106 Burgundy Hairstyles for a Fiery & Fierce New You


Fresh and rich like wine, burgundy hair is here to stay! From celebrities, to top influencers, down to that fashionista officemate of yours, this rich dark and luscious shade is a clear favorite for fashionably trendy ladies everywhere.

Conjuring images of smooth Bordeaux swirling in glass, this hair shade is officially one of the prettiest we’ve seen in a while. Considered auburn’s cousin, it’s the kind of shade that injects a cool, edgy flair to your luscious locks.

You’ll find burgundy tones run the gamut of bright berry to intense oxblood. Natural blondes to those with a darker, brown or black hair can test out the shade and use it as an accent or in place of their original hair. Couple it with a winning hairstyle and you’ve got yourself a standout piece of crowning glory you would love to show off any chance you get.

For inspiration, here are some of the most gorgeous burgundy hairstyles you can rock!

Rich n’ Wavy Red Violets

Roses are red, violets are blue but a burgundy red violet combo, could be the perfect hair for you!

burgundy hair

Playful Velvet Maroon Violet

Not quite red but not quite purple, try these colored locks and prepare yourself for complements to follow.

Volume Bomb Burgundy Purple Diva

Move over Beyonce! With this head of hair, you’ll dethrone even the queen herself! Violet burgundy works with different skin tones and gives off an edgy, fierce vibe when done right.

Rich Red Ringlets

For a unique, vibrant vibe, these burgundy ringlets will make anyone do a second take.

RiRi-Ruby Rings

While the original ‘Bad Girl’ can rock any ‘do she likes, we especially love this burgundy frock on her.

Bright Berry Burgundy

Cool, edgy and utterly seductive, this bold burgundy shade is sensational to say the least. Impressive for both long and short hair, you’ll have jaws dropping all the way.

Lion’s Mane Red Beauty

Up the drama with an already striking hair by adding hints of berry and brown tone burgundy. It highlights the curls without overpowering the natural beauty of the natural hair.

Burgundy Shag with Bright Red Highlights

Going from dark natural-looking burgundy to brilliant red babylights, the pop of lights create the illusion they’ve been lightened by the sun over time.

Black Burgundy Two Tone Combo

Feeling experimental? This black and burgundy combo is a winner. Both shades offer a cool contrast and lets you rock something new and fresh.

Red Violet Burgundy Twist

Brilliantly charming, dazzle everyone with this two-tone combo. Those violet babylights create a playful touch to the rich reddish shade.

Bold Brilliant Almost Aubergine ‘Do

Capture all the attention you love with this feisty almost aubergine shade. If you’ve been wanting to try a daring shade, this is the perfect funky color for you.

Ruby Loose Wavy Locks

Bring the fierce with this shining ruby red glory on your head. Done right, it brings out the glamour and rocker chic in you.

Short n’ Sleek Parted Cranberry

If you’re looking for a hair shade to complement date nights and office days, this is the one! The choice of dark cranberry burgundy gives off a subtle drama with an elegant appeal.

Raw Modest Burgundy

While burgundy is a rich and bold color, sometimes you just want to dial it back. This understated burgundy is for you if you want a hint of reddish shade to your hair but only when you step out into the sunlight.

Rockin’ Like the Red Priestess

If it’s good enough for the “Red Woman,” it should be great for you! Melisandre, the charming, seductive priestess from Game of Thrones, rocks a sharp and chic burgundy frock. Her stunning long hair is paired with twin side twists – the perfect hairstyle for throwing Westeros into chaos.

Wavy Hair with Short Sideswept Bangs

Smile and let your hair do all the talking with this simple stylish one-tone burgundy look.

Soft and Sweet Reddish Brown Blend

Not ready to go loud red brown? Try a subtler color shade like this pale reddish brown look instead.

The Retro Soul Diva

Who says you can’t rock a retro frock in burgundy? You totally can and this soul singer is leading the pack. Lana’s front twist offer a nod to a dramatic 70s do but takes it one step further by injecting a hint of reddish brown throughout.

Dazzling Red Longbraid

For girls who love to rock braids, you can add color by going burgundy on your frock. Wear with a smile and a fun and playful set of braids and you should be all set to walk the red carpet.

Subtle Glamour Red Browns

You’ve seen top stars wear it, so why not you? This dark red brown trim gives off a moody, sultry vibe for a cool and chic you.

Knockout Purple Red

A modern upgrade to the traditional burgundy, this modern bright red violet hair is fantastically sensational anytime and anywhere. Recommended if you have dark to dark brown natural hair.

Wine Cherry Burgundy

You can rock burgundy red hair in all styles and shapes. This deep purple tone coupled with the vibrant tinge of reds makes this ideal for plaits, knots and bun styles.

