103 Cool Hair Ideas You May Wear this 2020


When it comes to hairstyles, there are so many things to ponder about – what suits the shape of your face, your preferences, and even your personality. But above all these considerations, the most important thing when choosing your own hairstyle is comfort.

The goal of having a hairstyle is to make sure that the person feels comfortable wearing it—just like how they wear their choice of clothes. Every person has their own style no matter what their personalities are or their preferences. That said, here are some hairstyles you might want to check out:

cool hairstyles

1. Blond, just like the color of gold, will definitely look just as classy, especially if you pair it with a short hair. With a short hair, you can easily go to any occasion without worrying how to style your hair. Just simply brush it up and you’re good to go.

2. If you want to maintain your long hair but want to color it blond, then you can just have it held in braids. Braiding hair has already been part of many women’s style, and there’s actually a lot of braiding techniques circulating around the internet. Bring out your inner princess aura with this kind of hairstyle.

3. Next, we have this pretty half braid style for your choice. If you prefer sporting half braid hair with a few of it cascading down your back, then this is for you. You can go with this hairstyle in both casual and formal occasion.

4. Curly hair will be never out of trend. If you think your hair is getting boring then you might want to dye it brown and let it flow in curls at your back. With the right clothing, you can also wear this hairstyle on any occasion.

5. If you’re tired of your curls, then having it in a straight fashion is the next step. It’s also been part of the hairstyle trend and there are many young ladies out there who wear their hair like this. You can try having different colors as long as you’re comfortable with it.

6. Ombre hair colors are so fascinating, and there are many girls who just love to mix and match various colors. If you are just starting to like ombre fashion, you can always try the basic dark to light ombre to match your hair. Just having the right colors with your hair will do, and you can carry out a lot of hairstyles to emphasize your ombre hair.

7. Nothing beats the natural looks! Try leaning more to the natural side for your hair. Just a few twists and turns will bring out your hair’s natural volume. Bring a more chic look to your hair by dyeing it in brown and keeping it in a longer length. You will be a stunner in no time!

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8. Tired of straight-cut hair? Then this hairstyle is for you. Having your hair cut in layers will bring more volume to your hair, and a whole new look. Definitely worth it compared to the usual boring straight cut and flat hair.

9. Looking for a hairstyle without cutting your own hair? Then you can just have it in a ponytail swept to the side of your head. No matter what your hair color is, this hairstyle will do! Just leave a few strands to make a side bang and you’re ready to party!

10. Messy buns are cute—and having two of it is a lot cuter! Bring out more of your casual side with this kind of hairstyle.

11. Bring out a more chic look just by having a more wavy hair perfect for a summer getaway. This hairstyle idea has more volume by having it in a pretty wavy fashion. This is definitely a perfect hairstyle to come by when you want to go on a beach or have a fun vacation at a resort.

12. Next is a heart-shaped braid. Braids are beautiful and this is no exception. The style is not only unique but it is also clean and brings off a very girlish vibe.

13. Heavy curls like this one look perfect at a party or even on just a casual night out. It’s a simple yet stylish hairstyle that will just suit anyone with longer hair lengths. It is very easy to wear and also the perfect hairstyle to go for anyone who wants to stay in style.

14. If you just really love braids for a more casual look, then try out this one. This style starts from having small braids right on top of your head before going done into bigger braids that cascades down your back. This is perfect for anyone who is going out on a walk or even going out into a hike.

15. This hairstyle is simple—you have your hair straight from your scalp down and then have it in a curly fashion when it comes to the ends. This will make a perfect look for a party. Aside from its very easy to do, it will also save you the time from trying to style your hair that will suit your dress.

16. If you are trying to achieve a more daring look, then this is for you. Have your hair curl a little; trying to maintain a more natural look then have it swept to one side of your head. You can use bobby pins to help maintain it in place for a cleaner chic look.

17. Braids can come in different styles. The aim of this hairstyle is to achieve a more casual look. This is perfect for a smile night out or even going out on a walk.

18. Tired of just letting your hair down without anything at all? If you don’t want to tie up your hair in a ponytail, you can just let it in a half ponytail and let the rest flow down your back. This hairstyle aims for a less hassle look that gives you a neater look and emphasizes the shape of your face.

19. Tired of your usual hair color? Why not color it blond? This hairstyle is just as simple as the first ones, which will also aim to give you a casual look. Brighten up your hair color and then curl it down a little.

