110 Christmas Nails To Feel Festive All-Year Long


There are myriad of bizarre nail art designs that you can update your nails with unlimited options. From the posh moodier ombré hues, witchy holographic stiletto nails to lustrous galactic universe inspired nail styles. And while seasonal nail trends are pretty predictable, there’s nothing more festive than Christmas nails. And seriously, you don’t need to wait until December to flaunt them if you want to!

Nail Art Pro Tips For Beginners

Before hopping on to the countless of Holiday season nail vibes, let me give you some beginner-friendly tips to get you started. Extra artistic nails nowadays go beyond than just painting your nails. Buying those ready-made nails aka nail decals is a no-brainer option, (all it takes is sticking it on your manicured nails!) But if you have an array of different nail polish stored from your mum’s kit, it’s much better to get creative, —the DIY-style!

Bring the festive holidays at your fingernails! Check out some of the cute styles below.

The Simple But Cheeky Festive Nail Art Ideas

Not all simple styles are boring. The words simple and boring are not even synonymous! So, here we are starting our list off with the simple but gorgeous Christmas-inspired nail art styles. The designs we picked are matte hues and whites, —grays, muted pinks, even red and green. It includes elegant two or three color combinations splendidly painted on your nails. Check your best picks!

Nothing can be more fun than the Christmas holidays! The White Christmas with blue-ish skies is what makes the Yuletide season more enjoyable, so, why not bring the presence of snow to your nail art? The calm or soothing nature of this nail art design is just perfect as a simple appreciation of the season!

Okay, you love winter holidays, but you’re not a fan of the Yuletide season’s candy-color scheme. You prefer to step away from the overused ‘white Christmas’ theme. Yet, you don’t want to skip that whimsical ‘feels’ that Christmas brings. Olaf will surely love seeing snowflakes on your metallic gray square nails. Gel nail glaze wonders if you want to copy this design. Alternatively, acrylic sparkle french tips can provide the same level of beauty.

The ‘chilly’ ombre of blues adorned with glitzy snowfall provokes the imagination. It reminds me of winter goddesses. The snowflakes bobbing above the different shades of blue look so refreshing to the eyes, don’t you think? You don’t need to wait for the holiday seasons to rock this icy design nail art. Instead, whip the summer with something this chill! Start a league of gals rocking these chilly Yuletide nails on summertime. Go get it!

Beige designer nails really can make you look fashionably refined and neat looking. When you want to add a touch of quirk or an eye-catchy Christmas theme statement such as the head of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, flesh color is the ideal base for that nail art. The fun thing about beige is you can wear different tints, shades, even a different texture of a single tone and still look elegant. Take a look at the style above, it’s festive and neat!

The black snowflake design has a similar take to the beige sample except this one is more minimalistic and semi-monochromic. It’s cute, neat-looking and still brings the festive spirit of the Yuletide season. The bonus bit, they are wearable at any season because the colors are flat which results in the perfect contrasts. You can take a shortcut by using nail stamps instead of manually painting it. There are plenty to choose from in various assortments.

What do you want to glam for winter? Why not just welcome the festive season with? One of the most Instagram-worthy, super elegant, festive nail art is this sensational-looking snowflake inspired French design! The style is perfect for both winter and autumn seasons. The dawn-tinted salmon pink shade looks super soothing to the eyes and looks even more glamorous with the white snowflake next to the glitzy white glitter tips.


Simply Sexy Dark Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas is not just for kids with all the Santa Clause, a bunch gift-wrapping cute dwarfs, Gingerman, or enjoying a merry sleigh.  In addition to the Festive season, Christmas is also a romantic season for the couples, hopeless romantics, and sexy flirts. If you imagine yourself in a shape-hugging, short Mrs. Santa outfit with matching thigh-high boots, well you need some sexy nails to go with it. Here’s some of the sexy Christmas-inspo below!

You see all the traditional merry colors and symbols everywhere! For sure many ladies will have snowflake, reindeer, and Christmas pudding symbols on their fingernails. So, don’t step into the Holiday season and new year with some lame nails. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mixture of gel and acrylic over your full nails, as long as you celebrate the stary season with some sugar nail glitter powder to bring out the sexy sparkle of the season!

