91 Awesome hairstyles for Square Faces


We all care about the haircut we have. On one hand, if you’re sporting a special, modern haircut, then people around you will be captured by your image. However, on the other hand, it can also highlight parts of your personality with it. Most of us take care of our hair properly in terms of styling and cutting when we are happy and tend to neglect it when we are sad. Those of you with square faces have an even harder mission to look your best. Fear not! As it follows, you will find everything you need to know about hairstyles for square faces that look amazing regardless of your mood!

Hairstyles for Square Faces – General Considerations

The basics are pretty simple. Ignoring your face shape when choosing a hairstyle is not recommended. This is because there are four basic face shapes, namely square, round, oval and elongated. Unfortunately, the square face shape is considered the most difficult one when it comes to hairstyles.

In this regard, the first thing you can do to get a better idea of how your hair is supposed to look like, is to steal celebrity styles. The second thing is to actually understand what a square face needs and how you can flatter it depending on the length of your hair and other factors.

Understanding the basics

As general considerations, if you have a square face, short or medium haircuts are recommended. Why? Because they give the face a longer look. At the same time, sporting some shiny curls may help you create the effect of a round face. Bob haircuts and their variation are also good options. Anything that has to do with hair must be on the round side so that it can counteract the edgy look of a square face. Short short hair is a no no as it highlights those prominent jaw lines which we are planning to hide.

Medium-length hairstyles and haircuts with natural curls and a little volume, which gently surround the face and which balance the facial features, are best suited for square-faced women. If you know for sure that you are among the square-faced people, then it will be much easier to choose from the fashionable haircuts available in beauty parlors or directly on the internet. The following 90+ hairstyles for square faces ideas are worthy of your consideration as well!

1. Curls that truly make a difference

hairstyles for square faces

2. Carefully cut bangs cover the forehead 

3. Medium long bob with soft waves 

4. Keira Knightley’s celebrity hairstyle with highlights 

5. Blonde medium to long hair

6. Messy short hair does the job 

7. Framing the face with side-swept bangs

8. Side-Swept long hair and waves

9. Not too thick bangs for framing

10.  Angelina Jolie’s hairstyle: long, turbulent waves

Film star Angelina Jolie looks very glamorous with her long, stumbling waves. We love how she wears her warm, chestnut curls loose.

Pixie Cuts for Square Faces

When you are looking for the perfect haircut suited for a square face, your main objective is to choose shapes that tame edgy lines and elongate your figure. Although pixie cuts might make you think of dynamism and energy rather than femininity, they might be exactly what you need.

Two of Hollywood’s most beautiful and admired actresses, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway, can guide you through your journey. Their hair secret is having a messy top that creates the effect of a longer face. In addition, longer bangs swept on a side and shorter on the other side confer charm and refinement to this haircut.

Although she is rather famous for her rebellious spirit not her hair, we prefer to praise Miley Cyrus for her excellent pixie choices. If you are not afraid of anything, follow her example and opt for a similar haircut. It definitely gives the illusion of a longer face, simulating an oval shape.

11. Shoulder length bob for square faces

12. Keira Knightley’s short bob hairstyle

13. Long hair with an ombre touch

14. Soft ombre and thick bangs

15. Messy bob with hair swept in the middle

16. Braids and braiding that adds volume

17. Square face framed by golden locks

18. Short bob with shorter bangs

19. Geometrical haircut with long bangs

20. Hair layered from the chin down

Square Faces Flattered by Bob Hairstyles

One of the most modern and versatile hairstyles at the moment, bob has the ability to perfectly adapt to a square face. It is now safe for you to give up to your smooth and glam hair and opt for a personality haircut. Rosario Dawson for example is often putting her hair half up to create a fake bob. She does that to frame her square face with loose curls around the face.

Although she is renowned for her long and straight hair, Sandra Bullock has made her way with a short, ultra-natural bob that she wore before it became a trend. Thus demonstrating that an Oscar-winning artist anticipates; she doesn’t follow the trends blindly.

As Jessica Stroup, an actress in the American remake of Beverly Hills series demonstrates, an ultra short bob with layers of different lengths has the ability to correct the rectangular shape of the face in an exceptional way.