20. Any hair length and color will pop up once you braid it down even if just in half. This hairstyle is pretty simple and it can be elegant if you decide to wear it on a formal night with the right dress and all.

21. Different shades of colors like blue, violet and pink will bring out a unicorn colored hair! This hairstyle has been part of the trend these days and we can’t blame the young ladies for loving this hairstyle right? After all, the colors are also soothing to the eyes as it looks so sweet, like a marshmallow!

22. This is not the usual dual braids as it aims to make the two braids connected in a crisscross fashion. A perfect look to go when you want to go out jamming with your friends or even just take a walk in a nearby park.

23. Want to look classy in braids? Then this look is for you. Just have all of your hair in braids and swept it in one side, leaving a few strands to frame your face. You can put hair accessories in between your hair strands to make it pop up more. This hairstyle can be perfect for a party or a wedding perhaps.

24. If you are tired of your usual one-color hair but do not want to get rid of it yet, then try dyeing your hair underneath into the colors of a rainbow! Your peers would be definitely in for a surprise when you put your hair up in a ponytail and show off these amazing colors!

25. Straighten up your long hair to give off this look. Although it looks quite simple, with the right outfit to match, you will definitely be a head turner. This hairstyle will suit just as anyone for as long as they have long enough hair to achieve this look.

26. The fish tail is one of the braid techniques that are currently trendy today, but you can give it a whole new look by trying out this one! Quite neat, eh? This hairstyle is just so perfect for any occasion!

27. Braids look beautiful no matter how you put it into your hair, just like this one. Here, we have this silky long hair joined together by braids in the middle and then also to the sides which will bring a cleaner look.

28. Trying to achieve a unique look? Well, this is for you. Have your hair tied up in a messy fashion before turning the lower ends into a braid. It will bring out a complicated look that is not common and will definitely leave your friends in awe.

29. If you are looking for a different-looking hair color, then you might want to try this one. This hairstyle brings together unusual colors like blue, red, yellow and a few violets. It looks pretty wild, and you will definitely catch a lot of people’s interests if you decided to go for it!

30. This hairstyle aims at the cuter side. Swept your hair on one side and then do this heart braids with a little bow on the ends. Even kids will surely love this hairstyle.

31. Many different idols and modern muses sport this kind of hairstyle so it’s totally in the trend! If you are tired of your long hair then just cut it down and try pixie cut. You will be totally in love with the cool style and versatility of this hairstyle.

32. Who says crew cut is only for guys? With this hairstyle, you will totally rock, especially when you color it in wild vibrant colors like flaming red or bright orange.

33. If you want to change your look but still looks natural then try this hairstyle. You only have to give your hair a little volume to make it pop up and achieve this look. This hairstyle will suit anyone and it can be carried out on any occasion!

34. If you really want curls but have short hair then you don’t have to worry as you can still achieve it. Even if your hair is just a few inches below your shoulders, you can sport this look effortlessly. So don’t hold back and go for this wavy look!

35. Speaking of curls, you might also want to try it in a soft wavy fashion. This kind of style doesn’t only apply for long haired girls but will also look just as good to girls with shoulder-length hair. This proves that this hairstyle will definitely suit anyone!

36. If you don’t want to have long hair anymore, then cut it down to a bob! This hairstyle is not only cute and trendy, but it can also give you a more mature vibe. So, if you want to take a major change, then this hairstyle might be for you.

37. Check out this next beautiful idea. If you are tired of dull and neutral hair colors then try dyeing your hair in light brown! You’ll be surprised to find how pleasant it is to the eyes. To spice things up, you can add little side bangs to create a whole new look.

38. Our next hairstyle idea has something to do with curls again. But this time, you might want to try these big curls look for a more dramatic and wavy effect.

39. Who says wavy hair can’t go with a full volume effect? Because that’s what the next hair idea is aiming to look for. Doesn’t it look classy and chic? This hairstyle will be perfect for partying all night and non-stop as it won’t appear messy no matter what you do!

40. Wavy hairs also go well with straight side bangs—that’s what this next hair idea is trying to show you. If you have bangs but still want to sport a wavy hair look, then you don’t have to worry that it won’t complement each other. This hairstyle proves it otherwise.

41. This next hair idea also brings out messy buns in the lowest part of your head. Messy buns look cute but it can also be classy depending on how you do it in your hair. You can a little effect by twisting the sides of your hair before bringing it into a bun.

