100+ Incredible Chocolate Brown Hair Perfect For The Holidays


It’s the time of the year again, and women are not just thrilled with the holidays, but also with their planned hairstyles for the special occasions they will be attending. For women, hairstyles and hair colors are important as they go with fashion, and fashion itself can’t be outdated.

The good thing about this is that the hair color is relatively famous among women, including celebrities, supermodels, female politicians, musicians, as well as the Royals in the likes of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. She is known for her usual, but elegant chocolate brown hair.

One thing that most women want is an out of the ordinary chocolate brown hair, especially that it can go with any dress code, skin color, and facial features. But it can be tricky for those that are not used to having a hair color.

That is of course, understandable. If you have been looking for the best examples of gorgeous chocolate brown hair for women, then you are reading the right article.

Check out the striking photos below:

chocolate brown hair

So, here’s Kate Middleton in her forever looks!

The Duchess of Cambridge might be a Royal, but just like most of us, she giggles with other people too. She smiles at everyone she sees, and again, just like normal people, she also does her own makeup like what she did on her wedding day with Prince William. But her divine looks isn’t just because of her angelic face, but because she styles and colors her hair independently.

And she looks great on her shoulder-length chocolate brown hair!

Another beautiful angle of the Duchess of Cambridge

May it be mid-length cut, long with perfect highlights, Kate Middleton is just amazing in styling her hair. This is one of her most amazing chocolate brown hair as it looks classic in beautiful layers.

She can also be seen sporting classic bun, soft curls, twisted and knotted low bun, half-up styles, a red carpet updo, and with bangs. She has also worn mid-pony, wrapped ponytail, face-framing layers and barrel curls, folded half-up, large barrel and curl outward, and swirled hair with bobby pins.

But what fascinates everyone is her forever looks like in this photo with her hair in the side part and a soft, glossy waves finish.

On to the next hairstyles with the ever-elegant chocolate brown hair color

Even Nina Dobrev loves the hair color too

Bulgarian-Canadian actress Nina Dobrev has been seen several times sporting the classic chocolate brown hair, which is most notable in her looks on movies and TV series.

She has sported wavy haircut, bob, long, long layers, shoulder length, bunt cut, straight, updo, side part, barrel curls, and messy hair. We have also seen her wearing waist length, French twist, side-swept bangs, slicked, pin curls, and straight bangs. More hairstyles with the same hair color
Angeline Jolie looks classy with this hair color

If you think that chocolate brown hair for women doesn’t look good on you, then you’ll have to see Angie’s photo below. She is proudly wearing that knocking hair color that all women could ask for.

Angelina Jolie is most notable with her long hair, side part, straight, wavy, pinned-back, ponytail, blunt cut, and bouffant. But her hairstyle perfectly goes with a stunning chocolate brown hair color.

This messy up-do is just perfect for the “Maleficent” star!

More hairstyles with this hair color You gotta love the highlights on this one

While having an attractive hair color and highlights is achievable for most women, it is more important to take good care of our hair. Because just like many other body parts, the hair protects our head from direct sunlight, and of course, it makes us look prettier.

It is important that your hair is in good condition before coloring it. Doing so will help you maintain the color without any worries. The steps below should help you take care of your hair before coloring it at home or going to the beauty salon:

  • Ensure that you use safe hairstyling products such as shampoo, and conditioner. Also, make time to apply a hair treatment once a month to keep it healthy and strong.
  • Three days before coloring your hair, apply a hot oil treatment to condition it and get your hair strands ready for the color as it contains chemicals.
  • Try not to wash your hair on the scheduled day, or even before you color it to ensure that the natural oils stay, which will make it easier to achieve better results. Instead, wash it the following day after your hair treatment.
  • When washing your hair, use a clarifying or detoxing shampoo to guarantee its cleanliness as well as to take off build up from the hair products you used. You might also want to avoid using conditioner.

More hair ideas

Kristen Stewart is at it too!

