Nail Trend Undertaker: 113 Coffin Nail Inspo To Die For


The majority of us are only familiar with round and square nails, which are the two primary shapes. For as long as nail addicts are getting manicures you can expect more bizarre shapes. Edge nails that look like an arrowhead, as well as the lipstick nails that look like lipstick tips, are the two quirky trends!

Ballerina, Squoval, and Stiletto nails are the most popular sisters of the underground-inspo nail cut that is currently making waves, the coffin nails? These angular, coffin shaped nails were unearthed in the ‘1980s and are making a comeback. So, we collected a handful of this trendy new look for a manicure for your inspiration!


Out Of This World Coffin Nails

Taking the top spot in our list of out-of-this-world coffin nail art is this galactic universe design. The stunning style seems to belong to another cosmic dimension. It actually resembles the Aurora lights of Iceland with its pinks and emerald greens, more like the Green Lantern movie! What more if intensified by starry crystal sequins, and chunky glitters for the more outer space look? #QueenPlanetEmerald, don’t y’all think?

Here’s another Space Age coffin nail design proving that a set of manicured nails can shine without any festive patterns, —but a great amount of glitter can! It’s one of those beautiful, out-of-this-world cool powder blue acrylic nails I’ve ever seen! Imagine a ballerina in a beautiful bodice and a sparkling tutu while dancing on the moon! Of course, with elegantly swinging fingers donned with strikingly cool blue!

Super long glossy shine burgundy nails coupled with light pink fine glitter, medium holographic burgundy glitter, and crystal-sequined neutral pink nails. There is absolutely no limit to what shades, texture, and style you can come up with to put together. It looks so gorgeously out-of-this-world that wearing them is a sure-fire approach to draw attention to your digits. What I appreciate the most is it looks amazing in every skin tone.

Mint and shine are the best of friends! According to me, the best thing to happen to nail polishes is the addition of sheer on any cosmic cool shades such as the green family. On the days where you want to keep your coffin nails calming, soothing, and yet playful! Just check those stunning pairings of crystal-donned mint nails, silver with a slightly blue tint holographic glitter nails, fine mint glitter, and crystalized nails!

Adding one featured ‘blinged’ nail with gorgeous chunky Swarovski embellishments is a trick that transforms any boring nails into out-of-this-world talons. Like a Goddess of Asgard with its cosmic Chrome-lightly blue tinted sheer polish! So, when sunlight strikes a nail, rainbow tints shoots out of your fingernails! Whether it’s super long or just short coffin nails, if you are looking for an enviable spectraflair design, this is really it!

Even for the most cult-like nail polish junkies. We all know that black fading into starry coffin nails never fail to look powerful. Nail trends come and go, but it never goes behind regardless of what’s ‘the latest thing’ in the fingernail fashion universe. The coffin nails make the perfect cut for this starry evening nail art. Black glitter nails or combined with black matte, in general, seem to possess this sexy goth charm.

There’s always that moment wherein you want to keep your coffin nails romantic and girlie. And yes, ladies, I’m talking about bonbon-like powder pinks, salmon pinks, coral pinks, and/or rose pinks fading into glitter coffin claws of Venus! Who wouldn’t love a mauvish-crimson sugar nail frosting glitter on one or two nails? It doesn’t matter if you pick pastel shades or a striking sister hue, they’re all pretty!

Wild n’ Deadlicious Black & Gold Coffin Nails

Black is a color of oozing sex appeal and mystery. While the gold lacquers are among the chicest gold inspired manicures. A combination of the matte black and gold may not be over the top. However, the naughty glamorous gold lip and the gold drippy nail art is so sassy together that you can’t help but feel cheeky!

Nude acrylic coffin nails bring that minimalist but sophisticated feel. But, if you want a shrewd flirt to take it into a whole new level. I mean, if you are daring enough. Then, some ‘shawty red lips’ on your extra long coffin nails is the game! I imagine chilling on a Jamaican beach, sipping Piña colada while listening to Steflon Don’s song ‘Senseless.’ The vibe is chill, the drool of gold is dope, and the bling is an all-rounder!