42. Messy bun and braids also go together, as this next hairstyle idea tries to show. The messy tangles of hair tied into a bun together with the neat look created by small braids will give a more captivating effect to your hair. You can try this look for a casual getaway or even at a formal night party.

43. Ombre is one of the trendy hair colors nowadays, but it can even show off a natural hair look. Just try dyeing the lower part of your hair with s little lighter color than your natural hair color and you’re good to go. You’ve got a whole new hairstyle without sacrificing the natural look.

44. Our next hairstyle will surely bring out the elegant side of you. This hairstyle will help you show off your slender neck and collarbone. With the right choice of clothing, you will be the star of the night with this look.

45. If you love your natural hair color so much but still want to have a new hairstyle then you don’t have to worry as it is still possible. It wouldn’t hurt to dye your hair a little, isn’t it?

46. Want something more casual but still looking chic? Try this half messy bun hairstyle and let the rest of your hair flow on your back. This look is perfect when you want to have fun on a trip with your friends.

47. Speaking of trying half of your hair and letting the rest flow freely, this one is also one of the next hair choices. This will suit just as anyone in a casual fashion.

48. If you want to try having a Bob hairstyle for the first time, then this is for you. You might want to color your hair blond too because this one is definitely neat and classy.

49. If you aim to achieve a more mature look, then try this hairstyle. Aside from the classy ambiance that this look gives off, you won’t have a problem about how to do your hair at parties anymore. Simply brush some hair up and that will already do.

50. If you think having a rainbow-colored hair under a naturally dark colored hair is impossible, then you have to think twice as this hairstyle proves that it’s definitely possible. So if you want to have a rainbow colored hair underneath you natural dark locks then go for it!

51. Curly hair is trendy as well as colored hair, so why not combine the two and create a whole new look? You can choose your own preferred colors and go for this hairstyle.

52. Sometimes, girls want their hair in a straight fashion when it is just shoulder length but you have no idea have stunning it will look when you try to put it in a little wave. Try this hairstyle and enjoy its classic touch like no other.

53. Blond hair looks gold, especially if you try this hairstyle. This will look good no matter what the hair length is. Again, this style is pretty simple and you can easily achieve this look in just one try.

54. Braiding half of your hair on your head and letting your remaining hair flow freely at your back will bring you this kind of hairstyle. The loose and wavy hairstyle that flows in your back will give you a carefree and easy look with a somewhat bohemian vibe that is perfectly made for a summer getaway!

55. Looking for a stylish but chic hairstyle? Then this one is made just for you. Just tie your hair up and curly it to the tip to gain this casual and chic look.

56. As mentioned before, braids and bun can definitely go with each other as this hairstyle is also one of the proofs. This hairstyle gives off an easy and neat aura than can also go stylish and classic depending on the occasion.

57. Aiming for a more classic, chic and glamorous look? Then this is the hairstyle you are looking for, perfect for one formal night. This look will help you channel out your inner princess and steal the eyes of many people at the ball.

58. No matter what your hair color is, curly hair will bring your inner chic out. This look is perfect for a first prom night you will never forget.

59. Like buns and braids, curls and braids also go together like this classy braided hairstyle. Just a few accessories for your hair, you can wear it even on a casual night.

60. Braid the front of hair into a hair crown and let the rest flow freely on your back to achieve this look.

61. Who says you can’t braid your hair when it’s short? It’s actually more chic and classy if you try and put a braid on the front parts of your hair even if you have a short bob cut hair. It will add a whole new vibe to your usual mature short bob haircut.

62. Just letting your hair done and doing your usual hair care routine can help you bring out this natural glamorous look. You don’t have to worry about trying to straighten or curl your hair because this one will do no matter what occasion there is.

63. Short hair and wild curls also go together like this hairstyle. With this, you can flaunt your hair full of volume even if you are out at a party or just taking a short walk on a busy public street.

64. Looking for a way to style your short bob cut hair? Then this hairstyle is for you. Simply brush up the front parts of your hair and use some hairspray to let it stay in place like this. This look is definitely something you might want to have when walking down on a red carpet.

65. Buns are for a more casual look, but it can also go for a gorgeous and classic look like this one. Show off your hair in a neat bun like this while you are out at a party and you will achieve a completely classy look.

66. Aim for a timeless and classic look, with this kind of hairstyle. Blond always look classy no matter what the occasion is and you can easily sport any kind of hairstyle with this hair color.


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