110 Charismatic Fishtail Braid To Try


When you are already late and don’t have time to do your hair, this is going to be very helpful. Then a beautiful fishtail braid might be the thing you need. Fishtail braids are always trendy cause they are easy to do and will take just five minutes of your time! The beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it is effortless to do, yet it looks very sophisticated and put together. It works best on medium to the long length of hair but can be put together in short hair too. Women of all ages sport this look and thus this is an exciting idea.

Fishtail braids are very versatile. Whether you decide to braid your full hair length in fishtails or just some sections of your hair, it will remain beautiful no matter what. When most braids tend not to be kind to the layered hair, a fishtail braid will look amazing on layered hair too. It will not unravel or peek out from places to look untidy and rough. A fishtail can be worn to your school, colleges, work, and weddings and even on your way to the market. Opt for some of these fishtail braids on your rushed mornings, and you will surely look polished!

Side to side:

Take hair from behind your ear and braid it in fishtails to the other side. Tie it down for a casual and young look.

fishtail braid

Into a Bun:

This wedding day appropriate hairdo is quite easy to do and looks mysterious as well. Braid all of your hair and then wrap it up into a bun for a classy look.

Up top:

This look is so chic and classy and will look great on girls with long hair. Place the braid on the front and flaunt it to the world!


Heading out to a concert or even the mall with your gal pals? Opt for this chic top knot with fishtail braids and steal everyone’s thunder!

Fishtail Pony:

A fishtail pony is a perfect choice for teens as well as working women. There are multiple ways in which you can pull this look off. So do give it a try!

Top to bottom:

Take strands from the top and start fishtail braiding it till you reach the ends of your hair to get this simple hairdo.

The criss-cross:

This fantastic twist to the fishtail braid is high on our list of recommendations. The criss-cross segments of hair add to the mystery hairstyle while the fishtail remains the center of attention. A little to the side:

Let your hairstyle stand out in the crowd by merely placing your long braided hair a little to the side. Take smaller sections so that the look is more precise.

The twist and braid:

Use sections of hair and create this dual effect hairstyle. The twist and the braids make this hairstyle a must try!

Messy and taut:

Try this hairstyle that is messy in the top and yet is taut and put together below to show off your dirty yet perfect side!

Entwining Braids:

This look is one of the most beautiful pairings of the three strand braid and the fishtail braid. You can take parts of your hair on the side and leave them loose. Then you can curl your hair slightly at the end to keep the look mysterious and feminine.

The Volume:

For girls with thin hair, this hairstyle is perfect. Create volume at the top and start your braid from the top of your ears. Curl your side hair strands in ringlets for a refined look.
Faux Mohawk:

This faux Mohawk look is perfect for all the daring ladies out there with a strong personality. Go bold and get all the attention, ladies!
The chic one:

Going on a date? Woo him with this chic and effortless look and enjoy your day hassle free.

Dutch crown to fishtail:

Style the top of your hair with this dutch braid on the head and twist things up a little by changing into a fishtail braid from below the neck. This look is very festive and lively!

Braids over braids:

This is one look we adore. The twists add glamour, and the bold lavender hair color makes it oh so gorgeous.

The elegant:

This graceful variation of the fishtail braid is a must try. It’s perfect for weddings or your quinceanera, and we are sure you will leave the crowd awestruck over your gorgeous hairdo! Gather your inspiration from the looks below.

Game of thrones inspiration:

It’s only logical that we take inspiration from the popular TV series game of thrones for our collection of hairdos! This beautiful hairstyle screams Khalessi, and we heart it.

The little things :

Leave a small strand of braided hair on the side and make it cheery hairdo by adding small hair accessories. This boho hairdo is high on our recommendation list.

Double reverse french braid:

This alluring hairstyle is perfect for long hair. This young and vibrant hairdo will bring out the best in you!
The ruffled top:

This tangled at the top look slowly transcends into two perfect fishtail braids. It is ideal for all who like to be a little ‘extra’ in our looks!

Half up hairdo:

The fishtail braid falls right in the middle of this look, and the pulling of the twist makes hair look thicker and voluminous. Below are some perfect examples of a fishtail variation.
The side:

Use your fishtail braid to make your preferred profile even better! The braid can accentuate your features or take the eyes off from your flaws!

Cool one:

Try this trendy hairstyle for a day out or a back to school look and steal all the compliments away!

Up top:

Let your face be hair free and braid the front section in a sleek fishtail. Change into a regular braid after reaching your desired results and look stunning.

The wedding day hairdo:

This beautiful hairdo is perfect for a bride to be. Take inspiration from this hairdo and look stunning on your big day!

