80 Amazing Feed in Braids for 2021


Are you looking for a style that will help in protecting your hair while you still look trendy? Feed in braids is the style to go for going by its versatility and level of work involved in styling it. The style is not only gorgeous but is also quite protective. It takes a good stylist to pull some great feed in braids. If you are looking out for a variety of braid hairstyle that you can draw inspiration from and try out then you are in the right place.

Feed in braids style can be done with natural hair directly or with the help of hair extensions. Whichever style that you choose, it still has a way of standing out and creating such an adorable look. Take your time and sample some of the lavish braids that you can wear anytime.

feed in braids

Stunning feed in braids ideas

Find inspiration from some of the stunning feed in braids hairstyles. If you are looking for ways to grow your hair much faster then this is an ideal style that’s common amongst black women. The style suits both official and social settings and have greatly evolved in the years.

The beauty of using extensions while wearing this style helps in the fact that you can style it as desired. The hair extensions also help with adding some shape and volume to the hair. Apart from the low pony, the style is quite simple and ideal for every woman regardless of age.

There are several types of braids that one can get inspiration from. The feed in braids is normally referred to as the invisible braids. As much as one is free to use different color shades, adding a braid that matches the color of the hair is just breathtaking. One can easily assume that its natural hair.

Even as you wear the feed in braids, some element of creativity is important. You can make your hairstyle unique and appealing if you come up with some unique style that adds up to what your stylist has.

For the braids to look neat and eye-catching, they should be very tight. Loose braids are likely to wear off easily and lose the versatility that’s visible in the braids. Regardless of the style that you choose, ensure that the braids are tight enough and the style blends with the facial structure.

Amazing feed in braids you can try out

Whether you are for the beaded style or for some funky braids, you can get a style that best suits your needs. The thin and bold braids make a beautiful contrast with the colors used in the style blending quite well.

If you have long hair then parting them with two huge braids makes the style to look quite simple. The hairstyle is magnificent with the hanging braids creating a beautiful outlook. This is a relaxed style that works well for warmer seasons.

From the thin braids to the beautiful shiny beads, the hairstyle below looks amazing with the skin tone enhancing the outlook. Every piece of hair is artistically braided which gives such an appealing outlook. The golden braid cuffs also ad to the glow and intricacy of the style.

A simple and elegant style that can suit anyone. Feed in braids looks great with almost any type of hair. One should, however, engage a stylist that knows a variety of braid styles. Braids can be accessorized with several things as one deems suitable.

The hair is braided into very simple yet stylish patterns. The color of the hair also adds to the beauty and brightness of the style. If you are looking for simple ways to protect your hair then braiding is the best way to go.

Adorable feed in braids for any occasion

Braids have greatly evolved with new styles and trends emerging every so often. Braids were originally considered as a casual hairstyle that could not be adorned when attending official occasions. That has so far changed and many people are considering having braids once in a while.

If you want a break from bleaching your hair and just allowing your natural hair to rejuvenate and grow then feed in braids is quite ideal. The beauty of braids lies in the fact that you can wear them without bothering much about the texture of your hair.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that expresses artistry and versatility then feed in braids is what you can consider going for. The hairstyle provides one with room to express their creativity and a sense of uniqueness. The unique sizes of the braids used also adds some element of contrast to the style.

Striking thin braids that blend perfectly well with the large ones. The color of the braids adds to the beauty of the style and also creates a cool contrast. The two large braids also create a beautiful combination with the smaller ones.

If you are into statement hairstyles that makes heads to turn then this could be ideal for you. The highly raised pony looks amazing and creates a cute contrast with the simple thinly layered braids. Such an eye-turner that one can consider adorning anytime.

Cute feed in braids

Simple and also amazing is the best description for the style below. The color shades create a cute contrast and blends perfectly well with the skin tone. The combination of tiny and large braids also create an epic outlook.

Apart from the braids, the addition of some extra accessories are not only beautiful but also adds to the intricacy of the style. The feed in braids is also quite long which creates an appealing outlook.

Whether its your own natural color or some warm vibrant tone, braids has a way of adding beauty to the hair and enhancing ones facial appeal. Just ensure that you settle for a style that fits your facial design and expresses the best of your outlook.

