Seal Your Hair With A Twist! 86 Coolest Flat Twist Hairstyles To Copy


Africans deserves a huge round of applause for creating the coolest and most intimidating braided hairstyles ever! Cornrows and flat twist don’t only rule the hip-hop industry. It’s a protective hairstyle that screams art and fashion. If you embrace your long, thick mane and want to polish up your hair styling game to a whole new level, go for the flat twist. So, brush up on your brow and makeup skills too, and you’ll be good to go!

flat twist

Flat twist, just like its cousins requires time and patience to make. Think of your head as a canvass and your hair as the paint. The details on braiding the hair are done with intricacy and art which is it takes hours to finish. Africans are blessed with skills that can shape their thick dense hair into breathtaking hairstyles. And that didn’t stay in history, it has been passed on to all the modern black people around the world, —especially African-American women.

Very Interesting History Of Protective Hairstyles

Historically, it’s a hairstyle that began 2,500 years ago and was used to represent tribe and social status or some type of identification in Africa. It also became a symbol for the wives of a polygamist man. Each wife has it’s own pattern different from the other wives of the same husband. It’s their way to taunt each other. 

Has A Convenient Purpose

It’s easy to assume that black people have the strongest hair because it’s thick. And as someone with fine hair, I imagined they grow more hair strands too! Well, that’s partly true, but, no matter how diversified their tresses might be, they also have the most fragile to manipulate and shield against aggressive damaging factors. A part of a process to promote hair growth while retaining your hair’s length.

The Beginning Of Protective Styling

Unearthing the humble beginning of this hairstyle dates back to the slave trade in the 18th century. Women were forced to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards which became very difficult for those working in fields and mines.

The wrapping, cornrowing, and braiding of their hair was the only choice they have to save the time spent on supposedly donning their hairs. The elaborate protective hairstyles were designed for that reason. Fast-forward, it became more than just a protective method for hair, it’s a million dollar fashion statement.

First of all, flat twists and other protective hairstyles look stunning and elegant when done right. Essentially, the unique coiffure help lessen the tangling, shedding, and breakage of hair by hiding the ends. Hence, it requires a lot of practice and patience. 

Seriously, how many “moments” can one hairstyle have? Good thing flat twists never leave its spot while others constantly float in and out of style while never fully fading away. Go for it! Give it a shot if you are interested in sealing your locks with a TWIST! Okay, enough words. Let’s see some of the best examples of flat twist patterns to inspire you!

Let’s Get Started, The Best Flat Twist Picks!

#1. Flat Twist Twisted Topknot Bun

Look super smart chic by twisting your long braided hair up into a topknot. This flat twisted hair turns it into a sleek, tight bun for long hair is neat, smooth and extremely comfortable. It is suitable to literally any outfit, any makeup, any accessories for any occasion. The example above makes me think of pearl earrings, but hoops would be cool too.

#2. The Reverse Flat Twist With Finger Coils

One of the most appealing, I’d say. It’s a cute flat twists hairstyle for the ladies who have short hair but want to create a fuller look by adding volume on the top of the head. My favorite about this style is you can play with hair color.

Giving those black finger coils a splash of honey, gold, or caramel blonde color as an option is super cool! The backward patterns from the nape upwards look gorgeous! Be bold with your makeup and accessories, because this hairstyle is not for the boring.

#3. Flat Twist Halo Crown

Check out Actually Ashly’s YouTube video tutorial about how to easily do this hairstyle at home. It’s one of the quickest crown flat twists versions I’ve seen that sure is convenient for those gals with short hair. It’s a really cool protective hairstyle that although it demands some practice, you can at least, do it at home.
Whether you have natural hair or transitioning from relaxed to your hair texture. It’s a great way to start giving your hair the tender loving care to keep it healthy and strong by allowing time away from relaxers and sew-ins. And honey, you can make it double!

#4. Braided Pigtails To The Next Level!

