150 Hairstyles That’ll Make Thin Hair Look Thicker


Not all of us are blessed with a thick head of hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing hair. All it takes is a carefully picked and flattering hairstyle to fake it. The key is to counter your hair’s tendency to look flat and limp by choosing styles that add volume and texture to your hair.

Scroll down to see what we’ve got to for you thin-haired ladies out there.

  1. Chin-length Blunt Bob

hairstyles for thin hair

Sometimes added length emphasizes the thinness of your hair. Keep it short for a fuller bodied look.

2. Volume-adding Curls

Style your bob with volume-adding tousled curls.

3.  Classic Straight Bob

Not a fan of blunt bobs? A straight one would also do the trick.

 4. Asymmetric Bob

Use styling sprays to keep a blunt bob looking flawless.

5. Black Blunt Bob

This classic blunt bob is the epitome of effortless chic. Part it in the middle to frame your face.

6. A Cute Hair Twist

Add slight height with a simple and cute hair twist.

7. A Choppy Bob with Texture-adding Waves

Add texture to an angled bob by styling it with texture-adding waves.

8. A Teased Updo

Avoid a flat updo and tease your hair first!

9.  Bold Top Bun

Nobody would notice thin hair if it’s put up in this attention-grabbing bun.

10. Short and Layered

Layers give thin hair instant body and movement.

11. Straight Cut and Bangs Combo

Fake thick hair with full bangs and by keeping your hair long.

12. Simple Low Pony with Side Pieces

This simple everyday low ponytail is great on thin hair.

13. Pinned Bob with Side Part

Pinning your bob inwards gives the illusion of thickness and is a fantastic style for formal events.

14. Old Holywood Glamour

Some vintage-inspired waves will also do the trick.

15. Asymmetrical Bob

This asymmetrical bob accentuates a chiseled jawline and elongates a round face.

16. Messy Half Updo

Copy Zooey Deschanel’s 60’s half updo to fake thicker locks.

17. Low Pompadour

A low pompadour would give a thin pixie cut a fuller look.

18. Straight Angular Lob

A subtle ombre gives a straight lob more dimension.

19. Wispy Bangs and a Layered Bob

Choppy layers are a thin-haired girl’s friend.

20. Half Updo with Curled Side Pieces

Add some curls to a half updo to give hair more volume.

21. Above-the-shoulder Asymmetrical Bob

Keeping your hair just above the shoulders makes it look thicker.

22. Middle-parted Lob

Blow dry your bob with a rounded brush to give it more volume.

23. Stylish Lob for Brunettes

Blow dry the ends of your hair inwards to give it some bounce.

24. Shoulder-length Layered Bob

You can also flip it out a bit to get a similar effect.

25. Textured Chin-length Bob

A bedhead look is also a great style choice for a bob.

26. Bob with Side Bangs

Side bangs are a great addition for an angled bob.

27. Blunt Bob and a Deep Side Part

Style your bob with a deep side part for a simple yet put-together look.

28. Face-framing Choppy Layered Bob

Keeping subtle and choppy layers at the bottom of the hair makes it look thicker.

29. Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights give thin hair some texture and dimension.

30. Teased on Top

Don’t be afraid to tease your hair to give it more volume

31. Volume on Top

You can easily get a similar look with a comb and some hairspray.

32. Blunt Bob and Highlights

Give your hair a sun-kissed look with some highlights.

33. Messy Asymmetrical Bob

A messy, just-woke-up look de-accentuates thin hair.

34. Waves on a Blunt Bob

Add volume to your bob through curling the top and middle parts while keeping the ends untouched.

35. Layers and Soft Waves

Soft waves on layered long hair hide the thinness of your locks.

36. Short Curly Bob

Curls also work on blunt and angled bobs like this one.

37. Face-framing Bangs and a Low Bun

Let face-framing bangs shine and pull back your hair in a cute low side bun.

38. Jagged Bob

Take attention away from thin hair and go bold with a jagged bob. Style it with wispy curls and none would be the wiser.

39. Medium Length Layers

Another example of how bottom layers add body without thinning out your hair.

40. Curls and a Zigzag

Add body to curled hair with a zigzag hair part.

41. Side-swept Bangs and Layers

Fake the wind-in-your-hair look with layered hair and long side bangs.

42. Feathered Layers and Wispy Bangs

This wispy shaggy haircut makes thin hair look amazing without hiding it.

43. Wide Curls on a Bob Cut

Draw attention to your face with some thin bangs and face-framing waves.

44. Dark to Light Ombre

This ombre look on short hair gives it more dimension.

45. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Keep your bangs long with a pixie cut for a more versatile haircut.

46. Pin Straight 

Embrace straight hair and wear it down.

47. Messy Overgrown Pixie

Growing out a pixie? Style it with messy subtle waves to fake thick hair.

48.  Short Shag Haircut

This short shag haircut gives the wearer a spunky and fun vibe.

49. Chin-length Soft Bob Cut

A chin-length bob is a no-brainer haircut that requires minimal upkeep.

