Be A Royalty With These 101 Gorgeous French Tip Nail Ideas


Hey, girls. We are here again bringing you more nail inspiration that you can copy next time. I know it’s difficult to find nail ideas, especially when you don’t have much time.

But we have once again gathered hundreds of designs for you. And this style has been absolutely famous for so many years. The French tip nails are almost every woman’s favorite and trust me, I have been wearing it since college days.

It looks very simple but incredibly classy that it feels like you are a royalty wearing it. Its simplicity can definitely awe anyone and it brings so much regal to the woman wearing it.

One of the most sought-after designs, the beautiful French tip nails are very easy to achieve. Even at home, you can try it by yourself with the right nail tools.

Of course, that can’t happen without a willingness to achieve this design. But if you don’t have the gifted hands to do it on your own, the nail bar is waiting for you.

Get a nail tech

At a good nail salon, you can get this design without trouble. Professional nail techs are trained to do your nails so you don’t have to worry about anything.

There are a lot of nail ideas that have made their way online. But it might be too confusing to find the best one for you. The photos below that we have collected are the best ideas that we can find on the internet.

Rest assured that these designs were chosen with passion with an aim to give you the brightest ideas that we can see by far. As soon as you scroll down, you will see tons of ideas that you can copy.

But how did French tip or French manicure start?

The history of French tip nails

There are too many nail designs that women love, including the stiletto nails that we have already covered. But the French tip nails are overwhelmingly famous worldwide as these are easy and simple.

One of the many reasons why women love this design is because not only that it fits well no matter your age. It is also perfect on all occasions may it be a wedding, birthday, company parties, and all special events.

This style is very functional and you can wear this even on regular days, especially for mothers out there. As moms, I understand that we do a lot of chores apart from our jobs in the field or in the office. The design is very friendly and anyone can wear this anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to Jeff Pink who founded the infamous nail brand Orly. He created in 1976 the first French tip nails in or French manicure. Since then, this nail style has become a trend, dominating the fashion for women around the world.

Some women use artificial nails to achieve the look, but others prefer doing it on their natural nails. Artificial nails are those that are used to enhance the looks such as the nail extensions, nail wraps, and more.

But you also need to take care of these artificial nails so they don’t cause damage to the natural nails.

Get the perfect French manicure

You will get the perfect French tip nails by painting your nail bed nude or pink while the tips are painted white. Another way of getting this style is to paint the underside of your nails using a white pencil while the entire nail bed is painted with sheer color.

There are plenty of amazing photos below that we gathered for you. Check them out!

Different designs for the French tip nails

The normal French tip nails are actually painted with white lacquer and another nude or pink color on the nail bed. But there are other different designs that women do too.

This includes different nail polish colors that are painted on the tips of the nails like the design below. Others put gems that stick onto the nails while others paint it with flowers, leaves, and more.

It is always fun and exciting to play with colors because it adds radiance to your fashion. If you are afraid to try different colors, don’t fret. Many women have tried this out and they all loved it.

There have been a lot of famous public figures that were seen wearing this style and they all looked amazing. In fact, they are the inspirations of most women who love fashion.

Classic and elegant

The French manicure gives a classic look on the nails and a taste of elegance for all women in all walks of life. This style brings joie de vivre to every woman who tries this design and you should too.

It has been standing still throughout the years and it won’t be this immensely popular if it doesn’t bring sophistication. Both the nail bed and the tip complement with each other to create a unique silhouette look.

When this style rose to fame, several nail techs added a few decors on the nails such as glitters and embellishments. These give different tastes to the manicure with a variety of style and techniques.

This has been on for years and many women love doing this, especially that the embellishments recreate a stylish look.

Unique style

Despite the original style for the French manicure, there are loads of designs that women try. The photo below is another astonishing creation that gives a unique dimension to the manicure.

Instead of white lacquer painted on the tip of the nails, two horizontal lines are placed instead with a sheer color on the nail bed. It’s another unique design for this style that women surely love.

This is another trendy design that you will surely love to wear the next time that you get a manicure. But this isn’t only for manicure alone, this can also be done on the toenails to match with your fingernails.

It’s an easy design that every woman can do at the comfort of her own home. But for those who want an easier task, the nail techs at a nail salon are definitely the right people.


The photo below is one example of royalty colors being combined – the royal blue and gold. A lacquer with a matte finish is awesome for this although you can always choose other colors with premium effect.

The glossy polish looks awesome too, especially when matched with bright colors. Your nails would look chic and elegant with only two different colors that you like.

Metallic nail polish is also another great alternative that can match with either glossy or matte finish lacquer. If you have a lot of time doing it at home, you can always practice your skills and get salon-worthy French tip nails.

A lot of great photos are added below. Keep scrolling for more brilliant ideas.

More nail art ideas that you can try soon

Embellished nails

Here’s a very pretty example of embellished nails matched with a sheer nude color on the nail bed. While it looks very intricate to work on, it’s actually easy on the contrary.

When I do my own nail art, I use a toothpick to paint whatever I want to draw on my nails. I use its head part as a dotting tool and its pointed part to draw.

For the photo below, you can freely place these tiny beads on the tips of your nails while the nail polish is still wet. After putting them, you can arrange them by gently pushing the beads to the right place.

