112 Epic Burgundy Nails You Must Try


For many years, nail polish has been making waves for women. Choosing a color also depends on the occasion, mood or simply the style. Burgundy, for instance, is a crowd favorite because it can be worn on different occasions without getting boring. The red color may be a bit overused making burgundy remain fresh, classic and glamorous.

Burgundy nails may either be stand alone or be painted on with some nail art. Some like it with glitters, while some prefer a bit of contrasting colors to be unique. There are tons of designs you can go with and it will only depend on the occasion. Burgundy is a sweet and sophisticated color which has been in style for centuries. You will never go wrong in choosing it because it also looks amazing on all skin colors.

If you are feeling sassy or creative, check out these amazing burgundy nail designs that you may use on that upcoming wedding, business meeting or tea party.

  1. Burgundy Butterfly

burgundy nails

Being creative works wonders with the burgundy shade. And painting on a pretty butterfly on one nail makes it look unique. To catch the attention of most people, add some crystals to accentuate the wings of the butterfly. This works best on long nails with gel type manicure.

2. Matte n’ Gloss

Can’t decide if you wear a matte or glossy burgundy shade? Not to worry! You can actually wear both! Start of with a burgundy matte finish on the base of the nail and some glossy type nearing the tip of your nail. Wear these nails on almost any occasion because it still embodies a classic look.

3. Unexpected Sparkle

What do you do with really long nails? You paint on them with your favorite nail color. And burgundy is one of the top choices of women of all ages nowadays. To add some spice, paint some multi-colored glitters on one or two nails of each hand. Doing this will highlight your hand and hog the spotlight a bit!

4. Frosty Matte

Frosted nails always look good on weddings, business ventures or formal parties. How much more if these are burgundy frosted nails right? Long or short nails, this shade will definitely rock your day.

5. Silver Touch

Be a bit creative and put some silver coat on one half of each burgundy nail. Go ahead and do the rest of the nails for symmetrical purposes. Some may think its too much, but actually, its the way you want to be unique!

6. Long and Proud

Long oval nails look great with the classic burgundy glossy shade. More sexy if your fingers are thin! These nails are best accessorized with gold rings with some pearls.

7. Silver Essence

Dark, glossy burgundy shades also work well with some silver touch. This can be worn at special occasions and light-colored jackets and trench coats.

8. White Touch

If you have got the darker shade of burgundy, add a light touch by painting one or two nails white with some abstract art. This is perfect for special occasions.

9. Matte and Beige

If you feel matte is too ordinary (which isn’t most of the time), play along with some dark burgundy shade plus some beige highlights. Its something new, but works all the time.

10. Short and Shimmery

What makes burgundy special is that even on short nails, the color still rocks! So why not add some sparkles to accentuate each nail? This looks great on fair-skinned women who want to be fashionable everyday.

11. Accessorize It

Are you tired of simple designs? Why not glam it up with some gems and crystals for a more rich look. But be sure not to overdo it or it will easily fall apart. This style best goes with plain tops and worn on very special occasions.

12. Tribal Madness

Having some tribal prints makes a bold and unique look mixed with burgundy matte. If you happen to love pointed nails, adorn your hands with some gold rings. This design is best worn with sleek, dark dresses or fur coats.

13. Square it Up

Cutting across your nails makes a classic look with this glittery burgundy shade. It is subtle in a way and does not scream at anyone looking at them. Girls with a light-skin tone look amazing with this shade and can be worn everyday.

14. Jewel Mania

Putting some jewel love over the burgundy matte finish levels it up into a sophisticated design. If you are brave enough to wear it, go ahead, make a name for yourself!

15. Matte n’ Black

Black may easily be associated with a gloomy character, but if paired with burgundy, it only looks amazing. Paint your nails with a burgundy matte color and some black hints for some creative stint.

16. Glittery Ovals

Oval shaped nails are wonderful with a burgundy shade. This also looks good with any skin color and with some glitters on one to two nails, you will definitely rock the night!

17. Gold Madness

Do you love a shiny shade? Or the one that sparkles? Well, if you can’t make up your mind, why not have both! This looks amazing with any outfit, anywhere, anytime.