Is your hair straight and you are not a fan of curls? In this case, today’s permissive hairstyles comprise Keira Knightley’s style, as well as Sandra Bullock’s style. This is because both their haircuts feature longer hair in the front and shorter in the back.

21. Big curls start from ear’s top

22. Long bangs cover part of a square face

23. Jessica Biel sports chocolate bangs

24. Straight hair at shoulder length 

25. From square to triangle with hair

26. Romantic curls and lots of volume

27. Wavy short hair swept on a side

28. Edgy jaw line hidden with hair

29. Opt for a braiding style

30. A bright smile never fails

Square Faces vs. Bangs

Whether or not square faces go well together with bangs is among the most heated debate of the moment. Most stylists say bangs aren’t a square face’s best friends. A middle sweeping is much more recommended because it has an elongation effect, bringing your face as close as possible to an oval shape.

Just look at how good Salmei Hayek’s hair looks like! However, if you get bored fast, then you can adopt Anna Paquin’s. What she does is to sweep her hair from one side to the other from time to time in order to obtain volume. She chooses the inner corner of her eye as a sweeping guide.

Jessica Simpson has another opinion: you have to comb your hair over the head and tie it at the back. The obtained volume from the top is meant to make a square face look longer.

Do you still want bangs bad?

There are also solutions tailored to your face type! The secret of the perfect bang for the square face consists in its length and shape. The ideal length of bangs is above the eyebrows and the ideal shape is round. Find pictures of Nicole Richie and Lea Michele because they adapted bangs for their square face.

Still hard to decide?

If you are still having problems deciding whether or not to get bangs, choose the safe way with longer side bangs. Emma Stone’s hair is an example of how side bangs can distract the attention from her strong chin and highlight her eyes. Olivia Wilde’s feminine look is also an extra reason to choose this option.

31. The right side-sweeping

32. Lea Michele’s hairstyle with curls

Actress and singer Lea Michele looks very entrancing with her long curly hair and fringe. She wears her shiny hair loose with long layers that frame her face. Again, notice how her forehead fringe highlights her eyes – a perfect way to draw attention away from the jawline.

33. Blonde highlights frame the face

34. Face framing with colors

35. Look younger with highlights

36. Long, natural ombre hair for square faces

37. Directing the attention towards the eyes

38. Celebrity with an impeccable hairstyle

39. Keira Knightley’s asymmetrical bob

40. Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle: Simple and sexy

Actress Olivia Wilde looks gorgeous with her long brown curls with ash blonde highlights. Her bangs interrupt the outline of her square face and draws attention to her eyes. We love the ash blond strands that bring out their pale complexion.

Hairstyles for Square Faces: Straight or curly hair?

Again, modern hairstyles tempt you with both shiny, straight hair and soft curls that are full of life. The best choice for your square face are soft waves because they frame it nicely and look feminine.

Rachel McAdams for example, steals our heart not only with her gorgeous strawberry blonde but also with her exquisite curls: it’s one of the most successful hairstyles for square faces. Angelina Jolie on the other hand, has an enviable bone structure: it would be a shame to hide it, and that’s why she opts for a feminine haircut.

As for Minka Kelly and Keira Knightley, they show us that nothing is more beautiful than a long, rich hair with curls that highlight your femininity and take you closer to the oval face ideal.

Unfortunately straight hair isn’t as friendly for square faces as it is with other face shapes. Most of the time, it has a zoom effect that emphasizes even more the rectangular shape of your face. You can’t give up on wearing your hair straight? Then maybe you should follow Gwyneth Paltrow’s example: free your features and rely on naturalness.

41. Warm blonde and big curls

42. Tighter curls with blonde highlights

43. Messy bangs for an overall natural look

44. Neat bob haircut swept on a side

45. High top and long blonde curls

46. Heidi Klum’s square face framed properly

47. Haircut and style on point

48. Edgy jaw soften by curls

49. Sandra Bullock’s hairstyle: Bob with long, round forehead fringe

Actress Sandra Bullock looks very sexy with her long bob with round brow fringe. We love the layers that give her hair texture – good for straight and fine hair that often looks flat. Add a few coppery strands for a warmer look.

50. Layers and blonde hair for Friends starlet 

Pro Tip: Layers Flatter a Square Face

Is there a choice you cannot miss if you have a square-shaped face? The answer is yes because long layered hair has the ability to beautifully accentuate your femininity. Gisele Bundchen for example, is one of the stars who stays loyal to one haircut. Hairstyles like bob or pixie are nothing compared to her big, sexy curls and long layered hair, which are ideal for a square face.

