102 Fun and Elegant Graduation Hairstyles That You Will Love!


There are moments in our life that we want to cherish forever. The graduation day is undoubtedly one of those moments. You earned this day, and it feels great now that all the hardship has paid off. You want to look flawless for that day, and there are countless graduation hairstyles that you can choose from to complete your look.

These hairstyles look good even under your graduation hat. You are inevitably going to look your best for your special day! Here are a few ideas that we have compiled together to help you navigate through these hairdos and find the one that suits your preference. The gathered styles have something for all hair length, texture, and color so you will find the one for you here!

Here are some fun and elegant graduation hairstyles for you to get inspired by!

Simple Waves

If you have tried wavy hair before, you know how elegant they can look. Just with the help of a straightener or a curling wand, you can get a look that makes you appear fresh and youthful! Adding waves to your locks are the easiest hairstyle option that one can opt for. No matter what haircut you have, you can take sections of your hair and add texture to them in a matter of minutes.

You can wear them under your hat, and still, they will have that flawless, feminine effect that lasts all day! These waves have been a look preferred by a lot of celebrities like Bella Thorne and Sarah Hayland. Just add enough volume on top so that your hair doesn’t look too flat when you throw your hat in the air!

Hair Ornaments

Adding a piece of unique hair jewelry can uplift your hairstyle. Your graduation day is special and so adding a beautiful hair ornament will make it more special! You will instantly feel better as you wear anything with a bit of bling on your hair. You can opt for any hairstyle and add that hint of glam to your look by adding accessories.

These accessories look good underneath any hairstyle. Create basic wavy hair or opt for an elegant braided hair. Just add a hairpin with rhinestones and a beautiful design. These looks not only work for your graduation day but can also be worn to other special occasions like a wedding.

If you are trying to make your locks appear elegant and graceful like never before, try one of these looks that we have listed down below!

Curls all the way

Curls are a classic hairstyle for sure. There is no way that you can look bad in curls. They are a lifesaver for those days when you are unsure about any particular style but need to look polished. Curls are the go-to look to finish off any hairstyle. They instantly add a touch of grace and elegance to a look.

You can opt for a full hair of curls or add other elements to it. For example, you can add braids to your hair and get the waves only on the base. Add a beautiful hair piece if you are not so keen on braiding. If you want to keep things plain and simple, part your hair onto a side, you are comfortable with and curl your hair.

Curls can be the most appropriate choice among graduation hairstyles. You are going to look perfect in every picture after you get your hair done for the day. Here are some graduation hairstyles with curls to inspire you!

Braided Hairdos

Braids are the most comfortable choice when it comes to graduation hairstyles. Braids are one of the first hairstyles that we learn to do on our own, and it seems almost unbelievable how they can be added to any hairstyle to make them look gorgeous. We will surely never be suggesting that you try on only a braid without any edge to it! If you need to look perfect, you must add an element of flair to your hair!

There are many ways that you can wear these braids. Create a simple pair of twisted hair on the back by taking a few strands of your front hair and braid the rest. This forms a very elegant hairdo. You can also go for a fresher youthful look by creating a crown style braid and pin it at the back adding some colorful hairpins.

If none of these styles appeal to you, create braids from the front section of your hair and pin it on the other side. You can tug on any braided hairstyle and make it look fluffier and thicker. The bonus is surely that you can create a fuller look and also keep your stray hair away from the face!

Natural hair

Your natural hair is the best look for you. You do not need to conceal what you are to look perfect. Many graduation hairstyles work well for natural locks. Simply create a twist and turn or try some other hairstyle on your original hair and embrace it with grace and confidence. Doing so is surely going to set you aside from everyone else!

Here are a few ideas for you that are surely going to make you fall in love with your natural locks. A braided hair tied at the back is a simple yet well put together look. If you have very curly hair, create some sections on the sides (temples) above your ears. Braid these sections and leave the rest of the hair freely. These looks will surely be one of the best graduation hairstyles ever!

The twist and tie

If you are more of a simplistic person who hates following a thousand steps to look great, these will be the perfect graduation hairstyles for you. A twist is effortless to do, and there are no complicated steps here that might confuse you. People who look at this hairstyle are sure to admire the effort you put into this look.

