108 Caramel Highlights That’ll Blow Your Mind [2021]


Get ready to be inspired before you next hair appointment by the golden-ish shade of brown. Yes! We are talking rich caramel highlights here! The caramel shade lies somewhere in between brown and golden. With the variety of ranges like mocha, dark chocolate, auburn mix, chestnut, golden brown, or warm red caramel highlights really, really make your hair game pop! Just thinking of its name gives me such a warm and luxurious vibe!

Also known for its luscious element, this hair color compliments any skin texture with its warm brunette make-up. Caramel highlights are anything but boring! From regular folks at home to stunning celebrities on the red carpet; this tint has surely spoken for all those who try it. The famous influencers and celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Beyonce Knowles, and hundreds more have rocked the varying caramel shades!

This DIY-friendly hair is attainable right at your finger tips once you have perfected the flattering style for your skin-tone! Now, without further a-do, let’s dive into some of the trendy caramel highlights right away!

Warm Tinge

These dreamy and flowy waves have been painted by a warm caramel hue that looks breathtakingly beautiful! This stunning hairdo goes hand in hand on warm, pale skin tones. The caramel hair has never failed to match the fashion taste.caramel balayage

Light Caramel Highlights

The blonde caramel highlights fall on the end of lighter spectrum! This hair look looks absolutely stunning with the sparsely placed ombre dye, and I dig the way it outdoes her facial expressions!

Roasted Hair

I am in awe of this roasted version of caramel lights that looks slightly lighter than the usual warm tinges. You should definitely try out this stunning take on a brown base hair. The blend of colors look almost irresistible.

Sunset Caramel Highlights

When the shades of gold and brown come together, the look they create goes a long way! The shades perfectly come out to give the short hair more dimension and texture. If you are wondering how to transform your short hair, then this is the style made for you!

Sultry Highlights

Before you think of getting anything, look at the sultry caramel highlights that give a perfect dimension to the brunette hair. You can paint this shade throughout your hair to go strictly caramel. It looks very rich and luscious that’ll melt any heart.

Mocha Caramel

Gotta adore how Shay Mitchell is flaunting her thick braid rich in mocha caramel shade. This color is definitely very subtle but it won’t stop your hair from looking like it just came straight outta the runway.

Rich Caramel Shade on Black Hair

The universally flattering caramel shade is the way to go for any skin tones and hair undertones. The rich and warm caramel highlights flatter the black hair like nothing else. This is an ideal match for an office look with strict color codes.

Spotlight Blonde

Highlights can do it all for your hair. They add dimension, depth, and texture to the hair. I’m falling for the spotlight golden highlights on the dark roots that gives the hair enough of texture and depth.

Caramel Color Melt

This hairstyle looks as though a molten caramel is dripping down a bar of chocolate. You can create that effect by going or this customized color melt in a rich shade of golden caramel on your medium brown-ish hair. This style is simple yet chic.

Extra Light

The blonde take on a caramel hair has more of the lighter golden pigments. This look is unbelievably glossy that looks picture-ready anytime, any day!

Dip Dyed Hair

For an everyday chic hair look, you can go with the hand painted, sultry caramel highlights that steals all the hearts! This hand painted highlighted hair come out really well as a dip-dyed hairdo. You can try this version on both long and short hairs.

Dark-TO-Light Balayage

The cool take on a dark rooted hair is what we are loving! Fed up with just one color? Well, this is when caramel highlights come in handy. The ombre ends look more light and more on a golden blonde line.


Chestnut Highlights

We are loving these red-tinged caramel locs, nodoubt! The shoulder length hair fascinates the warm shade of chestnut brown. If you are wondering where to carry this updo, then let me tell you that it is applicable anywhere and everywhere!

Caramel Fringes

Model Elsa Hosk looks so irresistible with the golden brown short hair. A little bit lighter and a bit more gold in this tone makes the outlook so refreshing at once! This shade of the hair brings out the spring vibes for sure! It reflects a warm temperature and a happy vibe on the hairdo. 

Cool Tones

Cool ash brown tones take the hair to the next level. You can try this popping ash brown highlight for an exhilarating take on your short dark brown hair. It will definitely flatter you all the ways possible.

Auburn And Dark

I must agree on how both the caramel highlights show off altogether as a perfect hairstyle. You can go with rich burnt shade that has more of an orangey pigments to flatter a warm, pale skin tones. Or you can also choose a dark caramel balayage that suits any skin tones!

Reddish Tints

Perfect for light golden skin tones, the reddish brown hair color is what you will ace, too! It works perfectly with the light skin which requires a light shade of brown. So warm and sweet, right?


Flowy Curls

Let your curls hang perfectly looking like a goddess hair. That’s right! We can’t get enough of the caramel highlights working its magic on long and lustrous locs. This is one of the standout hairstyles that anybody with long hair will slay!