50. Chic and Short Bob

Add some height to a short bob with a jagged hair part.

51. Pixie with Golden Highlights

Give more texture to brunette hair with golden highlights.

52.  Chin-length Bob with Front Pieces

A bob with front pieces makes it look like you have more hair than you actually do.

53. Shaggy Bob

The layers on this short bob give it the illusion of thickness.

54. Short Bob with Bangs

Draw attention to your face with this parted bangs and bob combo.

55. Short and Layered

This cut is another low upkeep haircut that’s perfect for thin hair.

56. Piecey Pixie Cut

A piecey pixie cut hides the thinness of hair effectively.

57. Bob with Long Side Bangs

Be rocker chic by pairing a bob with some long side bangs.

58. Bob Cut for Blondes

Keep things simple with a deep side part and tucked back hair. Use some styling gel to keep everything in place.

59. Straight Bob Cut

Straight bobs also look softer on light brown hair.

60. Stylized Curls

Curls are always a great addition to A-line bobs.

61. Simple Parted Bangs and Bob Combo

This parted bangs and bob combo is a fantastic haircut for older women with thin hair.

62. Loose Curls

Looser curls soften out a straight cut while adding volume to hair.

63. Ultra Straight with a Deep Side Part

Keep straight hair from looking limp by teasing it to add volume.

64. Concave Lob

A concave lob adds instant body to thin hair.

65. Shoulder-length Hair with Long Side Bangs

Add more flair to shoulder-length hair with long side bangs.

66. Vintage-inspired Bob

This vintage-inspired bob complements thin hair and de-accentuates a long face shape as well.

67. Layered Pixie with Short Bangs

Short bangs on a layered pixie give thin hair the extra boost it needs.

68. Volume on Top Pixie

Longer bangs add versatility and volume to a pixie cut.

69. Classic Pixie Cut

Take inspiration from fellow thin-haired girl Emma Watson’s classic pixie.

70. Spiked Pixie

Spiking your pixie using some styling gel gives it a more playful vibe.

71. Short on the Sides Pixie

Here’s another flattering pixie cut for thin hair.

72. Extra Shaggy Bob 

Texturize a simple bob by adding shaggy layers to it.

73. Simple Shoulder-length Cut

You can never go wrong with a straight cut on shoulder-length hair.

74. Teased Bob

Tease the back of your bob to give your hair more body.

75. Auburn Waved Lob

Redheads look good with a lob and some accentuating waves.

76. Red and Layered

A layered cut paired with thin bangs also work.

77. A Bold Braid

Go avant-garde with this fashion-forward braid hairstyle.

78. Edgy Shaved Sides and Colorful Bangs

Nobody would notice your thin hair if you go as bold as this punk-inspired look.

79. Long on Top Pixie 

Keep a pixie cut long on the top so you can style it in various ways.

80. Straight-from-the roots Curls

Curl your hair from the roots to the ends to give it more volume.

81. Blunt Bangs and Dusty Pink Hair

Be the cool chick next door with this dusty pink hair and blunt bangs combo.

82. Dark and Simple

Dark hair tends to look thicker even without styling.

83. Avant-Garde Lavender Hair

Experiment with your pixie and grow it out to this fashion-forward hairstyle.

84. Half-curled Lob

Curling from the middle down gives a bob a more laid-back vibe.

85. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Give thin brown hair a little boost with some subtle highlights and waves.

86. Front Hair Twist on Short Pink Hair

Keep hair away from your face with this simple and cute hair twist.

87. Loose Side Braid

Look classy and put-together with this loose and messy side braid.

88. Teased Hair and Full Bangs

Tease your hair a bit to give long straight hair some much-needed body.

89. Light Blue Fade 

Give your pixie cut a little oomph with a splash of faded blue color.

90. Sleek Low Ponytail

A slicked back low ponytail is always a fantastic hairstyle to wear for almost any occasion.

91. Slicked Back Pixie with a Headband

You can fake an updo with pixie short hair by slicking it back and accessorizing with a headband.

92. Bombshell Curls

Volumize thin hair with these bombshell curls.

93. Curled Semi Updo with a Flower Crown

This earthy and fairy-like hairstyle is the perfect one to wear to a garden wedding.

94. Side Part and Waves

Take cues from Olivia Munn’s easy breezy side part and waves look.

95. Side Braid Updo

Be extra chic and try out a braided updo similar to what Lucy Hale has in this red carpet look.

96. Elegant Crown Braid

This crowned updo of Dutch braids is also a great updo style for thin hair.

97. Loose Updo for Formal Occasions 

Avoid slicking back your hair for an updo as it flattens out and emphasizes its thinness.

98. Mushroom Pixie Cut

A mushroom pixie cut complements long faces and hides thin hair by throwing away a hair part altogether.

99. Slicked Back Bob

Tease your hair before slicking it back so it doesn’t look flat on the head.

100. Loose Top Bun and Full Bangs

A loose top bun goes well with long thin hair.

