102 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces


Hairstyles have been a significant part of the fashion and beauty industry over the years. Everybody wants a perfect haircut, and a big part of searching for that ideal hairstyle is knowing your face shape. Your facial structure is an essential part of your appearance for sure. You are sure to look like a dream once you get to know your face shape and get a matching hair. In this article, we have some of the most comfortable and most elegant hairstyles for oval faces!

Firstly, you will need to identify your face shape. There are four types of face shapes; round, heart, square and oval shape. Oval face shapes are considered to be the ideal face shape. Experts suggest ways to make any other face shape appear similar to an oval face to make it look perfect. If you are blessed with a face shape as perfect as oval face naturally, you surely are one lucky gal!

How to identify an oval face?

There are many women with multiple questions about how to identify their face shape. If you are trying to figure out the same, here are some ways to know whether you have a round face or not!

  1. Oval face shapes are longer by 1.5 times than they are wider.
  2. Features like rounded cheeks and a narrow jawline are present.
  3. You have forehead wider than their chin.
  4. Rounded chin and larger foreheads are visible.
  5. Imagine an upside-down egg that is similar to an oval face shape!
  6. Your face shape lies somewhere between square and heart shape.

If you have identified your oval face, let’s jump into the hairstyles that suit you the best!

Long Hairstyles for oval faces

Long hair is considered to be flattering and is easier to experiment with as well. If you have long hair, you can pretty much try out any hairstyle. If you have an oval face shape and are looking for hairstyles for long hair, make sure to check out these fantastic hairstyles.

hairstyles for oval faces

Hair color can make a huge difference in the way your hair appears. If you are unsure about coloring take your inspiration from these lovely ladies right here!

This middle-parted long hair has the perfect layers to compliment your style. There are very chic layers, and the hairstyle is ideal for any special occasion too.

Get a messy look and opt for wavy curls and leave them loose. These hairstyles are very famous, and the relaxed look is perfect for a day out!

If you have very long hair, you can opt for a very curly wavy look. It can surely give you a celebrity like an appearance!

Short hair

Short hair can be anything from fun to flirty. You can make your short hair look funky as well as style it for formal events. You can try on these short hairstyles irrespective of your face shape, but these hairstyles were carefully put together to suit the oval face shape in general!

The blonde bob haircut here is trendy. You must’ve seen these type of hairstyles for oval faces being styled with loose curls. If you are searching for inspiration, we have some pictures for you to reference above.

Whether you like curly hair or straight hair, a bob looks excellent in all hair textures. Such short bobs are worn by a lot of women of all ages.

If you desire a hassle-free hairdo that will give you an ever-ready look as soon as you wake up, this is the look to try! You can surely work on this look if you are a no-nonsense hairdo lover. These pictures above are proof that short hair can look both casual and occasion worthy as well.

Try a short side comb-over look. These hairstyles are shorter on the sides, and the hair on top has a bit of length. Check out these looks above to find the one for you!

Halle Berry wears this look with so much elegance. Her very short hair is an epitome of grace and perfection!

The long bob

Bob haircuts are the new rage among women of all ages. They love the new hassle-free hairdo, and we are also a fan for sure. There are many styles of bob haircut, and the long bob is for women who want to keep their hair mid-length and not chop off a lot of lengths away.

Here are some versatile lobs for you to try on. They surely make excellent hairstyles for oval faces.

Long bobs can be styled with some waves and slight curls. Above are some options showcasing the perfection that long bobs give as you style them.

There are many celebs like Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway have worn the long straight bob, and many have copied their style. These lobs look chic and are perfect for a casual, everyday beautiful look.

Colored hair

Colored hair can add a lot of dimension and depth to your hair. These hair colors are some options that you can try on for a unique look.

This reddish-brown coppery hue is perfect for the fall. The color will look great on pale to medium skin tone!

Blonde has been a choice of women for a long time. There are shades of blonde to suit all skin types. All you need is to find your tone and wear it with confidence!

Try a blue hair color and stick out in the crowd! This is undoubtedly a color to look forward to, and many beauty blogger and influencers can be seen wearing this hue on Instagram.

The mix of grey and pink is a new hair color trend that is gaining popularity. Pastel shades are pretty and elegant. Try this unicorn hair color trend for a different look.

Buns and updos

Buns and updos are the perfect hair options to try on special occasions. These are some chic and charming hairstyles for oval faces that work well.