Double headband:

Make use your hair to create a headband like an effect by braiding it and placing it across your head. Complete the look with some beachy light waves.


This fabulous hairdo is perfect for any special occasions. The combination of fishtail and waterfall braid slowly transitions into a regular twist making it one of our favorite

High Pony Fishtail:

This look will work well for a day out, and it is easy to make. It is hassle-free and will keep you at ease. Medium hair:

This variation of the fishtail can quickly be done on the medium length of hair and will look fabulous on kids and teenagers.

Half updo :

The high updo is suitable for brides as well as bridesmaids! The fishtail adds to the beauty of the look perfectly. Add hair ornaments for a more festive look.

Inverted braid:

This beautiful hairstyle can be accomplished on short to medium length of hair. Tie a ribbon around it for a young and innocent look.

The clubbing hairdo:

Perfect for a night out at the club, this hairstyle looks incredible on long hair. Keep your self free from any annoying stray hair and enjoy freely!


Look fierce and fiery with this beautiful fishtail braided ponytail, and we are sure you will feel empowered throughout the day.

Loose and comfy:

This hairstyle can be completed in 5 minutes and will give you a  very fresh and cute look. Surely try this for your next outing or a casual day.

The rainbow hair:

The textures of the fishtail braids come out perfectly with the use of the rainbow hair color. It gives a fairytale-like look and will look very good on long hair. Check out some of the hairstyles with such hair colors below.

The toddler:

This hairstyle will make your little girl look and feel like a princess. Match accessories to her dress to give this look a perfect round up.

The college look:

Go for this fresh casual look with two braids on either side for a new college look.

The elegant one:

This half up, half down look perfect for a romantic date. The combination of loose and braided hair makes it beautiful and nuisance-free.

The Jewelry:

Choose the hair jewelry of your choice to amplify this beautiful cluster of braids. This look is perfect for a big special occasion, and it is easy to do as well.

Messy braid:

You can let braid falls on the sides along with your loose hair and gives you a youthful look. Or you can tie it and then pull on it for a messy look. It will surely amplify your beautiful features.

Ladylike :

Everyone is sure to ask you how you got your hairstyle so pretty when you sport this beautiful hairdo.  Flatter yourself with all the compliments you receive with this girly hairdo.

The Proper Fishtail:

Tie your hair into a fishtail from top to the ends of your hair. Secure this with a hair tie and be ready for anything that comes your way throughout the day.

The twist and go:

To get this beautiful look, follow these easy steps:

1: Take two sections of hair from either side and tie it with a  hair tie.

2: Pull the hair through the loop in the middle  multiple times

3: Take another section of hair and repeat Steps 1 and two twice

4: Fishtail braids the rest of your hair and pulls on it for added volume.

5: Secure it with a hair tie.

The merge:

Many hairstyles start with a braid and merge into something else like a ponytail or another type of braid. Check out these hairstyles below for such inspiration for your hairdo.

Everyone’s favorite:

This hairstyle is loose and flowy and very easy to do as well. For those lazy days where you want to feel comfy anf relaxed, this is the hairdo to do!

Bridal braids:

Brides can surely use fishtail braids as a part of their wedding hairdo. If you want an elaborate one, we have got some inspirations for your wedding with these hairstyles.

At the back:

You can get this beautiful look in a matter of minutes. Just braids the two front section of your hair and tie it at the back and you are set. Or opt for a braid at the end and tie all your front hair together. The choice is yours.

For those bangs:

Have bangs and don’t know how to style them? Fishtail braid them! Braid the other side of your hair too and merge them into a big braid later for a cute hairdo.

The formal:

Pick this formal braided hairdo for all those formal events where you need to stand out.

Big Braids:

Girls with thick long hair can rock this look for a day out. It is wide on top and narrows down as it reaches the bottom.

Hair color:

Hair color can make your hair stand out. Try this classic fishtail braid with ash blonde hair color for a more glowy look. You can also go with fiery red, light brown highlights or a beautiful rainbow hair color.

Rope braid:

Rope braids look complicated and thus can scare people into trying this hairdo. But it is quite easy to do and can be done within 2 minutes with practice.

Happy Hairdo:

Leave some loose hair strands on either side of the braid for a girly touch. Try this look, and it is sure to bring a smile on your face!


Loose and low:

Keep your fishtail braid low and free for a more relaxed and feminine look.

Zig Zag:

Braid your hair in zigzag motions and keep it light and beautiful. This hairdo gives a gorgeous volumized look.

Take a bow!

