103 Outstanding Finger Waves Hairstyles For you


The finger waves, or the Marcel waves for some, was a popular hairstyle trend in the 1920’s to 1930’s. However, these are two different but similar looking vintage waves hair styles. Finger wave hair uses no heat tools while the Marcel wave style was invented by a French hairdresser named Francois Marcel Grateau with use of iron to create s wave hairstyle. But even after almost a century since classic wavy hairstyles dawned, they remain to be a staple for fashion.

Classic and Timeless: Finger Waves Hairstyles for Women of All Generations

When there is need for vintage and retro waves hairstyle, the 20s finger waves are the hair stylists’ go-to. It’s a detailed look with a great silhouette that highlights a woman’ feminine side. You can have long finger waves or go for super short finger waves. It’s a style that’s classic but still looks stunning for the modern era.

Spot the Difference: Marcel Waves vs Finger Waves

Popular icons of entertainment in the past like Bette Davis and Anita Page were known for their slick and chic 1920s wave hair. The trend lasted until well into the 1930’s, with a popular common variation called as Marcel wave hair.

In the most recent generations, pop music legend Madonna brought the s wave hair back in the 90’s. Female rapper of the 2000’s Missy Elliot also sported African American finger wave hairstyles which suited her natural hair.

In that case, browse our selection below for more finger wave hairstyle photos worn by these modern chic women:

Pink water wave hairstyles

Before there were limited options for hair colour. At present, there are countless colors to choose from. Those with natural black hair can also opt to bleach their hair to lighten it. As soon as they get the light shade they need, the hair dye gives a better pay off on the hair. After coloring, they may style it with help from tips on how to do a finger wave hairstyle.

finger weaves hairstyles

Model with wave style hair

The classic wavy hairstyles remain popular for celebrities and models up to now. Look at this model with 1920’s finger waves long hair. She deserves to be in the cover of every magazine.

Loose waves

How to do retro waves? You can do this kind of finger waves 1920s inspired look using curling irons or rollers with large barrels. Then, using the fingers, gently comb to let the curls loose.

Vintage waves with flat iron

To make the styling process easier, crocodile hair clips are a hairdresser’s best buds. Marcel waves need at least two fingers to hold the hair in place. Croc clips work the same way and sometimes even better.

On short natural hair

This pretty woman with purple hair styled in 20s waves in the fashion like the actress Josephine Baker. She wore her signature finger wave curl slick and close to the scalp.

Gold and black wavy hair

Black colored hair is naturally shiny but coloring strips off the hair of the glow. But, as seen on the photo below, her kept its shine and is as stunning as can be with the added color.

Marcel wave on short blonde hair

How to create vintage waves? You gather the hair together and align using two fingers. Use a heated curling iron or a flat iron to make fingerwave on the top part. Continue making s waves up to the other side. Leave ample space below it to make a new layer of waves.

1920s Curly Hair

This style of curls uses more than just simple techniques. The hairdresser made a gorgeous look that’s worth all the time, and effort to pull it off.

Finger curls natural hair

African American women have natural curls that can be dressed and styled into 1920s curly hair without the need for any finger wave tools. Hair spray or mousse would do the trick.

How to do a Colorful finger wave hairstyle

For curly haired women, like this lady with natural s wave hairstyle, you start styling when the hair is still wet after washing. Then, get a finger wave comb or use your fingers to create waves in the hair. Finally, set the hairdo to keep it looking neat.

Wavy hairstyles for black hair on Yara Shahidi

Natural curls are grand but some find them hard to dress up because they lack black wavy hair ideas. Check out the actress’ look for an easy to execute finger wave hairstyle for pony tailed curly hair.

Blonde hair on finger waves with bun

Finger waves also look great with long hair. For a big bun like this, you need wave pin to curl them into this design.

DIY Finger Curls

Pin curl waves also look great for not so damp hair. For example, finger waves on short natural hair are as easy as this girl’s look below.

Deep wave hairstyles

Looking for a look that’s oozing with glamour? This lady just knows that finger waves long hair is the perfect touch to complete her red carpet ready look.

Magazine worthy vintage waves short hair

For a picture perfect hairdo, brush up on 1930s hair tutorial on the internet or continue browsing our blogs for more vintage hairstyles and other hairstyle inspirations.

