127 Spicy Fall Hair Colors to Try


If you want to experiment with your hair, there are many options for you, ranging from haircuts to hair colors. Fall Hair colors can be the best option for you if you want to transform your hair from a dull look to an Instagram worthy hair. To help you find the look you can love, here are some stunning hair colors to inspire you. Go with the theme of the fall and choose hues to get the eye-catching look.

Since there are thousands of options out there that might confuse you, we have compiled a list of beautiful, fall colors to drench your hair in! There are colors to suit all skin tones here. They will look good on all hair textures and length. You are sure to look stunning as you try on some of these fantastic hues.

Tips and tricks of hair coloring

There are things to know before coloring your hair, and here is a list that you must go through.

  1. Test the colors on some of your hair strands to know the color
  2. Do not trust the color shown on the model on the box
  3. Buy at least two boxes of hair color if you have long hair
  4. Get proper sections into your hair before coloring
  5. Make sure to use color-safe shampoos and conditioner
  6. Make sure you use gloves during hair coloring and washing
  7. Do not put the colors on metal bowls to mix them
  8. Wash your hair less to keep the colors intact.

Now let us dive into the hair colors that you must try this fall!

Sandy blonde

Try this sandy blonde hue this fall if you want to keep things simplistic yet pretty. The darker layers are working well with the blonde and give it a natural look.


hair color ideas

Pink hair

Nowadays, girls are getting attracted to pretty shades of pink. These pink hair shades have been sported by many celebs and influencers and are one of the most beautiful fall hair colors to try on.

Kristen’s hair

This fiery red hair worn by Kristen Stewart has checked all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect fall color. Try this one of you have ashen skin, and it will work for you.


Adding an excellent highlighting shade on your hair can tie a look together. This red highlight is one of the best hairstyles you can get for the fall. The red highlights break the monotony of black hair here.

Brown highlights

Brown and blonde highlights are the colors that work well for all skin tones. They manage to look good with all skin tones, and the darker streaks are sure to add the needed balance to the look.

Pinkish red

Reds and pinks work well together, and they look great when put on together. This is a hair color that is sure to make you look different than anyone else.

Red ombre hair

Ombre hair has been in style for a long time now. It never seems to go out of style. Try this red ombre hair this fall and manage to look stunning every day!

Peanut butter and jelly

This hair color instantly catches our attention. The hues are named very well, and we must say it makes us hungry! This hair trend is blowing up and is undoubtedly going to be a crowd pleaser!

Brown hair

If you have white or grey hair, you can surely try on this brown hair color. This color works very well for medium skin tones and has been known to cover the grey hair pretty well.


Once you color your hair, you need to take care of it to ensure it stays luscious and thick. Hair can become damaged once you dye them.

Rose gold

Rose gold hues give the hair shine like no other. This is a very feminine and versatile hair color to choose. We are sure you will love the results on yourself.

Light brown

Light brown hues are youthful shades and work well for women of all ages. They are surely trusted fall hair colors trend that suits everyone.

Ash Blonde

Blonde is a trendy color to choose from. There are many shades and options for all skin tones to try on a blonde hue. Here is a pleasant shade of ashy blonde to inspire you.


Specific hair colors work great on brunettes, and this is one of those many colors. Try this fantastic fall hair colors and enjoy the final results.

Vanessa Hudgens

The fall hair colors sported by Vanessa has us swooning all over it. The cherry red transitions well into a flaming red and she surely looks stunning on it.

Caramel balayage

Balayage is another popular hair coloring trend that has been making its rounds in social media. This caramel color mixed up with dark hair strands is a great color for fall!

Purple hair

The purple hue on the roots here with the silver hair all over is a bold choice for sure. This choice of colors is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. The blend of purple, silver, and blue is unique.

Summery hair

Say goodbye to the summery hair shades and change your hair color to a new tone to match the weather. Hang on to your coats and enjoy the fall colors with the weather this season.


Try a change of colors and change your look drastically. Hair colors can transform your hair totally and make you look like a different person.

Zendaya’s hair

Zendaya has changed her hair colors over the years countless times. Her hair colors inspire many to try on new and bold hair colors.

Chocolate brown

Gone are the times for dark shades of the winter. You need to spice things up and try a hair color that is lighter and fun.

Pink highlights

This brown and pink hair is an uncommon sight, and the colors merge very well.

