86 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces


Every face shape is unique and will look different in various hairdos. If you have a long face, you surely are looking for ways to break that long feature and make your face a bit more rounded up. If having a long face is your concern, you are in the right place! Choosing a hairstyle correctly can help you minimize the long face effect and look flawless! There are actors and celebs like Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian have oblong facial features but always look gorgeous. There are hairstyles for long faces that can make you look as polished as these celebs!

Nowadays are so many hairdos making rounds on the internet. And you can get a little confused as to which one will suit you the best. It is not possible to try all these hairstyles. But you can surely take your time to choose the one that is flattering to your facial structure. We have carefully compiled styles that can fit anyone from short hair to long hair and all hair textures as well. Here are 86 hairstyles for long faces that you can browse through to find the perfect fit for you!

Shaggy hair

The shaggy hair is well suited for ladies who have a high forehead. The messy and relaxed hairstyle can take length off of your forehead and is perfect if you have shoulder length hair.

hairstyles for long faces Middle parted hair

Keeping layers balances our face well. The partition in the middle helps keep the hair on either side, which creates a well-balanced look. This is one of the universally flattering hairstyles for long faces.

Feather cut

The feathered cut was widely popular back in the day and has managed to stay relevant in many ways till now. The side shaven hairstyle is adding a touch of glamour here, and we love it!

Long Layers

If you have long layers in your hair, this is the one to choose. The middle partition will give you enough hair on either side, and the waves from the layers will frame your face thoroughly.

Side Swept

This is a perfect side swept hairdo that works best for women with long hair. Keep casual waves and place it to the side, and you are ready! This is an excellent hairdo for a glam event.

Shiny hair

If you have healthy shiny hair, then you can pick any hairstyle, and it will look great for sure! The middle part and the waves in this hairdo is sure to please anyone!

Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles for long faces

You can hate her or love her, but you have to agree her hair game is always on point! Kim has worn many perfect hairstyles for long faces, and we love these too.

Her side swept hair steals all the attention and manages to look glamorous even after being so straightforward. The waves here are an excellent detail added to the hairdo and is looking beautiful.
The bangs here are a great way to conceal your forehead. Choosing the right kind of bangs can make your face well rounded and cuts off the long length. Add layers to enhance this look.

Courtney’s hair

Courtney Cox has an oblong face shape, and she managed to look great every time. Her casual curls here add much-needed definition to her face, and the bangs on the sides frame her face well.

Glamorous hair

Try this glamorous hair and be the one to get all the compliments on your next event! This simple yet sultry look can be done at home, and that is why it is so approachable. The blonde here is also adding many dimensions to the hair, and we love this one!

The bangs

The bangs here are a great way to hide your forehead! If you are looking for hairstyles for long faces that also conceals big foreheads, this is the one to choose. Try this if you have shoulder length hair.

The bob

The bob is a great hairstyle that can be worn in so many different ways. The hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and looks beautiful, effortlessly! You can surely amp it up with colors and add waves or keep it straight as you like!

Reese Witherspoon’s style

Reese’s hair has framed her face very well. The deep side-parted hair has added so much body to the whole hairstyle. The blonde hues have made her skin tone stand out in this attire!

Side Braids

This loose side braids are beautiful. You can do this hairstyle at home, and you can wear this for a casual day out. Keep some loose strands at the front to frame your face. Try this one, and you will surely love it.

Messy Bun

This messy bun is approachable and is perfect for a summer day! This relaxed, natural looking hairdo is less time consuming and looks cute as well. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.


Pixie hair

Pixie haircuts are very trendy, and we love this easy hairdo. You can wake up every day and look great without any styling. Pixie cuts are the perfect hairstyles for long faces chosen mostly by women over 40.

Cool braids

The next time you are heading out and want to try on a fresh hairdo, this is the one for you. This hairdo is perfect for ladies with long hair. Try adding extensions if you have thin or short hair. The play of colors here is pretty good too.

Soft waves

Here we have a short bob, and it has slight waves here and there that adds so much texture to the hair. This romantic hairstyle is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Messy curls

Curls look great on anyone, and they add so much texture to the hair. This bold wavy look is perfect for a beach day. The vibrant makeup makes this look even more alluring.

Jennifer’s perfect hair

Jennifer Aniston has been known for her gorgeous hair. She has never had a bad hair day; it seems! Her chic and elegant hairdos are very approachable. Try this one if you are looking to be merely trendy!