Long waves

How to finger wave long hair? Practice is key to making many great things. Watch wavy hair tutorial videos or read guides on curly and wavy hairstyle from the web.

Marcel wave hair

Finger waves work for natural wavy hair and done when hair is still wet, so the waves are easy to spot. To achieve same effect on dry hair, use a curling iron or a flat iron. Spray to keep it in place.

Wavy crimped hairstyles

To achieve amazing retro waves hairstyle, the hair stylist used wave pin to hold the hair in desired shape then pressed them together with a heated iron. A setting spray or lotion fixed the style.

Short black hair

Women of African descent have the blessing of natural pin curl waves. To style them into finger waves 1920s style, you do it right after washing the hair so it is still damp with water.

Horizontal finger curls

Wave style hair is easy for natural wavy hair. However, the curls fro this look was made using other curl setting techniques and tools like curlers and rollers.

1920 hairstyles for short hair

Soft waves hairstyle is a no fuss choice for retro waves short hair girls. Since their birth, 1920 wave hairstyles can never go out of style.

How to do finger waves on medium hair

There are many ways to do it. You can research for “how to make 1920’s waves in hair” on Google and you’d get plenty of results in a matter of seconds.

Short wavy black hair

The sample below is a natural black hair in s waves hairstyles that highlights the hair’s innate beauty, shine, and texture.

Bob hairstyles

The lady here recreated a complete 1930s fashion look with a Marcel wave. The wavy crimped hairstyles and thin eyebrows was the fad back in the day.

How to do finger waves on yourself

One of the simplest ways to get 1920s wave hair is to use clips as you form the s wave shape. Croc clips work best for this purpose.

Ash gray 1920s curls

What do we find striking about this hairstyle? We’re amazed at how to do vintage waves techniques can give off impressive outcome on a modern ash gray shade.

1920 wave hairstyles

Wave style hair, may it be long finger waves or short finger waves, can be mixed and matched to attain varied looks.

Vintage waves hair inspirations

Going for retro style on your next big event? Check out these classic wavy hairstyles to get an idea on how to make a 1920’s waves in hair.

How to make 1920’s waves in hair

To start, comb your hair to make sure the ends don’t have tangles. Next, get your fave styling product and apply unto hair. While hair is still wet with the product, shape 20s waves and wait for hair to dry.

Wave pin for 1920 wave hairstyles

Croc clips or any clips that work the same way are great for making retro waves hairstyles. Whip out your hairspray and voila! You now have DIY finger waves.

Blue hair colour and finger wave hairstyles for short black hair

Those who think that curly hair is hard to style need to watch more easy finger wave tutorial videos to see how finger roll hair is perfect for that hair type.

Pin curl waves on an updo

This elaborate look is a mix of curly and wavy hairstyles. Finger curls and finger waves adorn the low bun into a sublime hairdo.

Wavy hairstyles for medium hair

We only live once, so why not make the most of it? Thus, why not get a finger wave perm when you feel like it? It’s fun and exciting. Also, it’s easy to wear and never outdated.

Water wave hairstyles

With waves like water, it’s not hard to sweep people away with awe and delight. Search “how to do wavy hairstyles” on the internet for more tips on how to do curly finger style hair.

Bridal finger wave updo

Vintage waves hair is not limited for glamour shots or the red carpet. 30s curls and 20s waves also look great as a wedding day hairdo.

Updos for dark haired model

Dark hair can look plain and flat. But, if you add vintage curls with curling iron, you get trendy hair that’s fit for stars who appear at the silver screen.

Gradient finger curls natural hair

If you can’t choose between two colors, you always have the choice to get both. Powdery purple and washed teal looks amazing mixed together.

Soft waves hairstyle on brown hair

This look features finger waves with curling iron. Long finger waves need to be set with several products like mousse or hairspray so the style would not be ruined when you move.

Wavy hairstyle

Classic wavy hairstyles come in handy for a fabulous look. Watch 1920s hairstyle tutorial from the internet so you can learn to do them on your own.

Kate Bosworth in 1920s curly hair

The Hollywood star stepped into the red carpet and in front of photographers wearing finger waves and curls that highlighted angelic face.

Blonde pixie waves

Finger waves on short natural hair is easy to do. Especially when it’s still wet, comb and style into s wave hairstyle.

