80 Cool Ways to Rock the Goddess Braids Hairstyle


Whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or not, goddesses made an impact to culture, tradition, fashion, beauty, and even hairstyles. A great thing, goddess braids will give you an ethereal, feminine, and romantic look perfect for all occasions. If you wish to channel your inner goddess with your look, keep on reading for the cool ways to rock the goddess braids hairstyle.

What Are Goddess Braids?

Do you know that the traditional goddess braids date back to as early as 500 B.C? If you’re familiar with cornrows, goddess braids are a thicker version of them. Typically, goddess braids are braided closely to your scalp with a straight or curvy design. Most of the time, getting goddess braids will require some hair extensions, which will make your braids a bit bigger or even oversized than typical cornrows.

However, since hair extensions are added to your cornrows, you have to make your parts uniform or symmetrical as it will affect the outcome of your goddess braids. A great thing, goddess braids will work whether you’ve got natural, straight, or relaxed hair.

Do you know that goddess braids are a protective hairstyle too? Yes, it can make your everyday look glamorous while keeping your hair protected from heat styling tools. Just like any other protective hairstyles, goddess braids are perfect if you’re growing out your shorter hair or transitioning from a straightened to natural hair. A great thing, goddess braids are versatile that you can experiment with different styles and make it work for your personality and fashion taste.

What Makes Goddess Braids Different from French Braids and Ghana Braids?

While goddess braids start by looping the hair extension around your natural hair from the roots, feed in braids have a typical cornrow at the front and the hairstyle gradually turns into thick braids at the back. On the contrary, goddess braids have a thick braid from the start. However, the feed in braids look more natural than goddess braids because the hairstyle shows your roots instead of hair extensions.

More than that, the braiding technique used in goddess braids and feed in braids is different. Remember, goddess braids starts by adding hair extensions to your braiding hair from the start. On the other hand, feed-in braids start with your natural hair before adding the hair extensions gradually. Yes, the hair extension in feed in braids only appears later that will give the hairstyle a thin to thick look.

Do you know that French braids and goddess braids are similar? But the only difference is the number of strands you make when you do braids. You’ll still use the standard braiding method of three strands, but when it comes to the braided strands, you can only do one or two French braids, but you’ll be able to get two, three, or more braided strands in goddess braids.

Do you know that Ghana braids are also known as banana braids because of their thick appearance? While you can style your goddess braids in thin or thick braided strands, Ghana braids will always look large and oversized.

What Makes Goddess Braids a Protective Hairstyle?

For women with a naturally curly hair, fixing and styling their hair on a daily basis, not to mention washing and shampooing them regularly, using heat styling tools like blow dryer and flat iron to tame the strands, and spending hours sitting on a styling chair will be challenging. If you’re a woman with a naturally curly hair, you need to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated.

Do you know that goddess braids are perfect for women with a naturally curly hair? If you’re growing out chemically relaxed hair, goddess braids are perfect for you. The hairstyle will actually let you go on with your life stylishly. Also, do you know that goddess braids can protect your hair breakage and shedding?

A good protective hairstyle will make your daily looks more low maintenance, especially goddess braids that can last more than a week. With a protective hairstyle, you don’t have to think or put too much effort on styling your hair since it’s already styled, which makes it perfect for women on the go. Goddess braids can also help to protect your hair during the cold winter and hot summer months.

A great thing, goddess braids are gentle on your hair while keeping them stylish and cool. It will be great for women who are maintaining their hair length and wish to lessen breakage and stress on the roots. Compared to finer box braids and micro braids, goddess braids do not dry your hair out, so it will be just fine to make it last up to six weeks.

Fortunately, goddess braids are easy to maintain, but still, you need to take care of your hair to keep them healthy, clean, and moisturized. Or else, your hair will be susceptible to frizzy strands and split ends. More than that, you don’t have to worry about traction alopecia or other tension issues since size of the braids won’t strain your roots too much compared to micro braids.