Long Soft and Subtle Reds

Perfect for ladies with sleek, straight hair, this understated choice gives off drama without curbing down on professionalism. For work or the office, rock these with confidence!

Sleek Red Wine Beauty

Most women shy from burgundy because they feel it can look “gaudy.” But when done right, even a simple, straight hair like this babe is rocking, can shine with the right shade of red in it.

Straight to Wave Transition

Unlike deep reds, this hair leans towards purple, giving it a cool, laid back charm. It’s matched with a straight soft hair to wave transition at the bottom.

Messy Funky Bob with Burgundy Brown Highlights

In time for the New Year, show off a new look with this edgy sharp cut. Embrace burgundy brown highlights and rock a blended, bedhead tress like the boss you are!

Contemporary Red Head with a Twist

Almost a classic, this red burgundy shade gets a subtle mix of dark browns and blacks underneath. Recommended for ladies who have naturally dark hair but want something to lighten it up.

Fearless Half and Half Frock

There are no limits to creativity. For those who want to add an extra oomph, this half and half look is sure to turn heads. The rich dark reddish pink burgundy works perfectly with the pastel blue grey shade of the other half.

The All – Around

Sometimes you want highlights, other times you want subtle streaks, but on occasion, you just want the classic burgundy. This iconic red shade can easily overpower but when paired with an elegant, light and fun hairstyle, it can be tamed. Just look at this beauty!

Burgundy and Copper Streaks

Don’t underestimate the look of a classy burgundy streak. This copper and burgundy lights lets your hair shine like crystal.

Ribbon Rush Browns and Reds

If you have naturally wavy long hair, why not rock a gorgeous red brown shade and have the shades overlap each other into ribbons of colors that naturally blend into your darker roots.

Tipsy Red Purple Ends

No need to color your whole hair to enjoy lush burgundy locks, you can take baby steps and dye the ends of your hair in this stunning red shade. You can go bright, dark or as a lush red mixed with purples and pink to give it more texture and life.

Overall Berry-licious

A clear head turner, straight hair can be the perfect canvas for a bold, bright pinky burgundy shade.

Satin Finish Burgundy Pink

Bright but not gaudy, this brilliant rich burgundy pink tone is a standout, yet elegant look.

Burgundy Ombre Curls

Make your long bouncy curls stand out by highlighting the lower bottom of your hair and either keeping your natural hair for the top part or dyeing it another complementary color.

Effortless Brown Burgundy

Something about a wind-blown wavy hair that gets the heads turning! If you want drama, these effortless locks is a good choice. Subtle, chic yet striking!

Plum Goldilocks Wave

Nothing says yummy than a plum burgundy! Perfect for date nights, raves and the office, this plum shade complements light to dark tones while the waves give off a feminine touch to the edgy color.

Blonde n’ Burgundy Waves

Burgundy goes well with blonde highlights. It seems like an odd combo but it works great. When done right, it can make for one striking hair statement.

Sunbeam Burgundy Brown

From browns with purples and red tones, this powerhouse sunbeam burgundy shade is made for long, wavy locks. The great thing with this shade is you immediately see its beauty when you hop about in sunlight.

The Cheryl Burgundy

Ms. Cole’s luscious wavy locks is gorgeous enough but topping it off with a rich, vibrant red burgundy gives it even more drama. Those high cheekbones, middle part and side waves truly bring out the best in her.

Daring Dramatic Burgundy Diva

Bring out the true punk rocker in you with this daring red and green color combo. Look closely and you’ll find a wave of colors blending, shimmering and shining like a gorgeous gem!

Pinkish Red Delight

Something about pinks and reds that go together so well! The dark reds and pinks here are so understated but together, they create amazing impact.

Burgundy Bride Hairdo

If you’re looking for a great bridal burgundy color, this is the one to steal. Look at those adorable curls at the bottom and the rich yet sleek burgundy shade. Everything’s just perfect with this one.

Honey Blonde to Burgundy Beauty

This shows you how you can layer burgundy over a honey blonde brown hair color to create a low-key yet rich reddish brown. Oh, and that sleek hair shows it off nicely.

Go Diva Pink Burgundy

Sometimes, you just gotta shine! This bright pink burgundy style makes it all happen and more. Rich curls allow the hair to stand out, giving you drama and attention in all the right places.

Shine Like a Brilliant Plum Wine

It’s no surprise a rich plum red burgundy color is a total beauty. Loose waves allow the curves to shine like diamond against a rich plum red pool of goodness.

Also See:

Brown Toned Waves

When you think of burgundy, you automatically think dark reds or violets but this one takes the brownish red route. It’s light fun, and ideal for shorter wavy bobs.