Marcel wave on long blonde hair

Use a curling iron and some curlers or rollers. We assure you. All the work will be worth the gorgeous outcome.

Classic beauty with perm

For this kind of finger wave bob hairstyles, a perm with small curlers will turn bob haircut into marvelous Marcelled hair.


No time to get your hair permed? There are various shops that sell wigs with 1920s curly hair that are easy to style and ready to wear for all types occasions.

Red lips and long hair

She used minimal face makeup, aside from her bright red lipstick. Even so, she’s already camera ready. The model’s pretty retro waves hairstyle made her anything less than stunning.

Short finger wave hairstyle ideas

If you want more styles like these, you could look up 1920s celebrities old photos. Her look reminds us of American actress Billie Dove who wore an iconic 1920s wave hair.

Finger waves on yourself

As you can see below, DIY finger waves is possible. How to do finger waves on medium hair? Get yourself vintage waves with flat iron.

Jet black finger waves on short natural hair

It takes patience to get vintage waves hairstyle on natural curly hair. Hairstyles with finger waves and pin curls look best when styled using setting lotion or curling mousse.

Vintage waves with flat iron

Afro textured or kinky hair may need a flat iron to straighten out strands before styling to desired s wave hair. The finger wave tool is also used for to make Marcel waves for other hair textures.

Blonde hair

To achieve this look, load up on your fix of all retro waves hair tutorial you can spot in the internet.

Wave clips for hair

Finger wave perm is easier to make when you have a wave pin to fix them in place while you work your magic on the rest.

Beautiful long hair model

Long finger waves give this lady a regal and classy look that’s not outdated.

Violet short Hair

Red and blue make violet. Wet hair and s wave hair make a stunning hairdo.

Kara Tointon and her Marcel curls

The British actress graced a red carpet event wearing 30s curls hairstyle.

Using wave pin to hold strawberry blonde hair

Pro tip: Crocodile clip is a good all around hair dressing and finger wave tool

Kendall Jenner with finger waves

famous model and TV reality star Kendall struts the runway for a Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Eva Minaeva with blonde wave style hair

The blonde bombshell wore this look at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Missy Elliot finger waves with bangs

Female hip-hop icon was one of the most prominent personalities of our time who donned finger wave hairstyles for short black hair.

How to do retro waves like the silent movie actresses

Grab a fine tooth finger wave comb and some setting lotion. Style it in s wave curls.

How to make 1920’s waves in hair for short hair girls

Decades passed but women still love to wear these fashionable and classy wavy hairstyles

Short waves for black haired women

Black hair is naturally shiny and glowing, so its perfect for finger wave styles

Tyra Banks’ 1920s wave hair

The former supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel is now the host and producer of America’s Next Top Model.

Red hair with waves 1920s style

Vintage waves hair loks great on black, blonde, red, blue, and every other hair colour

Black wavy crimped hairstyles

Finger wave and Marcel wave are two styles born in the 20th century that’s still trendy for 21st century women.

Tyra Banks’ wavy bob hair

Looking like the Top Model that she is with finger wave perm.

Lauren Conrad in wavy hairstyle

The former The Hills star is wearing bob waves hair.

Model with 30s curls in a gold outfit

If there is a perfect one among many finger wave hairstyle photos, this here is sure to be The One.

Pretty hairstyles with finger waves and pin curls

Finger roll hair and easy finger waves look great especially for girls with natural curls.

Ciara at the 2016 Met Gala

Pop and RNB singer Ciara wearing a futuristic hairstyle with shining silver hair colour fixed by bobby wave pin

Study 1930s hair tutorial and watch old silent movies

Late American-born French entertainer and actress Josephine Baker got nothing on this lovely woman’s slick Marcel wave hair.

Marcel curls on retro waves long hair

Model gets a hair makeover featuring retro waves hairstyle

Finger wave bob hairstyles for supermodel

ANTM host Tyra Banks with a wavy bob

Kate Bosworth in 1920s curly hair

Finger curl hair look great on the Hollywood actress’ shiny blonde hair

Haircut for Zendaya

Former Disney child star looking all grown up and sultry in retro waves short hair

Natural wavy hairstyles for on the go women

Cut your hair short and learn how to style it with easy finger wave tutorial

1920s wave hair in purple shade

Finger curls natural hair woman all dolled up and ready for her #OOTD