Be a Punk Rock Superstar with Emo Hair: Over 150 Styles to Cop


The punk princess vibe rose with the fame of sk8ter girl Avril Lavigne in early 2000’s. The trend continued with Ashlee Simpson and bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Boys Like Girls, Green Day, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and My Chemical Romance owned the spotlight. Then the trend came back again with Hayley Williams, the lead vocalist of pop punk rock band Paramore. Some call it punk rocker hairstyle, some call it grunge or emo hair. But whatever they call this fashion trend, we think it rocks!

Emo Hair Inspirations: More than 150 styles to choose from

It’s never too late to jump the bandwagon. Especially if you’re a solid fan of the bands we’ve mentioned above, we’re sure you’d love to get a hairstyle to celebrate this one-of-a-kind music genre. But if you’re really not up for a major makeover, we still complied over 1500 emo hairstyle pics to remind us of the time when emo scene haircut was all the rave.

Emo medium hairstyles

This emo girl photo of a girl with medium length white hair and black accents for contrast.

emo hair

Emo Black Hairstyle

Pastels look great with emo hair. Emo can be cute, too!

Two tone emo hair with full bangs

Blonde hair on one side, sky blue on the other.

Burgundy bangs on emo lady

Black hair and burgundy bangs look splendid together.

Colorful long hairstyles

Emo girls also love many other colors aside from black.

Haircuts for short hair

Emo fashion applies to both men and women with long or short hair.

Hair dye for emo girl hair

Get hair color combinations done by a trusted beauty hair salon.

Short emo hairstyles for girls

Girls with short haircuts can wear emo hairdo too!

Emo side bangs

A common quality in emo style is the thick side bangs.

Turquoise undercut emo

Short hair at the undercut, then long hair everywhere else: best of both worlds!

Emo layered hairstyles

Emo fans sure love layers on their hair. They use different hair color to show the layers.

Dainty Punk Beauty

Looking like a fairy queen with a flower crown, this dainty emo chick sports a pastel pink color on her bleached hair.

Bright and Sunny

Emo girls aren’t all covered in black. They can sport bright colors like yellow, too.

Fresh and Colorful Short Emo Hair

A long front pixie has never been this beautiful.

Hairstyle ideas with purple side bangs

Emo fashion hairstyle come in many shades, just like bright purple.

Rainbow hair and Cat eye

Even with unicorn-inspired hair, she managed to pull off the emo look with eye makeup.

Emo girl with layered hair

Varying lengths of hair layers is a common trait in emo haircut for long hair.

Ash hair and purple lips

Light hair and dark makeup make the perfect match.

Blue for all

Blue isn’t only for boys. It looks great on women emo style, too.

Jewel tones hair color for emo lady

Hair colors open endless possibilities for modern hairstyle.

Gradient emo hair colors for girls

Basic can be boring, so why not try mixing and matching?

Emo female fashion

This is how a mainstream emo girl looks like.

Bluish Ash Short Hair Emo Style

Emo is all about dramatic expression.

Emo hair pink

Looking cute like a teddy bear.

Blonde bob, blue ends

A little goes a long way.

Emo girl cute colors for the hair

Indeed, girls have a special connection with the color pink.

Female emo fashion 

Emo fashion can be easy to carry, simple, and laid back.

Asian emo hair

Asian hair is normally black so emo style comes natural with it, too.

Life of an emo model

Emo people are as creative as they are unique.

Seeing green

This emo lady’s hair is pretty and easy on the eyes.

Orange emo short hair cut with piercings

Emo is not just style, it’s a lifestyle.

How to have emo hair?

The answer is simple: get a haircut just like her!

Dyed long emo bangs

Dyeing hair with a bold color is an excellent way to revamp an old look.

Emo hair covering one eye

An emo chick with green hairband sports a signature emo look.

Emo girl curly hair

Curly hair care is needed to maintain this kind of sultry hair.

Emo wig in pastel purple

The light color matches the girl’s clear and fair skin.

Dark emo pictures

This sense of fashion usually delves into dark imagery.