Jennifer Lopez looks just as fabulous with her middle side, delicate layers and usually an amazing ombre. All these factors work together in order to hide the edgy parts of her face. Furthermore, Claire Danes, the actress from Homeland, cancels any kind of inconvenient that comes with a square face by opting for a chin-down layering.

51. Layering from nose down

52. Long, straight hair with volume

53. Angelina Jolie’s hairstyle: Beehive hairstyle with super-long frontal fringe

Angelina Jolie wears a pretty beehive hairstyle with long bangs. We love how she identified two super-long fringes that specifically shape her face and create a milder outline of her face. This hairstyle has a very feminine and elegant touch.

54. Curly hair kept away from the face

55. Curly hair and eyebrow-level fringe

56. Keira Knightley’s medium-long hairstyle

57. Middle parted long blonde hair for Jennifer Lopez

58. Middle parting and big curls

59. Wavy low bun for Keira Knightley

60. Keira Knightley’s short, soft waves

Do You Have a Square Face?

A square face features a pronounced chin and/or jawbone. The forehead is usually wide, the lower jaw on the angular side and the sides almost form a straight line from the forehead to the chin.

An angular chin confers an energetic image full of confidence. Even so, not every woman with these features has a dominant character. Fortunately, they can correct their appearance with soft contours. The more edgy the face is, the softer the contours must be.

61.  Keira Knightley’s hairstyle: Candle straight, angular bob

Actress Keira Knightley rocks a poker-straight, edgy bob with a deep center parting. We love how this hairstyle gives the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face, as the hairstyle softens the edges of her cheekbones. For extra straight hair, use a good straightening iron.

62. Short bob and bangs for face framing

63. Straight, layered hair with fringes

64. Curly hair for an elongation effect

65. Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle: Long and straight with changeable bangs

Actress Olivia Wilde looks adorable with her long hair and changing bangs. She wears her hair loose with a rounded frontal fringe. Round fringes are perfect for square faces because they break the “square” and draw attention to the eyes.

66. Short bob with thick bangs

67. Rihanna with short hair and a mohawk

68. Curls that never fail to soften

69. Selma Hayek’s perfect long and shiny hair

70. Selma Hayek’s soft curls and highlights

71. Blonde hair and a bright face

72. Frizzy medium long hair with bangs

73. Layering works for serious women too

74. Mature face framed with delicate highlights

75. Fabulous hair distract attention through volume

76. Angelina Jolie’s less curled hairdo

77. Reese Witherspoon medium-long wavy hairstyle

78. Very edgy jawline soften with blonde highlights

79. Medium long hair with ombre dye job

80. Cover the forehead and look at the eyes

81. Voluminous locks rounding the face

82. Long front fringe and short bob

83. Keira’s natural hair in contrast with her accentuated eyes

Keira’s style in this picture proves that makeup has a lot to do with face correction as well. It’s important to know what to highlight and what to hide.

Since there must only be one point of interest, then you must choose between eyes and lips. Don’t try to do both because then oval ideal cannot be reached that way.

84. Long fringe that covers the eye

85. Volume added with color

86. Multi-layered thin hair

87. Short short hair doesn’t look bad either

Although not 100% recommended, short hair might look good on certain people with square faces. The renowned actress above has amazing blue eyes that actually match the color of her hair.

88. Casual ombre with soft curls

Cascade hair and curls are the best friends a person with a square face can have. Among all the hairstyles for square faces, it’s impossible not to find one that you like and that is easy to maintain.

All these Hollywood stars make everything look so effortless, but then again you don’t have a team of hairstylists taking care of your hair. However, you don’t have to be discouraged because they tried everything before you did. So, now your only job is to pick what you like from an already checked list.

Stealing celebrity style is easy and it almost guarantees success. Even so, it’s up to you as well to look for professional advice and not try doing ombre alone at home. You can play with soft curls, big curls, blonde highlights and eye makeup to create an optical effect.

After browsing through more than 90 pictures of hairstyles for square faces, you should now know exactly what you’d like and what would look best on you, so why wait? It’s time to look your best while working with what you naturally have.


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