102 Best DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair For You


Having long hair is such a struggle. No matter how pretty it may be, it is an unwritten rule that the longer the hair, the more maintenance it requires. Long hair can be hard to style, manage and keep nicely groomed all the time. That is what leads to this idea of hairstyles for long hair

Firstly let’s start with a few hair terminologies:

French Braid: It is this beautiful style of the braid where start with three hairs and you add strands each time you braid. It might look complicated at first, but with a little bit of practice, it is quite easy. Hence why it is the go-to hairstyle for most women.

Dutch Braid: Dutch braids are simple the same of French twist but instead in a  French braid, the hair braid looks like it’s blending with rest of hair, but in a Dutch braid, the braids are protruding.

Chignons: Chignons are the type of hairstyle that suddenly because of number one go-to bride hairstyle for the most hairstylist. By twisting, rolling and wrapping the hairs, they create a beautiful hairdo. It looks very intricate yet detailed, messy yet polished.

Mermaid Braids( Fishtail):  Mermaid braids or fishtail braids are those braids that resemble the look of scales of fish or mermaid. It is such a beautiful hairstyle, suits all length of hair and is a new spin-off to regular braids.

Updo: Updos are any hairstyle that is tied up, and styled accordingly. Updos can consist of the variance of ponytails, buns, and braids.

Half do: Half do the same thing as an updo, the only difference is that in updo it utilizes whole head of hair while in half do, it’s just the top part of the hair that is styled.

Waterfall Braids: Waterfall braids are those braids that look like as if your hair is following. The last strand of the braid is left out to achieve this waterfall look.

Ladder Braids: Ladder braids are when two braids are conjoined with one another yet being two different separate braids.

French Braid to Fishtail Braid

Divide your hair into four sections. Start french braiding each section until it reaches at your ear level, after that tie and then start fishtail braids.

Twisted Side Bun

Since this is a side bun, make a deep side part and start french twisting, if you don’t know how to french twist then take a section where you want to start your twist braid. And grab a little bit of hair gradually from the front as you go along. Do that for both sides. And makes a low side twisted bun.

Simple High Pony Hairstyles For Long Hair

Fresh take to a classic ponytail. Gather all of your hair and then tie it higher up. This hairstyle gives a chic look. You can make this look like as high fashion as you want or laid back cool look.

Messy Chignons

Chignons are twisting and rolling of hair to make this beautiful pattern. It looks very intricate. This kind of hair seems elegant and yet gives so much structure to the style. This hair is best hairstyles for long hair.

Half Mermaid Braid

Half hair updos look great because if you like your hair down, it will keep your hair away from face and still give you the hair down vibes. Gather the top half of your hair and start this beautiful mermaid braid. It looks complicated, but it is as easy as regular braids.

Half Messy Chignons

The best thing about chignons is that they can look elegant and done up, but can also look almost bed hair, messy yet presentable. If half updo for hairstyles for long hair is done by twisting and rolling the strands and the result is this intricate looking design.

Braided Faux Hairband

The faux hairband is an effortless way to style your hair without having to do too much.

Wrapped Around Braid

Make two braids of your style. Take them and wrap it around which almost looks like faux hair band but it seems prettier from rear view too

Twisted High Half Knot

Cute & chic look to give a fun vibe is by making a top half knot. This especially is the best hairstyles for long hair as long hair provides more volume to the topknot.

Low Wrapped Around Mermaid Braid

Make a mermaid braid from one side of your head and wrap around your head. Whereas on the other side, underneath the braided wrap, braid a regular fishtail.

Soft Blowout

Using a blowout technique will smooth your hair and give it a volume and soft curls and waves.

A Deep Side Part

I cannot stress enough how much a parting can change up your whole look. A parting can make your face look at a particular shape and frame it to enhance your natural face shape. A deep side part is so chic and elegant. Its always used for red carpet looks.

Elegant Rose Coil Updo

Grabbing the top of your hair and then making rolls and coils. By doing so, it will resemble the look of roses on top of your hair. Having the rest of your hair in super defined curls to finish this elegant look perfectly.