Blonde layered hair

Stylish girls are instant head turners.

Emo teen haircuts

It looks great on different hairstyles and colors

Black hairstyles

An emo beauty with hair as dark as the night

Short emo hairstyles for girls

Cut it short, then color and style it any way you want.

Red hair emo

Fiery red looks good on this fair-skinned emo lady.

Punk emo hairstyles

How to do emo hair? Imagination is your limit.

Red hair long emo bangs

Emo style fits all kinds of people from all over the world.

Hot pink women emo look

Hair bleached then dyed with hot pink.

Red and black

A color combination well loved by real emo followers

Long two tone layered hair cut

Black on one side, green on the other. Perfect together.

Emo updo hairstyles

Emo style still applies to updos. Just add the side swept bangs and emo hair part.

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Emo ladies hair style

Even with bold hair colors and face piercings, emo can still be girly.

Rainbow colors

Coloring can damage the hair but right hair treatment can lessen the ill effects.

Pastel colored long hairstyles for girls

This long haired beauty is almost unreal and close to perfection

Short hair cuts for girls with highlights

Punk looks great in long, medium, and short haircuts.

Purple curly hair

Cute girl with purple hair looks like an anime character

Emo female hairstyles

Trendy hairstyles with multiple colors for all women.

Modern hair style

A spiky haircut for colorful hair

Red hair with curly ends

Emo girl with nose ring looks hot with red hair

Emo side bangs with red highlights

A subtle addition makes a world of difference

Curly emo hairstyle with colored hair

You can never run out of hairstyle ideas when you browse our blogs.

Blue punk hairstyles

Wear your favorite color loud and proud

Vibrant and bold look

Blue and purple go well together for a simple hairstyle.

Blonde hair with dark green colored ends

Here’s a cool way to style emo hair covering one eye

Red emo hair part at the side

Great styling can make emo girl cute like her

Green and red

Some great color combos are complimentary colors like green and red

White short hair emo style

Bob haircut for girls that fit the emo fashion sense

Female hairstyles for emo fashion

Emo models usually sport the sideways hair part

Emo girl style

Complete with hoodie, ear loops, bleached white hair and the black bandanna headband

Bubblegum pink hair color

She rocks the feminine punk princess look

Two tone ladies hair style with bangs

Just one more color won’t hurt, like this purple and bright blue hair color combo

Vibrant red on jet black

The color black may be basic but red adds appeal to this fashion hairstyle.

Black layered hairstyles for emo women

Black hairstyles is popular for trendy emo girl and cool emo boy in the past and until now

Emo scene haircut for black hair

A good black hair dye is used to achieve perfect black hair

Platinum and Gold

Girl is looking like a million bucks with gorgeous long layered platinum blonde emo hair with gold low lights.

Shake your peacock tail feather

A peacock’s feather is a great hair ornament that fits almost all kinds of hairstyles for women.

Spiky haircut for emo woman

Straight hair can become limp but adding spiky details mix it up for a bold look.

Black and White emo updo hairstyles

Basic colors aren’t always boring.

Emo chick with lip piercings

A beautiful emo girl with blue and black hair and lip piercings looking like a true blue punk chick.

Emo girl with face piercings

This girl looks as cute as can be even with all the piercings she have on her face.

Striking Lashes and Nose Ring

Aside from her mesmerizing eyes with thick long lashes, we can’t help but be drawn to her jet black nose ring with matching lip studs.

Gradient purple emo bangs

Adding a pop of color can make an entire look standout.

Female emo in long bob haircut

This brunette beauty with medium length hair wears a modern hairstyle with emo flair.

Red layered hair with full bangs

Fierce red color is a great choice for women with radiant and fair skin.

Teen haircuts with bold colors

You’re only young and carefree once. Therefore, why not try daring colors for your hair?

Dainty pastels

Her curly and pastel colored highlights make us think of cotton candy.

Two tone Asian emo hair

Black and blazing orange plus a piercing stare for an intense look.