Update your look with beautiful feed in braids and a warm color that suits you well. The tightly knitted styles act as a great protection for the hair and ideal for hair that require sometime to stay rejuvenated and relaxed. Too much exposure of hair to dyes and color can in a way cause hair damage and braids are the best option for protecting hair.

A combination of jumbo feed in braids with the tiny ones creates such a magnificent contrast. The braids are glowing beautifully while also creating such a flawless outlook.

Jumbo feed in braids

If you are looking for feed in braids that will ever be trendy and super stylish then jumbo braids are the best. Regardless of the length of your hair and volume, jumbo braids have a way of bringing shape and style to your hair in a way that’s outstanding.

The jumbo braids blend perfectly well with the thin braids in the hairstyle below. The style is not only cool but also reflects beautifully with a skin tone that matches with it.

Accessories such as beads add some glamour and sophistication to the braids with the pony also creating an adorable style. Both the two styles look amazing and unique with the option of folding the braids or letting it all flow easily.

Stunning feed in braids

Such an amazing hairstyle with the combination of thin and large braids creating such a magnificent outlook. The hairstyle is cool with the loose hair around the forehead beautifully styled. The overlapping nature of the braids also creates a cool pattern at the top area of the hair.

Side feed in braids is quite trendy and worth spending the time to fix. The beautiful layers of braids create a cool pattern which is so adorable. The uniform nature of the braids also creates such an appealing outlook.

The flawless nature of the braids makes the hairstyle to really stand out in such a magnificent way. The braids are similar in size and create such a beautiful pattern that flows all through. If you are looking for that perfect way to change how you look then consider going for the hairstyle.

Cool accessories for feed in braids

Apart from having cool and beautifully styled braids, you can also spice them up with the cute golden elements. The braid cuffs add some beauty and magnificence to the style in a way that’s quite eye-catching.  The patterns used in the hairstyle also enhances the overall outlook.

Use of color makes the braids to really stand out and also creates such a dynamic outlook. The golden color of the feed in braids create such a vibrant and appealing outlook. The braid cuffs also make the style to look adorable and magical.

You can keep it simple with no accessories at all and still enjoy the cool outlook. The length of the braids is another thing that adds to the uniqueness of he hairstyle. The hairstyle expresses such a flawless natural flow which looks great.

The braided pony is cool and also enhances the facial features in such a great way. The lines are similar in size and also done in a beautiful way that enhances the overall outlook. The length of the braids also makes for such an adorable hairdo.

A great way to make a statement with your hair with the styling quite intricately done. The hairdo and the pony braids add a beautiful contrast to the style. Such an ideal hairstyle that fits any occasion.

Adorable feed in braids

The hairstyle is not only simple but also very intricately styled. The combination of small and big feed in braids create such an adorable and charming outlook. The high pony also adds to the magnificence of the design.

You can add some glam and intricacy to your hairstyle with an array of accessories. The choice of accessories depends on what you settle for as there are several elements you can use on your braids. The hairstyle is simple with the knots added adding some contrast to the style.

Color has a way of making hairstyles to pop and adds some vibrancy to the style. The bold red color used in the hairstyle looks unique and magical. Just ensure that your choice of color is something that resonates well with your personality. The combination of thin and large braids also adds a beautiful contrast to the style.

An amazing piece of feed in braids that looks great and reflects well on the lady. The combination of big and small braids is not only intricate but also creates an adorable outlook. The feed in braids are also short enough and makes for a magical outlook going by the color used in the hair.

With all of the braids starting at the same point, it creates such an appealing outlook. From the size of the braids to the color used, every aspect of the style looks cool. The dark color of the braids also blends well with the skin tone which is great.

Magical feed in braids for any occasion

Braids have evolved through the years and have actually gone mainstream. Many people at one time find themselves adorning braids not just because of the magical outlook but mostly as a way of protecting the hair from unnecessary breakage and damage. Once hair has been treated and braided, it gets to grow and flourish in a more natural way.

The Fulani braid is just a statement by itself and a way to celebrate a rich culture. From the golden rings used as accessories on the braids to the style used, everything about this hairstyle is just magical. The beads used on the individual braids towards the edges express a rich style that’s worth emulating.