90’s Huge Brushed-Out Waves

Bringing back the 90’s look, with huge big hair with soft brushed out curls. To achieve these hairstyles for long hair look, curls all of your hair and let it set. After a few minutes of curling your hair, take a big paddle brush or any big brush to brush your curls out. It will loosen the curl and give you lots of volumes. Make sure to prep your hair with serum or anti-frizz before curling your hair.

Fluffy Side Swept Fishtail Braids

Side swept gives an intricate vibe to any hairstyle. It makes it look exquisite and dresses up any hairstyle. Do a standard fishtail side-swept braid and pull out softly to make it fluffy. You are curling your hair before braiding will make it easier to fluff.

Havana Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

For all the African and black race people, this is a very ethnic and authentic hair. It’s a Havana braid which is a new take on dreadlocks and twist braids.

Faux Side Shave 

Aside shave is such a trend nowadays, but committing to cut a side of your hair is a lot. So this look for hairstyles for long hair is perfect as it imitates that side shaved look.

Lace Braids Crisscrossed Plaits

Lace braid is braided that look like it’s connected. It’s an intricate look to pull off. Leave people in awe when you wear this hairstyle.

Elegant Chignons with Side Long Bangs

A chignon is such a classic bridal hair. To pull off this look, side-swept long bangs will correctly frame your face for that perfect photo-ready look.

Half Two French Braids 

Do simple top half french braid. Connect the braids and tie it. To hide the rubber band, wrap a strand of hair around the band.

Wrapped Around Simple, Classic Braids

Need a simple way to keep your hair out of face? A faux braided hairband.

Box Braid

Holy braid. Mother of braids. Box braids are a thicker, cleaner version of dreadlocks. It gives volume yet look done up if you aren’t about that messy life.

Crisscrossed Braided Bun

Imagine a zipper. Now take that effect to a bun. Here you have it, crisscrossed bun look that is such an elegant hairstyles for long hair. Now steal the show mama.

Loose Bed Hair Curl

I woke up like this. Wishful thinking of having perfect hair after you wake up. Well, fake it until you can make it. Just curl your hair messily and randomly to achieve this look.

Layered Flamvoayge

This hairstyles for long hair is such a huge trend right now. It adds volume and textures to the hair to give that fresh look. Having slight waves to this style will help you achieve a girl next door look.

Curly Coily 

What do you do when you have curly hair? EMBRACE AND ENHANCE it ladies. Don’t straight and ruin your perfect curly hair. This is a look where you add texturizing and curl defining products to enhance your natural curls.

Faux Locs

Faux dreadlocks are preferred over dreadlocks because it’s easier to maintain and gives a lot more volume and structure. It makes the hair look done up and not dirty.

Messy Topknot with Messy Bun

Like braids? Like buns? Why not do both. Make a messy bun following with messy mermaid braid. Th

Long Curly Twirly

Twirly is a term for natural tight curly hair. Tight curls can make the look come together nicely.

Big Loose Beachy Waves

One thing you can never go wrong. Loose beachy wave hairstyles for long hair.

Side Swept Rope Band

If french braids aren’t your thing or too complicated, do french twist hairband(also called rope band).

Natural Long Tight Curl

Usually longer your hair, the more weight it holds. So a long hair can sometimes weigh your hair down and look sloppy and dead. So add curls especially tight curls can bring your hair to life. Loose curls will most certainly fall too quickly on that length.

Upside Down Braid with High Pony

Flip your hair upside down and do an upside down the braid. When you reach your crown area, tie a ponytail. A Lil something to make a usual ponytail to look extra.

Upside Down Braid With Topknot

You know that I’m all about that extra life. If upside down braid ponytail wasn’t extra enough then go ahead with a bun.

Half Hair Loops with Fishtail Braids

I always preferred half hair loops over half pony. It gives volume to my hair and looks different. Making two hair loops and doing a fishtail braid is my go-to hairstyle. It takes me 3min maximum and seems as if I spent hours to do.

Pouf Side Low Braided Pony

Mostly worn by Taylor Swift, add a volume at the crown of your hair, braid it to a low ponytail. She made a low ponytail a thing and not a grandmum hair look.

Intricate Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are so mesmerizing to watch. Now multiply that. The longer your hair, the more braids you can make. This look is definitely out of ordinary hairstyles for long hair. But you are living for it.