101. Messy and Loose Side Twist

Nothing says boho chic like this extra messy and loose side twist braid. Good news is you don’t need to have thick hair to pull it off.

102. High Bun with Loose Side Pieces

Here’s another bun hairstyle that’ll work for thin hair.

103. Face-framing Curls on a Lob Cut

Curl your hair away from the face to open it up for a vibrant look.

104. High Ponytail with Volume on Top

Wear this high ponytail hairstyle and no one would suspect that you have thin hair.

105. Creative Headpiece

Bring attention away from thin hair and wear a creative headpiece. Just be sure to only wear it to appropriate occasions.

106. Slicked Back Pixie with a Loose Bang

Look badass by slicking back your pixie and leaving a few loose strands of long bangs in the front.

107. Short Bob with Short Bangs

This layered bob on thin dark hair looks great with added short bangs for an adorable look.

108. Straight Shoulder-length Hair

Sometimes you just gotta embrace what you have and wear it down, simple and straight.

109. Messy Lob with Highlights

This messy lob and highlights combo is a fuss-free everyday hairstyle that complements thin hair.

110. Blunt Bangs and Blunt Lob Combo

Up for something severe? Pair blunt bangs and a blunt lob together.

111. Simple Bottom Layers

Bottom layers always work for almost every hair type.

112. Textured Blonde Bob

Texture is a thin-haired girl’s friend. Add some to your hair with wispy waves.

113. Red, Bold and Blunt

We only live once, right? Why not go all out and opt for an asymmetrical cut?

114. Slick Top Knot with Wrap

Look put-together with a slicked-back top knot. Smoothen out loose hairs by combing them with a comb and some hairspray.

115. Thin Curls on Balayage Bob

The balayage color, wispy curls and blunt cut work together to hide thin hair in this hairstyle.

116. Asymmetrical Bob with Front Highlights

Channel early 2000s Victoria Beckham in this iconic angled bob cut.

117. Half Top Knot

Tousle the rest of your hair to make up for the volume you lose when putting up your hair in a top knot.

118. Half Updo and Soft Curls

Be as elegant as fellow thin-haired girl Princess Kate by trying out this half updo and soft curls hairstyle.

119. Long Layers and Balayage

A balayage color is a foolproof way to give dimension to thin hair.

120. Blunt Bangs and Layers

Up for a drastic change? Try out a very short and very blunt fringe.

121. Highlighted and Straight

Sometimes all your hair needs are some highlights.

122.  Jagged Layers on Long Hair

There’s just something sexy about this jagged layered cut on long hair…

123. Long and Sleek

…which you can also clean up for a more refined hairstyle.

124. Jagged Layers on Mid-length Hair

Jagged layers also work well with thin medium length hair.

125. Cascading Waves

Style your layered cut with some loose waves for a softer and more full-bodied look.

126. Smooth and Straight

Keep long hair looking thick from the roots to the ends by opting for a simple straight cut.

127. Spiral Curls

Add volume to your hair with these vintage spiral curls.

128. Bright and Two-Toned

Go out of the box and get some two-tone highlights in bright colors.

129. Layered Bob for Curly Hair

A layered bob is a great choice for thin hair that’s also has a bit of natural curls.

130. Platinum to Purple Ombre

A bold platinum blonde to purple ombre looks fantastic on long straight hair whether thick or thin.

131. Dusty Blue Angled Bob

Boost an angled bob with a splash of dusty blue color.

132. Pink Highlights

Pink highlights always look great with blonde hair.

133. Cute Pixie

Here’s another reincarnation of the classic pixie for thin hair.

134. Pink Pixie 

Make your pixie more fun and unique by dyeing it pink.

135. Cropped Pixie

A cropped pixie cut is a bold look that thin-haired girls should try at least once in their life.

136. Pixie Combover with Shaved Accents

You can go all out starting from a simple pixie to this comb-over and shaved look.

137.  Peach Vintage Curls

Update vintage curls with a bright peach color.

138. Piecey Blonde Lob

A piecey lob is a flattering hairstyle for thin hair.

139. Dirty Blonde Bob

Bobs always manage to make thin hair look thicker regardless of hair color.

140. Blunt Cut with Jagged Curls

Accentuate the bluntness of a haircut while adding volume with jagged curls.

141. Low Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

Look laid-back and stylish with a simple low ponytail and some wispy bangs.

142. Blunt Full Bangs and Textured Layers

Hide thin hair with textured layers on long hair.

143. Face-framing Shaggy Hair

A shorter shag cut also works.

144. Messy and Layered

‘Thicken’ your hair by scrunching it up to add volume.

145. Blunt Blonde

Curling a blunt bob gives it a softer look and adds more body to the hair.

146. Millennial Pink Bob

Look young and fresh with this trendy color.

147. Jagged and Short

Keep your short with jagged layers to fake thick hair.

148. Straight and Layered Bob

Super straight hair works well with a bob.

149. Side-swept and Layered

Look like a supermodel with a side part and some defined layers.

150. Deep Side Part and a Classic Bob

Let’s end the list with another classic bob for thin hair.