All you need to do is to know how many braided strands will look great on your goddess braids hairstyle, along with your face shape and personality. Thankfully, you don’t have to use heat styling tools to straighten your hair when making goddess braids. If you wish for three braid strands, you have to part your hair into two sections, and go for one part if you wish to make two braids.

However, you still need a fresh and stretched hair so the process of braiding will be seamless. Don’t fret as a hair cream and wide toothcomb or hair brush will come handy. Most women use a hair oil, hair serum, hair gel or even hairspray to get a seamless base. Just know which goddess braid looks will be perfect for you and you’ll be able to rock it stylishly.

How to Do Goddess Braids on Your Own

  1. Prepare your hair and your hair styling tools.

As with all protective styles, you need to make sure your natural hair is clean, healthy, and moisturized. A clarifying shampoo is great for cleaning your hair, especially if it’s not color-treated. Do you know that after the deep conditioning treatment your natural hair will be stretched, making it the perfect base for your goddess braids?

Most of the time, you’ll need hair extensions according to your hair type, hair brush or wide toothed comb for detangling your hair, a rat tail comb for sleeker parting, hair clips for sectioning your parts, hair gel for extra hold, and boiling water to secure your hair ends. To prepare your hair for braiding, use a hair brush or wide toothed comb that will detangle knots from your hair, making the braiding process effortless. If you have naturally curly or even kinky hair, straighten your hair to make your hairstyle look polished and neat.

  1. Decide how many braided strands your goddess braids will have.

It will be easier if you’ll divide your hair in rows, starting from your hairline to your nape. However, the number of partings you’ll need will depend on how many braided strands you’ll have. Most of the time, you’ll need one part of you’ll go for two braided strands, two parts for three braided strands and such.

Remember, you should start with a stretched, moisturized hair. Simply use the rat tail comb for a sleeker parting since your part will define how polished and neat your goddess braids will be. The handle of the rat tail comb is great for separating thin, vertical parts on your hair. Then, secure the divisions with a hair pin so make your hair easier to grab.

Since you’ll use the hair extension first, have them ready so you can easily reach for them when needed. Before starting on the braiding process, prepare your hairstyling tools along with hair accessories, especially hair rings and ribbons just in case you’ll like to use them for your goddess braids.

  1. Install your hair extension into the braiding hair.

Most of the time the kanekalon hair extension is used to create goddess braids. Some hairstylists recommend tugging the ends of the hair extension to thin them without compromising length. Also, it will make your goddess braids look more natural and realistic.

Depending on how thick or think you want your goddess braids to be, get strands of hair extensions that you’ll want to add to your natural hair. Most of the time, you can section them into three equal parts so you’ll have enough hair extension for the rest of your look. Remember, goddess braids are made by incorporating hair extensions from your roots.

However, you need to be careful of your edges or roots since many women suffered from traction alopecia because of hair extensions installed improperly. Even though you should braid your hair tightly to keep your braids neat and avoid unraveling, you still should not go too tightly. After all, the tighter your braids won’t mean that the longer they will last.

So, put the hair extensions near the hairline, at the center where you’re going to start braiding. All you need is to loop the hair extension around the roots of your natural hair. Then, mix your hair extensions with your natural hair by braiding your hair. It’s up to you whether you like to use hair gel, hair oil, hair cream, or even hair serum to tame down your hair while braiding.

Some women prefer to French braid their hair while adding the hair extensions. Regardless of the braiding method you’ll use, you have to keep your stitches tight but not too tight. If you still got some hair extension to use, but can’t do the French braid, you can finish off the look with a typical braid. Depending on your hair length and thickness, you’ll be able to use more than half of hair extension pack per braid.

If you want to create a goddess crown braid, the process is basically the same, but in this look, you’ll have a beautiful Dutch braid or milkmaid braids on the top of your head. Most of the time, you’ll need a deep side part on one side of your head.

When it comes to the crown braid, you have to cross your strands under, not over. The hair extension will be introduced to your braiding hair to make it look fuller and more voluminous. According to experts, it will look better if you’ll keep your crown braid close to the edges.