Nina’s long hair

Nina Dobrev’s long locks gave us primary hair goals. This is one of her curly hair looks that we adore. If you want a trendy hairstyle for an event, you should give this one a try!

Sexy hair

Going out on a date? This is the perfect sexy, bold look that you should try. The streaks of darker and light hair colors add dimensions to the hair. There are slight waves here, and they are one of the perfect hairstyles for long faces.

The lob

The lob here styled with slight waves is not only easy to maintain but is also very chic and stylish. You can wear this one to any event and can transition from casual to formal very easily.

Sleek hair

Keep your hair smooth and straight, and look stunning. This is an elegant hairdo and has a youthful vibe to it as well. Here are two options for short to shoulder length of hair that you can choose from.

Dakota’s short hair

Dakota Johnson’s short bob is eye-catching. The play of colors is admirable, and we surely want to recreate it! You can surely wear this every day and look as stunning as Dakota herself!


Sarah Jessica Parker has sported many hairstyles for long faces. Her oblong face shape looks well balanced with this side bangs. Give this hairstyle a try for a casual hairdo.

Voluminous waves

There is so much volume in this hairdo. Waves and layers help make perfect hairstyles for long faces. The bangs here are framing the forehead, and the textures added by the waves look fabulous.

Ombre hair

Ombre wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles for long faces. You can add slight bangs on the front if you have a prominent forehead that you don’t want to highlight. If you have lengthy hair, you will surely love this one!

Angled Bob

Angled bobs are classy and trendy choice of hairstyles for long faces. You can wear this hairstyle for any event, and it will look great! Make your choice of colors to make this angular bob pop out even more.

Middle parted bangs

Adding fringes to your hair can make any hairstyle look youthful and vibrant. Add a partition to the hair on the bangs, and you can achieve a well-balanced look. This will help create a well proportioned facial effect.



Add ringlets to the front bangs, and your simple updo will transform into an elegant one.

Long Bangs

Ombre hair looks great on anyone no matter what. But if you are looking for hairstyles for long faces, try this look with long bangs. You will look adorable in this hairdo for sure.


There are many glamorous hairstyles for long faces, but this one is our favorite. This is a striking hairdo with stunning side bangs. This look will surely make you look like a supermodel.

Straight cuts

If you have single length straight hair cut with no layers, this is the most suitable hairstyle for you! These bangs here frame your forehead well, and the sleek hair is also gorgeous.

Bold curls

One word that describes this hairdo is striking. This is one of the many charming hairstyles for long faces, and we surely do recommend this one for anyone with a longer length of hair.

Tight curls

Try some tight curls on your short hair and achieve this beautiful hairstyle in a matter of minutes. This look has a soft, romantic side to it and we love the wavy side bangs here too.


This is one adorable hairstyle that works well if you have medium hair length. Try this ruffled and messy hairstyle pinned at the back and look cute.

 Strong cut

The sharp lines here at the base looks fierce. The waves here look beautiful, and the middle partition makes this one of the perfect hairstyles for long faces. This blonde hair color is also gorgeous.

Flowy hairdo

This is a soft flowy hairstyle, and we love how effortless and relaxed it is. Try this hairdo if you want to add width to your face.


This simple middle-parted hair is just simple yet elegant. The soft layers and the hair partition makes this the right choice if you have a long face.

Back in time

This hairstyle takes us back in time. This vintage hairdo is taking the attention away from the extended facial features and is a glamorous one for sure.

Adele’s bob

Adele looks fresh and beautiful with this hairdo, and you can imitate the singer and look as charming as she does!

The Royal look

Kate Middleton keeps her hairstyles simple and manages to look polished and pretty as always. Her slight waves and the middle-parted hair is the perfect combination.

Hailey’s half up pony

Thus half up pony is very casual and can be worn for a day out when you have a lot of errands to run and to a glam event as well!

Medium length

Ladies, if you have a medium length of hair, this one is for you. You can get this layered hair cut and manage to style it without much effort every day!

Razor cut

Many stylists term this hairdo as the perfect hairstyles for long faces. The bright hues give it that edge, and it surely adds a lot of texture to the hair. You will surely be astounded by how effectively it can take away the length of the face.

Thin hair

If you have a thin hair an oblong face, this is one of the most glamorous hairstyles for long faces that you can opt for. The curls add texture, and the bangs take the length from the forehead.