Known for being effortless when it comes to her hair, Kristen Stewart comfortably wears her long chocolate brown hair that highlights her angelic face. She has been spotted wearing cornrows, crops, raven black, platinum blonde, pixie cut, wet-look bob style, sleek up-do, casual curls, mullet-style with golden highlights, and more.

But K-Stew is more striking with this hairstyle and color.

More chocolate brown hair ideas for women

This one right here will certainly make most women fall in love

Choosing a color for your hair can be pretty tough, especially that there are wide arrays of hair color that you can choose from. That is why you need to listen to your hairstylist, or to your friends, or even a member of your family to choose the right color for you.

But that shouldn’t be a problem now as we have tips for you on how to get the right color for you that also fits your skin tone:

  • First and foremost, choose the color based on your natural hair color. Ensure that you don’t go beyond two shades darker or lighter so that it will compliment your skin tone.
  • However, you may also get a totally different shade that’s far from your natural hair color if need be or the complicated highlights. Just ensure that you seek assistance from professional hairdressers to avoid problems that you wouldn’t want to happen to your hair. That’s very important.
  • Otherwise, if you choose to color your hair at home, you need to know that the color stated on the box doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the exact color result. Follow the instructions carefully, and it is recommended to run a hair strand test to guarantee that you don’t get an allergic reaction.

More hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez loves this hair color too!

The ever-gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is known for her very sleek hairstyle, but she’s been spotted wearing an incredible chocolate brown hair perfect for any women, especially those that share the same skin tone with J.Lo.

Being a hair color icon, the “Let’s Get Loud” singer has been spotted sporting different hairstyles. But she’s most notable in her chocolate brown hair as her base and highlights it with golden or honey blonde color.

J.Lo has worn different hairstyles such as curls, smooth wavy hair, shoulder-length, mid-length, and more.

Here’s another base with highlights

Having highlights on your hair is definitely gorgeous, but it can be a risk too, especially if it’s not properly done. That’s why it’s important to see a professional hairstylist for a more complicated hair color such as highlights to ensure the safety of your hair.

But how do you maintain your hair color? The tips below should help you take care of your newly colored hair:

  • Wait at least 48 – 72 hours before washing your hair after getting a hair color to give it more time to diffuse into your hair shaft. There’s a chance that the color won’t stick to your hair cuticle if it’s prematurely washed. A few more days without washing or shampooing won’t hurt.
  • Use color-safe shampoo and conditioners to retain the color and help it last longer than expected. There are plenty of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners sold in the market that you can buy such as L’oreal’s Everpure Sulfate-free Shampoo & Conditioner. Using hair products like this will help you maintain your colored hair because sulfate produces a foaming effect, which can strip off the hair’s natural oil and moisture.
  • Further, use hairstyling products that have sunscreen or UV filters to protect your hair from the dangers of sun damage. Direct sunlight can also fade your colored hair of which you spent dollars in the salon to achieve.
  • Use hair products as well that will help boost your hair color without damaging your scalp.
  • If you want to keep your hair color fresh even after a few months, add dye to your conditioner when washing your hair. That way, it will help re-dye your colored hair when your roots grow.


























































































































Full bangs

Sure it ain’t easy to maintain your hair color, but if you have great mentors, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are reading this article, then you are on the right path.

To keep your colored hair boosted even after a few months, follow more of these tips:

  • To keep your color in good condition, make applying hair treatment a habit at least once a week.
  • For darker chocolate brown hair, or lighter, use shine-enhancing products that will bring a more glossy finish to your hair color.
  • Also, use color glosses no matter the color you get for your hair to boost it.
  • If you love warm bathe, you may have to slow it down when washing your hair. Hot water can open your hair cuticle, and your hair color will eventually wash down the drain.
  • You may wash your hair with slightly warm water then rinse it with cold water after applying conditioner. Cold water helps to close the conditioner’s moisture and also prevents the color to fade.

