98 Stunning Ghana Braids You Need to Try in 2020!


Ghana braids are a form of twists mostly found in African countries. They are stylish and detailed and are as fierce as a fashion choice t. They also tend to look great and yet are extremely easy to do. The finished product requires a particular skill to do. They are unlike the regular braids, and it requires a unique technique of braiding. In Ghana braids, there is an addition of hair into a single cornrow. Women of all ages wear Ghana braids, and it can look cute as well as fierce according to the way you style it.

Different names are attached with these Ghana braids. For example, some call it Cherokee cornrow others call it banana cornrow. Some famous names for these braids are Invisible cornrow, Ghana cornrow and finally, even pencil braids. Regardless of the name, they can be done in various patterns and combinations.  The combinations make it bigger or smaller in size as well. These braids are mostly done on long hair; they can look good in a short length of hair also. They can be styled in numerous ways, and each variation has its charm and beauty. Here are 98 beautiful Ghana braids ideas for you to choose from for yourself.

Unique Ghana braids:

This braid is a very unique and different hairstyle. The central weave and the twists on either side that are in perfect sync makes this a very desirable hairstyle.

ghana braids


There are thick and thin chunks of hair braids on this hairdo, and it looks so stunning. Further, there are waves of baby hair on the front too. There are thick and skinny braids on this Ghana braids, and we love it!


This hairstyle is a perfect one for your beach day. Do it on your vacation and enjoy freely without the hassle of doing your hair each day. These braids hairdo will protect your hair and help it grow too.


If you have hair that is not long or thick to do the Ghana braids, then you can use extensions to do this look. Use colorful hair extension for a fun look.
Sexy form of Ghana braids:

This cornrow hairstyle is just the definition of bold and sexy! The detailed bun and braids look amazing and are very fashionable as well.


The details on this hairstyle are just so amazing. We love this tied upbraids look, and ridges that are formed are so unique and stylish. In fact, you can this look for an event where you need to stand out!


Golden streaks:

We adore this hairstyle. The bulky on top braids transition into smaller finer braids as you reach the base and we love the details on this hairdo.

Gold highlights:

We love the golden touch on this hairstyle. The volume on the top of this hairdo is very admirable. Moreover, the streaks of golden hair make this oh so beautiful.


This Ghana braid hairstyle is our very favorite. The bulky ponytail looks very stylish and is very easy to wear for a day out. Try this ponytail with a twist to get all the attention every day.

Ghana braids with a Puff:

This puffed braid is very alluring. There are brown and blonde streaks of hair on this hairstyle, and this look is very well balanced in terms of colors.

Bulky ponytail:

This bulky braided ponytail is perfect for teenagers. It is very relaxed and fun and is ideal for short hair. These jumbo braids have added so much volume to the pony.

Neat and spicy:

These extra large bulky braids have been put together so neatly. This look has been made spicy by adding multiple small twists between these jumbo braids.

Zig Zag:

This hairstyle is very eye-catching. The curved details are immaculate, and the braids are in excellent sync with each section, and it looks stunning.

Zigzag 2.0:

You can easily create such patterns on the sides for some fun element if you don’t want to have it entirely on your hair.

Twisted Ghana braids:

This hairstyle requires you to choose a center for your braids. In addition to that, you need to start twisting the braids to achieve this look. This look is lovely from every angle.

Lustrous blonde:

This swirly hairstyle is one of our favorites. The shiny and glossy blonde hair has added many dimensions to this hairstyle too. Three bulky braids have smaller twists in between for added definition.

Long hair:

This long hair is perfect for the braids. Also, these braids look amazing on her and will look great on medium to the longer length of hair.


The center of the hair has been highlighted in this hairstyle, and it looks fantastic. You can start this braid from the center and start small. You can make the twists bulkier and more prominent as you move down.


There are so many sections on this hairdo. We can see the combination between big bulky and smaller hair braids, and it looks very stylish.


Ghana braids are not only an awesome hairstyle but also are versatile. This bun look has been created from braids, and these braids are very bulky and big. This has added so much volume to this look and is perfect for any event.

Smaller braids:

These smaller braids have been carefully placed together and finally, tied into a high ponytail. There are many details on this ponytail, and it looks very young and fun.

Hair bands:

Some bands have been used on this hairstyle to add detail and dimension to the look. There are multiple uses of colorful bands, and they add a stylish touch to the hairdo.

Brownish red:

This hairstyle with cornrows that later meet into a low ponytail is a cool hairstyle. The reddish-brown hair color adds a glamorous touch to this hairstyle, and we adore it.