If you have a long length of hair, create a few sections at the top and twist them. Secure the twisted hair at the back and braid the rest till you reach the end. You can tug on the sides of your braids and create a loose, thick braid. Or opt for an easier option. Just twist the sides of the hair and secure it at the back. You can curl the rest to add some finesse to the look.


Do you have a shoulder length hair? You may be looking at what hairstyle to try on for your graduation day. If you have yet to find the best option for you, here are a few graduation hairstyles for mid length hair that you may find helpful.

Try gathering all your hair in a bunch and creating a chic bun out of it. Braid the sections on the sides of the hair and add it to your bun. To make things more fun and festive, add some flowers to your bun. These flowers act as the perfect accessory and add flair to your basic bun hairdo.

Opt for a more simpler look and just add slight textures to your hair by using a curling wand. These textures are basic and a perfect option for girls who want to keep things to a minimum.



Updos are also graduation hairstyles that are the epitome of elegance and grace. These are perfect to fulfill your fairytale fantasy too. There are varied options of styling these updos so you have a lot of choices. There are elements that you can add to your updo to make it look pretty sleek as you want it to!

You can take some hair out in the front to frame your face while wearing these updo graduation hairstyles. The idea is to arrange your hair in a way that it looks elegant and sophisticated. If you are not a fan of the hair dangling on the front, you can surely opt for hairdos with all your hair pinned back!

You can include braids into your updos. These braids can be styled with some hairpins and fancy ornaments. There are thousands of braided hairstyles to choose from for your hair. The simplest option is to braid your hair and place them in an upward fashion before pinning them in place. Here we have included beautifully braided updos for you and for those who are not so keen on trying braids, we have the non-braided updos as well!

Colors game

The vibrant pop of colors are not only amazing to look at but are also going to make excellent hairstyles for any occasion. They act as a fashion statement on their own. Here the blue hues are giving us major hair goals. The darker roots merge with the colors well and the angled cut looks very sharp and neat.

You can style your colored hair in any fashion. They look good when straightened and give off a sleek pretty vibe too. If you want you can add a few wavy curls to the whole hair to add texture as well. No matter what style you opt for, the color of your hair will surely be a hero of the look.


Half up

Many youngsters are very fond of the half up half down hairstyles. You must have seen many hairstyles of this design gaining popularity nowadays. These half up hairdos make the perfect graduation hairstyles. They surely make the hair look longer too!

Usually, there is a puff on the crown of these hairstyles that make the hair look thicker too. You can create different versions of the half up hairdo to suit your needs. If you desire a hairstyle that is girly and youthful, this is an excellent choice!

Red carpet hair

Celebs are always looking so good on red carpet event with their hair and costumes paired perfectly. You can gather some ideas from these ravishing red carpet looks and create some graduation hairstyles for you and your best friend!

Here we have some beautiful loose hair and buns with bangs as well. Choose from these options and look like your favorite celeb!

Side Swept look

Side swept graduation hairstyles are trendy, and we are sure you have seen many of them being worn by your seniors or fellow peers. If you are looking for hairstyles that have that hint of glamour and elegance to them, try some of these sides swept hairdos!


The easiest way to get ready and stay comfortable all day long is opting for a bun hairdo. They are simple and easy to do, and there are many options that you can do on yourself. You can check out some tutorials online to learn how to do them better!

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids can be a bit tricky to learn in the beginning for sure. But once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do them in a couple of minutes. They are like French braids where you add on hair segments on to you braid but at the end will give you a waterfall like illusion at the back. Your hair you leave down will cascade and look great in waves.

These braids are very mysterious to look at too! You can amplify the appearance of this hairstyle by adding hairpins and other accessories as you please. If you do not know how to do it, you can surely use the internet for there are millions of tutorials about these waterfall braids for graduation hairstyles!

Simple is Better

Not everyone is a fan of extravagant hairdos. If you prefer keeping things plain and simple, there are plenty of options for you! Make sure you get some curls in your hair and give it a bit of texture. Then you can add some braids on top and create simple graduation hairstyles.

Here are some celebrities like Ariana Grande and Sarah Hayland keeping things stylish and minimalistic at the same time. These celebs have worn these looks so well, and you can try on these easy styles too!