Brown Hair With Caramel Lowlights

The caramel colors go perfectly well with any hair types. But specially, a brown base hair frames the caramel shades making it a sort of an active lowlight that accentuates the brown hairs. Get ready and get a magazine cover look with this style.

Light Highlights

Your cool caramel haired color can easily blend with some golden warm and sophisticated highlights for a rich flair. Make use of warm and light highlights for the poster girl look, any day!


Auburn Brown

This shade of Auburn is rich in sheeny red pigments that typically looks so vibrant and lively! The auburn tinge is more vibrant than any other flat brown shades and also a very flattening hue for almost every skin types! It’s time to say yes to the caramel highlights.

Big Caramel Curls

No, I have not forgotten all the curly-haired angels out there! I am a huge fan of thick curls that perfectly shows off any style it is given with. You can sport the golden brown highlights just like your favorite celebrity and look flawless with the big flowy curls.


Easy Hairdo

If you have a medium or short length hair, then you can DIY it at home all by yourself. Get a caramel highlight pack and brush throughout the selected sections to get an easy-going look anytime!

Subtle Streaks

Highlighting a hair comes with numerous options. You can choose to ombre styles, cap styles, or certain strands picking either side. Here, the caramel highlights are placed strategically on either side of the hair making the hair look very modern.

Mid Sections

You don’t have to go all the way down with the caramel highlights meaning that you can highlight your beautiful locs golden brown focusing on the midsections only! This creates a great view of hair from the back.

Rolled Styles

Another Shay’s classic caramel painted hairdo on a rolled hair is worth swooning too! Am I right or am I right!

Caramel Highlights on Straight Hair

This trendy hair color leaves nothing! Paint your straight and sleek hair with caramel colors to give it an edgy AKA perfect dimension. You most certainly won’t regret it!

Honey Gold

For giving your hair a very classy look, opt for a honey gold highlight. It is not only a perfect choice but also a manageable one.

Caramel Highlights On A Jet-Black Hair

If you have naturally jet black hair, let me say that your hair can be elevated to every single level. Because the beauty of jet black hair is shown off perfectly by any highlights it is painted with. This warm caramel highlight on this hair looks so elegant.


Long and Lustrous

The beauty of a long and lustrous wavy hair is accentuated by a caramel pop. What else do you need right?!

Tied Up Hair

Caramel balayage looks great even on a tied up hair. You just need to choose a warm shade to get this stunning look!

Golden Ambers

The thinly placed amber colored highlight makes this hairstyle a great mood, doesn’t it?

Almost Not There

Here the caramel works very thinly and subtly making it almost an invisible view. But the darkness surely adds to the depth of this dark hair.


One Side

Highlighting the hair only on the either side is very trendy topic to look into. If you want the same tone, go for this choppy look.


If you are in any doubt which shade to spread throughout your beautiful locks then here is an idea! Why not give tiger-prints a try? The light shade of gold paired up with caramel is surely a winning combo for your hair to look as ferocious as a tiger!

Wavy Browns

This light shade of brown makes the hair look very casual, chic, and easy-going. Even if you are in a hurry, you need no worry! It looks seamless anyway.

Pink Touch

Do you want to add certain tweaks to your caramel hair? If so, go with a very light layer of coral pink color and place it strategically on the strands that makes the whole look as sophisticated as ever!


Half Braided Hair

Love how the caramel highlights come out on a half braided hairstyle. This hair look is practical on any sorts of events.

Thick Rolls

The fabulous work of caramel highlights and gold mix is what you need to wrap your head around with! This color looks great on the thick and long rolls that she has tailored here. You gotta love how the tints work strongly together.

The Ombre Touch

The chocolate colored hair starts off dark from the roots, and the smattering of warm caramel highlights gradually gets lighter towards the ends giving it an alluring ombre view! The long length hair has a subtle tousle falling for uniqueness.


This hair has more of a reddish brown pigments to it. Looks amazing on arm-pit length hair, don’t you think?

Face Framing Highlights

Isn’t it great that we are blessed with a style where we can use certain hair color to frame our face the way we want to? I think, this gold dipped hair is super sexy!

Sexy Brown

I love the dark brown color that almost looks natural!

Light Highlights

Your cool caramel haired color can easily blend with some warm and sophisticated highlights for a rich flair. Make use of warm and light highlights for the magazine girl look, any day!


Rich Flair

To achieve a very rich flair, you should dye your hair with a hot caramel gloss.

Dirty Blonde

This is one of the very popular hair styles right now. To catch up with the on going trend, get a dirty blonde highlight that provides great texture and makes your hair look choppy.

