102 Trendsetting Grey Hair Ideas of the Season You Need to Try!


We are no longer living in the days when you needed to dye your hair as soon as you saw some grey hair peeking through your locks. You can now enjoy grey hues naturally and look trendy too! One of the most significant hair trends right now has been dyeing your hair in tinges of grey and silver. So embrace the natural hair that is fading through as you age!

Nowadays, we have seen out Instagram flooding with pictures that showcase beautiful shades of grey on all hair lengths. Women of all ages are experimenting with this bold hair color and trying on hair coloring trends. When combined with ombre and balayage hair trends, these hair colors seem to leave an everlasting impression on everyone!

Grey hair was once very affectionately called grandma’s hair and but now the times have certainly changed. It can make you look angelic and also give you an edge. It all depends on the way you style your hair.  You will find a lot of option here, and we are sure we will find the vibe you are going for in these hairstyles!

Aspects to consider before going grey

  1. Make sure you choose a hue that flatters your skin tone the best
  2. The process can be time-consuming and may damage your hair
  3. You will need to visit your salon frequently for touch-ups
  4. Make sure you use a toner to make sure your hair color doesn’t fade away
  5. You need to switch to a sulfate free shampoo too
  6. Do not try coloring back at home; seek professional help!

Here are some extraordinary grey colored hairstyles to inspire you!

The Glasses with Grey hair

Adding an accessory to your look can make it pop out and make it look glamorous and different. These round glasses here really amplifies the hair color and gives off a simplistic vibe. The middle-parted hair can be braided in multiple ways, but the simple three strand braid here keeps things grounded. The small baby hair on the sides has also been left untamed to give it a natural look.


grey hairBraided Knot Styles

Braided knots are a hard one to recreate. These knots are very mysterious to look at and have a very chic vibe to it. The best thing is they you can find a lot of tutorials online that you can learn from. This one is a must try!

You can wear these braided looks on any special occasion, and we are sure you will be showered with compliments. Here we have darker roots that fade into a light silver greyish hair. The blend of these colors is perfect for creating depth and dimension in any hairstyle.

Ombre hair

Ombre hair is a slow transitioning hair color trend. The darker natural hair slowly matches the lighter shade on the lower sections of hair. One of the most significant hair trends that seem to have taken over the world is this one for sure.

The blend of grey and dark roots can be a great choice for you. Here we have some options for you with all hair lengths and textures as well. Try this hair trend today and join the club!

Shades of colors

There are a plethora of colors that we would love to try on once in our lives. The clever way to try them on faster is by incorporating some of these hues with the current hairstyle you have on!

These rose gold shades work well with the blonde, silver hair.

Try on a lot of hair colors and stay trendy and sporty!

If you are a fan of golden streaks on your hair, this combination with grey tinges are perfect for you!

Bluish Grey hair has to be one of the boldest hair color options out there. There are light to bold tinges of blue hair in these hairstyles that we adore!

Brownish blonde hair will be a never go out of style. These colors can work well for pale to warm skin tones as well.

Knotted Hairstyles

Knotted hairstyles are a rage among youngsters and teenagers. These hairstyles will take you a matter of minutes to do and have a very cool vibe to them. You can see that these knots look different from the way you style them.

There are varied colors and textures you can get to keep these knots fun. You can either pin these down and style them or opt for a half up and half down hairstyle. You can wear them for a day out with your friends or casually at home!

Blunt Bob

Bobs are one of the most sought after looks of our generation. The bob was made famous by a lot of celebs and influencers and sure gained a lot of love from everyone. These hairstyles have a boss like a tough vibe to it.

You can opt for a lot of bob styles, and here we have one very casual option for you. The blunt bob is one bold choice for you to explore and you can tie them up when you feel a bit annoyed as well!


This hairstyle right here has a very mysterious gothic vibe. The dark hues here merge well with the plain straight white, silver hair. This is the one to choose if you are a fan of goth fashion.

If you have never tried this shade of grey hair before, you are missing out on a lot of fun! Visit your nearest hair salon and get them done today to look edgy!

Neutral grey

Once you get on to doing your research about these grey hair options, you will find that there are a lot of shades and intensity of colors you can choose from. These shade range can be used to match any skin tone and make wearers look more flattering.