Long hair

If you are blessed with long healthy hair, there are many hairstyles that you can try on! You can use your hair to frame your face and create perfect hairstyles for long faces.

This waves with a side part look are widespread and still manages to look different on everyone!

This is an everyday look, and the ruffled hair is for those days when you don’t care for looking extra polished.

This is another ruffled up hairstyle that has a sexy, glamorous vibe to it. Try this one, and we are sure you will love the ease that comes with it.

Keep your hair on a side with a clean side partition and add waves to make this look feminine and pretty.

There is a lot of hair texture here, and the long bangs frame the face well.

Make things spicy and youthful by adding fringes on the hairdo, and you will love it.

Use a hair curler and add these waves to your hair and look polished.

Megan fox’s waves

She looks gorgeous no matter what she does, but her hair in this hairdo is merely elegant and romantic. We adore the big curls here and the way they have been put together!


Add layers to your long hair and break the monotony. Add layers carefully since they can make you look droopy and dull too. Here is some layered hairdo that you can take inspiration from.

Layers start at the base here, and we love the wavy details.

The layers here start from the base of the neck and looks flowy and well merged.

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This flowy bob has so many layers, and it looks beautiful.

Glam and elegant

This is one hairstyle that is always fashionable. Opt for this when you have a glamorous event to attend to. This is a classic hairdo, and we are sure you will love it.

The long bob

If lob hairdos are the ones you want, here is a collection of them for you to choose from.

This is a stunning hairstyle with the bold choice of colors.

Here are some dark brownish hues for you to get inspired by.

Try a lavender hair color and stand out in the crowd!

Here are some ruffled up messy lobs for that lazy day. You can style your hair by keeping them straight or curling them in slight waves.

Bang on!

The bangs here steal the show, and we love this look. They can take away from the fact that your facial structure is long.

Short hair

If you have short hair, you are going to love these beautiful hairstyles. These fun and flirty looks are sure to make you look young and vibrant every day.

 The Fringes

This is a unique hairdo, and we inevitably find this one captivating. The sleek hairstyle has fringes with sharp edges, and the inwardly curled hair looks fabulous too.


Amanda Seyfried has this wavy hair that is perfect for a first date. Her soft, romantic look is looking great on her, and this is an excellent choice for ladies with medium to an extended length of hair.

Angelina’s style

Angelina Jolie carried off this half-up look very well, and she sure looks like a goddess here. Try this curled look and grab the attention of everyone anywhere you go!

Thin hair

This messy look is well suited for you if you have thin, beautiful hair. Try this one and follow the messy hair trend.

Sandra’s locks

The beautiful Sandra Bullocks styles her hair in a side part and angles bangs, and we love this on her.

Angled Bob

Angled bobs are very trendy and have been a choice of many women over the past years. Here are some angled bob hairstyles for long faces that you can pick from.

The ash blonde here looks great and in sync with the darker roots. It is a sweet hairdo, and a must try!

This is a longer bob, and the waves here add a lot of texture and dimension to the hair.


Medium hair length

If your hair lies somewhere between too long and too short, you have a medium length of hair! Try these hairstyles if you are looking for a change.

This look is subtle and simple. The waves are beautiful and have a very romantic vibe.

The middle part here with sharp cuts at the base makes this a casual hairdo with an edge.


This look here is very captivating. We love how the dark and light hair works here. The bangs are curled outwards, and the rest of the hair is also in waves. You can try this one, especially if you have thin hair.

Loose beach waves

This is a very summery hairdo perfect for a day out. This casual hairdo has loose beachy waves and has a very relaxed vibe to it.

Side parted waves

The side partition here with classic waves makes this a beautiful hairdo. The highlights here are gorgeous. If you want a bit of length, but still desire a short hair, this is the optimum choice for you.

Long face waves

Here we have gentle waves and twists, and we love the way this hairdo frames the face. This is one of the best hairstyles for long faces, and these bouncy, voluminous waves have us swooning over them!

When choosing a hairstyle, one should keep the facial structure and hair length. Adding bangs to the hair can reduce your face length. You can add curls and waves to make your face look broader and not emphasize the more extended facial structure. You can choose hues to create dimensions in your hair. If you have long hair, you should avoid adding excessive volume too.

We are sure you have found the perfect match of hairstyle for you. These beautiful hairstyles for long faces have been carefully compiled to match the needs of women with all hair textures and length. If you liked our effort, so comment down below to let us know and share this article with your friends and family as well. Do stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles!