117 Ways To Pull Off Dreadlock Styles


Everyone has a story of their own. People express these stories in various ways. Some choose art, some music, some want literature others use their bodies as a canvas and get tattoos to mark their stories.  And then some people use their hairstyle as a form of expression. One of such hairstyle that has a wide variety and is very expressive is the dreadlock styles. Dreadlock styles are a form of expression and style that is different than any other hairstyles on the planet.

It can look a little intimidating to try, and one might think that other hairstyles cannot be done after you get a deadlock. But that is far from the truth. You can style your dreadlock in a lot of ways to make this shaggy hairstyle look feminine and elegant. This hairstyle is linked with a lot of races and has significance in the Jamaican, African cultures as well. In black culture, wearing natural hair is very popular. Wearing your hair in dreadlock is a way for people to express their style and a different sense of attitude. Go through our collection of 117 dreadlock styles and choose the one to flaunt your attitude best.

The interlocking dreads:

This is one of the most delicate dreadlock styles that you can try. Place your dreads on the sides of your hair and go for this fantastic look.
dreadlock styles

Up top:

Trying to get the hair away from your face? Wrap the dreadlock around and make a bun on top and pin it in the crown for a chic hairdo. Here is another cute inspiration for you!

Long hair:

Get your long hair in dreadlock and leave them free. Place your bangs on the sides to frame your face.


This hairdo is beautiful and hypnotic. The dreadlock adds to the mystery of the hairstyle and the braid going on the front adds to the femininity of the look.

Dreadlock at the base:

Leave your straight hair on top and get the rest in your dreadlock for this fantastic style.

Bella Hadid’s look:

Bella wore this dreadlock style for her Vogue shoot. It had multiple colors in this dreadlock to give this ruffled hairstyle a colorful kick.

All the way:

Show off your relaxed attitude with this daring dreadlock look. Put all of your hair in dreadlock and rock this look every day.

Smaller dreads:

Want dreads but not the big bulky kind? Go for this chic look by keeping it short and pretty. Smaller dreads makes for a feminine, beautiful hairdo.

Tie it up:

If you’re looking for carefree dreadlock styles, go for this one. The blonde hair color makes it more beautiful. Tie it up and style it as you like.

Natural :

Dreadlock is the most predictable long wear hairstyles that one can sport. If a low maintenance hairstyle is what you desire, then try this gorgeous hairdo.

Classy dreadlock:

These classic dreadlock ideas and are very popular and trendy. Dreadlock can be done in every hair texture and color, and this is a perfect example for it.

Shaved side dreadlock:

If you have half shaved hair and are looking for a way to style your hair go for dreadlock. Dreadlock will add to your hair and defines a whole new daring attitude.
The best part is it looks tasteful in any hair color. Hippie hairdo:

Opt for carefree dreadlock and try this hairdo. Dreadlock always have had a hippie feel to it, and this hairdo makes us feel completely free and liberated.

Fierce dreads:

This south African dreadlock hairstyle has always been mysterious and alluring. Go for this African dreadlock and color your hair in fiery reds and coppery hues. This fiery dreads are just perfect.

Medium hair:

Want dreadlock in your hair, but the length is just too short? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Find your medium hair dreadlock styles inspiration here.


Dreadlocks can be styled in a thousand different ways. Style your dreads with bangs falling on the sides of your face for an alluring effect.

Half head dreads:

If you are not fond of a full head of dreadlock, then go for this half dreadlock style. We are sure you will love it when you try this dreads.

Go casual:

Try this casual look by going for these dreadlock styles, which are simple and easy to carry. Anyone can easily carry this look and style it as per your desires.

Chic hairdo:

This hairdo is classy and beautiful. There are a few dreadlock styles in this hairstyle to make it casual and cozy.

Keeping it simple:

Keep it simple and traditional with plain style. It is low maintenance and will look good on anyone.



This dreadlock style is sexy. Carry this beautiful hairstyle and change the way your hair looks completely.


Braids on dreads:

Get your dreadlock in a row by putting them in braids. Create equal partitions and then braid them. You’ll end up with this sophisticated hairdo.


The great things about blondes are that it looks beautiful on any hair length, texture, and color. This blonde hair color brings out the surface of the dreadlock here and gives it a nice touch.
You can opt for either ashy light blondes or even move to darker yellowish blondes to add some depth to the hairdo.


Dreadlock styles are the kind of hairstyles that can have multiple variations. It is a very versatile look that one can wear. Get blonde or any other color highlights to accentuate this look.

Dreadlock styles with a bandana:

Spice up your dreadlock style with a bandana of your choice. It adds a rockstar vibe to your whole look.

Partial fashion:

Get your dreadlocks inspiration from this picture down here and go for a free and liberating look. These partial dreads in hair is perfect if you do not desire full heads of the same look.


The color game:

Add different meaning to your hair by coloring it in various shades and dreadlocking it. Place the hair on top of your crown by twisting it in any way you like and get this look!
Messy Bun:

Having dreadlocks does not limit one to new hairstyles. Wrap your hair in a bun and opt for this comfy look. These buns are easy to do and look exotic.


Twist and gather the top section of your hair in your crown and twist it around for a half up bun. Secure the bun and grace it by using any hair jewelry of your choice to amp it up.


Having dreadlocks doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with new hairdos. You can try any hairstyle of your choice over your dreadlocks. Here we show you braids that you can do over your dreadlocks.

Grab all of your hair in a ponytail and tie it up for a secure and bold look. Leave some sections of your hair on the front and tie the rest for this effortless look.
Comfort first:

Put your convenience first, and leave your dreadlocks free flowing. This look is comfortable and easy to carry. Plus it looks beautiful and chic.
Round and colorful:

Your hair is your choice. Keep it comfortable and messy by placing all of your hair in a messy round bun and add colors to it as well. Try this look and thank us later for all the compliments coming your way.

Half and a half:

Keep it sweet and simple and opt for half dreadlocks on your hair. Leave the rest to fall naturally and style it with hair jewelry of your choice.

Thin hair:

Have thin hair but desire a dreadlocks style? Go for this kind of dreadlock which takes away attention from your thin hair. Instead, this look focuses on the different colors and hairdo on top. So you can be assured that your hairstyle is the thing people notice and not the thinning sections!


This is cute dreadlock styles which fall under the do it yourself category. You can do this easily at the comfort of your home, and it will look stunning on all ages. So you can try it out today!



Go for this daring look with your dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can be styled in many ways and putting it all on top for this fashionable fearless look.

Dreads with widows’ peak:

If you are not familiar with this, a widows’ peak is a V shape in the hairline. The dreadlocks, styled with widows’ peak, merely is fearless and beautiful. You can try this one to change the way you look.

All on a side:

This is one of the best looks you can come up with using dreadlocks. Sweep all of your locks on one side of your head and enjoy this hassle-free look.

Long hair doesn’t care:

Show off you are don’t care attitude with this beautiful long dreadlock styles. This dreadlock style is a bold and fierce choice for everyone out there who want to break free!


No age limit:

This dreadlock style is one that can be sported by anyone of any age. From those young to those young at heart, all can try this hairstyle for a relaxed look.

French braid pigtails:

Isn’t this hairstyle just so cute? This french braid pigtails in with dreadlocks are a look we recommend to all the young people out there.

Keeping it casual:

This is another instance where dreadlocks have been worn casually, and yet it has given a sexy vibe. It merely shows how one can wear dreadlocks as an everyday look.

The winter look:

Get ready for winter with the addition of a colorful beanie on top of your dreadlocks. There are multiple colors, and various lengths of hair in our dreadlocks look, which changes the texture of the hair.


Have naturally red hair ? or you’ve colored it in hues of red? Add dreadlocks to the mix and get the ever ready look. Here is some redhead dreadlock styles inspiration for you whether you’re into brighter reds or coppery hues of red.

Big braids:

Opt for big braided dreadlocks this season and stun everyone. Here are some inspirations for you to choose from. Majestic:

This blue hairdo with dreadlock hairstyles surely demands everyone’s attention. Get this look and get ready for the compliments that won’t stop showering at you!

Bohemian inspirations:

You can try out this look and dive into your bohemian desires! Style your dreadlocks in this beautiful and colorful hairdo with bohemian inspirations.

Dark hair:

Dreadlock styles look very classy and traditional in long dark hair. This is a classic hairdo and will suit all hair lengths.
The Accessories:

Accessorize your dreadlock style by using any hair accessories of your choice. The accessories will add to your casual attitude. Use beads, colorful threads, and jewelry to add to these dreadlocks style.


Dreadlock styles are always incredible on anyone and so versatile too. Check out the look below for some inspiration. With so many elements in this hairdo, its a must try!

Dread beads on dreadlocks:

Beads have been an exciting and vital part of dreadlock styles. Here are some ways in which you can incorporate beads into your hairstyle.


If you thought that these messy looks could never look sexy, then we are sure this look will change your mind. This mesmerizing look is sure to make you look like a goddess.


Feeling vibrant and ready to take on the world? Go for these multiple hair color choices on the bottom of your locks and look electrifying!


There are many ideas of hairstyles you can wear your dreadlock hair. This is one unique and beautiful way of getting a trouble free look.


This very feminine dreadlock style will surely steal your heart. Leave few locks of hair on the front and sides to give this otherwise rash hairstyle a feminine touch.

Pulled back:

Choose your hairstyle of ease by going for this effortless dreadlock style. This is a bold and beautiful hairstyle cause it can be pulled back when you feel like.