Short wavy hair

If you have short shoulder length hair, then this is the best option for you. The waves will be the best style for you, and it takes only a couple of minutes to do especially if you are used to curling irons! Here are some short wavy hair ideas if you are still unsure about how they will look.

Deep side part

Deep side partition is a great option to create a good transition in your hair. If you have thick hair, try a deep side part to create a balanced look. You will get some extra volume at the top of your hair, and it makes it easier to manage as well. Building a side part like this is going to add flair to your hair and make your hair look thicker and healthier!

Getting a deep side part instantly draws attention to the arch of your brows. You will surely notice that the eyebrows here are very exaggerated with the partition. Your makeup looks so much better and on point too!

This is the reason that many runway models and celebs are seen favoring this look. Wear this on your graduation, and your makeup will look extra glamorous!

That Volume!

Everyone wants to add volume to the hair. Hairstyles with tons of volume look great and are pleasing for a lot of women. You can add volume to your hair by adding hair extensions if you have thin hair. You can add layers to your hair as well to create an appearance of thicker locks.

If you want to choose an option easier than everything else, you can opt for waves and curls. Big curls automatically make the hair appear voluminous. Here is some thick, long hair with some beautiful big waves that are perfect graduation hairstyles. You can surely add simple extensions if you aren’t not experienced with creating waves!

The crown braids

How many times have you seen a crown style braid and wished you could recreate it for an event. These braids are very easy to do and have been worn by influencers and celebs alike. Such hairstyles are gaining a lot of popularity over the years. The reason we call this the crown braids is that these braids are placed on top of the head like a crown. These graduation hairstyles are surely going to make you feel like a queen!

You can try this look no matter what length of hair you have. These braids enhance your look and add a touch of sophistication too. You can choose any braid styles as you like for this look. Fishtail braids and rope braids also look awesome with this hairstyle. Here we have options with regular three strand braids here.


Hair Goals

Many hairstyles are making their appearance in our Instagram feed and making us feel envious. These hairstyles are sure to give you major hair goals. They are everything from sleek and shiny to wavy and elegant. We surely feel envious as we scroll through these picture-perfect hairstyles.

You will need long locks to be able to try these hairstyles for your graduation day. There are options ranging from straight here to a curly hair with a fun bow on top here. You can get a fierce look from the sleek hair or enjoy the feminine vibes if you try on the curly hair.

You are going to make everyone feel a bit envious of your hair if you try one of these graduation hairstyles on. They do need a significant amount of time to do, but the results are a treat for the eyes!

Middle parted hair

You can part your hair in so many versatile ways. You can try on different partitions in your hair to change up your look. Wearing the same partition can make you feel a bit dull. You can make things abit more fun and make sure you try on the varied options of hair partition.

You can opt for a side part or a deep side part too. But one of the most flattering ways to part your hair is the middle part. Sectioning your hair to create equal sections in the head can make you look well balanced and change your look as well.

The layers can chisel your face out too and is a perfect hairstyle for round face shapes. They conceal the sides of your face and give you a slimming effect.

Flower designs

Buns are fun and hassle-free hairstyle loved by many. Adding flowery designs to your buns are what will take it to the next level and make it one of the best graduation hairstyles. You can create these designs in your hair, and you will look stunning all day long. You can make the designs here as intricate and delicate as possible to add finesse to the hair.

There is no limit on how many flowery designs you can create. You can make multiple flowers on your hair; make sure you secure it in place with some numerous and tight bobby pins so that they do not fall out.  You can leave your hair freely after creating this design or tie the rest of the hair up into a neat bun.


Your graduation day is a day you will look back at for sure and will be counted as one of the most beautiful days of your life. So do put an effort to look your best. Make sure you choose a look that suits you and makes you feel comfortable as well. You need to wear this hairstyle for a whole day so do not opt for a hairstyle you are not happy in.

With this, we are wrapping up this article. We sure hope you found some ideas about graduation hairstyles you were looking for. Do share this article with your friends who are interested in finding a hairstyle for themselves too. Make sure you give us your precious feedback in the comments section below. We sure appreciate your words. Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and more!