Cherry red

If you are into fun and flirty hair colors, this is undoubtedly a hue to try on. This pastel shade of cherry red is surprisingly beautiful and is sure to bring life into your hair.

Ombre hair

Red is a shade

Golden Brown

Who doesn’t love a pleasant shade of golden brown? There are many shades of brown that might catch your attention, but this one is sure to stick to your heart.

Light purple

There are so many hair colors to try on. But trying on all the colors is impossible. Instead, you can opt for a wig and get the color of your choice.


Pink and grey hair combination is unique and not so common as well. This shade has yet to be recognized, but it surely has a lot of potentials.

Pastel Rainbow

Pastel shades are the prettiest hair trend of the season. You can beak the monotony by changing your hair color. And try these fun shades that resemble the rainbow! They are vibrant and surely will make you look like a dream!

Pretty in pink

If you are obsessed with pink, then this is undoubtedly the color to try on. This bright, almost neon-like pink is a perfect color for all the girls out there who like to look a bit extra!

Auburn hair

This reddish-brown auburn hue is a color that matches the theme of fall perfectly. This is an excellent option among fall hair colors that can transform your look.

Warm skin

Hair colors, when chosen well, can bring out your eyes and the skin tone. This hair color is perfect for warmer skin tones. If you have brown eyes, they are going to look amazing with this shade.


A beautiful combination of colors has been presented here, and we are sure you are going to love this shade. The silver brunette hair is unique and pretty.

Spicy Brown

Shades of browns and reds make the perfect fall hair colors. This is one such shade of spicy brown with hints of red that works well together.

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale carries off any hair color well. Here are a few colors she has sported well.

The straight middle-parted hair works in sync with the hair color and makes her look oh so gorgeous.

Dark Hair

Darker shades work well when paired with lighter hues to create a contrast. Here is a perfect example of well-balanced hair color.

Golden chocolate brown

Golden hues mixed with brown creates a perfect pattern on your hair that is going to grasp a lot of attention.

Long hair

If you have long hair, they make the perfect canvas for any hair color. The ideal blend of shades for you may vary, but your hair will be hair goals once colored!


Caramel blonde is a shade that has been popular for a lot of years. If you want your hair color to bring out your skin tone, opt for this one!

Bold ideas

If you are looking for extreme hair colors that scream vibrancy, here are some shades that you will love if you try it once. This is almost like a palette of an artist right here!


Be a trendsetter and try on a hair color that not many have tried on. This hair color is undoubtedly going to create a stir in the coming days.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid’s helmet hair and dark brown shades are surely giving us something to be jealous about. Her hair looks sleek, and the colors bring out her skin tone.

Warm highlights

Choose warm highlights for your dark hair. It can work out beautifully and change your look for the better!

Cool hair

You can try on any hairstyle once you get a perfect hair color. A messy top knot also looks attractive.

Light Caramel

Honey brown hair color is also known as light caramel is a shade that looks flattering on all skin tones. You can get them done at your local salon to match the feels of the season!


Red natural hair looks perfect for all occasions. Naturally, red hair is a blessing for sure, and you must flaunt it if you’ve got it!

Purples and corals

Here is a hair color that looks almost like a flower. These shades are adorable. There are hints of purple, blonde, browns e.t.c to make this one a complete package. If you are confused among which color to try, go for them all!


If any hair color screams perfection, this is the one. The brownish shades come out more with the blonde hair, and we unquestionably adore them!

Fushia shock

This could be your next crazy hair idea. These hair colors need a lot of guts to try on, and after you try them on, there is no turning back. They can make you look like a rockstar for sure!

Ash Brown

This was one of the trendiest hair colors of 2018. The ashy brown hues will attract your attention for sure!


These Burgundy hues are the best thing to try on this season. This is a fun shade and still is not too vibrant or out there. It has the perfect balance of colors for everyone to try.

 Kylie Jenner

Kylie tried on this new hair color for Coachella, and her fans went crazy over it. This shade fit her skin tone so well, and many followed in her footsteps to try on this color.

Brownish red highlights

Dark hair creates the base for brownish red highlights to shine through. Something is impressive about this blend of colors.

Short bob

You can style your short bob with curls once you get them into a blonde ombre hair like so. This is right fall hair colors that work for all hair lengths.

Honey brown balayage

Honey brown balayage has been a trendy hair color. If you have pale skin, this hue will show well on you.


