82 Must Try Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Age is just a number is certainly a saying of a wise person for it could not be more accurate! But the concerns for ladies are different as we go high on the age bar! There are many fashion choices to make, and hairstyles are certainly one of them.  Once we reach 50, we desire a hairstyle that is age appropriate yet youthful and is easy to handle. Low maintenance is always the prime factor to consider. There are many hairstyles for women over 50, and all one needs is to look for inspiration. From short hassle-free hairdos to long bobs and pixie cuts to long layered hair, we have compiled eighty-two different hairstyles that are perfect for women to be inspired by.

It is essential for women to find new ways to reinvent themselves and find happiness in the way they look. Be it merely choosing a proper hairstyle or doing something else with their looks, and one must always try to find new ways to keep oneself happy and beautiful. Choosing a daring hairstyle can add to the confidence that you already have. It can make you much more comfortable and confident about the way you look. So choose from these amazing hairstyles for women over 50 that we recommend and we are sure you will look stunning.

The Unapologetic Pixie:

This take on short hair looks daring and bold. The hair has not been dyed and left to flaunt the natural hair color along with the white hair. Go for this hassle-free, natural look.

Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Effortlessly beautiful:

This beautiful hairstyle is very carefree and effortless. You can have a lot of volume on the top with this. Try this hairstyle and enjoy this hassle-free look.

Stylish pixie:

This fun version of the pixie is eye-catching. Share your fun and fashionable personality out with the world by wearing this funky pixie cut. This falls under our trendiest hairstyle for women over 50.

Its all in color:

When we see this hairstyle, the first thing that catches our eye is the hair color. Hair colors can accentuate your excellent features or your bad ones. So choose a color that brings out your skin tone and color of your eyes.

Put it up:

You should keep the longer length of hair on the top of your head with shorter on the sides to achieve a look like so. It creates this fake Mohawk kind of a fierce look. Deny everyone who said this is not a hairstyle for women over 50!

Short and cute:

This look never gets old and is a perfect hairstyle for women over 50. It is classy and feminine and looks great is you have been blessed with naturally curly hair. Here Meg  Ryan has carried this hairstyle with so much grace.

Fun and easy hairdo:

This beautiful hairdo has been loved by so many because of the ease in which one can carry this hairstyle. It looks fun and does not require much styling too.

The bangs:

The bangs on this hairstyle have been styled so well. The layers have fallen on the face so gracefully to frame the face and add a hint of glamour and femininity.

Side part:

The hairstyle is perfect for women above 50. This is an ideal look for older women. Try this hairstyle for a haircut that is perfect for all occasions, whether formal or casual.

Middle partition:

This hairstyle is plain and simple. Try this straightened hairstyle for a chic and casual look that is suitable for any day. The middle partition adds a frame to the face, especially if you have a round face.

The romantic:

This is a very flattering hairstyle for women with medium length of hair. It is a soft romantic hairstyle, and the soft waves on the ends add a nice feminine touch.

Long hair:

Long hair can be a boon for those ladies who want to experiment with hairstyles. This hairstyle has beautiful soft waves, and the side part adds depth to the look.

Short hair:

This short hairstyle is very stunning and perfect for a hassle-free hairdo. For all those women who have thin or beautiful hair, this hairdo will be a perfect choice.

Diane Keaton’s way:

Diane Keaton has not only been a phenomenal actor but a trendsetter as well. Her short hair with waves and long bangs that fall to the side looks amazing.

Feathered hairdo:

There was a time when every woman spotted feathered hairstyle. You can get this look now too by adding as many layers as you want and fluffing up your hair.


This hairstyle is ideal for anyone with long hair and looks stylish and glamorous. Try this captivating look as soon as you can. You can keep waves all over your hair or keep them minimal by having waves at the ends of your hair as per your liking. This versatility makes this the best hairstyle for women over 50 who like changing it up.

Soft waves:

You can easily rock this soft wavy look for a soft, beautiful look. Go for this hairstyle for a casual day out or some family events, and you will surely look stunning.

Side swept:

This side swept many women have sported hairstyle in the recent past. This is a very trendy hairstyle and can be done, especially if you have thin short hair.


Go traditional with this dual-layered hairstyle. You can quickly get this look at your local hairdresser, and it will look great, especially if you have good thick hair.

Pulled back:

Pull your hair back for a hassle free and no nuisance hairstyle. This hairstyle will keep the hair away from your face and been approved by Meryl Strep herself! So try this hairstyle next.


This hairstyle is chic and modern, especially if you have desires for bangs. This is the perfect hairstyle for women over 50 who have a thin and short length of hair.