The basic updos above are hairstyles perfect for a bride. You can opt for this look when you want to look distinctive and charming on your big day!

Taylor Swift has worn a lot of updos. This is a very pretty one, and we are surely in love with this one!

A simplistic bun is a choice that works well for any occasion. You can wear this for a day out or for any formal event you have to attend!


Face-framing bangs can create a very well rounded up look. If you have a big forehead, these front bangs are sure to conceal it. You can use these to hide your forehead and look cute as well!

Up top, we have thick bangs that are the outcome of thick hair. You can try these on if you have longer locks and a forehead you want to conceal!

If you have sparse hair, you can wear light bangs. If your bangs are not very dense, they can give off a vibrant and youthful look.

There are multiple ways to style your bangs, but the easiest way is to tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail!

Celebrity hair

We look up to celebrities and try on the look that they come up with. Here we have some excellent hairstyles for oval faces worn by famous celebs!

The side swept bangs worn by Beyonce is an approachable look for others as well. It is not an outrageous look, and so you can wear it too!

Jessica Alba has the girl next door vibe, and the wavy hair here has a look to copy for all.

Amanda Seyfried has this middle parted effortless hairdo that we love. You can recreate this hairstyle at the comfort of your home as well!

Bella Hadid’s short bob with waves is a relaxed hair and is perfect for youths!

Megan Fox and Blake Lively have some effortless hairstyles for oval faces here, and you can surely wear this one to look as good as they do!

Katherine Heigl’s short hair is a style to copy for all women with short curly hair.


Some hairstyles remind us of the days gone by. Here we have some that are sure to make you a bit nostalgic!

Short hairstyles were trendy back in the days. This wedge haircut above is a vintage one for sure!

These looks were very popular back in the day. You could see this looks being sported by the majority of women back then.

Every time a face-framing hairstyle becomes popular, people get very excited. These type of hairstyles for oval faces can look flattering on other facial structures as well.

Multi-layered hair was trendy back in the days. These layers helped thin hair to look more fuller and voluminous!


Having curly hair can be hard to take care of, but they sure are a boon. You can try on these curly hairstyles and enjoy a look that will set others on the path to copy you!

A vibrant and youthful look that can be recreated for any occasion. You can get this short bob with bangs if you have naturally wavy hair.

Tight curls are sometimes overwhelming to style. Leave it to us to find ways to style your locks! This middle-parted hair creates a balance in your hair that can go off with large curls.

Regardless of your hair length, you can look pretty amazing with curls and waves. Try experimenting with tighter and looser curls to create variation and look amazing!

Everyday look

If you need a look to help you look polished and beautiful every day, here are some awesome hairstyles for oval faces as options for you! You are sure to love these natural, effortless looks. They have a relaxed vibe and can be worn every day for a casual look.

The dark chestnut brownish shade looks very flattering. Oval face shapes look good in all haircuts but this one is a must try!

Adding layers to your hair can make it look bouncy and thicker as well. It is a look approved by celebs as well, and you can wear it daily!

A simple look that can be worn to your college as well. This side swept bangs with straight hair is the hairstyle to follow this season.

This is a very alluring hairdo, and we love how it has a simplistic outlook with a sexy vibe. These hairstyles for oval faces can look good on round face shapes as well.

A short haircut can make you look very relaxed and take years away from your face too. You can try this one, and we are sure you will love how playful this looks.

Long hair with slight waves is the rage among many. The color selection is an excellent addition here, and the layers show off well too!

The bob

Bobs are the most natural hairstyles that are making the rounds today. You are going to fall in love with this hassle-free look and others are going to shower you with compliments once you wear this!

A choppy hairstyle that gives a fun and flirty vibe. You can see how the outer layers here compliment the face shape.

Paris Hilton has been a fashion icon for as long as we know. Whatever she wears becomes popular for sure. You can see how she carries off this sleek bob with so much confidence.

You can get the layers you desire to your bob and make yourself feel comfortable.  In the end, it is all about you feeling fabulous in these hairstyles.

Emma Roberts has a very fresh vibrancy to her. Her side swept sleek bob is a look that many have tried on for sure. The dark roots compliment the blonde hair color well, and the look is very well put together. It is neither overdone nor too shabby!

