135 Cute and Easy Hairstyles to Do When You’re Running Late


Keeping up with school can be tough. There are days when you have to sacrifice sleep and self-care to prioritize the long list of papers you need to write and tests to study for.

But don’t let your looks suffer. Take a few minutes in the morning to style your hair into something cute and school-appropriate before heading out the door. Hey, you don’t want your school crush to think you’re a complete slob, right?

Don’t worry ’cause we’ve got you covered. Here are some cute hairstyles you can whip up in 10 minutes or less.

You can never go wrong with braids and hair twists.

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If you’re not used to braiding your own hair, mastering the art of speed braiding may take a bit more time and practice. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create complicated braided looks in the span of a few minutes.

We recommend you begin with the classic three-strand braid and create different looks with it. Once you’re confident with your skills in this braid type, you can then try out fishtail braids, French braids, Dutch braids and even rope braid twists.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match them into one look especially if you have long hair.

Of course, you can also begin with a simpler style and twist your hair instead of braiding it. To copy the hairstyle above, begin by sectioning two parts of your hair and twist them towards the back of your head. Secure the ends in place using either a hair tie or some hairpins that are a similar color to your hair for a neat look.

Sure, you may end up with a plain style but you can always dress it up some more with curls. This cute hairstyle would look particularly great for girls with shorter hair. Pro tip: Keep the curls bigger to preserve the length of your hair.

Style Challenge:

Have a long and busy day ahead of you? Why not go for a cute updo to keep your hair looking pretty and off your face all day long? It might be tempting to just put your hair into a high ponytail or a top bun to get it over with but we’ve got a better option.

Put your braiding skills to good use and try copying this beautiful braided updo with a bun. Begin by parting your hair on one side and braiding your hair down until the end. Then, gather the rest of your hair and begin gathering the length into a bun. Use pins to secure it and you’re done. Pro tip: Spray your pins with hairspray before using them to give them a stronger hold to your locks.

 Look carefree and cute with simple curls.

Not a fan of braids? Then you should try out curls instead. With all the kinds of curls you can do, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your personal style just fine. We personally like the effortless look loose curls can bring to any hairstyle. Besides, they’re pretty easy to make and can look great on most hair lengths.

You can achieve loose curls with either a wide barrel curling wand or a wide flat iron. Just remember to use a heat protectant first before applying heat to your strands to avoid damage.

Instead of using a curling wand or flat iron, you can try out hair rollers. Doing so would make getting ready faster as you’ll only need to take out the rollers and combing through your hair. Plus points because roller curls don’t require heat.

Play with different styles of French braids.

If you have an Instagram, then you’ve probably seen this hairstyle all over your feed. After all, it’s the preferred street look of many Instagram ‘baddies’. Get on the trend and try cornrow braids for yourself.

To get the look, all you need to do is French braid the front part of your hair into two equal sections. But instead of going all the way to the ends of the hair, you stop braiding at the top part of your head and tie the rest into a super high ponytail. This would also work well for shoulder-length hair.

Here’s a variation of the look. Go bolder by ending your cornrow braids into space buns instead of a ponytail.

You can also opt for a single side French braid for a sweeter, cuter look. Instead of braiding downwards, try going sideways and keeping the braids focused on the upper part of your head. You can then end the braid by pinning it and keeping your hair down or going the extra mile and tying your hair into a side bun.

Aside from school, this cute hairstyle would also work great for outings and other outdoor activities.


Try out these 5-minute fishtail braid styles.

The fishtail is one of our favorite type of braid as it gives you the illusion of complexity even though it’s pretty simple to make. Besides, it looks very boho chic, don’t you think? Begin simple with a regular fishtail side braid if you have long hair.

If you’re feeling fancy and have a few more minutes to spare before school, take the fishtail braid to the next level and style it into a headband crown. We found a great tutorial for a similar look on Youtube that you can follow. You can skip curling your hair if you’re short on time.

Incorporate the fishtail braid into a ‘cornrow’ ponytail for a trendier look. Besides, this way, you’d only have to braid a small portion of your hair and simply tie back the rest into a high ponytail. You can opt for a half-up pony if you have shorter hair.

Get more creative with these extra pretty braided hairstyles.

Take advantage of long and colored hair to rock various braided mermaid hairstyles. This side Dutch braid on silver hair looks so cute, doesn’t it?

The Dutch braid may look similar to the French braid but they are actually different styles of a plaited braid. The main difference is that the former sticks out on top of the head instead of blending it into the rest of the hair.
To create a more interesting look, don’t be afraid to mix various braid types into one cute hairstyle. This Dutch braid and fishtail braid mashup is the perfect example of this. Since fishtail braids look better on thinner sections, it makes sense to use it to braid the end part of the hair. You can also add complexity to a hairstyle by layering braids. There are many ways you can do this but we think side braid layers is one of the best ones. This cute hairstyle would work better for younger girls who are in middle school.
Don’t know what to do with your extra long hair? Here’s a great idea: pull-through braids. Wait, wait. Don’t let its complicated look fool you. This ‘braid’ is surprisingly easy to make. In fact, it’s often called a ‘cheater’s braid’ as it isn’t technically a braid. The hairstyle is actually a series of ponytails tied to mimic a braid. Watch this tutorial to learn how to do it.

Here’s another technically-not-a-braid hairstyle. Wear your heart on your hair instead of in your sleeve with this totally inspired heart hairstyle. All you’ll need is a pair of hair ties and four small sections of your hair. Watch this video tutorial for the full instructions.