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Two sets of styles that fits beautifully on the hair. The front braids are held in place with a raised pony which is in itself magical. The braids fixed from behind the pony also create such a cool contrast with the flowing braids enhancing the overall outlook.

Such a glowing hairstyle with the small and large braids creating an appealing and dynamic outlook. The hairstyle is magical and blends beautifully with the skin tone. If you are looking for a simple yet trendy hairstyle that you can adorn for any occasion then consider the flawless style below.

Another magical piece of style that looks great and with a beautiful skin tone to go with it. The hairstyle is not only cool but also creates such a fabulous outlook. The beauty of the hairstyle lies in the fact that it can be styled in whatever way that one desires.

Simple and classic feed in hairstyles

A simple everyday hairstyle that can be adorned by any woman despite the age. The hairstyle is classy and flawless going by the way the braids are done. An amazing style that may not be as expensive to fix as other intricate braids.

Add style and elegance to your hairstyle with simple pieces of tiny braids that are artistically done. The thick lines look amazing and create a beautiful blend with the tiny zigzag braids. Such an adorable hairstyle that can be worn by any woman.

Fulani braids look great when accessorized with beads and other elements. The way the braids flows sideways and the one dominant braid at the center of the hair makes the whole hairstyle to really stand out. The beads used also adds to the beauty and magnificence of the style.

This is a look that can be recreated by anyone as its very simple and blends with the skin tone. The sassiness of the hairstyle lies in the tight way the braids are fixed and how each braid is flowing effortlessly all through to the end.

Double feed in braids with the low pony is not only cool but also very unique. The braids tightly hold the long hair in place which makes the style worth considering. The fact that the braids start at the same point and are similar in size makes the entire hairstyle to really stand out.

Classic feed in braids

Tightly fixed braids are not only cool, they also help with protecting the hair and ensuring the feed in braids are perfectly in place. The beautiful combination of both tiny and big braids create such a cool blend and reflects well with the facial features.

The raised pony is another cool feature in the hairstyle below that enhances the overall outlook in such a great way. The beautiful contrast created by varying sizes of the braids is another outstanding feature in the hairstyle that adds to its elegance.

The ash-blonde shades used in the hair creates such an intricate look that makes the entire hairstyle to really stand out. The feed in braids looks magnificent and reflects beautifully the facial features of the wearer. An amazing piece of style that is worth considering.

Intricate feed in braids

You can make a bold statement with an intricately styled feed in braids. A lot of effort has been put in pulling off this style going by the huge raised pony in the hairstyle. The thin layers of braids create such a lavish look that’s worth consideing wearing.

The high pony with a beautiful combination of color creates such an adorable outlook. Combination of the thin and large braids also create a beautiful contrast. If you’re not bothered about adorning bold and vibrant colors then you can consider trying it out.

The side flowing feed in braids is another cute style that one can consider having. The hairstyle is not only cool but also has a way of enhancing the facial features. It takes working out with a good stylist if you are to pull such a look through.

Magnificent feed in braids

Beautiful hairstyles is all about creativity and finding a way to spice the hairstyle. Use of color is one of the ways that many people are using to spice up their braids. Like in the style below, the purple braids make the entire style to look quite vibrannt and sassy. Consider adding accessories that best suits you.

Such a simple and funky pattern with all the braids looking similar in size and length. If you are looking for a cool hairstyle to adorn in warm weather then the below hairstlye is a good pick.

If you are into something that looks stylish and natural then the hairstyle below is an ideal one. The hairstyle is quite adorable and looks magnificent on the wearer. The simplicity of the hairstyle should be an encouragement especially if you have the skin tone that blends well with it.

From the high pony to the flowing colorful braids, the hairstyle is just magnificent and looks adorable. The picking of the hair also creates a cute zigzag style on the scalp which equally enhances the outlook.

Beautifully accessorized feed in braids

There are several elements that can be used to accessorize braids. From the big wooden beads, simple and colorful beads, the golden braid cuffs to the golden rings; one can choose what suits them well.

Like in the style below the incorporation of white braids ow pony creates a beautiful contrast to the style. The subtle golden shades and the braid cuffs usd also adds to the intricacy ofthe style.

A hairstyle that’s ideal for women across all ages. The addition of hair extension adds to the beauty and intricacy of the style. If you don’t find hair that goes around the neck to be irritating then consider going for this glamorous hairstyle.