Style your fishtails with a beautiful hair bow at the bottom of your crown. Curl the ends of the bowed hair for a chic look.

Three braids:

Create this simple to do but complicated on the looks braid for an elaborate hairdo. You can look the best with this hairstyle.

Short hair:

Braids are versatile because of their flexibility. It can be quickly done on short to medium length of hair for a vibrant look.

The crown:

Use front sections of your hair to create a crown on your head. Braid them and secure them at the back for a glam look.

Twisted edge fishtail braid:

Twist on either side, and tight braids at the bottom make this one a must try for the bold beauties out there.


Its is a majestic look done right. Braids on the front add to the detail and look fabulous on any length or color of hair.

Loosely gapped:

Create your fishtail with loose gaps between them. Place the braid on your preferred side and show off this look

Festival braids:

Go for this look when you are going to a festival. This messy and fun look will complement the refreshing ambiance of the festival, for sure.

Side Braid:

The optimal choice for teens with a medium length of hair. This hairdo is the easiest to do and to pull off.

The center braid:

This braid takes simplicity to a new level and is very trendy. It looks excellent irrespective of the hair color, length, or texture.

Pull  through braid:

The pull through braid is trendy and stylish. Best of all, it looks fantastic on any clothing you have on.


Stand out in the crowd by sporting this neat yet fishtail braid and knock everyone’s socks off with your beauty!

The Bun:

These attractive buns are easy on the eyes and also are quite easy to do. They are perfect for short to medium length of hair so it can be carried off by anyone. Place it at the back or on the top as your preference.

Some variations:

A simple fishtail braid can be molded into different varieties to fit your needs. If some inspiration is what you’re looking for to create a look for yourself, this is the perfect place for you! Here we present to you some variations of the classic hairstyle.


Fishtail Mohawk Braid:

This fishtail acts like a faux mohawk and can easily be tied up into a ponytail. The braid is super cute and will give you a rockstar vibe too.

Many braids:

If you want something different and bold, then go for this look. There are numerous braids in this look. You can tweak the number of twists as your liking.

The happening one:

The twisted braided hair is placed and pinned in a way that adds to the mystery of the hairstyle. Opt for this hot and happening look and leave everyone stunned.


The rose:

Flowery designs made by placing overlapped braids are always exquisite. This hairstyle resembles the rose- a symbol of everlasting love. Choose this hairdo for a romantic date night look.

On top:

Place a simple fishtail braid on top of a big bulky volumized twist for a beautiful look. It is a very different look and will look stunning on short and long hair.

Enchanted hairdo:

Take a minute to admire this beautiful hairdo and recreate it for a charismatic look.

Trouble free hairdo:

If you’re running out of time and need to do something with your hair, choose this hairdo. This is one uncomplicated hairdo that anyone can do in a matter of minutes.

Casual look:

This beautiful and casual look can be done in any hair. This appealing look is very charismatic and effortless.

Upside down fishtail braid:

Stun the world from a different angle and go for this beautiful upside fishtail braid. Although it looks complicated, it is effortless to do. If you have tried the fishtail braid, then this will be very simple for you. Just reverse the point from which youd start.

Go long:

This look gives you a  pretty as a picture look. We heart this look and recommend it to the ladies with long locks.
The forehead :

Braid your hair from the point at which you part your hair. Create a fishtail braid starting at this point and move down below. You can complete it by braiding the hair to the end.

Back to school:

Get this back to school look by simply braiding all of your hair starting at the base of your head and securing it tightly at the bottom.


All to the side:

This braid is perfect for thick hair. If you don’t have thick hair, opt for some extensions to get this pretty look!

Half up wedding hairdo:

The last look we recommend is as pretty as it is simple. Perfect for both brides and bridesmaids, this look is one we heart! If you are looking to get the flawless look, this is the section you need to pay attention to.

Choosing to do or not your hair, especially if you’re running late or are usually busy is a tough decision. Doing your hair can help you look very put together and beautiful. But at the same time, a messed up hairdo can make you look overwhelmed. What’s worse is if you fail at doing your hair, it just makes us cranky and moody. That is why it is best for girls like us to go for a fishtail braid. With such busy lives and a thousand things to do, a fishtail braid comes as a savior for us.

We have thus compiled a 110 fishtail braid looks for you to choose from. Whether you’re a busy girl looking for a way to deal with your hair or you’re a bride looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. The very versatile fishtail braid can transform you into any look you want- from simple to sexy and innocent school look to bold party looks. This simple braid can be manipulated into many variations to put up a look for kids as well as for grownups  Choose from our collection and thank us for the compliments you receive throughout the day!