Cute emo girl photo

We admire this teen’s cute emo selfie. Her pink bandanna is a great contrast to her tiny lip ring.

Female Emo in a Mirror Selfie

Throwback to the day when there were no front cameras yet on smart phones so you always need a mirror to take a selfie.

Bright and Bold in Neon Colors

Neon pink, purple, and yellow come together as an amazing mix of hair color for a fashion forward emo woman.

How to do emo hair in the past?

Grow it out long then get it layered on top and part it sideways.

Cosplayer in purple emo hair wig

Cosplay is very famous for manga and anime fans.

Dual colored emo style for long hair girls

Pastel purple and black hair with long emo style haircut

Messy hair don’t care

Real emo style is also low maintenance.

Curly black medium length hair for women emo

Girl with curly emo hair covering one eye

Cat-like and purr-fect

She looks animated and cool with turquoise colored hair and cat eye makeup

Red Punk Emo Hairstyles

Rocking the red hair and fierce punk rockstar look

Real emo aren’t afraid of colors

There’s no subtlety but there’s lasting great impression with a daring hair color.

Blue on Black

A solid hair color to add contrast to a monotonous ensemble.

Beanie and bangs

Looking out the window in deep thought

Electric blue emo hair

She kept it simple everywhere else so her bright blue hair stands out

Spiky emo hair pink against the light

Simple haircut made amazing with pink dye for blonde hair

How to make emo hair with gradient colors

Best way is to visit a reputable hair salon to work this magic on your locks

White and blue highlights on black long hair

You don’t have to dye everything to give your hair a fresh new look.

Powdery pink long emo hair

A bobby pin is holding her pink emo bangs in place.

Ash Blue in a pixie with long emo bangs

Bob and pixie are great short emo haircuts for round faces

Hello Kitty Emo Fan

Sanrio’s world famous and beloved little girl is a favorite of all, even by emo models.

Bleached blonde emo girl style

An even blonde color on emo haircut for long hair

Wavy hairstyles with long emo bangs

Emo female hairstyles also work with wavy hair

Futuristic hairstyles

We envision that the future of hairstyles is colorful hair

Sexy female emo

Emo is daring and unique, but it can also be cute and feminine. Also, emo can be sexy.

Brown emo girl hair with many piercings

Teens express through fashion and style

Easy hairstyles for black hair

Emo long hair is easy to style and looks great with many outfits.

Heavy on eye makeup

The emo scene fashion is characterized by eyeliner-heavy makeup.

Mastering the wing

It takes lots of practice to master putting on the perfect winged eyeliner.

Blonde emo girl hair with black hair extensions

Adding a touch of black to blonde hair make it more exciting

How to have emo hair

It’s as simple as going to the salon and asking for a layered hair cut

How to style emo hair step by step

First, you get emo haircut. Next, you style it anyway you want.

Gradient blue and green hair

Emo style knows no rules. You mix two colors if you feel like doing it.

Punk emo hairstyles

Black is a popular emo hair color. Others even have their hair dyed this color.

Emo hair style pic

Big hair, long emo bangs in different colors, and large flower clip. Emo fashion is unique.

Emo medium hairstyles 

You can wear emo hair in any length you want.

Trendy hair styles for modern emo woman

Emo hair looks great since then and until now.

Punk emo and music

Emo style influence comes from punk bands and their music

Emo princess in baby pink blonde

Looking regal and punk in a blonde wig with a pinkish hue

Black and lavender long hairstyles for girls

Two tone hair color and facial piercings are normal for emo teens.

Emo girl with teal hair and nose ring

Emo is nothing boring. It’s artistic, expressive, and creative.

How to get emo hair for guys

Emo hair style men can choose are almost the same with what girls wear.

Emo girl photo with long red hair

Don’t be scared to change your look with a head turning hair color

Curly hair and long emo bangs

Style emo bangs with curls then top off the look with a nose ring to look extra fierce

Blue emo hair colors for girls

It’s impressive to see the creativity of teen emo girls.