If you are looking for something for summer or spring then the hairstyle below is a great option. The styling is simple and helps manage the hot weather well without any form of irritation. The combination of both tiny and big feed in braids also create a beautiful style.

Once you have pulled up the right hairstyle with your braids, the next thing to consider is styling it up in a way that reflects your personality. When braiding your hair, several things should be taken into account such as the type of braids to use, hair texture and the accessories to add if you opt for that.

Combining thin and large feed in braids have become the in thing and a great way to create a beautiful contrast. The low pony also enhances the simple outlook with the subtle use of color also making the hairstyle to really pop.

The feed in braids below is a statement by itself. From the length of the braids to the beautiful golden braid cuffs used in the hairstyle, the whole styling looks great. The cuffs are beautifully placed and the raised pony also elevates the facial outlook in an adorable way.

Sassy feed in braids

A combination of braids with hair extensions are also cute and has a way of creating a very intricate outlook. The simple braids at the front of the hair with the humongous hair extension create such a glamorous look. The huge hairstyle also look great and blends well with the wearer’s facial features.

There are several options of feed in braids that one can opt for and that provides one with the ability to settle for what is ideal. The huge pony with the flowing braids create a beautiful contrast and looks great on the wearer.

A great way to protect the hair and hold it together beautifully. The hairstyle below has simple and very relaxed braids that work well with long hair. It’s intricate and magical with the color also blending with the skin tone well.

A little mix of color to feed in braids has a way of creating such a vibrant and eye-catching outlook. The combination of thin and thick braids is another style that also brings out the beauty and uniqueness of the hairstyle.

The super trendy hairstyle is simple yet very classy. The feed in braids is ideal for everyone and can be adorned in any occasion. The one color used in the braid also blends well with the skin tone which is quite magnificent.

Big braids are just unique and beautiful. The beautiful small braids blend so well with the big braids and the pattern used also enhances the overall outlook. A hairstyle like the one below is a little bit intricate and require a stylist that understands the style well.

Pretty feed in braids

Just like having short hair and long hair, you can also settle for the length of feed in braids that suits you. The hairstyle is very simple and well accessorized with the braid cuffs. The combination of thick and thin braids also create such a beautiful contrast.

Thick layers of braids with the side shaving is an adorable piece of style. The hairstyle is simple and also blends well with the skin tone. You can keep the hairstyle plain or decide to decorate it as desired with the available accessories.

A piece of extension with the feed in braids looks spectacular and the golden shades also create a lovely look. The hairstyle has been accessorized with a piece of hair extension which also adds to the overall outlook of the hairstyle.

Such a gorgeous style that can look great on anyone. The asymmetrical nature in which the feed in braids has been fixed makes such a cool look. The braid cuffs used for decorating the braids also adds glam and contrast to the style.

A combination of thick and thin braids has a way of making the hairstyle to look so trendy and elegant. The hair color is not only magical but also brings life and a vibrant look to the design. The hairstyle is not only simple but also great enough for any occasion.

Plaiting side braids is one of the ways you can use to style the feed in braids for a unique and sasssy outook. The braids are not only thin which is great but also beautifully styles.

Amazing feed in braid styles

Achieve some adorable look that will leave heads turning as you pass by. The level of versatility and style shown in the below feed in braid is just spectacular. The skin tone also blends well with the hairstyle.

Bring glamour and artistry to your style by incorporating styles that enhance your overall outlook. The thick layers at the back look magnificent and blend well with the skin tone which is visible on the sides.

These side braids are not only gorgeous, but they are also the real definition of a sexy piece of hairstyle. The thinly braided sidelines look amazing with the subtle shades of golden blonde adding life to the hairstyle. Are you looking for something beautiful and worth the hours spent sitting? then this is the style to try out.

You can still keep the braids simple and elegant with just a few lines of braids. The feed i braids will always look magical if done with a stylist that knows the job well. The subtle color used in the braids also adds to the beauty of the style.

When it comes to deciding on the right style to go for, its advisable that you look beyond the written words and evaluate a style that suits you well. Once you have settled for a style, you need to locate a stylist that has the expertise and is capable of styling your hair as you see it.