Every winter holiday nails have its own take of snowflakes or rainfall. Blue shades, greens, and hot reds are so pretty but are also so overused Christmas hues. Among the best festive nail art designs are the black snowflake and snowfall. It’s not surprising as the black and silver or white look stunning together. Moreover, the ‘Christmas nights’ concept is another elegant approach that brings a sensual, romantic vibe. Don’t you agree?

Ideally, the common trending combination is the matte nails with one glitter nail. But you can ditch the matte and pick the polished coat in addition to one or two nails dressed in glitter. Deep blood reds are always elegant and sojourn all season, especially when paired with dusty gold glitter and red sequins. They are on the hype and stand out on Christmas season. You can opt for a gel nail paint in a dark red shade that fits with your skin tone.

I love this Christmas gift-inspired nail art because it looks flirty and cheeky. You can personalize this with any palette of iconic nail enamel shades, although the striking red is surely unbeatable. It’s romantically playful but not very ‘in-your-face’ design altogether. Adding some sparkle on one or two nails look ‘glam’ baby! You don’t have to agree, and still can see it as an ‘OMG!’


The texture is the name of the game on this nail art, or should I say it in plural form ‘nail arts.’ You can grab this stunningly elegant, micro-glittered, sequined, and Christmas-candy design over a red hot matte stiletto nail. There’s a lot going on for this festive nail art, but they are Instagram-worthy and fit for a sexy glamorous you!

Simple yet festive is the name of the game with this nail art. Many love the muted nail trend just as much as the metallic hues for their nails. Golds and reds don’t have to be in striking tones to look precisely Holiday-oriented. Dark gold or rose gold extra micro glitter and muted reds, greens, or blues are perfect combinations. Then, you can start adding some dainty details by opting for a few bows, ribbons, candy cane designs, and so on.

For some reason, I think of Kim K when I see this Christmas nail art. She once rocked these claw-like stiletto nails. Although, I would love them better if they are shaped as lipstick or arrowhead nails. Either way, they look gorgeously sexy and naughty with a few nails adorned with miniature sequined Christmas details. You opt for a different base color that suits your personality, go gray, green, black, or even a punchy orange!

As innocent as this Santa nail art appears to be, there’s clearly some naughtiness fuming from it! Wear a sexy Mrs. Santa outfit, and play with your imagination. I’d better leave it like that. As a festive nail art itself, nothing about it don’t say Christmas,— it’s Santa theme! Perhaps, you can add on some frolicking dwarfs too if you can! Or, Mr. oh-dearest Santa Claus himself on your nails!

Cutesy Christmastime Nail Art Ideas For Teens

Below are the cute styles suitable for teens and teens at heart. These nail art ideas look fun and not overwhelming nor hard to do-it-yourself. The application methods are pretty basic and the palette used are flat colors. The only thing that will put to the test is your painting skills! Nonetheless, they are fun to wear any time of the year!

Oh, snap! If you are thinking of fun holiday-inspo nails, why not deck up your nails with the delicious gingerbread man theme! You don’t need to be an art prodigy to give your boring nails a festive makeover. The style above is perfect for teens and beginners alike. Look at those Christmas cookie dudes on your nails! They look fun and versatile.

Anyone can dope on these adorably quirky Christmastime nail art idea in any personalized style you want. Wearing them on and off the holiday season shouldn’t be a problem. With white nail polish as a primary color, it’s easier to coordinate a red, blue or any vibrant hue of your choice. Bring the just jolly spirit all-year round with whatever color combo you pick! And yeah, don’t forget the red-nosed reindeer!

Behold! Bring the festive spirit into your style even though the Christmas is not yet around the corner. Who doesn’t love the winter sun shining through festive glass snow globes? Why not create a winter wonderland on your nail beds with mini pine trees and a snowman! You can play with colors by using any flat color nail polish of your choice as a background.

Not a fan of same-same illustrated decals? Feel free to create any white Christmas theme nails without using decals. There are plenty of ‘life hacks’ to DIY your nails without special ‘nail art’ tools. If you can’t awaken your painting skills, shake the poet in you instead! It’s time to bring those merry Navidad greetings onto your fingernails! Ho, ho ho!

christmas nails

If it’s your first to get Christmas-ized nails, start with basic patterns as they’re NOT overwhelming. Going matte white beautified with a cute Christmas tree and twinkly ribbon design is simple, yet it sticks to the theme! You can keep it simple by alternating the pattern on every nail bed. It doesn’t have to be perfect, —just keep practicing.

