Don’t Miss These Amazing 101 Gel Nails Perfect For All Occasions


They say that you can’t be a girl without trying out different manicure styles. While there a lot of designs out there that you can consider, getting the best one for you might be tough.

One of the most popular nail arts is the gel nail that women love to wear. It’s a must-have design that anyone can get without worries.

Most women with shorter nails wear this as it doesn’t hurt the natural nail and can stay up to three weeks. It doesn’t peel, crack, or chip and stays its shine for weeks.

Gel nails are normally made hard although there are soft gels too. The hard gels usually come in different colors just like the nail polish.

These gel nails need hardening under a UV or any standard LED lamp. These are made from gel, and this is different from the acrylic nails.

You can actually do this at home, or if you are more comfortable with a professional nail tech, it would be better as well. There are things though that you need to consider before getting these type of manicure.

One is that you should shake off the habit of peeling off your nails because you will only put them in danger. You will actually end up peeling away the thin layers of your nails that can cause divots.

Of course, it doesn’t feel good if you have divots in your nails because they don’t just look pretty, they are painful too. If you really want to take off your gel manicure, soak your nails in an acetone-based polish remover.

But before doing so, put cuticle oil around your nails first. Soak for at least ten minutes to loosen the gel from your nails.

Advantages of gel nails

It’s always fun and exciting to have different types of manicure because they can boost self-esteem. For me, I feel really pretty when I wear a variety of colors and I am sure most women share the same feelings.

The gel nails are really cute and there are great alternatives to those who have allergic reactions to acrylic nails. You can get it without having to worry about your health because it’s way healthier and functional too.

The normal nail polish lasts only a few days, according to my experience as I do a lot of chores. The longest period that I get a perfectly normal nail polish is five days and the rest is a mess. Yes.

But this gel manicure lasts longer than the normal lacquer and it also dries out faster. Other women also suggested using this because it feels very natural with a glossier effect than regular nail polish.

You can also enjoy its flexibility because it can bend without cracking or breaking your natural nails. This also cures really fast after they are installed under an LED lamp, which hardens only around five to ten seconds.

Compared to any regular nail polish, gel nails don’t fade and even the soft ones are very easy to remove. By the way, these are different from dip powder nails that don’t require UV light.

On the other hand, I strongly recommend that you go to a nail bar to have a professional nail tech do it for you. This is because it’s complicated to do it at home although there are some of us who know how to do it themselves.

Doing so can avoid the risk of nail depression or infection. So, I suggest that you go to a nail salon.

Let’s move on to the pics

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gel nails

Take care of your natural nails

Yes, it is indeed beautiful to get a manicure like the gel nails, but you can’t do that if your nails are not healthy. To get a perfect and lovely manicure or nail art, your nails must be healthy and functional.

If you love gel nails that you wear it regularly, make sure that you read the labels. There are a lot of not-so-good products out there and it’s not safe for your natural nails.

Check the ingredients before buying nail polishes to ensure that you get the right product that won’t hurt your nails. Your nail beds and cuticles are very important because these are living tissues that need your utmost care.

One important thing is that you should have a professional nail tech to remove your gel nails if you have enough budget. It’s safer to hire a nail tech to guarantee the safety of your nails, especially your nail beds.

Otherwise, do the following in case you want to save money from going to the nail salon to have your gel nails removed.

  • Buy a gel remover at any beauty shops. You can also pick up a 100 percent acetone although a gel remover is better.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the remover and put it on top of your nail.
  • Get tinfoil and wrap each of your nail using it.
  • Lastly, use a hand towel to wrap your hands for faster removal. The removal process depends on the gels used on your nails, but it should take at least 15 minutes to an hour.
  • Use a cuticle pusher with rubber end to clean off the gel of your nail bed. Avoid scraping or filing so your nails won’t break.

More important things to remember when you have gel nails

While it feels great to have these gorgeous gel nails, it’s very important that you know how to take care of them. Of course, your natural nails should come first.

If you plan on getting gel nails soon, here are the things that also need your attention.

  • Keep your nails hydrated, especially your nail beds. Although they say that your nails need to breathe, they are not as important as the nail beds. So, use cuticle oil or a moisturizer to keep them strong and healthy.
  • Gel nails require UV light for curing, which they say is harmful to your health. But there are salons that use LED without side effects that people are afraid of. If you need the lamp, put on sunscreen just to be safe.
  • These nails are expensive than regular nail polish, but if you are keen on gel-kits that you can use at home, that’s pretty ok. With proper installation, you can get this manicure, but lower your expectation. It’s not going to be salon-quality.
  • If you prefer going to the nail salon, you should have between $40 and $100 budget for it. The good thing is that they last for two to three weeks, which saves you time too.
  • Your cuticles are very important because they protect your nail beds. Ask your manicurist to just push them back using a pusher and put cuticle oil. Cutting or ripping them off will increase the risk of nail infection.
  • As I mentioned earlier, read the labels. But more importantly, you read the label to ensure that the polish doesn’t have cancer-causing ingredients such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

More gel nail ideas below

Is it bad to get one?

Gel nails have become a household name since it rose to fame that even famous celebrities have indulged themselves into it. Think about the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and more popular public figures. They are one of those who made this manicure overwhelmingly popular.

People say that gel manicures can make your natural nails brittle. Yes, it does, but so is the regular nail polish, acrylic nails, and more.