Signature Ariana Grande High Voluminous Ponytail

An extremely high, tight and slicked ponytail will a lot of extensions used to add that incredible volume of the ponytail. You will always see Ariana Grande in this hairstyle. I mean, with that tightness you scalp will hurt. But beauty is the pain.

Fluffy Twist Braid

Braids are complicated —, especially french braids. Twist braids are comfortable, and it gives a unique look. This is a great stunning option for hairstyles for long hair.

French Braid and Mini Braid Topknot

Make a box braid using large sections and small sections to give a beautiful pattern at the top of your hair. Then make a bun to provide an elegant look.

Yarn Braid

Yarn braids are tiny braids all over your hair. It not only looks good but helps to manage the long hair.

Wrapped Around Braided Foe Hairband

Foe hairband is such an easy way to style long hair. And making small multiple braids wrapped around your hair will give this intricate look to your simple foe hairband.

French Fishtail Braid

After Tom Raider being a hit, Angelina Jolie made the simple french braid a look. Since then its go-to long hairstyles for most girls.

Loose Waves

I don’t there is something about this natural looking curls. A girl next door look is favorite because we all aim to look effortless and naturally pretty. No one goes wrong with a loose wave. It’s a staple long hairstyle look.

Half Ponytail With Messy Waves

Messy waves are fantastic because it doesn’t have to be perfect and takes less time and effort to do it. Adding a half ponytail can make messy hairstyles for long hair pull together and look styled and elegant.

Golden Flamvoayage Feather Cut For Long Hairstyle

Feather cut is so popular as it adds layers to the front of the hair. Which frames your face and it contours your face to make it look chiseled. Curling in those layers will help you hide those baby cheeks and define your jawline.

Braided Classic Messy Bun

The best thing about this hair is that in this long hairstyle, you marry a clean look to a messy look. First, carefully make a neat hairband braid. And when it reaches to your ear level, that’s when you make a messy bun. It’s straightforward and perfect for special occasions.

Messy Curled Twisted Bun

To achieve these hairstyles for long hair, first, curl your hair to give texture. Then grab random sections and twist it and pin it down to make a slight pouf. Then catch the rest of the hair and make a simple messy bun. With a lot of twisting and bobby pins, you’ll be fine.

Ginger Spiral Curls

Spiral curls add some glam to your hair. But having this beautiful ginger hair marrying with spiral curls will look stunning. Especially the red and bronze in the hair will show off the curls even better.

Messy Classic Bun

Buns are hard to do as it needs to look done up and clean and especially doing it on yourself is impossible. We don’t need wrist and arm pain for days. I’m so thankful that messy bun is a thing.

Top Knot With Long Tight Curls

Tight curls are gorgeous. Love the textures it gives. Adding a messy high bun will cutify already cute hairstyles for long hair.

Braided Box Braid

Box braided can still be too much to handle — especially when its humid and hot, and you don’t want the hair to overheat you. Just braid a box hair braid. Pure genius!

Knotted Updo

Amplify your soft waves by making a twisted knot half updo.

Long DreadLock Hair

Dreadlocks have come and gone through the years. It is an evergreen hairstyle that never goes out of style. It is one of the best hairstyles for long hair.

Blowout Tortoishell

Just got out of $150 saloon hairstyles for long hair. It requires a blow dryer and a large round brush to create this blowout look. Also, it’s easy enough to recreate it at home without actually spending so much money.

Twisted Knot Half Updo For Long Hair Style

Make a twist braid and knot it and pin it. Paired with curls, this one of cute hairstyles for long hair to make it look done up yet laid back.

Sombre With See Through Bangs

Adding bands to any hair will make it look so much cuter. Instead of having thick bangs, opt for more of wispy bangs.

Box Braid PonyTail

If box braid isn’t still doing much, spice it up by making a ponytail out of it. You will look like a cool kid that everyone wants to be.

Twist Half Updo

Curl your hair, set it with hairspray. Does it still seem like it’s not enough? Just take two strands that frame your face, pull them back, cross it over one another and pin it.

Box Braid

Box braids are mainly focused on African people and their hair types. If you have long hair of this hair type, this is a very in fashion way to manage your hair.