The neutral grey shade has been going viral in the social media sites as well. These can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to try on the grey hair trend and have very pale skin.

Mid-length curls

Grey hues work for all hair lengths. If you are somewhere between the longer length of hair and very short hair, you can also try on this hair color without a doubt. You can even cut your hair in to shoulder length.

Grey hair was thought to be a color of natural aging and was associated with being old. Thus many women opted for a girly and feminine mid-length haircut to break the image. There is a youthful and carefree vibe attached to these hairstyles below, and you are surely going to love them!

Bang on!

If you have a high forehead or are just looking for ways to conceal and hide your fine lines and forehead wrinkles, bangs are the haircut choice for you. They are very handy in making these flaws disappear. You can add bangs to your grey locks and make them look as lively and youthful as your personality!

Here we have some full frontal bangs for you to choose from. These bangs can go as low as you like or as small as you like. These bangs work well with any hairstyle that you opt for yourself. You can make them as glamorous as you want them to be.

Classic Lob

There is no doubt that Bob was one of the most significant hairstyle trends of 2018. Stylists and fashion critics alike fell in love with this hairstyle, and many celebs were seen wearing this look on the streets as well as the red carpet!

A longer version of this hairstyle is called lob. The lob is an excellent choice of hairstyle for anyone unsure about trying on too short of a hair length. Here are some classic lob hairstyles all styled in different ways to fit everyone!

Long locks

When you have long hair, there are many hairstyling opportunities for sure. If you have long hair, you can try on various hairstyles and decide to cut them up or let them grow further on as well! You can fake bangs and even short hair with some manipulations of your long hair.

If you have long hair and are wondering how grey hues will look on you, here are some long hair of different hair textures like straight and wavy hair for you to check out. You can also check out the hair partitions here and try the one you are most comfortable with!

Tapered ends

Short hair with layers can have a very full appearance. You must have seen women with their locks tapered on the back. The fact that the hair is grey here makes all the difference.

The addition of waves has added the needed texture to this short hairstyle, and the final results are outstanding! The base color here is dark black and that further accentuates the shine and luster of the grey tones on top!

Hair extensions

We surely understand that it can be a difficult choice to try on grey hair and other hairstyles option along with it. In case you do not like the results, it can just be a waste of energy, money and time for you. And the disappointment is hard to deal with too.

Thus we have an option for all those ladies who want to get themselves the perks of grey hues but are not so sure. You can get yourself some hair extensions of the texture you want. Here are some gorgeous hair extensions that you can get and save yourself some money and the damage!

Dark silver

Dark silver hues here are giving us a stone cold vibe. These hair hues are beautiful and surely a stylish one to try. They are grey shades that incline a bit more to the black side. The hair has a natural appearance and has been worn by many women over the years.

You can see why this shade has been loved by pale skin tones. The depth of the hues is enough to make you want to try them on!

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut can be identified by the shorter sides and back. The hair on top is longer usually. These haircuts are the choice of numerous women of all ages. This haircut has been a rage among many, and it seems like celebs cannot get enough of this look.

Here are some graceful pixie cuts that we found very alluring. You can try these haircuts with grey hues as well, and these pictures are sure to entice you!

Grey Hair/ Silver Hair

Grey hair can also be called silver hair. This hair color reflects the light very well, and the shine is very inviting too. These hair color shades can be customized by a professional hairdresser to match your skin tone too.

Choosing a hair color that flatters you the most can be tricky. You can look at a skin tone chart that is readily available on the internet to find the perfect match for you!

Pulled back

There are days when you cannot handle the hassles of having your hair interfere with your face anymore. For those days, you need to choose a hairstyle that can keep all the locks away and make you look presentable as well.

An effortless way to do this is by getting your hair all in a bun. If you want a trendy option, set your eyes on the first look right here. This is a very glamorous look and has been seen worn by models and celebs on fashion events.

Black and Silver

The combination of dark and light makes the perfect contrast. The hair color is evident in these looks. You can see how the play of dark and light hues are easy on the eyes and flattering to the face.