Here’s another Christmas symbolic design that looks fun but not the bright Merry Season palettes. You can opt out of the bright, flat greens or reds, and go for dark tones with intricate details instead. Classy and candy shades for winter Christmas nails are straight glam with a color-blocked manicure in muted autumn colors! Uniformed miniature wreaths that symbolize growth and everlasting life grasp the festive spirit.

For teens, it’s not very difficult to determine the nail to paint to go for. A young spirit calls for the fun visual nail art designs that look fancier by opting for bright reds, greens, and a cutesy Rudolf the rednosed reindeer head. Going for the Gel glitter nail polish are the best like the sample above. Gel types result in a dazzling bright finish after it gets cured. But, of course, you can customize it however you want. Oh! A santa head is also a cute option.

If this ain’t cute to you then you need to more Christmas spirit. Christmas nails are that significant factor of your perfect holiday look. When you don’t have anything Christmas on your wardrobe, this cute Santa and Christmas tree nail art with all the traditional colors is all you need to look fabulously festive! Teens can rock this look with their cute sweaters, beanie, and a nice pair of boots!

Festive Matte And Dainty Diva Nails

Whatever you’re thinking of what a Diva Christmas nail art looks like, —you’re right! If you’re addicted to glitter polish as well as matte nails, these gorgeous festive designs are more elaborate and absolutely and luxurious! Christmas only comes once a year, so, go for it! Flaunt some festive queen nails at a Christmas party.

There’s something so sophisticated and sexy about the matte emerald green lacquer, especially on stiletto nails. Swarovski crystals and matte make a great team! What more when painted and embellished with gems that form a Christmas symbol like Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer? If you’re trying to get in the Christmas spirit with your favorite green color, go matte and add some festive bling!

Whether you use mainstream brands or a bunch of up-and-coming indie nail polish, sparkle and matte make a great marriage. They compliment each other’s beauty and appeal which is why they go together so well. The nail design above is an easy and elegant dark matte burgundy over ballerina-cut nails. It’s a perfect base shade to make festive gold studs and white snowflake designs pop!

Hey, if you’re confused whether you should go matte, glossy, or opt for a sugar effect nails, well worry no more. Why not have them all? Check out the luxurious Christmas fairy Goddess-like design above, one matte burgundy fingernail is adorned with gold sequins. The others are illustrated with Christmas designs and then finished with glossy nail polish. While one nail is beautified with a gorgeous sandy snow design.

I can’t help but think of Christmas in Germany because of the color scheme. The matte deep burgundy, Holiday Tartan-inspired nail art, and the rose gold sandblast glitter nails are a surprisingly glamorous combination! You may also opt for olive green sugar effect if you don’t like gold glitter. Nevertheless, any textured nail polish of your choice would look just as stunning.

Playful Cartoon-Inspired Christmas Nails

Dainty details, sparkling sequins, and a whole spectrum of colors are fun. However, designs that bring back childhood memories like our favorite cartoon shows are way more holidayish! There are plenty of cartoon characters and satire designs that might just do the trick for you. From Disney-inspired nails, cute chibi cartoon, to your own ultimately cartoon character!

Who hustles on weekends and can barely make a clean stroke of nail polish? It’s no problemo! Go pamper yourself with something festive and entertaining. If you are a big fan of OLAF from the animated film ‘FROZEN,’ show him some love by having his image on your gorgeous festive nails!

Crunch jingles, the traditional mellocreme kernels, peppermint, choco barks, Christmas nougats, and giant candy canes! We all love them, don’t we? However, they’re not the ONLY sweet treat should be having before, during, or after the holidays. You can add a sweet touch to dessert platters, I mean to your fingernails as a reminder. Yes, you can turn them into finger-licking sweets!

If there’s such a thing as ‘glitz and glamour,’ this one, however, is more like ‘glitz and cuteness’ under the Christmas category. The Christmas pudding nail design with gold glitter polish is an absolute winner. But the Santa’s face and the white snow with Mr. Snowman nail design is not far behind.

Are you a man fan of the grumpy Grinch? Show them off! Unlike other cartoon-inspired nails, these are colorful, slightly fairy-tale-ish, and crazy fun winter nails! You can’t paint the character you can get those nail art stickers, as well as decals.