Try soft layers in your bob if you have thin hair. You can get the volume and thickness you want without making it look too big! Such hairstyles are preferred by mature women also!

Numerous celebs have worn this look and are in awe of their perfection. Keira Knightly is also one of those gorgeous women who has tried on this layered bob. Her thick hair looks well sectioned with these layers as well.

Red carpet worthy

There are times when we have glued ourselves to the television and went through the amazing red carpet looks of the celebrities we love?  You can recreate some of these red carpet-worthy hairstyles by your favorite personality at home too!

Here are some red carpet ready hairstyles for oval faces that you.

You are sure to have checked out these celeb looks and loved them. This bob with slight waves and a deep side part is a combination that you are going to get complimented on for sure!

This ponytail is going to take a few minutes to do. This look will save you a lot of time and still make you look well-styled and polished.

The side swept curly hairstyle is a hairdo you will want to copy for your special occasion! Mila Kunis looks stunning in this one!

Add soft curls and leave them on the front of your face to add a feminine touch. You can get this romantic look for a date night as well.

Middle partition

There are numerous ways in which you can part your hair. This is a matter of your choice and comfort. Central partitions are one option out there for sure. Many girls find this one to be a hard one to pull off. Here are some beautiful middle partition ideas to try on for you.

This curly hair of Kate Middleton is so pretty that might make it to your everyday style!

If you have a long length of hair, you can get some soft layered curls in your hair. Part your hair in the middle for a well-balanced look.

An elegant look that you can wear to any event. This is undoubtedly a hairstyle that many will favor.

There are slight waves in both these hairstyles above and below. These waves are perfect for a casual day out for sure. Try this relaxed hairstyle when you feel too lazy to style your locks!

Picture perfect

Everyone wants to look perfect in pictures. Today is a world of social media, and we surely can’t live without posting pictures on our Instagram for sure! There is a lot of work that goes into making models look perfect for photos. But you can look the same with some styling and the correct lighting for sure!

Here we have some exciting hairstyles for oval faces that are picturesque enough to keep you engaged!

A messy look is all the rage right now. There are many hairstyles for oval faces that give off a messy vibe, and this one surely is perfectly imperfect as you like it!

Simply braiding your hair can give you a polished look. If you put on a little effort, you are sure to look charming and photogenic with perfect hair.

Basic layered curls can add so much elegance, and charm to your face. This hairstyle can be worn everyday or for any occasion!


If you like an edge to your hairstyle, you surely have hit the right place here. There are some edgy hairstyles for oval faces that help you look your best while having a wow factor too. Here are some hair inspirations for you if you are on the hunt for a unique look.

With the right makeup and style, you can get yourself an edgy look that makes you stand out in the crowd!

Thin hair

If you have thin hair, you are looking for ways to achieve a thicker mane. Here are some hairstyles for oval faces if you have thin hair.

Try on a short layered hair and get yourself a bigger fuller hair!


Use your hair curler and opt for outward curls to give off a thicker mane vibe. This works best if you have some layers in your hair.

If straight hair is more to your liking, this is surely the one for you! Try the bangs along with this look for a stylish hairdo.


Some hairstyles speak perfection, and we love them. 

Here we have these long wavy hair that is perfect for any day. You can wear this look and remain flawless every day!
If short hair is more to your liking, try these short bob haircuts. There is straight and wavy hair here, and you can try any hair texture you like!


Simplistic hairstyles for oval faces

Oval face shapes are pretty on their own. The features of the shape are to die for! There are many looks that you can try on, and technically all of them will suit you.

If you want to keep things simplistic and look beautiful effortlessly, these hairstyles will suit your need.

This hair is the optimum choice for any special occasion if you want to keep things simple! Jennifer surely knows how to keep things simple and elegant!

You can style your bangs by either keeping it to the side or opting for full frontal bangs like this!

As you go through these articles, you are sure to have found various hairstyles for oval faces that you like. Even though it is believed that all hairstyles suit your face shape, these are the tried and tested ones favored by many. These hairstyles can look amazing on other face shapes too but are the perfect choice for oval shapes for sure.

If this article helped you find your match, give it a big thumbs up! Make sure to share it with others and help them find the hairstyles for oval faces to compliment them. Send us your thoughts through the comments section below and keep showering us with your love and support! We will come up with trendy hairstyles and beauty topics in the days to come so stick with us for all your fashion queries!