One word, “adorable.” Flat twist pigtails are just super cute and neat. If you are bored of the many braids and pigtails you’ve been rocking, why not take it up a notch? It’s a flirty look to your repertoire of hairstyles that is worth every hour spent for it.There are a ton of ways to shape your braids, but this cutesy pigtail is a great starter. It’s perfect for a weekend shopping or late lunch meetup with your friends. Bring your most wacky pair of earrings too! Just in case of a late night concert with your friends.

#5. Two Strand Flat Twist Updo with Forward Braided Bun

Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same black braid. This is a glamorous updo by Toni of mynaturalsistas is perfect for women who want to make a statement. It also protects your ends from the harsh cold weather. I’ve seen women rocking this hairstyle in their corporate attire, and they look wicked! It brings a lot of that #bossbabe feels all over.

Protective hairstyles have evolved into charming styles over the years. Similar patterns of flat twists also keep your ends tucked in and shielded— AND it means your hair is already styled for you. A touch of color takes it to a whole new level. In this case, it looks like a reverse ombre effect. Magenta looks incredibly sexy while blonde softens your entire look.

#6. A Twisted Take Of The Gatsby Ear (Neat Flat Twisted Updos)

Here’s another flat twist hairstyle that they say to be “not work-appropriate.” I find it a total BS as this wraparound flat twists braid looks elegant that will work in any office environment. The key to a professional look with this neat updo is to look natural and not “light” in both your makeup and your choice of the ensemble of outfits. 

The picture above shows one of the neat flat twist hairstyles that will leave you looking flawlessly beautiful. It’s great if you are attending a wedding or a business meeting! The rope twist on the side that resembles a bun in the Gatsby era (the 1920s.) It looks even more elegant and chic. Just make sure you keep your hair moisturized. This style is adorable and feminine.

#7. Flat Twist Goddess Braid With Low Side Bun

It’s among the cutest and neat flat twist hairstyles that will remind you of the classic hairstyles of the 1920s. But, this one is a versatile lower bun that you can un-tie to become a mini puff ponytail. It’s perfect for gals with short hair. You wouldn’t take those protective hairstyles can easily mimic vintage hairstyles and give it a distinctive breathe of life. 

Flat twist hairstyles are a work of art. Its variations are endless! I’d say it is way fascinating than the hairstyles we often have worn by women who aren’t black or African. The style seems effortless and straightforward. The thicknesses of twists and the diagonal parting of her hair are so flawless from the top of her head down to the low-side bun.

If you already get the hang of it, this goddess braid is a far cry from boredom. If you find a single rope ain’t enough, —make it two or even three! Although, this style looks like a combo of the flat twist crown (being half) and a twisted braid into a bun on the lower side.

#8. Rope Style Reverse Ombre

Look at this beautiful ombre effect done on her hair! Tremendous flat twist updos with the reverse blonde ombre. The hairstyle is perfect for short natural hair type, —all you have to do is a twist! With flat, tight twists around the head, it’s easy to create many unique designs or pattern. Followed by an exceptional bun. What I love about it is the way the color twists make the shade fade gradually into the other. Get this fabulous look!

#9. Flat Twist With Sided Top-Knot

Of course, if there’s a low-side bun of this flat twist do, there’s also the upper side bun version of it. What I love about it is the way all the braids directed to the side, it’s simply gorgeous and very feminine. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to do this at home. Anyone who’s gone natural will like how easy it is to do.

#10. Cute Mini Flat Twist Bun

Imagine being the art itself, unique patterns created with just by twisting your hair just like the flat twist hairstyle above. The series of braids twisted is in one direction while another set is on the other (parted from the side.) The loop, on the other hand, of a high bun served as a final finishing touch of this amazing flat twists hairstyle.

#11. Flat Twist With Top Side Senegalese Twist Ponytail

The details of this flat twist braid are so intricate it’s admirable how incredible precision is. You can even create a Senegalese twist bun plus twisty braids. If a bun ain’t your thing, go for a cute short pony! And I mean turning the braids into one scrunchie. The top knot braided ponytail on the side looks cute whether you got short or long hair.

#12. Goddess Flat Twist Triple Jumbo Braids

They named this flat twist hairstyle ‘Goddes.’ And as simple as it looks compared to other flat twist hairstyles, this uniquely patterned braid style is legit goddess-like ‘do. Again, it’s a versatile hairstyle. I can wear this at work if I am blessed with a thick mane. This super chic pattern of an updo works well if you’re avoiding the need for any heat styling tools.