Black and silver hair is one of the hottest hair trends and has been seen being worn by Kylie Jenner and other celebs as well. You can opt for darker roots with the rest on silver hair. Or you can go for a mixture of both to create a balanced look.

Grey Hair Dye

As you age, your locks will slowly transform into a light silver. These were once considered to be a sign of aging but now it has been a viral hair trend. There are many women today who have embraced this natural phenomenon, and they sure do look great.

As more and more women try on their locks and avoid dyeing their hair, the grey hair trend is seen raging on the side too!


Buns are those two-minute hairstyles that we all love. These buns are classic hairstyles that save us time and make us look well put together as well. They are easy to do, and there are varied options of buns styles that you can try on too.
Here we have options of buns with grey hair right here that you are sure to love! These can be the next style you try for yourself for a day out!


Highlighting your hair with a shade or two lighter colors have been in trend for long. Firstly because they add dimension to your hair. Secondly, they have been worn by many celebs and influencers and we cannot get enough of them.

Likewise, we have also seen the covers of fashion magazines covered with silver-grey highlights. These events have made the highlighting trend a big hit. There are many women who have tried on this look in recent times.


Straightened sleek hair is not only fashionable but is also very pleasing to look at. There are times when we have found ourselves looking at our social media feed and desiring such hair too. You can also try on this sleek hairstyle but matching it to your skin tones is equally important also!

Here are some sleek hair options for you to navigate through and try on this season!

Short Hair

Short hair is hassle-free low maintenance haircuts. There are so many ways that one can style short hair. Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna alike have worn this short hair for instance, and we are a huge fan of their looks!

You can also try on short hair especially if you are thinking to try on the grey hair trend. It goes on very well with short hair, and the length can also be customized as per your liking!


Who doesn’t like to look glamorous? There are days when you want to look extra special and getting your glam on is a must for some occasion! Every woman wants to look sexy and be admired for her looks. Your hair and makeup are a big part of your look.

Here are some very stylish grey hues ideas with very glamorous styling and makeup. These will surely come in handy when you have an event or a date to get ready for!

Lavender shades with grey

Lilac to lavender hair has been working well with grey shades for a long time. You can see how these shades match each other and look so well merged. Here we have some lavender tones that you are surely going to love.

Once you choose a tint as bold as grey, you might as well opt for something a bit more daring like these lavender lilac and pastel pinks. Getting these shades will make you look different too.


Grey hair can be very stylish and trendy at times, but they need not always look so glamorous. You can make them look casual and chic too. You can get your hair colored and then tone your style down for days when you want to look relaxed and natural.

If you are opting for a casual and free-flowing outlook, choose these grey hairstyles as below. You can part your hair on any side you desire and let your natural texture show through them!


Curls and ringlets are the looks to go for when you want to look unique and beautiful. These curls can be achieved with some curling iron and straighteners. If you have tried curling your hair before, you know that they look great on any occasion.

Here are some textured hair with waves and grey hues that you can try on the next time you want to look special. They instantly add a feminine touch to the whole look.

Celeb Grey Hair

When celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna try on some hairstyles, they inspire a lot of people to try on these looks. You can see how they carry off this grey color with so much style.

The shade of grey can be adjusted in hue and intensity to match you, and so you can also get your hair to look as pretty and well put together like these celebs.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde shades look great on anyone. You can see how the hints of ash blonde make anyone look more polished and beautiful. These hues are sure to make you look out of this world. Get ready to be showered with compliments once you try this one on!

Short Bangs

Short bangs are a different hairstyle for sure. You may have seen these short bangs being sported by many ladies and the short, textured bangs are very stylish and versatile. The best thing about them is they look great in any hairstyle!

Braids with Grey hair

Braids can be the perfect addition to your locks if you want a quick and easy fix to your hair. These braided hairstyles are some of our favorites and are high on our recommendation list too!

Hair Goals

There are hairstyles out there that give us major hair goals, and we want to get them for ourselves too. Here are some hairstyles that are giving us an envious feeling.

The fashion and beauty industry is always bringing out new hair trends and things to try on. With time we have seen even the most favored hair trends fade away. But that has not been the case for grey hair. The craze for this style has been growing as more and more celebs try on this hairstyle. You can also try these on and feel amazing this season! So make the choice today!


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