Middle partition hairstyle:

This is an elegant and chic hairstyle that is perfect for a romantic date night. Sweep all of your hair onto a side and get this beautiful look.

Shoulder length:

Shoulder length hair can be quite tricky to style. If you have medium length of hair, then this is an option for you. This grey curly hair has been styled perfectly and will add much volume to your hair.

The fringe:

Christie Brinkley has carried this beautiful natural fringe look perfectly. You can get the same appearance by trimming the front hair infringes, or you can add a clip on for artificial fringes. 

Red hair:

This fierce red short hair look screams bold and beautiful. Sharon Osborne has carried off this look very well, and you can do it too. Make sure the hues of red you chose suits you and get a talented hairdresser to guide you as well!

Keep it classic:

Dark natural hair has always been beautiful and gracious. There are many ways to style the long locks but keep it perfect by curling your hair in slightly tight curls. It is one classy choice of hairstyle for women over 50.

Classy and cute:

This hairstyle looks so attractive and elegant. You can quickly get this look by curling your hair in the ends and keeping straighter hair on top. The bangs also should be placed on the face to add definition to the look.

Short bob:

This is a perfect hairstyle for women over 50. You can quickly get this hairdo at a nearby salon, and the best thing about this is that it doesn’t even require much work.


Choose this hairdo that is perfect for a meeting and official works. It is the formal yet fun hairstyle for women over 50!

Volume Volume:

When you have thin hair, you know the struggles of backcombing for volume. No more! You can get this short fringe haircut, and your hair will create the volume!

Short hair inspirations:

You probably keep your hair short to save the hassle of styling to a minimal. Having short hair is the best feeling in the world, mainly because you don’t need to wake up and be thinking of how to style your hair! Here are some short hair inspirations for you to decide from.

This is a rough and carefree take on the short hairstyle for women over 50.

A  classy yet rough look that goes with any outfit you wear and any event you go to. Choose it for a bold yet cute look!

Short cut white hair is the bold and beautiful choice that you need to be making right now! It is trendy and easy to carry, as well!

This blonde hairdo is perfect for a casual yet stunning look. This is an ideal blend of elegance and effortless hairstyle for women over 50.

Short hair looks terrific on brunette hair as well. Opt for this beautiful short hair perfect for every day.

White hair carried with confidence looks so much better than any other artificial hair colors on you. Let the inner happiness shine through your natural hairdo!

Here is another inspiration for you if you want short and volumized hair in your natural hair color. This is another natural hair colored short hair picture to inspire you to keep it all natural and fresh.

The rounded up short hair looks polished and very put together and is the ultimate hairstyle for women over 50.

This pixie haircut looks fantastic with the fringes on the forehead. Try it for a fun, flirty look!

Thick layers:

This hairstyle has been made famous by Faith Hill. Her thick layers and fringes hairstyle has inspired many to try on this look. The hair color and the slight waves on the hair adds to the overall look.

Fine hair:

This hairstyle here is an ideal choice for women with beautiful hair. The hairstyle has framed the sides of the face, and the forehead and the top have added volume for a fresh, breezy look.

Susan Sarandon’s curls:

Susan’s light hair and the tight curls summed up this look. This hairstyle can be pulled off by ladies with thin hair as the curls will give an illusion of thick hair. The hair color brings out her complexion and the color of her eyes.

The highlights:

This basic bob can be lifted to a whole new level by adding highlights in your hair. Highlights will provide an edge to the look and uplift your hairstyle from simple to effortlessly beautiful.

Here we have two instances for you: one with ash blonde highlights and other with brownish blonde highlights.

One Layer long hair:

This natural white hair with no layers is simple yet beautiful. It is a fantastic option for hairstyle for women over 50 wanting to keep it simple yet gorgeous.


Another variation to the short bob with fringes is here to inspire you. Sweep your bangs to the sides and color your hair in a natural blonde, and that is the ideal hairstyle for women over 50.

Long layered hair:

This beautiful layered long hairdo can be perfect for you if you don’t want short hair. The layers in the hair add dimensions to the hair, and it looks beautiful on all hair colors.

Ashy blonde:

You can easily amplify your look and get a youthful touch by only coloring your hair and adding some layers to them. Curl your hair to style this look, and it looks perfect for a day out on the beach.


This multi-layered look is an absolute delight to the eyes. It adds to the overall drama of the hair and makes it a perfect choice for women who want to look stylish but don’t have much time to do their hair in the morning.

Light blonde curls:

The bright hair color can bring out the color of your skin. The coils are an excellent addition to the look, which makes the watch very feminine and cheerful! This is a beautiful hairstyle for women over 50.

Natural curls:

This beautiful hairdo is very alluring and appealing and is a top recommendation of hairstyle for women over 50. The light waves on the bottom perfectly complement the lighter at the roots, and darker at the ends look. The bangs add another dimension.

Fringe bob:

This trendy hairstyle is a must try for all those ladies who believe nothing is impossible in life! It is a look that shows off your can-do attitude, so go for it, ladies!

One length bob:

This one length bob looks uncomplicated and easy on the eyes. This is a fresh everyday look that can go from being simple and easy to charismatic and stunning with some styling.

Bob with a zing:

Bob is a pretty simple hairstyle if you think about it, but you can style it not to be so simple and familiar. If you want a zing in your bob, then this is the way to go for sure. This hairstyle incorporates fringes that fall above the eyes and frames the forehead. Similarly, it has layers at the ends that give it an extra oomph!

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

This medium length of hair looks graceful and elegant and is the perfect hairstyle for women over 50. There are not many layers nor are there bangs or fringes here that make this look easy to carry and fancy as well.

Ruffled look:

This is a short and medium length of hair with wavy hair that has bangs. Go for this ruffled look and stun everyone that looks at you.

Brooke Shields’s look:

Get your hair inspiration from this Brooke Shields’s hairstyle from her Drama Desk Award look. The long hair is partitioned in the middle and has slight curls and waves that give it some texture. The hair looks very event ready and artistic.


You are only as old as you feel ladies! So amp your hair game and top it up a notch with your fun and vibrant attire. This is an excellent hairstyle for women over 50 and looks very fun and cute.

Jodie’s style:

Jodie foster’s hairstyle has this dark strawberry blonde hair color that perfectly compliments her skin tones. The side partition and the waves placed slightly on the sides looks glamorous!

The bangs:

These bangs are the highlight of the hairstyle. It looks fantastic and fits all you women that want an easy and no too short sort of a look.


The casual look is easy going and comfortable. If you are aiming for something that is hassle free and very comfortable to carry, this is the look for you!

Grey hues:

Grey hues look natural and traditional. Flaunt your naturally greying hair and keep it in a short bob to make it convenient and classy.

Mature Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

This is very ladylike and classy yet age appropriate hairstyle for women over 50. It looks graceful and bewitching altogether. Try this look and gather all of the compliments for yourself!

Glasses and hairdos:

If you wear glasses and need some fun hairdo to take peoples attention off from that, here are some cute hairstyles for your inspiration whether your hair is short medium or long.

Here we have a longer hair styled simply by pushing the hair back and keeping it natural and graceful.

This medium length of hair has been styled with waves that go out on the sides and then waves that go in on the ends for a well-balanced look.

This is one of the simple short hairs hairstyles for women over 50 that looks chic and stylish.


There are elegant ways of keeping the hair away from your face, and this is one of such instances. Go for this beautifully chic hairstyle when you want to look pretty but don’t want the hassle of hair on your face and eyes.

Own it:

Yes, you are more than 50 years old and have grey hair. You need not be ashamed by it for it is just proof of your maturity. Own your silver locks and wear your natural hair with pride.


Madonna has been setting fashion trends for so long. You can also follow her fashion trends and opt for this blonde with darker roots wavy hairstyle. This is a good option for hairstyle for women over 50!

Martia Cross:

When celebs wear a distinct look, it automatically makes us wonder how it will look on us. Marcia Cross owned this wavy hairstyle, and we are desperate for you to try it!

Put together:

This straight white hair bob with fringes is a perfect look for all the boss ladies out there. This look gives you an edge and also adds to your strong and bold personality.

Layers and layers:

There are multiple layers in this hairstyle perfect for women over 50. The layers hold up the volume in the hair, and the burst of colors adds dimensions and depth to the hair. Keep it simple by keeping it a single color or opt for multiple hues of color for a fun look.

Here are multiple views of the same cut from various angles and all sides look amazing.

Here are blonde and dark brown highlights that you can add to your layered hair for some added flair.

Many amazing women in the media have stayed relevant and gorgeous over the years. We have looked at their amazing hairdos and wondered if we should go for it. Well ladies, do not bind yourself to what others say about you and make your own choices. To help you make the decision, we have here compiled these fantastic hairstyles that could cater to the needs of all women. Make your choice from these and get yourself a haircut that flatters you in all ways possible. You will feel much more confident and beautiful once you find the hairstyle that looks the best on you.

We are positive you have found your pick of hairstyle from our top 82 recommended hairstyle for women above 50. Do share your views about our recommendations in the comments and make sure to share this article around! You can send it to your near and dear ones who may need a change of looks!