18. A Long Tale

Do you love it long and tall? Well, a burgundy matte shade looks great with a black or any dark top/dress. Feel confident and try this shade today!

19. Shiny and Mighty

Dark burgundy shades may seem intimidating but when it’s the cold season, these look great with knitted clothes. Warm it up with this shade and look invigoratingly gorgeous.

20. Coat it Gold

If you love gold and anything that shimmers, add it on to your glossy burgundy nails. These look lovely with tiny black dresses or a light-colored clutch.

21. Keep It Classy

Not all can sport long nails easily, so if you can, paint on some classic matte burgundy shade. This looks amazing with any skin color and can be accessorized with jewelry.

22. Sequin Love

Tiny sequins are cute and pretty. So why not add it on your nails together with some burgundy love?

23. Burgundy Tips

If you feel that frosted burgundy is too much, why not just paint it on the tips of your off-white base? Different, but worth a try!

24. Long and Sleek
Really long nails may be hard to wear but if you can, try adding some full gold glitters on one nail.
25. Purple Hues

For a more adventurous touch, try adding some purple hues on one nail, then alternate with matte and gloss finish. Not all can pull it off, but maybe you can!

26. Gold Tabs

Cut your nails short and splash some burgundy matte polish on them. Highlight your nails with some gold tabs which looks great on almost all outfits.

27. Nearly Red

Can’t get enough of the red color? Try this soft burgundy shade and adorn the base with some tiny jewels. Try this design when you are attending a wedding or any formal event.

28. White Glitters

Gel polish is trending and adding a silver sparkle on one nail among the burgundy shade is even better.

29. Flower Power

Who does not love flowers? Paint simple floral designs on one nail and keep the rest of the burgundy shade simple.

30. White and Gold

Burgundy nail polish, together with some white and gold touches, looks elegant and perfect for any special occasion.

31. Bejeweled

If you can’t get enough of sparkling jewels, try to put it on your burgundy polish. It also illuminates the pretty shade, so better wear it on your next date!

32. Short and Sassy

Short nails may also look glamorous with some burgundy gel polish. Top it off with full silver glitters and you will be one fashionable girl out there.

33. Lovely Rose

Matte polish will always remain classic and if you put some rose embellishments, it will look dainty.

34. Flamingo

Long, thin nails resemble that of a pretty flamingo. Add some crystals and you wouldn’t need to go the extra mile in beautifying yourself for that upcoming party.

35. Jelly Beads

Gel nail polish is very nice on long nails which are cut across. Add on some beads for a beautiful touch.

36. Cute Bows

Wear those matte nails to that upcoming prom party. To make things cute, stick on a silver bow onto one nail.

37. Elegant Shimmers

If you are the type who grows long and thin nails, consider yourself lucky because shimmering burgundy polish will always look good on you! This may be worn with light colored sweaters or dresses.

38. Shiny Squares

Square nails are great to put some unique designs on. Add some glitters on the base for an added kick!

39. Nice and Clean

Most girls love a clean finish even if there are a lot of decorations on the nails. It’s okay to have embellishments of different kinds, just make sure to finish them clean.

40. Close to Purple

Getting close to a purple shade also looks great with any type of dress or sweater. You can wear this shade anytime, anywhere.

41. Short and Dainty

Having nails that changes hues from base to tip looks great with some glitters. These are best worn on disco nights or special events with the group!

42. Mosaic Overload

Love to do some mosaics? Check out this style and apply it onto your nails. Keep the glossy burgundy shades on most nails and have one or two mosaic designs.

43. Matte n’ Gloss Combo

Having one style on your nails might be too dull, so why not try a combination of matte and glossy polish? Add some glitters for some disco look!

44. Unity in Diversity

Let the burgundy shade unify the different designs on your nails. One nail may have glitters, matte, glossy or gel polish but one thing remains the same – the pretty burgundy color.

45. Dark Goodness

Not all dark colors pertain to a gloomy atmosphere. Dark burgundy looks elegant on a white dress or any light-colored handbag.