  1. Seal your braids for the final look.

Once you already installed all the hair extension you need and braided your hair till the ends, simply dip the end of your hair into the boiling water to seal it. If you want to be more creative, think of decorative hair clips, hair pins, colorful hair elastics and even hair rings that can seal the ends of your hair, giving your goddess braids a more stylish look. If you like, you may even wrap a silk scarf on your goddess braids that will double up as an accessory and cover to protect your hairstyle.

Things to Know When Seeking a Professional to Do Your Goddess Braids

You can do your own hair to save some cash, but if you’re not a fond of trial and error process, especially if you’re not an expert on styling your own hair, you can always resort to good salons and stylists to do your goddess braids. Before booking your appointment, make sure you already discussed the type of hair extension you’ll use, the final look of your braids and such with your hairstylist.

Do you know that it is best to bring some pictures to show your hairstylists the look you want, along with the looks you don’t like? Also, don’t expect that the braiding process will be shorter, since the procedure will still need the typical wash and conditioning before doing the actual braids. Also, the time it will take to finish your braids will vary, depending on the number of strands and style you want for your goddess braids.

Also, if you’re just get your hair relaxed or straighten, don’t go for goddess braids too soon. According to experts, the chemicals in your hair relaxer caused your natural hair to stretch, affecting the ph balance of your hair. Getting goddess braids too soon will only put some stress to your hair. If you really want to get some goddess braids, wait up to nine weeks.

Since the stylist will handle your hair, let her know if the braiding process hurts, so you won’t suffer with tight braids. Regardless of the ratio or size of your goddess braids, your hairstyle shouldn’t be uncomfortable, heavy, or too tight. A great thing, your hairstylist will be able to give you good ideas on styling your goddess braids whether you like a modern, edgy, or ethereal look.

How to Take Care of Your Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a good protective hairstyle, but you still need to take care of your hair while it is in braids. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your hair clean and moisturized, but don’t overdo it on washing or conditioning your hair. Also, you must make sure to wash your hair thoroughly so you’ll avoid product buildup, which can affect your hair growth.

You may think of moisturizing your hair with a hair oil, hair serum, or hair cream to keep them healthy and strong. When using hair conditioner, make sure you wash them thoroughly, but be careful not to touch your braids too harshly that will only mess up the look. If you like, you may even think of a dry shampoo to freshen up your braids in between washes.

Apart from it, avoid getting your braids too weighed down by the water since it will cause some tension to your roots. If you like, you can simply wash a section of your braids one at a time, and blot them instead of letting them dry naturally.

According to hair experts, the goddess braids are a bit thicker than micro braids and standard box braids. They might not give too much tension to your roots, but your hair still needs extra care when having this hairstyle.

If you like, you may even think of using your toner or astringent when cleaning your hair, but avoid applying it to your hair as most formulations of astringents have high alcohol content, which can dry your hair. To make the process easier, use a cotton bud instead of your fingers, so you can apply the astringent evenly and remove the dirt from your scalp.

To avoid messing up your braids when sleeping, you can wrap your hair with a silk or satin hair scarf. If you like, you may even sleep in a silk or satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one, since it will lessen the friction against the pillow, making your goddess braids last longer.

However, you still need to do some hair regimen to keep your hair healthy. Think of hair creams or even olive oil to moisturize your hair, taking vitamins like B-complex and biotin for hair production, drinking more than eight glasses of water a day, along with eating plenty of lean protein. After all, our hair is made up of different types of proteins, and eating sufficient protein in your diet will help to increase your hair growth.

Where to Wear Your Goddess Braids?

Goddess braids are stylish at the same time versatile as you can make them look romantic, edgy, ethereal, trendy, modern and such. You can make your goddess braids elegant for weddings or formal occasions, or make them look trendy and hip on your weekend looks. If you want a Greek-goddess inspired hairstyle, think of getting some crown with your braids.

Do you know that goddess braids are also an effortless look for weddings? Don’t fret as you don’t need to have a garden or Greek mythology inspired wedding just to rock the look. Goddess braids are perfect for women with straight, wavy, curly, and even kinky hair, and the way of styling it are endless.