Bleached blue long emo hair

She looks great with her tattoos, nose ring, studs and long emo bangs

Black rose crown on emo anime princess

Emo style wigs are a staple for cosplayers

Skull makeup on emo chick

Emo and punk both love the skull aesthetic.

Teen emo style icon

The big hair and tight dress is a well put together look for this young lady.

Blue layered hair styles

Emo layered hair can come in any other color. The choice is yours.

Emo red hair spiky haircut

The usual pixie can be too old school, making short emo hair spiky can be a cool variety.

Teen haircuts for long hair girls

Layered hair fits any age range: from adults, to tens, and kids.

Green bangs on short emo hairstyles for girls

If you love your natural hair color but also want to try colored dyes, you could opt to dye the bangs only.

Two-tone dye for wavy hair

Rock is radical and so is this teen’s white and blue dyed hair.

Red hair layered haircut with emo scene bangs

Sporting a fierce color can give off an even fiercer look.

Women emo with white hair

Emo girls usually wear black hair but you can still look punk even with white hair.

Rainbow hair punk hairstyles

Make a statement with your hair so a cool emo boy can’t help but look your way.

Green emo side bangs on emo model

The spiky haircut on layered hair with green bangs and the striped extensions is everything emo fashion.

How to get emo spiky haircut

First you need to get it layered,then you style and set it to form outward straight spikes

Curly hair care for blue emo hair

Like any treated hair, avoid shampooing too much and always condition your hair.

Pink and black hairstyles emo fashion

This lady who loves cheetah prints looks her best in style black and pink emo hair.

Red hair and long white curls

Applying intense color at the top then gradually transitioning to white

Popular black hairstyles

This type of haircut was common even for people who aren’t into the emo scene

Highlights and emo haircut for girls

To get volume like this, tease with a fine comb underneath and set with hairspray.

Otaku and emo

You can both be a fan of Japanese anime pop culture and emo at the same time.

Red hair with long emo side bangs

Burning bright and red like a star fire.

Long blonde extensions on black hairstyles

It’s a popular trend for emo fashion to wear popping colors on dark hair

Wavy hairstyles for emo girls with piercing

Black and blonde come beautifully together with her smokey eye and nose ring

Black eyeliner and black hairstyles

Emo chicks love to wear black winged eyeliner as dark as their hair.

Updo hairstyles for emo girls

Emo women can wear their hair down or up in a bun

Side ponytail on brown emo girl hair

This emo teen makes it playful with a side pony.

Pierced upper lip and violet ombre emo hair

Stylish emo women wear all sorts of makeup and accessories and look fab all the time

Simple hairstyle for emo teen

All she did was wear her blonde layered hair with black extensions down

Emo futuristic hairstyles with many colors

Uneven lengths and this diagonal blunt long emo bangs make for a modern haircut with emo scene fashion sense

Light pink emo hair

Fluffy and light pink like cotton candy

Sexy emo model in bright colored hair

Feisty and beautiful in the colors of a phoenix

Blue and black emo hair

Long emo bangs is a signature for emo fashion

Light emo hair and dark eye makeup

Feminine and punk at the same time

Blue hair and red head band

Emo scene style is a mix and match that hits all the markers of a fashion icon

Emo girl cute in a dress

A girly dress matched her pink and black hair with colorful extensions

Blue eyes and pink bangs on emo teen

Her light skin and blue eyes is the perfect canvas to add plenty colors on her hair and makeup

Purple and blue emo girl hairstyles for long hair

Mixing blue and purple dye colors and creating something as pretty as a rainbow

Bright orange emo hair

She’s as hot as fire with hair colored this way

Teal blue hair and black roses crown

Emo girl looking cute even with an all black ensemble

Ashley Tisdale emo layered hair

Disney movie star sports an emo girl style that we all loved in the High School Musical

Hayley Williams emo punk hairstyles

If there’s a female emo punk icon of this generation, it’s got to be her

Ashlee Simpson emo style

A huge contrast from her sister Jessica’s pop star bombshell image

Red emo hair with a bow

Red haired teen looking cute and lovely with a bow and a couple of hair clips