46. Abstract

Get those matte nails some abstract design by painting white lines or adding some black sequins. It will only make your hand look bold and ravishing.

47. Pretty Cherries

Dab some gel polish with this shade on your nails and they look like yummy cherries. This shade looks awesome in fair-skinned ladies or on light colored outfits.

48. Sugar n’ Spice

Spice up your nails with some gold glitters and that yummy, jelly burgundy color.

49. Nice and Creamy

If you have fair skin, this creamy burgundy shade is perfect for you. Try wearing a fur coat and these nails will be the bomb!

50. Ferris Wheel

Do some nail art and paint a tiny Ferris Wheel on one nail. Keep the glossy burgundy shades simple on the side.

51. Sparkling Crystals

If you want it symmetrical, put some tiny crystals to line the sides of your nails. This looks amazing with a frosted burgundy shade.

52. Long and Straight

If you want to look good on that upcoming wedding, grow your nails long and cut straight across. Add some burgundy shade and adorn it with some silver ornaments.

53. Embellish It

Long matte nails of the burgundy color always looks lovely with some gold decorations. So wear it on very special occasions over light-colored tops and handbags to make these nails stand out.

54. Sequin It

Sequins may look too much if these crowd on your nails. But if strategically placed on a certain side, this design may make you look sophisticated.

55. Gel Wonder

Gel polish is one of the most popular type of manicure today. What more if it is the burgundy shade? Add some beige and gold to highlight one nail of each hand for some creativity.

56. It Glitters

Gel polish plus glitters can make any girl’s day. Burgundy always works well with gold glitters and perfect for the prom or any party in town!

57. Make Waves

Bored of plain designs? Try to have a matte base of burgundy and then some glossy waves painted on each nail. This looks great on smart casual or formal outfits.

58. Lace and Beads

Matte + beads + lace equals heaven for any girl. So why not try it on your nails today?

59. Matte n’ Rose

Matte polish remains a classic hit for all occasions. But if you want to look epic, try to paint some black roses and add on some beads to accentuate.

60. Bloody Glow

Almost looking like bloody red, this shade of burgundy will always look awesome with some sparkles.

61. On Point

Long and pointy nails are good to have if you sport a pretty polish like burgundy. Adding white and silver glitters will always have a classy look.

62. Short and Sweet

Add some gold touches on your short, burgundy painted nails. These look good on white or off-white purses and light colored clothing.

63. A Burgundy Delight

Wear these nails on that upcoming prom and be the talk of the town!

64. Lippy Gorgeous

These rich-looking burgundy nails are to die for! Wear them with any casual outfit or even on a formal dinner date to impress your man!

65. Posh It Up

This shade of burgundy has a posh style that can be worn every single day. So go ahead and strut it!

66. Let It Shine

Dark, glossy burgundy looks amazing on light-skinned women. Adorn it with some jewelry to spice it up a little.

67. White Flower

Have your oval-shaped nail tips painted on with some glossy burgundy shade. Top it off with a white flower that resembles of a sandy texture. Perfect for a beach or Hawaiian party.

68. Gold Dust

Dust off some gold sparkles on your burgundy nails. This gives them some kick to start the day!

69. Ribbon

If you are the sweet type, paint some glittery ribbons on those pretty nails.

70. Light Pointy

Get some light burgundy touch on your pointy nails and wear it over a white knitted sweater. This design warms up the cold weather a bit.

71. Persian Touch

Be creative and paint glossy and matte burgundy shades on your nails. Put some gold highlights to give it a classy aura.

72. Tiny Hearts

Spread the love and paint some glittery hearts on your pretty nails today!

73. Off White and Gold

This is a pretty combination and perfect for all occasions. Dab some glitters on the outlines of the nails for some sparkling effect.

74. A Pretty Combo

Paint those square edges with glossy, matte and glittery burgundy shade. These may be flaunted on beige or white handbags.

75. Sparkling Abyss

If you have grown your nails so long and pointy, don’t be afraid to strut it with that beautiful burgundy matte polish. Add some tiny gems on each nail to brighten up your day.

76. Gold Tip

If there’s the French tip, we can also have the golden tip for a hint of class.