Here is another variation for the brownish red hair color.

Brown and red:

Here is a perfectly balanced hair color that looks very stunning. It has red hues and a light brown shade that goes well together. As a result, it makes this a must-try look for all!


Stand out in the crowd by going for bright blue hair color. The bulky braids look great with the blue hair color. This is a very different look because of the use of unique hair color. Another way to wear this bold shade of blue. Keep the roots of the hair naturally black and get blue hues in the bottom.


Make a crown with your bulky sleek braids and enjoy this romantic look. This is perfect and very appropriate for any formal event. Use subtle makeup to let the hairstyle stand out.

Jumbo cornrows:

This hairstyle had jumbo cornrows styled with twists. There are small detailed braids in this look, and it has added so much flair to the whole look.

The red hues:

If you have dark hair naturally, then color your hair in red shades to get this beautiful hair color. You will stand out in the crowd with this hairstyle. Try it this season and steal everyone’s glances.

The intensity of the red color is ravishing and eye-catching.

Tucked in:

The hairstyle has more delicate smaller sections of braids that are working well with the big bulkier parts of twists. The smaller hair sections are braided very well, and it looks great.


There are so much smaller detailed braids in the sides of this hairstyle, and it gives a very bold and daring appeal to the look. There are bulkier braids placed on the top which goes well with the side braids.


Want to wake up looking perfect? Then this is the ideal look for you. The braids have been done from the top of the head, and it has added hair jewelry that adds bling to the hairdo.

Up top:

The braids here are one of the best so far. There are alterations between thick and smaller braids of hair, and it turns into a  sleek bun up top. You can make the bun with as thick or as thin braids as you like.


This combination of big and smaller braids have made this look perfect. Do your makeup as you like to accentuate this look and take it to the next level.


Most of the times we see that braids are styles with buns or ponytails, but here is a variation we adore. The twists have been left to fall naturally, and it looks very liberating.

On the front:

Here is a messy example of the Ghana braids. This is perfect for thin hair and will look great with some styling.

Brown and black:

This braid looks very natural with the hues of dark black and dark brown shades. These braids cover up the whole head, and it is perfect for big thick hair.

You can go for different colors on alternative strands or have the colors mixed in the same strand. Jumbo hair:

This is a very contrasting hairdo. The big bulky braid placed on either side of the head is neat. There are smaller braids from both sides that join into the big braids.

The pair:

This is a very well put together hairstyle. You can easily sport this great hairdo for an effortless everyday look. We have some ideas here for you to decide what kind of paired braids you would prefer. The braids can be either joined together at the back or separated and styled from the front.


The twists in this hairstyle are very alluring. The medium width of hair sections is twisted very tightly. The top has been put together into a bun as well.

Fine hair:

There are multiple strands of hair with braids on this hairstyle. The light brown color looks great with this beautiful braids and is a very detailed look.

Black and white:

Thick strands of hair have been well styled here, and the contrast between black and white helps this hairstyle to stand out.


This stunning hairstyle is adorable, and we are very obsessed with it. Try this very prevalent hairdo this season, and we are sure you will love it.

Side partition:

The side partition her is the base for the braids to form. Here is a perfect example of a fashionable and simple hairstyle.

From the back:

This hairstyle starts from the base of the head, and it looks fantastic. This is a unique hairstyle, and the mix of bulky and thin braids make this look a must try.

Pulled back:

This braided hairstyle is finished in an elegant and chic fashion. The thinner hair braids add so much definition to the look, and the bottom half is covered in brown shades of hair color that makes it very a tempting hairdo.

Red hues:

It can bring out the features and skin tones when you wear it. Here are some inspirations for you to try on red hair color and braids.

Here is an exciting blend of colors that strikes the eyes most beautifully. We love this fusion of red and blonde and the alternation between them.
Dark brown:

The twisted braids here are excellent, and we love it. The dark brown shade is another element that we love about this hairstyle. This look is perfect for any formal event.
The other way to use brown shades in the hairstyle is to have a few strands of hair colored in your favorite shade of brown. The braids later turn into a high ponytail.

Bulky Bun:

This is a very stylish hair trend and has been worn by so many in their Instagram posts. We encourage all to try this bulky bun hairdo. We suggest you attempt this hairdo and share your look with us.

Bands and beads:

This elegant hairstyle with brown hair bands and beads on the bottom is beautiful. The combined use of accessories makes this hairstyle very fashionable.