Be consistent with your hair color

  • Color your hair regularly and don’t just color it once, then leave it like that for months. You don’t want to ruin your looks with a messy hair color once the roots grow.
  • If you want your hair color to last longer, try washing your hair every other day or two to three times a week if you can to avoid the color to get washed each time you take a bath.
  • If you can get color-safe dry shampoo, it’s even better to use it during the days that you don’t wash your hair to keep it fresh even without washing it. There are also color-tinted dry shampoo to boost your beautiful dyed hair.s
  • To keep your hair hydrated and full of vibrant, use leave-in conditioners.
  • It can’t be avoided that you need to style your hair such as using hot tools on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, baptism, Christmas events, and more. To avoid your hair from getting damaged and losing its color, use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair to keep it moisturized from the inside. It also protects your hair from the heat caused by the hot tool.




















Get your hair ready

When you style your hair and wants it to be different from the previous one, hair color is one thing that you’ll consider. It’s the easiest way to be unique and stand out, but you’ll have to prepare your hair and keep it healthy.

All you need to do is to research extensively about hair color and how to maintain it, which is the main purpose of this article. Just keep in mind that maintaining your hair color is not easy as it requires your time and effort. But we are to help:

  • As soon as you decide to get your next hair color, use a clarifying shampoo before going to the salon, or if you choose to do it at home. Applying a clarifying shampoo will help remove any oils on your hair that blocks the color from breaking into your hair cuticle. There are plenty of products out there that you can get such Neutrogena’s anti-residue shampoo, which costs only $5.
  • Don’t we all love taking a dip in the swimming pool? While it’s fun and enjoyable, it may not be safe for your colored hair. Pools are cleaned by using chlorine, which is a chemical bleaching agent and it loves leaving your hair dull and damaged. However, if you want to enjoy the pool, wear a swimmer’s cap or wash your hair first and apply a conditioner, but don’t wash it as it will serve as a barrier against the chlorine in the pool water.
  • Trim your hair regularly at least every 6 – 8 weeks to remove the split ends or the dead ends. That way, your hair color will still look fresh.

These curls are just so beautiful

It is always a good thing to be responsible as soon as you color your hair. There are plenty of hair treatments out there, but if you want to do it at home in a natural way, buy one ripe avocado, one ripe banana, and at least one tablespoon olive oil.

Follow the steps below:

  • Mash the avocado and banana in a medium bowl until the mixture is totally free of lumps. To achieve this, add olive oil and mix well.
  • Work this mixture through your hair from roots to tips.
  • Once your hair is covered completely, leave the hair pack on for at least an hour.
  • Then rinse the pack out with a mild sulfate-free shampoo and cool water.

Do this natural treatment at least once a week. Banana, avocado, and olive oil have properties to help soothe your hair and repair the damage. It deeply conditions your hair and retains the natural moisture.

More highlights

Everyone will definitely fall in love with this lovely chocolate brown hair with golden highlights, but this too should be maintained. When your hair is colored, it needs protein and this will be nourished with natural remedies such as one egg and two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

You can try this protein mask at home, which should only take you 45 minutes to prepare and apply:

  • Whip the egg and the mayonnaise together until a smooth mixture comes out.
  • Apply the mixture into your hair, and focus most on your hair tips.
  • Once your hair is fully covered, leave the pack on for about 45 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo and cool water.

Do this once a week to keep your hair nourished with protein. Egg and mayonnaise help restore your frizzy hair and smoothens the roots and tips.

You might also want to apply oil treatment regularly using coconut, olive, jojoba, and more. This should leave your hair healthier.

Now that you have read everything about taking care of and maintaining your colored hair, you may start having fun with colors. But you also need to bear in mind that everything needs to be controllable. Too much can be bad.

You need to give your hair more time to rest before you start experimenting again. It is way fun to have healthy hair than coloring it without extra care and precaution. Our body is wonderland – so does our hair.