If you wish to get a Greek-goddess inspired look, you may actually keep your braids at the top. This hairstyle is great if you want to keep your hair away from your face. Just gather your hair on the top and braid them creating a crown. If you like, you may even wear your straight, wavy hair down while having your goddess braids on the crown. Yes, this look will also channel your fierce look fit for a queen.

Do you know that a goddess braid bun has a good staying power? You’ll just have some thick braids around your head, but you’ll have the ends into a rounded bun. You may also experiment with your bun style goddess braids. Think of angled bun, asymmetrical bun, dramatic bun, elaborate bun, side buns and such. If you like, you can even go for a sweet-heart-shaped bun that looks a bit quirky yet feminine.

It may be challenging to keep your braids neat and sleek, but you’ll be able to do it with little practice. You may actually start braiding one side and sculpt your braided hair into slanting shape. After all, buns and goddess braids go perfectly together.

If you wish to channel some carefree vibe to your looks, think of mixing goddess braids with bohemian braids. It will look great on you whether you like it to be in a halo shape, ponytail, and such. A glamorous high ponytail is also great for formal occasion. You may go for a regal look or opt for a creative twisted design that flows into ethereal goddess braids.

To make the goddess braids perfect for the weekends, you can wrap it in a sporty bun, or even a loose high bun. According to hair stylists, you can simply tease the sides of your goddess braids to add some effortless feel to your look. If you’re a big fan of ponytail, simply pull your goddess braids up or down in a ponytail that will give an effortlessly chic vibe.

Some women prefer to have curvy, zigzag, spiral, or even S-shape partings that will make the goddess braids more creative. However, you must know that it’s the parting that makes the goddess braids unique. Some goddess braids have an S-shape curve around the head from front to back or from left to right.

To make your goddess braids more creative, you may even think of twisting it at the back, add some hair accessories, and making your hairstyle a bit unexpected. To lessen the frizz, think of hair oil or hair serum that will also moisturize your hair. After all, goddess braids were a symbol of culture, art, and creativity.

Do you know that you can also play around with different sized goddess braids? You may also get colorful with hair extensions, or with your natural hair while donning the goddess braid trend. Yes, you’re free to experiment with unconventional designs, colors, textures, and even partings that will make your hairstyle more personal and unique.

How Long Do Goddess Braids Last

Like any protective hairstyle, goddess braids can last up to six weeks especially if you take care of them. Most of the time, tight but not too tight braids last longer. A great thing, goddess braids are one of the easier protective hairstyles compared to micro braids and box braids, and they are easier to maintain too. However, you shouldn’t wear them for more than six weeks at it can damage your natural hair.

According to hair experts, eleven weeks is the longest time you’ll be able to rock your goddess braids. However, this only applies if you take care of your hair by keeping them moisturized, hydrated, and healthy. If you’ll extend your goddess braids for more than eleven weeks, then you’ll damage your hair.

Also, don’t wear the same goddess braid hairstyle every time so your hair won’t have tension on the same spots. According to hair experts, you can have a month or more to give your hair a break from protective hairstyles.

How to Remove Goddess Braids

Thankfully, Goddess braids are easier to remove over more intricate cornrows and micro braids. But to make the detangling process easier, you may use a hair conditioner to loosen your strands. Most of the time, you can trim the ends of your hair extension a few inches up, but not too close to your natural hair.

Don’t rush the process of removing your braids. It’s better to start removing the braids slowly from bottom to up. Conditioner usually gives some slip to your tightly braided hair, and it will help reduce breakage and tension on your roots. This way, the installed hair extensions will come out easier.

Unfortunately, you’ll expect to have lots of hair shedding. But don’t fret as hair fall is just a natural. According to experts, we normally lose more than one hundred hair strands a day, and if you wore your goddess braids for more than a week, expect to see lots of shed hairs.

Goddess braids have a history of their own and are now being spotted everywhere. Indeed, goddess braids are not just a creative hairstyle, but the perfect means to express your individuality and style.


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