray to make sure your braids survive the day intact.

74. Volumized and Curled

This volumized half up half down hairstyle is reminiscent of the 60’s but with a modern twist.

75. Messy Half Up Half Down Hair with Curls

Curl small pieces of hair at a time to get something as volumized as the style above.

76. Easy Peasy Half Up Twists

You don’t need mad skills to pull off this simple twisted hairstyle.

77. Loose Braids and a Low Half Up Bun

Tie a halo waterfall braid into a bun.

78. Volumized Half Updo for Fine Hair

Looking for something soft and romantic? Why not try this absolutely gorgeous half up half down hairstyle?

79. Wispy Curls and Loose Braids

Tighter and smaller curls make for a cute and sexy vibe.

80. Extra Large Braids Tied in a Big Half Up Bun

Give simple halo braids a makeover by going big.

81. Crowning Braid

Place your braids higher on your head to get this crown of hair look.

82. Keeping it Classy

This simple semi-fishtail braid half up half down hairstyle is a versatile look that’ll work for various formal occasions.

83. 60s-inspired Half Up Hive

Add some wide curls to a hive hairstyle to update the vintage look.

84. Rustic Half Updo for Brides

Want to look effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day? Try out something like this messy and twisted half updo. This style will particularly work well with women who have naturally curly hair.

85. Extra Messy and Loose Fishtails

Loosen up those fishtail braids for a more casual vibe.

86. Polished Half Up Half Down Halo Braid

This polished halo braid and bouncy curls combo is the perfect hairstyle to wear with sundresses.

87. Thick Fishtail 

Thin out thick hair and opt for a thicker half up fishtail braid.

88. Laid-Back Loose Half Updo for Garden Weddings

Airy and feminine are the perfect words to describe this beautiful half up bridal hair.

89. Studded Down

Dress up a messy and curled half up half down hairstyle with some silver hair accessories.

90. A Simple Twist and Loose Waves

Wear this half up coif style anywhere and look put-together with minimal effort at all times.

91. Overlapping Half Up Hair Twists

Overlap hair twists for a layered half updo.

92. Studded Hair Crown

Incorporate a headband of bejeweled studs to your halo braids.

93. Seamless Halo Braid for Short Bob

Create a seamless halo braid by braiding the two sides together in the middle.

94. Hair Twists and Flowers

Complete an intricate bridal half updo of twists and large ring curls with a pretty set of decorative flowers.

95. Hair Knot Ombre

Use your hair to tie a half up hairstyle for a seamless look.

96. Loose Dutch Braids Half Updo

Loose Dutch braids and loose curls make the perfect combo for a beautiful but simple half up half down hairstyle.

97. Greek Goddess-Inspired Half Up Half Down Hair

Channel your inner Greek goddess by curling your hair from roots to ends and pinning some up for a sultry look.

98. A Trio of Twisted Buns

Sometimes one bun isn’t enough. Get a unique half up half down style with multiple knotted buns

99. Slanted Waterfall Braid

A slanted waterfall braid pairs well with curled hair and feminine hair accessories.

100. Overlapping Braids on Long and Curled Hair

Overlapping braids always look great for a half up half down hairstyle.

101. Keeping it Up Top

Look trendy with this fun and playful combo of cornrows and a top bun.

102. Boho Chic Half Up Hair

You don’t have to make braids look perfect to pull this boho-chic hairstyle.

103. Smoothed Out Braided Half Updo

But if you want to look more put-together, it’s a must to smooth out your hair with mousse before braiding it.

104. Polished Twist on Fine Dark Hair

Sometimes you can skip the mousse if you have straight fine hair.

105. Wild Curls

Let your natural curls shine with this gorgeous half up half down hairstyle complete with flower buds.

106. Perfectly Twisted

This loose half up style pairs almost perfectly with the flowiness of those large and sweeping curls.

107. Top Bun on Tousled Hair

Tousle the rest of your hair if you don’t have time to curl it.

108. Cornrows and a Messy Half Up Top Bun

Get creative with cornrows. Try as many or as few as you want to get a cute half up half down style.

109. Casual Half Up Hair for a Carefree Summer Look

Tighten up your braids to emphasize that slight hive like in this summer-ready hairstyle.

110. Elaborate Twists and Braids Hairstyle

Here’s another nod to the queen of braids and elaborate half up half down hairstyles Daenerys Targaryen.

111. The Perfect Prom Look for Long Hair

Glam up a simple prom dress with an intricate hairstyle like the one above.

112. Hip and Braided

Incorporating a hive to a half up hairstyle is a great way to make thin hair look fuller.

113. Spiral Bun

Complement those spiral curls with a spiral bun.

114. Hip and Trendy Street Girl

Embrace your teens and try wearing your hair in this tight half up ponytail.

115. Half Up Hair with Loose Side Bangs

Hide a wide forehead by keeping your side bangs loose.

116. A Middle Part and a Top Knot

Be a little extra and try to keep a tiny middle part when putting your hair in a top bun.

117. Loose Zigzag Braid Bridal Hair

Curl the end of your semi-fishtail zigzag braid so they don’t look out of place from the rest of your hair.

118. Wood Nymph-Inspired

Go full wood nymph with a rustic brown color and braids tied with your own hair.

119. Braid Wraparound Hive

Draw attention to that fabulous half up hive hairstyle by wrapping a strand of braided hair at its base.

120. Teased Half Up Half Down Hair

Tease your hair before tying it up to add volume to thin or fine hair.

121. Lowkey Dutch Halo Braids

Look cute on casual days out with this half up hairstyle of halo braids and loose curls.

122. A Cluster of Loose Spiral Buns

Decorate a half up hairstyle with a cluster of spiral buns.

123. Volumized Half Up Half Down ‘Do

Tease your hair from the roots before styling it for added height.

124. Wraparound Braid Bun

Wrap a half up bun with braids to make it look like a flower bud.

125. Almost a Braid

Pull your hair back into a semi-braid and curl the rest with a medium barrel curler.

126. Height-adding Half Up Hairstyle

Pair a hive with some tight curls to modernize the 60s hairdo.

127. Slanted and Loose Fishtail Braid

Keep things simple with a loose fishtail braid.

128. Polished Braid Half Up Half Half Down Style for Fine Hair

Curl your hair with a smaller barrel curler to achieve this look.

129. Loose Cornrows Tied in a Bun

Nothing beats cornrows and a bun for a simple street look.

130. The Gift of Beautiful Hair

Curl the ends of a ribbon hairstyle

131. Two Layers of Loose Braids

Pair your long layered hair with a layered half updo.

132. All Glammed Up

Glam up a simple half updo with bodacious curls.

133. Merida Gets a Braid

Hair Romance - Curly hair tutorial - half up braid hairstyle tutorial

Natural curly hair holds larger braids better than straight hair.

134. A Half Up Half Down Crown Braid for Naturally Cury Hair

recogido de cabello chino rizos coleta curly hair look ideas braid trenza #NaturalCurlyHair

Start your halo braid on top instead of from the sides.

135. The Hive on Natural Curls

Hair Romance - 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days - Day 6 - half twist

Keep some loose strands in front to frame your face.