To keep everything clean, you can use a pusher to line them up so they don’t clutter. As soon as you’re done placing the tiny beads, finish it by putting a colorless top coat. And voila! You now have embellished nails.

On the other hand, you can have a professional nail art designer to do it for you. I understand that we do have different skills and not everyone has nail art skills.

So, to make things easy for you, a nail tech is the answer. But for those who want to experiment with different nail art designs, you can always try this at home.

Never stop learning

You can practice your nail art skills just by using a toothpick or any thin paintbrush to create a stylish look. For those who love a gradient look, you can use a sponge to create the progressing style.

You can also try the floral design on the tip of your nails, which is one of the most popular looks for a French manicure. Some women only draw a floral design only on one fingernail for a more unique dimension.

Dotting tools

Here’s how a dotting tool is being used for nail art. It’s very easy to do and you don’t even have to worry about making a mistake because everything is a plain dot.

More French tip nail ideas perfect for the girls on the go

For date nights, this classy design fits well. It is painted with soft nude polish accented with theatrical chevrons in white lacquer.

So, if you and your partner plan on a having a silent Saturday night with a candlelight dinner, make him fall in love with you more with this style.

Trust me. It’s worth the time.

Paintbrush for nail art

While the dotting tool is a great way to draw flowers on your nails, a fine or thin paintbrush is another amazing tool. This can create a 3D effect if you know how to draw different designs on your nails.

You can use different bright colors that would stand out from the sheer color on your entire nail bed. For the photo below, a shade of blue is used with a small gemstone at the center.

The petals of the flowers are drawn by using a smaller and fine paintbrush. Try not to paint back and forth so it won’t look messy. The strokes should be only one going down then finish it with a top coat as soon as it dries out for a finer look.

Glitter and gold

Then again, white nail polish is not really necessary to create the French manicure. As time pass by, different colors are used, including the glittery gold.

It’s utterly gorgeous in every inch and it can be paired with any color you like to paint on your nail bed. This can also be done only on the ring fingernails while the others are painted with white or other nude colors.

Another perfect match with this glittery gold is the black nail polish that brings a very elegant look. But whatever style, color, or design you want for your French tip nails, know that this is super gorgeous, classic and regal.

More ideas

Gradient look

Here’s another gradient look that you can try the next time that you plan on getting a French manicure. While this is fine on shorter nails, this look is ideal for women who have long nails.

For women with longer nails, the gradient look is perfect as it will show its beauty on each nail. You can start by painting pale pink or nude halfway of your nail bed and progress it with sheer white nail polish.

If you want more gradient-looking nails, you can use a sponge as you progress to the tips of your nails. The sponge will create a subtle matte finish and you can play with any colors you like.

Animal print design

When I do my own nail art, one of my favorite designs is the animal print. It’s not just easy to do, but it’s also cute and colorful as you can choose any color you like.

The good thing is, there is no pattern that you need to follow when you try this design. You can just do it freely as long as your stroke is circular. It doesn’t matter if you mess it up. That’s actually a good way to do it.

If you are a color pink fan, you can copy the one in the photo below. Otherwise, any colors are always awesome to use like the black and white pair, green, brown and more.

But whatever you may want to try for your design, bear in mind that this a creative way to practice your painting skills. There are a lot of ideas that you can make as your inspiration and the best ones are already here.

Flowers and butterflies

There are so many designs that are inspired by the French manicure and these are gorgeously achieved. Those who know a little about painting can try this at home – the flowers and butterflies design.

Although it requires a little skill to achieve this design, learning this isn’t a pain, especially when you spare a few minutes of your time. When I was a beginner, I only started with using a toothpick and when I mastered it, I stayed with the same tool.

I didn’t have anything, but my determination to learn, and of course, my hands. At first, I thought it’s going to be tough since I am not a painter or an artist. I am not even good at drawing, but I realized that nail art doesn’t require you to be one.

What it needs is your willingness and your creativity because if you don’t have these two, you can’t pull it off. My officemates were even amazed at how good I am with nail art since they know that I am weak in painting or drawing.

Nail art doesn’t require you to be a painter, an artist, or whatever artistic skills you may have. What you need is a little bit of your time, creativity and fortitude.

The beauty of the French manicure

French tip nails have been a beautiful craze among women since it was created in the 70s. It gives a majestic look and its approach is very classy and effortless.

Adorned with different embellishments and glitters, this style will never go out of fashion and it fits well with any outfit you wear. While it’s not easy for others to do at home, there are professional nail techs that can do the honor at nail bars.

This style recreates the old school manicure gorgeously without losing its elegance and standard. Nail art designers made it even more beautiful and stunning to look at with a touch of creativity and style.

The technique here is to be free with anything you like for your French tip nails. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing lovely ideas because there are tons of nail art designs out there.

This type of manicure always stands out, especially when it is done perfectly on the nail. You can find a lot of pretty ideas on this page to recreate the look that you want for your nails. To this date, the French manicure is still a craze for women and it has been one of the dominating styles in the fashion world.

We will have more lovely pieces to show you soon for your nail art inspiration. Be sure to check back with us. Stay tuned, ladies!