Dreadlock styles are very messy and elaborate in their way. Add to the complexity and add twists and intertwine it before tying it to get a confused look.


When one thinks of dreadlock styles, bangs don’t come to mind. The combination is not sported very often, and thus s is the unique hairstyle. Find out how bangs would look with them by referencing the image down below!


An updo is a classic hair fit for any events and occasions. Updos are easy to do, and there are numerous ways in which you can do them. Dreadlock styles and updos are new to think of but look great.

Short hair:

Have short hair but want dreadlocks? Fear not for it is possible. Opt for dreadlocks with lighter hair color on your medium length of hair and look fabulous.


Choose this hairstyle for a liberating free look and enjoy life as it comes.

No hassle:

Wake up late every morning with no time to do your hair? We’ve got just the thing you need. These dreadlocks are ready even before you wake up!

Pinky hues:

Looking to spice up your hair with a hot new hairstyle? Go for this contrasting hot pink and black dreadlock combination and rock your new look. This sexy pink hairdo is one of the trendiest hair choices of 2018.


We are sure that anyone who tries this dreadlock style will find themselves to be different from anyone else. Shine in the glory of being unique with this hairdo!

Two Buns :

Style your dreadlock by putting them up into two smaller wrapped up buns and secure them on top. Leaving rest of your hair to flow freely and look captivating. This easy hairdo can give you both a cute and sexy look based on your makeup and attire!


This hairdo is very girly and elegant. Perfect with curls and braids along with dreadlocks that fall freely with the long locks of hair.

Two shaded:

There are two shades of colors in this dreadlocks that make it amazing. Black on top and the blonde on the bottom makes the combination well balanced.

Bun :

Have multiple errands to run? Gather your dreadlocked hair in a bunch and place it on the back, forming a loose casual bun. You’ll be hassle-free for all you errands throughout the day.

A mix of colors:

There are various colors in this dreadlocks style, and that’s is why we love it! There are hues of brown, blonde, and black to give this look multiple dimensions.

Another similar dreadlock styles are presented here for you to be inspired. Here we have curly hair in dreadlocks with hues of dark and light tones of brown. There is a tinge of orange on the front to add extra style.


There are multiple threads used in this look to tie up the sections well. These colorful threads add color and charm to the hair. Use contrasting colors of threads to make the hairdo look different and magnetic.


This hairdo is artistic and sophisticated. Try this innovative take on dreadlock styles and be the center of attention everywhere you go.


There are several dreadlock styles to make your hair easier for you to handle. But nothing stands out like this one. The multiple rows make it an eye-catching and sorted outlook.

Cute and short:

Short hair can easily be put in dreadlocks. If you want to see how your hair will look when you get your short hair in dreads, check out this look below. This style looks perfect and cute on short hair.

Brown and blonde:

Got brown and blonde hair? Here are some dreadlock options for you to choose from. These hairstyles look natural and at the same time, are trendy and hip.


Getting creative with your dreadlock styles is very easy. There are multiple ways in which a dreadlock can be styled. This is one such instance of a creatively relaxed look.

Thin and light:

This stunning look is a must try for everyone who has thin hair. This dreadlock is easy to style and looks fantastic with bright hair color.

Big hairdo:

If you have a thing for big voluminous hair, this is the perfect hairdo for you. This big and full dreadlock hairdo can give anyone a lift.

Grey hues:

This beautiful dreadlock has hints of grey hues in it that gives it this classy traditional vibes. These type of dreadlock styles are perfect for weddings as well.

This is another example of a grey tinge hair which looks great on anyone.


Colored dreadlock styles are always trendy. Intensity, your hair blonde and dreadlock your hair for this beautiful look.

Short bob style:

If you have very short hair, you can opt for this look. This short hairstyle for ladies is a perfect choice if you’re always busy. This is one of the most comfortable dreadlock styles.

With influences from so many cultures, it can be intimidating to try the dreadlock styles. People associated the dreadlock styles with religion and culture. When people of other cultures try on the dreadlock styles, it can be labeled as cultural appropriation. But lately, different cultures adopting these hairstyles have been seen as an artistic progression as well. Multiple celebs and models have been gracefully carrying off these dreadlock styles and inspiring millions to try them on. You are bound to get excited about them as well. So don’t be in doubt and try these dreadlock styles and look extra fabulous.

It is very trendy to change your hairstyle to match the current fashion. The best thing about these dreadlock styles is that they never go out of style. You can braid them, color them, tie them, or even put them out in a bun to make them look exciting. So next time you’re looking to change your hairstyle and do something daring, the dreadlocks are a go-to.  Choose from these 117 dreadlock hairstyles from this article and look different and beautiful this season. We are sure you will look fabulous!