If you’ve listened to Iggy Azalea’s “Sally Walker,” this coffin nail art design pretty much sums up how a sassy girly girl’s coffin nails should look like. Metallic pink, loud teardrop, and/or bloody lip on matte, white nails are just sexy! Although, I would probably go for pearl shade than matte, white, as a base color. One matte on a pinky finger is a great addition as it acts like a break-even point.

For fellow nail addicts who with a massive love for purple, rejoice! If you want something playful and bold, but less not sparkly, you need this purple nail art design! These are absolutely delicious candy purple graphic coffin nails. Think of your nails as your gallery. You put more than one style on each hand, but you are sticking to a common denominator. It’s a great style for those who love patterns. Simply finish with an outline of your choice.

Mad in white with some bloody red lips dripping in sparkly gold glitters, and some gold teeth made of chunky glitters? What a better way to show your love hip-hop with those glamorous coffin nails with a matte white base color, —giving more pop to the chunky hexagon gold sequins. To add some variation, opt for medium and chunky glitters instead of powder-like glitters. I find this style a good balance of dazzle and color pop!

A Touch Of Marble Coffin Nails

Are you tired of the Holographic, Galaxy, and Cosmic shades for your coffin nails? Then, keep the sparkle to a minimum and try marbled or opal styles, instead. Marble coffin nails have been in different seasons, and it still remains a stunner. It looks amazing on its own as well as side by side with plain nude nails. They go well with any neutral shades, —making plain outfits look like million bucks! Go wear a plain black or white dress!

Marbled coffin nails can be quite intimidating despite most of it is simply a designed film covering the nails. Nevertheless, a much-loved Marble manicure, — mauve-y purple or any violet marble is super cute! You can skip the matte and opt for a glossy marble style.

Okay, I remember going to Marble & Granite Specialties to buy some nice marble countertops for a friend’s home. We saw this Carrara marble countertop an I thought I’d love its whiteness and the linear veining patterns of black on my nails! Little did I know it was already a massive trend. You don’t even need extra glitters for it. It looks fabulous!

Vibrant Shades And Sparkly Coffn Nails

Woot woot! These are sexy summer coffin nails for those who are madly in love with orangey, coral-ish matte hues. Adding some shiny bling on your matte coffin nails is a sure fire way to draw attention to your digits if y’ all know what I’m saying? But it’s not just those overused sequins we see on Pinterest or Instagram, why not try those antique Indian royalty-inspired designs? They look incredibly glamorous on matte coffin nails.

Haven’t we all seen a constant slew of surprisingly wearable pastel green hues, especially, the super flattering greens! Check out this delicious and dazzling avocado shade nail polish on her coffin nails! Embedded with chunky glitters or sanded with fine ones, greening away the manicure inspirations are filling the season! You can apply different designs on each nail if you want. Even trying on a whole spectrum of greens, blinged or not!

Moving on the shamrock vibes is dipping your nails onto pastel baby blue coffin nails into supah-dupah fine sugar glitter. if you like the holiday-ish looks of this, you can check out this festive nails. Add the touch of class to your nails with flatback mini glass gems to add some sparkle to your Santorini-inspired coffin nails. It’s a great alternative to using transparent gel coats. Nowadays, nail art doesn’t have to be uniformed.


From oceanic moss to pastel blue to screaming candy pink that looks shockingly vivid to suck out some eyeballs. If you’re looking for a playful and vibrant pink, this one is an easy pick! It’s bold hot pink coffin nails in a matte finish. Who can’t love how out of this world it looks alternated with nails adorned in crushed holographic gems? C’mon now! Calling all the party gals out there who are crazy for anything neon!

There are variations of interesting purple coffin nails your nail pro can offer. When applied properly with the right marriage to whatever additions you put, it will look fabulous in any way. There are many blogs and vlogs that dishes out tips to keep the matte unscratched.

Not a fan of pink? Go for your favorite veggie’s shade, —aubergine! It’s one of those coffin nail designs that can give your dull nails the mystic glance. Of course, with the support of a giant crystal gem topping a few of your nails to balance those that are left unadorned.

coffin nails

When we say plain and simple, it’s just plain and simple, —but never boring. Glossy white coffin nail design is one of the most trendy summer nails colors. The good thing about white is it always looks elegant, and will not go out of style pretty soon.

Tempatation Coffin Nails

If you want to get the best out of your seductress personality, why not go for this laced up black coffin nails? It’s among those matte black nail art styles that capture that desired bondage-feel sexiness achieved. I must say, I can’t call this porn nails. They are just artistically sexy that makes them even more mysterious.