Wrapped Around Half PonyTail

A smooth look is to make a top half ponytail. And giving attention to the detail. Take a strand from the pony and wrap around the hairband to hide it.

Lose Curls with Braided Hairband Hairstyles For Long Hair

A simple faux hairband look. Braid from each side and wrap around. This will easily dress up any curled hair look.

Messy Loose Twist Braid

Just like french braids, but french twist your hair. Finally, lightly pull out the twist to give volume and secure it with hairsprays.

Tight Big Hair Curls

Take small sections of your hair and curl it using a small dimension curling wand. Do this all over your head; I know there is a lot to do. But trust me, the result is gorgeous. This is a stunning hairstyles for long hair

The braided braid

Taking a messy look to a whole new level. Section your hair into three and braid it. Then braid the three braided hair. Finally, fluff it out my lightly pulling strands without destroying it.

Stranded Braid

Stranded hair is a new revolutionary hair braiding style. It looks like a momma braid and baby braid combine.

Ladder Braid HairBand

For this Hairstyles for long hair, do a ladder hair braids and make a faux hair band. Loosely curl rest of your hair to make it look not bland.

Dutch Braided Space Buns

Adorable and easy space bugs. Braid your hair and do two top knots. You can easily dress this Hairstyles for long hair or down depending on how and what you were feeling.

Messy Loop Braids

Traditional braids are so overused. This is a way to make abraid using loops. It gives a hair fluffy and soft effect to it.

Side Banana Buns

This is one of the easiest and ordinary updos. This is the definition that a simple hairstyle can also make you look classy. You don’t always have to do intricate hairstyles to turn heads.

Braided Poof

Make a faux hair band. Wrap it around a hair pouf. Braid a hair under the hair pouf. This will give it a bohemian look.

French Braid Top Knot

Is space bun not your thing? Well, give this Hairstyles for long hair a chance. Make two French braids and instead of braiding down, combine it and make a top knot — a chic yet adorable look.

Havana Braid

A simple Havana braid is always bomb, especially on afro-like hair. But to spice things up, add stripes of highlights using a very contrasting color.

Heart Loop

This cute looking hairstyle is easier than it seems. Just grab some rubber bands,  take two strands from each side. Tie the first two strands. And then loop the remaining two strands with the first two strands and tie it.

Messy Bohemian Bun

Bohemian is a messy almost gypsy vibe. Messily grab all of your hair and make a bohemian bun. Perfect for a casual summer look.

Long Hairstyle with Fluffy French Braid

If you have long hair, and you aren’t good at styling your hair. This Hairstyles for long hair is perfect for you. Just french braid the top part of your hair. It will keep your hair out of your face and make it look styled.

Big Ribbon Curl Long Hairstyle

A ribbon curl is a hair tidily wrapped around the curling wand. Giving almost a spiral effect. Add a pouf at the crown of your head to add some volume, pin your pouf and secure it. This provides a severe 90s vibe.

Beachy Wave Hairstyles For Long Hair

Let’s bring back the Ullzang look. It means a big crimped hair that makes you look cute and almost animated. Kpop star such as Hyuna made this look famous.

Messy Braided Updo

First, make a messy faux hair crown by braiding it. This messy bun is the perfect hairstyles for long hair, as the length of hair helps to give volume to the hair. This can also be an ideal prom hairstyle.

Mermaid Loose French Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

Rainbow color is funky and can change up the entire look. Making two simple, fresh braids and fluffing it a bit will subdue the funkiness and add a chic, clean look to it.

Messy Fishtail Bun Half-Do

Half fishtail braid can be fashionable. But to take things to the next level, make a messy bun. And make a spiral curl to give a messy yet polished look.

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Half Dutch Braid Updo

Dutch Braid is upside down french braid. So take the hair from your temple to the back of your head. Start dutch braiding halfway. Curl the bottom hair which will give a structure to your hairstyle.

I know that hairstyles for long hairs can sometimes be such a pain. But these hairstyles are pretty straightforward, and you do it yourself at home. Some of the hairstyles are so easy that it can even be done in a few minutes. I hope this article helped you. Good luck.


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