Short Bob

I love how caramel colors work hand in hand even on a short bob. You have options of completely going golden brown or highlighting certain streaks for a gorgeous hair look.

Summery Look

Are you ready for the summer? If you think that you are missing out on something, then it’s definitely the hair. Go grab a caramel hair product and get your hair highlighted in time for summer.


Gorgeous Rolls

Blonde highlights will inject a summer flair into your caramel hair. Try these alluring layers of this sun-kissed style will add depth to your strands while maintaining the integrity of your rolls.

Caramel and Chocolate

The match of caramel and chocolate is HEAVEN. You should go for the blend of this perfect match to add a mesmerizing flair into your hairdo.

Soft Melts

This full blown soft caramel highlights cover the lower half of her deep brown hair almost entirely with a very rich caramel shade. You could pair this color work with some shaggy hair and long bangs to give it a more softer vibe.

Artistic Job

i know, I know that this hairstyle takes a lot of maintenance and work but the end result is simply alluring. Try this hair for a change.

Long Rich Sleek Hair

Will the straight hair ever go out of style? NO! Plus paired with rich and warm caramel hue, this hairstyle will surely turn every head.

Ginger Touch

This hair has a vivid ginger touch of shade with a light brown undertone. The rich pigments of this color will also add incredible shine to your hair while contouring the look of your face. This shade is a perfect match for warmer skin tones!

Dark Brown

Another classic dark caramel hair that serves the mocha looks! This hair will definitely frame your face. The dark brown shade will impose the mysterious beauty put in with deep blue eyes!

Mocha Hair

To give your hair an exquisite flair, try on the mocha highlights. You will certainly not want it to fade away!

Rich Chestnut

Rich chestnut shade surely has a higher amount of red pigments that that of dark brown-ish shade. Thus, the color appears more like creamy and sleek that brightens up the mood, without a second guess. 


Gold is luxury! Give your hair a heavy tilt on a golden spectrum to make it look classy and very very fancy.


Flat Caramel Brown

The color work on this hair looks amazing as it enforces a very flat yet bold flair to the short hair. This look is simply a very standard example of stylish caramel hair. The bob owns the look as always.

Black Rollers

Black hair with warmer gold highlight rolls goes hand in hand with suiting the pale to dark complexions exceptionally well. You can use brighter highlights to contour your chop to your liking.


Flaky Mix

Somewhat a flaky blend to the warm colored caramel hair. It looks like a whole lot of fall is happening on her hair. I really like how glowy this color is as the hair gives a lot of areas for the color to melt. The color looks emulsified into the strands! Are you ready for a new show of your hair?

Fine Touches

Sometimes, all you need is a fine and uncontrolled touch to take your hair from zero to ten!


Short And Fun

Try some fun highlights along your wavy hair strands. This also looks great on African-American hairs; bringing out the thick curled locks.

Rose gold and Caramel Highlights

Be it shoes, clothes, jewelry or bags, rose gold seems to be ruling the roost in the fashion industry. So, of course, the hair industry needed to get onto the fabulous rose gold shade too. This rose gold and caramel highlights on dark brown hair is the combo that steals the hearts.


Copper and Caramel

When shades of copper and caramel come together, we believe there’s some magic about to happen from a mile away. Check out this hot look, for instance. The copper and caramel highlight pop and dazzle on the vivid brown base. Styled in waves, this style is perfect to be carried at a wedding.

Long Tresses

This look is mixed up with long tresses and caramel dye. A slight effect of ombre or its combination takes the hair to the next level without any doubt. Add some light caramel highlights on the edges. For some light waves, your hair color will add depth to your fabulous hair.

Medium Auburn Highlights

The brown hair color is aided with a touch of medium auburn shade here. The curls help add boldness and depth even to a shoulder-length hair. Simple and sophisticated!

Short Hair

Caramel highlights work amazingly with a shoulder-length hair.  The hair is washed on selected sections entirely with a golden brown tone to a jet-black hair. The work of subtle rolls seems to be great on the hair in terms of depth and creativity.

Foxy Dye

If you do not want to go with light highlights then this heavy and striking look is the one for you! Here, the base color is kept dark or a natural color. Then, some golden caramel shade is used for highlighting the section of hairs and the funky waves. I can’t wait to try out this foxy look!

Chocolate Feels

Keep it dark, strong, and chocolaty! The low-maintenance, extra chic, and flowy hairdo in the town just for you to try it out. Don’t miss on a great trend.


The hair looks spotlight ready with the use of low-light golden colors! The tousled effect of the hair makes it look so enduring, and it adds a frame to the face. You should opt for this look if you are thinking of getting your hair changed any time soon because the colors work marvelously to your interest.

There you have it! Different variations on the caramel highlights. I hope you found some inspiration to book a hair appointment now. Let us know in the comment section below. Happy styling!