Dermatologists have warned that the lack of proper wellness will definitely weaken your nails. If you don’t check your nails every week or at least every two weeks, you fail to assess its condition.

That being said, it’s important that you regularly have your nails cleaned and checked to keep infection at bay. Nail depression is one thing that will damage your nails.

Another thing that will surely weaken your nails is the peeling or picking your gel manicure. When the gel starts to peel off your nails, it’s hard to shake off the idea of biting or peeling it yourself.

Doing will eventually rip off some layers of your nails that will cause thinning of your nail bed. Thus, it is important that you know how to safely remove the manicure off your nails. Otherwise, you will need to see a professional nail tech to do it for you for safety.

You might also need to lessen your exposure to UV light, especially if you are sensitive to it. However, if you really need gel nails, use a sunscreen with a broad or high spectrum to protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays.

Remember that the UVA light coming from LED nail lamps is more intense than the normal sun exposure.

By the way, these stiletto nails gel manicure is perfectly beautiful.

More ideas

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Embellishments, glitters, and more

Gel manicures normally come in a variety of colors just like the regular lacquers that we usually apply on our nails. What’s more interesting about it is that it also has different embellishments that add more charm to your nails.

But just like any other nail polishes, gel nail embellishments also need your attention so they don’t damage your natural nails. Stay away from hot water as much as possible because it can ruin your manicure.

If you need to do something that requires water; washing the dishes, for instance, try using rubber gloves to protect your nails. Otherwise, your mani won’t last for two or three weeks.

The removal of the gel nails can be pretty tough and can also harm your nails if they were not installed properly. This is why it’s recommended to have a professional nail tech to do it for you.

Soaking your nails with acetone-based remover and wrapping them with tinfoil can leave your nails brittle. Plus, if they were not properly cured when they were installed, it won’t take off easily.

Thus, the nail tech may have to use some tools to manually remove them and that will cause more nail depression. Ensure that your gel mani is cured properly so it won’t be too harsh when it’s time that they should be removed.

As soon as your mani is removed, have your natural nails rehydrated with overnight nail max. Products like this can fix your nails, the skin surrounding it, as well as your cuticle.

Try not to get a gel mani one after another. Give your nails time to repair and rehydrate after a gorgeous manicure that you may never want to take off.

Remember, too much can be bad too.

More gel nails that you might want to try next time

The process is complex for gel nails

While regular nail polishes are really easy to apply, gel manicures are a little complicated to install. The removal process is the same unless you already know how to do it alone.

You can actually consider the gel mani as a liquid acrylic. These can only be removed when soaked in an acetone formula to loosen the gel that sticks onto the nails.

On the plus side, they have a shinier effect that lasts longer while you are wearing them. They can bend just like the regular nails without worrying that you might chip them while you’re trying to dig your purse to check something.

If you are a regular wearer, hydrate your natural nails all the time with treatment oils like the coconut oil, avocado oil, or apricot oil. Have some Vitamin C on them so they’ll grow healthy and strong.

Gel manicures alternative

Once you have tried wearing gel mani, it would be hard to say no to it again. But as I said, you need to give your nails a break from the complicated process of this manicure style.

Luckily, there are already a lot of gel-like lacquers that were made available in the market. Although it’s not the same as the real gel mani that lasts up to three weeks, this nail polish can last a full week.

It has a gel finish perfect for those that can’t resist wearing the gel mani. It’s also easier to remove just like any regular nail polishes.

UV treatment for gel mani isn’t as scary as others believe

Yes, it sounds scary that the UV rays can increase the cause of skin cancer to someone who is exposed to it. While the gel nails need to be cured with a UVA lamp or LED lamp, the chances of having cancer aren’t dangerous.

However, dermatologists recommended that you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen at least 15 minutes before getting exposed to the UVA light. You can also use any pedicure socks or fingertips gloves to protect your skin from the exposure.

There are two kinds of gel –  hard gel and soft gel. The hard one is more complicated as it needs more acetone soaking before it gets removed. Plus, it also needs filing or scraping.

The soft gel is easier because it can be removed without a rigid removal process. Still, the gel nails are still damaging to your natural nails as they cause thinning of your nail bed.

This is why I suggested not to get a back to back gel mani although it would be really hard to resist. You can consider the lacquers that have a gel finish. It also comes in hundreds of different shades available at any beauty shops.

Any manicure is damaging if you don’t take care of them

Still, any manicure, nail art, nail polishes, and others are still damaging to you if you are not responsible enough. You can still get gel nails anytime you want, but you have to check first with your nail tech how it’s done, and how it will be removed.

Gel manicures become damaging if they are not installed properly because removing them would be really complicated. So, it’s very important that you ask your nail tech how everything is done so it doesn’t damage your natural nails.

You need to be your own support at the nail bar because we all know that there is no one else that cares for your nails, but you. One of the many reasons why getting a gel mani must be done at the salon is that they have the right tools to get everything done.

Although you should be the one who should be responsible first, it’s still safer to hire a professional nail tech to do complicated things for you. Not only that it will make things easier for you, but it will also save you time.

Gel nails are pricey and you may need to allocate a budget for that because it will last longer than the regular lacquers.

Nonetheless, everything in here is for your beauty and fashion inspiration that we wouldn’t want you to miss. We will have more fashion ideas for you soon.

Keep posted, ladies!