Here is a color that is very available hair color. The combination of dark and light brown hair with blonde highlights will be right fall hair colors for sure!

More browns

If you still are not over the earthy browns, here are some hair colors to inspire you.

Red to brown

The top of the hair has been colored in bright reds, and the base of the hair has a brown to blonde shade. These hair colors are undoubtedly eye-catching.

Colored tips

Here is a different take on hair coloring. The front bangs have been colored in a bright shade of purple, and the rest of the hair has a pale blonde shade to it. These hair colors are perfect for you to try on if you are feeling funky!


Try highlighting your hair and achieve the look that you want. Try on blonde shades over the darker base to make it pop.

Brown Tinges

Brown is a versatile hair color and works well as an overall color or as a highlight.


Blonde hair colors are undoubtedly a fun hair color to try on. But these fall hair colors can also look very elegant.


Pop of colors can make your hair dynamic and give you a youthful vibe. There are many beautiful and eye-popping hair colors here to choose from.

Red base

Color your hair on the roots with shades of red and add a fiery vibe to your hair. Here are some red hues for you to choose from for yourself.

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel has had hair that makes anybody envious of its perfection. This is one of her prettiest hair shade that has made its way into our top picks.

Copper blonde

Try on copper blonde as your new hair color and get ready to impress everyone with your choice.

Brown ombre

There is an alluring effect to this hair that we adore. Try it for a subtly elegant look.


Many colors are making the round in social media nowadays. You must have noticed these hair colors while scrolling through your phone.

These fiery brown shades are right fall hair colors and are sure to make it in your list of must-try hair colors.

Red hair with highlights never goes out of style. These shades are evergreen and work well as a fall hair colors.

Another hair color to try on this season is the light caramel. These shades are perfect for any skin tone and work well. The best thing is you can get this hair color at home too.

Medium brown hair

Medium brown hair shades are one of the hottest hair trends. These hair colors have a perfect balance and are a must try.

To spice things up, you can even put on blonde highlights on your brown hair. They can add a lot of depth and dimension to your hair.

Silver hair

Silver hair is the blend of grey and white shades. This hair color looks great for everyday wear. Though it may not look very approachable at first, it is one of the trendiest fall hair colors.


Get ready to feel a bit sporty and try on multiple shades to make you feel like a fashionista. These shades are going to work with all of your looks and attires.


Purples are a lovely shade of colors. Purples and blues are not colors that occur naturally and need a lot of work to get on your hair strands. Purple pigments are hard to form and create too. Thus be careful while choosing your shade.

This light shade of purple almost has a lilac tinge to it. This look can make you feel like a unicorn as well!

The dark blue roots transcend into a purple hue very slowly. The merge looks very attractive, and the light purples bring a lot of vibrancy.

Katy Perry has tried on many shades that work well on her. The purple hue on her looks excellent and is undoubtedly a look we want to copy!

Get purple highlights on your dark hair and create a contrast to your hair. This hair color is wearable and is not too vibrant to try on as well.

Seafoam green hair

Green shades of hair have been quite popular recently. Here we have darker roots that transition into a seafoam green shade at the back. You can surely try this color to feel a bit unique.

These hair colors work well in all hair lengths and texture. This bright hair color makes you feel like a princess out of a fairytale.

Rainbow hair

If you feel like a rainbow and want to depict your playful personality, try on this mix of colors this season. If you are one to love some vibrancy, this is the one you should try. The pop of these amazing hues makes us attracted towards this style even more.

Chocolate mauve

Chocolate mauve is a shade that works very well with the fall. The color is subtle and still has an edge to it. You can try this if you want to stand out without being too extra!

Red-brown hair

Try on a smashing shade like red-brown and get ready to receive all the compliments as you walk by! You can see that there are shades like these on many celebrity hairstyles as well. So you will look great in these!

Multiple shades of blonde

Here are some shades of blonde that you are surely going to love. They work for all hair textures and hair length. So everyone can try these out and look fabulous each day.

Blonde hair works well with curls. You can get a very feminine look once you style your blonde hair.

We hope you found the fall hair colors that you desired from this article. We have tried to include hair colors to match everyone’s needs this season! You can try out these shades with any haircut that works for you! There are hair colors for all skin tones and hair textures here. If you decide on these shades, make sure you share your experience with us on the comments section below.