77. Mardi Gras

Make your nails pretty by painting on some golden swirls that resemble that of the Mardi Gras.

78. Royal Matte

Look royal by putting on some pretty matte burgundy shade. Adorn your fingers with golden rings.

79. Tulip Tops

Who said tulips may only be found on the field?

80. Let It Sparkle

You can never go wrong with glitter, so go ahead and let it sparkle!

81. Marble

Marble nails look great with dark handbags or white fur coats.

82. Keep It Classy

Wear white or light colored tops for this shade of burgundy and hog the spotlight.

83. Short and Shimmering

Short nails does not mean boring with this nail color. Add a bit of shimmer and you are set for the party!

84. Neat Finish

Get a sleek finish with this shade. This works well with light-skinned ladies with any casual outfit.

85. Jelly Drop

Gel polish always looks amazing on all nail shapes- even on square edges over white tops.

86. Gold Sharpies

Gold and burgundy look great with fur coats. Wear these nails to make you stand out of the crowd.

87. Pink and Glitters

Pink and burgundy looks fashionable with glitters. Wear this design for the prom or any upcoming party.

88. Glass It Up

Do you love nails looking like glass? Paint your nails like this and amuse your date. This is best worn on special occasions.

89. White Pearly Beads

If you already have frosted burgundy shade, leave one nail for some white beads. Odd, but it looks beautiful for any occasion.

90. Burgundy Shimmers

Do you like it clean and sleek? This design is amazing on dark or light colored dresses.

91. Marble and Gold Dust

Get that marble and glitter fix on your nails too! These look great on a light-colored handbag or purse.

92. Flower Power

Flowers brighten up anyone’s day, so add some white flowers on your matte burgundy nails for a lovely twist.

93. Diamond Jellies

Put some diamond embellishments beneath that gel polish and you get a pretty nail fix.

94. Sparkling Diva

Love some sparkling nails? Try this design on your nails and wear it with a nice white coat.

95. Jewel Goodness

Jewels may be too much, but if you lightly accent your burgundy nails with these, you will definitely rock on that upcoming party!

96. Orchids on Matte

Paint some orchids on them nails and add some tiny jewels to make them unique. This design is perfect for formal or casual occasions.

97. Chicaholic

Mix and match the burgundy shade with some black and white nail art.

98. Gems and Shapes

Just like spray paint, you can do this on your nails too. Add some crystals to spice it up a bit.

99. Sweet Silver

Silver sparkles and the burgundy color always look good together. Wear them on a dark outfit for contrast.

100. Sparkling Gift

Wear this design as if it were a gift. These lovely glitters never fail to make anyone smile!

101. Glossy Surprise

Let your nails do the talking with this glossy shade.

102. Beadwork

Let your nails enjoy some pretty bead work on top of these gorgeous dark burgundy shade.

103. All Points Taken

They say not all can pull off very pointy nails, but if you are confident enough, put a variety of colors and sparkles with your burgundy base.

104. Shimmery Edges

Gold shimmers will always make you stand out in the dance floor. Try it out together with your favorite burgundy shade.

105. Gold Dust on Matte

Can’t get enough of gold? Dust on some of it on your burgundy nails and you can alternate with your matte polish.

106. Leafy Matrix

Paint a leaf on your nail and cover it with some glossy polish. This looks very pretty on light or dark colored tops.

107. Gold Bands

Seal those matte nails with some gold bands. This is a very simple design yet it hogs the spotlight anywhere you go.

108. Nice Crystals

Make your nails sparkle with these crystals! Perfect for date night or a trip with the girls.

109. Jelly Belly

Paint those sleek and clean burgundy shade and just a small bit of sparkle on one nail. Simple yet it rocks big time.

110. Elegant Jellies

These dark jellies look great with some nail art so use those creative juices for some awesome inspiration.

111. Shining Shimmering

Let your nails sparkle with some frost and glitters. These are definitely perfect for that upcoming prom night!

112. Fine Edges

Be edgy and make a statement with these burgundy shade today. It works most on any skin color and light to dark colored outfits.