Blonde has always been a trendy hair color. You can go for any hues of blonde and adjust the intensity according to your liking to achieve a customized look. Here are some inspirations for you, ranging from ash blonde to a darker yellowish blonde.

Fine :

These beautiful cornrows have been styles by braiding them in an angle, and the results are outstanding. It looks great on the long thick hair, and you can surely add extensions to create this look if you have thin hair.

Thick braids:

There are multiple thick sections in this hairstyle, and it turns into a thick bulky braid. This look gives a powerful appeal, and we adore it!


This hairstyle is perfect for anyone with short to medium hair. You don’t need to have thick hair to do this hairstyle. Style it in a pony or make a bun for a more put together look.

 Flat twist updos:

Flat twist updos have been making the rounds in the fashion industry nowadays. Many Instagram models have worn this hairstyle, and we also recommend this look to you.


This look is beautiful and is a must try for all women who want a different comfortable look to wear every day. We are sure you will look gorgeous in this sleek, neat hairdo.

Thicker buns:

Don’t you love the majestic big bulky bun on top? These buns here are significant and have so much volume. This is a perfect way to manage long voluminous hair. Wearing it into a bun makes it very manageable and comfortable to wear. This is a very chic low bun that looks very romantic. The low bun has a different charm.

These Ghana braids have segments in them that make it look very graceful. The hues of brown in this hairdo make this up top braided bun a beautiful choice.

Girly :

This hairstyle has braids on the front that makes this very girly and graceful. There are beautiful details on the front that gives it a very artistic appeal.

Sandra Finn braids:

Sandra Finn has created multiple looks, and they have been very well received. This is one of the iconic Sandra Finn looks that we adore.

Casual Ghana braids:

This Ghana braid is styled in an approachable fashion. It has small details throughout, and it gives a very relaxed, carefree vibe. Here are some images showing how you can wear these braids casually.

The roots:

The roots of these Ghana braids have colored in blonde, and that adds a spacious illusion to the whole look. We love the way the blonde transcends into black. The combination is worth trying.

Reddish burgundy hair:

This reddish burgundy color pops out with the thick Ghana braids. The up top ponytail looks very stylish, and we are in awe of this hairdo.

Similarly, here is another inspiration for you to try ghana braids with red burgundy hair.

Braided updo:

This braided updo has placed so much emphasis on the top section. This is one daring hairdo that we have fallen in love with. There is so much you can do with this hairstyle, and it makes it so much better.


These thick ghana braids have added so much detail to this simple ponytail, and we love the final result. The hair accessories have added so much flair to the whole look.

Full on:

Get this full head of braids and rock the long hair look with your attitude. This long hair look is very captivating, and the best thing is it is protecting your roots too!

Easy Ghana braids:

This look is one of our favorites. It looks effortless and secure, and we love the simplistic vibes. These Ghana braids are perfect for a casual everyday look. In addition to being simple, they are also elegant!

Get inspired:

If you’re looking for the perfect Ghana braids to suit your style, we have you covered. Here are some fun inspirational ideas that you can show your hairstylist.

You can tie your ghana braids up or style it with some hair jewelry.

If you want an even more chilled outlook, just freely leave your Ghana braids. This is perfect for a casual day out with friends.

The best thing about these braids is the fierce vibe that it gives. It not only looks great from every angle but also makes you feel fresh!

The Kardashians:

The Kardashians have a great fashion sense and make every look stylish and desirable. The Kardashian sisters tried the Ghana braids in their ways, and they both look great.

The detail:

Any look escalated to the next level when there are little details on them. That’s why we adore this right look hair. These small details make this Ghana braids oh so desirable.

Side swept:

These Ghana braids are so well styled. The voluminous braids have been kept to the sides as a result, it adds an elegance to the look. And we love how casual yet stylish it looks.

Seductive Braids:

This seductive look is very tempting. This look has the slightest hint of burgundy shades, and again, we love the way it has this captivating appeal. This is perfect for every day, glam look.


Ghana braids are not only great to look at but also have a protective element to it. These are one of the most popular ways of wearing braids and have been gaining immense popularity because of its protective benefits too. One of the primary reasons why we recommend this hairstyle is because of the convenience it offers. We are sure these will be your next go-to style this season. If done right, they will last for months without scuffing.

If you don’t want to wake up every day and go through the hassles of choosing a hairstyle and creating them, then opt for these Ghana braids. Furthermore, there are many elements to this hairstyle. You can add colors and styles as you desire and make this braid your own. Above all, we hope that you have found the perfect hairstyle for you to recreate this season. Thank us for these fun and protective hairstyle ideas later when compliments are showering your way!


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