Style Challenge:

Thick hair can be especially difficult to manage. But it does give you the opportunity to pull off various types of hairstyles. You’ll definitely be thankful of having a thick mane when you because it’ll make a hairstyle like this mohawk pull-through braid work.

The style is a bit more complicated than your regular pull-through braids but it’s still doable in about 10 to 20 minutes. This time the hairstyle involves actual braiding as it requires some elements of a French braid to secure the base of your ‘mohawk’.

Try it out for yourself and follow this video tutorial by Rapunzel of Sweden from Youtube.

Look effortlessly chic with messy hair.

The bedhead look is still in so you can still use it as an excuse to rock messy hair to school. Of course, messy is different from dirty so yes, you still have to wash your hair or use dry shampoo.

Curling your hair can be faster than straightening it. We recommend you go for semi-curls concentrated around the middle part of your hair and tousle them a bit.

You can also opt for a loose and messy bun if you’re really pressed for time. Good news is that you can pull off this look better with one-day-old hair. Just be careful of overdoing the messy part as there’s a fine line between messy chic and just messy. Pro tip: Use dry shampoo to get rid of grease and unwanted shine.

This cute low side pony hairstyle is a great go-to look for girls with naturally curly or wavy hair. Just be sure to keep your frizz and curls in check by applying a styling creme before tying your hair into a ponytail. Keep a few front strands loose to frame your face.

A cute look for short hair:

Avoid limpness by introducing some wide tousled curls to your bob hair. These will add body and volume to your hair and make it look more bouncy and healthy. The style would look particularly better if you part your hair into a deep side part. Secure your curls by using hairspray before heading out.


Look cute with these simple and easy styles for school.

Is there anything cuter than a small side braid-band? You may think you’re too old for actual headbands but you’re never too old for braids. This is also a great hairstyle for younger girls. Learn how to do it so you can help your little sister get ready for school, too.

 Another great thing about side braids is that they look great on long hair and short hair. It can even work on a pixie that’s long enough at the top. Space buns are all the rage right now. From celebrities to social media influencers, almost everyone and their mothers have rocked the creative look at least once in the past year.  You can go for full space buns or opt for their half-up version as well. Either way, you’ll definitely look cute wearing them.

You can even add flair to regular space buns by incorporating braids into them. Take inspo from this cute and creative space braids.

Too cool for space buns? Capture a similar aesthetic with braid pigtails instead. They’ll give you the same youthful and carefree look without having to go too trendy. This is also a fantastic hairstyle to wear on a summer road trip with friends.

Cute side braid hairstyles:

Go for a tamer, more sophisticated look. Mix a side braid with some loose and jagged waves. Make sure to focus your curls on the middle part of your hair’s length to get the look just right. This style would look particularly great on short bobs to medium-length hair.

Of course, side braids can also work well with extra long hair. Introduce some slight waves to your mane to avoid flat and dull hair. Another tip: Go for Dutch-style braids to make your side braid stand out more.
If you don’t want your long hair to be flying around all day, get it into a low side braid to keep it in place. Make the braid as loose and as thick as possible for an effortlessly chic look.

Keep hair off your face with a cute bun.

Another way to keep your hair off your face while in school is to wear it in a bun. Go for a half-up bun and curl the rest of your hair if you’re feeling a little extra.


Get creative with mixing braids and buns. Copy this absolutely stunning look of reverse braids and a braided top bun. Learning to do a proper reverse braid may feel complicated and confusing at first but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

You can also skip out on the reverse braids and go for this easier cornrow braid and bun look.

Stay lowkey chic with a low messy bun. You can dress up the look with a dash of side braids. Get the messy look by using hair pins instead of tying your hair. Pro tip: Tease your hair a bit before forming a bun to get as much volume as possible.

You can get away with a simple top bun if you have a full fringe. Just remember to properly separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Another tip: Straighten out your bangs with a flat iron as they tend to stick out in different directions in the morning.


Cute ribbon hairstyles for young girls and teens.

Look sweet by incorporating ribbons into your hairstyle. You can start small and simple by tying a thin strand of ribbon in your favorite color. Ribbon-style hair clips would also work well.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, add in some spiral curls to your side ponytail before getting a thicker ribbon band to tie to your hair.

Who says you can’t look sophisticated and mature while wearing a ribbon in your hair? Opt for darker colors and fishtail braids to achieve the look. Better yet, match your entire outfit with it and go for a cute goth look.

Not a fan of actual ribbons? Why not turn your hair into one? Make a bow with your hair by tying it into a half-up ponytail first. Then, tie it one more time into a semi-bun leaving a few inches untied.

You can then separate the bun into two equal parts almost forming a heart shape. Proceed to wrap the untied ends of your hair in the middle of the two parts et voila! You just created a ribbon with your hair. Finally, secure your creation with some hairpins and you’re good to go.


Dress up a simple hairstyle with curls.

Go for a cool and effortless look with beachy waves like the one Jennifer Morrison has in this cute and simple day red carpet look.

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift’s early career curls were to die for. Channel that sweet country girl vibe by incorporating some spiral curls in your everyday hairstyle. You can achieve these using a smaller barrel wand.

Get well-defined curls by carefully curling your hair into sections. Pro tip: Avoid combing through them too much to keep them separate from each other.

Do the opposite to get this wood nymph-inspired look. Make sure to your hands a few times through your curls and tousle it up a little bit for a messy look. Add in some nature-inspired hair clips to complete the look.

Wear your natural curls loud and proud. Consider using serums or mousse while your hair is still damp to get well-formed and well-defined curls like this. The addition of bangs brings a sexy yet cute vibe to the style.

Found some great hairstyle ideas from our list? Keep scrolling to find more cute looks in our gallery below.