As long as you moisturize your hair thoroughly, you should be an able keep this protective style for several days. It’s a perfect hairstyle for those who want to give their natural medium to long hair its needed break. I like how elegant it looks which gives more room for accessorizing options. 

#13. Crisscrossed Flat Twist Low Chignon

Who needs floral flourishes if you have a hair donned by itself? It doesn’t need support from any hair accessory at all. I just love how the extra glossy flat twists run crisscrossed backward and become a low chignon altogether. It’s artistic, elegant, and the overlapping braids into a bun are utterly fabulous by itself! I suggested adding red beaded cuffs instead of ordinary metal cuffs for these braids.

#14. Flat Twist Swirl Braided Bun

If you ain’t feelin’ the crisscrossed, make the braids swirl into a charming bun! So, if you’ve got some good length, and don’t know what to do with it, —it would be wise to keep this hairstyle into your coif playbook. Some of the best updos are those look seamlessly simple, yet, it has that African style vampy vibes. Don’t hold back on dramatic eye makeup on this! It’s simple and elegant. Yet, it can switch to sweet and sassy with the right outfit and bling!

#15. Flat Twist Vintage Glam High Updo

It’s still considerably another modern take to a vintage glam high bun. You’re probably thinking ‘oh, this massive updo is gorgeous!’ But, you realized, your hair is not long enough to achieve this look. You can always count on installing extensions to make a great bun from a pile of braids. Don’t you love those giant braids into a bun? The contrasting patterns are great if you’re hoping for a completely new look.

#16. Curly Flat Twist Goddess Braids

I find this hairstyle absolutely cute, and it gives you the bragging rights to dress up and flaunt your skillfully done flat twists and fluffy coils back section! They are easy to style and wear for all lengths of hair. This type of flat twist hairstyle only takes a couple of hours to do. Additionally, there’s an option to pin the curls like an extended mohawk, but that’s just an option. By doing so, the curls will actually last longer. 

It is one of those simple and yet neat protective hairstyles that looks great wherever you go. Make sure you add some gloss to your coils to make it look for defined. If you don’t like adding cuffs to your flat twist, you can add a pop of delicious shade like chestnut, and leave the frizzy texture of your curly fluff. This is a convenient hairstyle for natural hair as you don’t have to worry so much of the frizz.

#17. Inverted Flat Twist Goddess Braids With Updo

Those rope-like braids twisted from the nape going up to the top of the head is an absolute stunner. Match the hairstyle’s eye-challenging pattern with some sexy black cat-eye, fluttery false lashes, and it will surely add some dramatic effect on the voluminous bun of braids. Below, the specked caramel braids in twirls of the high bun that sits in the crown!

Apart from the sky-high bun, the twisting pattern looks dainty! It takes a lot of practice how to flat twist from the nape of your neck towards the top of your head, but hey! It’s all worth the effort if the result is a red carpet-worthy hairstyle that will suck many eye balls!

#18. Copper-Tinted Side Swept Flat Twist 

It’s not a schoolgirl hairstyle anymore. And there’s definitely no need to rely on cornrows if you’re looking for a way to wear your protective braids sideways. Medium length hair can look playful with this hairstyle by simply adding color. It is super cute because it adds vibrancy to the details! It’s also an excuse for cute ways to rock any pastel eyeshadow!

If you can no longer take another treatment for hair coloring, don’t worry. Give the side swept braids a little more chunk and make up for a pattern racing in opposite directions! With some gel and edge control, you can keep up it sleekness without a stylist’s help. You can finish the look with a good pair of large statement earrings and dramatic makeup.

#19. Feed-in Flat Twist Braids

It is one of the most attractive protective hairstyles if perfectly aligned. Whether the twist pattern is curved or straight, I love how it presents an illusion of following the orbicular shape of the head. Starting from the forehead to the crown of the head, down to the nape of the neck. The design simply helps keep the entire head looking absolutely neat and fancy.