With the design alone, you can choose any matte base coat in dark color, with navy blue as the nearest to black. If you are not yet ready to flaunt lace accent nail, go start with the basic matte black coffin nails.

Non-traditional nail tones and blends are in, and they look out of this world with coffin nails. Who can ever get bored of this surprisingly outstanding minimalist design coffin nails? We can all agree that this nail art design is intended to be loud, but it seems to play THE other side of the card. It military green along with geometric lines and alternating white edges looks classy, cute, and unexpected.

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It’s one of those neutral tones that satisfies charming, easy nail designs you can do yourself. You can add any color of your choice for the subdued sparkle fine glitter polish in gradient application. They are completely in fashion nowadays making it a luxe, monochromatic coffin nail style that matches well with any outfit at any occasion.

Be that diva stunner with these dazzling coffin nails! The longer your coffin nails, the better to play with the embellishment of your choice! No wonder it is one of the most loved having such a variety of styles and blends to shine your eyes. Each nail holds its own unexpected pop when the light hits your fingers. You can accentuate your nail art with a slightly different pattern and sequins! You can personalize this style to your own liking.

The coffin nail design above is among the most beautiful patterns I’ve seen with gold sequin for added glitz. If you are not a fan of pinkish pigments and neutral hues, you can always mix the nail colors that you like. Going simple doesn’t have to be relying on shiny embellishments. Simply coat them with a clear gloss finish for natural-looking shine.

Here’s another black pattern on clear coffin nails, it’s gorgeous even without the sequins. It’s worthwhile to leave one or two clear nails to allow more freedom to add black pattern options. In this case, the base color is matte with the sequins put into a minimum.

Neutral Shades That Never Dies!

It might be unique, but it’s the kind of simplicity that attracts many. It’s very elegant. Easy to do yourself at home with a wide range of nude shades, and sparkle to get alongside. You can choose gem-like nude tones that bring a glistening appearance when hit by light.

You can’t go wrong with nude tones. It doesn’t have the sexiest appeal by itself. However, when painted on a sexy shape such as coffin nails and adorned with perfect precision, it becomes hot AF. What makes nude shades amazing is it goes well with all skin color.

While clear fingernails scare several for its potential warning signs to other health problems. Fashion-wise, they are a hit! A translucent coffin nail shape and design is most frequently paired up with glitters of any size. It looks pretty simple, does it? However, unlike other designs, translucent coffin nails require a lot of skills to achieve that unique, artistic look you want.

Ombre Stunner Coffin Nails

Perhaps, it’s the only simple style that will make say “OMG,” because it ain’t really simple. You’d realize the magic of blending two colors or a single color with two tones. Nude, coral, pink with white or clear ombre coffin nails are the absolute eye-grabber! Intensified with frosty clear white sandy nail glitter.

Although neutral shades and nude colors are the most common ombre blend, lavender, mint, orangey ombres are just as stunning, —even without added diamonds. Of course, a few tiny sparkles pulls off the divalicious appeal and accentuate your look.

Striking Mattes & Graphic Coffin Nails

I can’t help but think it’s tailored for female superheroes as I look at this futuristic coffin nails. Who wouldn’t? Deep green is dramatic, and looks bold on matte long nails. Especially, alongside a spacecraft-inspired nail art pattern. A rebel is a master of defiance. You don’t have to follow the rules of nail art. You can skip the uniformed nail cuts. Keep all your four nails coffin-shaped, leaving the pinky in a medium stiletto cut. This is your ‘aha!’ moment.

Anything with an animal print, especially, tiger or zebra stripes and cheetah or jaguar dots looks luxurious. Setting it beside a deep color matte coffin nails makes it even more extravagant-looking. It looks chic for a lot of various occasions, and both look good on medium and long coffin nails. Use a few diamond gems for a coordinating design that creates a clean and eye-pleasing contrast to your sexy matte burgundy nails.

Don’t be afraid to use studs for your nail design. The gold accent greatly enhances your nail art as they look perfect on matte gray coffin nails. Go bold with your nail art and be creative. You can customize this by putting three small rhinestones either at the tip or at the base of one of your nails for a final touch.