Daring Orange Burgundy Blend

Burgundy goes well with almost any color. This orange burgundy crossover proves just that. With orange highlighting the way, the burgundy takes a backseat while offering eye-popping contrast in all the right places.

Burgundy Clip-Ons

You can color your hair or you can have fun with burgundy extensions instead! Transform your everyday look into a daring, delightful one by spicing up your hair with cool, reddish purple extensions.

Color Combo Twist

No matter what shade of burgundy you go for, it’s often used together with darker undertones to create dramatic highlights. It’s especially a standout when you have healthy, wavy, long locks to show it off.

Black and Burgundy Top Tail

Celebrities love bold hairstyles and pick bold color choices to match. This hair is a great example. Check out how the base black hair gives the perfect complement to those rich reds.

Warm Brownish Burgundy Blend

Channel your inner country diva  with this stunning  hair shade.

Purple Pink Fairy Burgundy

Tip the scales off to the purples like this lovely lady has done. Simply a standout, there’s nothing subtle about this color choice at all.

Waves and Whirls in Burgundy

Deep and rich reds are beautiful, more so in wavy long hair.

Pastel Pink Princess Burgundy

Not everyone likes bold shades. If you prefer a pastel color burgundy, lo and behold, it can be done! This stunning example has a subtle ombre effect – going from dark pink burgundy to light pastel pink at the bottom.

Stunner Sleek Wine Burgundy

Straight long locks don’t have to be boring. Just add a pop of wine burgundy and you’ve got yourself a stunner.

Vivid Violet with Burgundy Strips

Standout and make everyone’s head turn by putting on this dazzling vivid purple burgundy display. Streaks of turquoise and burgundy serve as highlights to a rich violet perm.

Sensually Rich Reds

We love it when burgundy is applied subtly. Coupled with a nude lipstick and an armful of tattoos and you’ve got one stunning beauty.

Natural Ombre Brown Red

Ombre isn’t leaving us soon. This hair trend is still a favorite and more people are discovering new ways to use it. This ombre shade combines natural dark roots with a hint of brown reds at the tips.

Ultra-Toned Red Browns

With burgundy, you can go bright or you can go super delicate. Tone down those reds to a minimum level like this beautiful look.

Layered Two Tone Beauty

Another great example of how to blend two colors into one seamless look.  The top half features a greyish blue shade that transitions into rich brown reds. This is a style you can use and wear anywhere, from school, parties to the office.

The Modern Goldilocks

Make the three bears scream with envy when sporting this luscious burgundy goldilocks combo. Deep red and violets serve as the base with stunning golden highlights all around.

Bridal Burgundy

Walk the aisle like the true fashionista you are with this charming burgundy shade. The right burgundy shade can easily enhance the beauty of your gown.

Disney Princess Berry Burgundy

Back when she was a Disney Princess, Ariana Grande used to sport berry burgundy like a boss. Her olive tan skin glows gorgeously against it.

Cool Purple Tone Burgundy

This one leans slightly on the blue and purple spectrum. With those tight curls, it’s got the right amount of red shining through to gleam under the sunlight.

Purple Pink Passion

Stunner is one word to describe this two tone style. Bordering on vivid pink, this burgundy tone is complemented nicely by the dark base. The curls majestically give it volume, giving the hair a regal yet modern flair.

Curled Burgundy Splendor

Tight curls are already striking but when you pair it with plum red goodness, you get a striking combo to die for!

Blue Toned Burgundy

With blue tones hiding underneath your burgundy tresses, you create a stunning purple goodness that goes well with soft and rich curls.

Cascading Red Highlights

Let your inner Red Priestess shine forth with this set of burgundy highlights. Funky, rich and daring, you’ll easily sway the hearts of gents (and ladies) with this style.

Darker Shade of Burgundy

Charming, sweet and innocent – all the right traits for this burgundy brown shade. This subtle color makes lighter skin tones shine while adding a dramatic touch to a darker tone.

Burgundy Brown Transformation

This is how you transform brownish two-tone locks into a stunning brown red burgundy brilliance.

Golden Brown Burgundy

Burgundy can run the gamut from brown, reds to purples and violets. For this shade, it sticks to the brownish category, showing its highly versatile nature.

Subtle Highlighted Reds

Highlights allow the natural shine of the hair to stand out. A touch of burgundy and a touch of brown can make all the difference.

Snookie Red

Reality starlet, Snookie, is known for rocking her burgundy hair like no other. From glamorous to reality star chic, she makes sure you don’t miss her.

Flowing Ombre

Dark to light ombre knows how to draw attention. Add a twist of burgundy brown like this babe and you’ll also sway plenty of heads your way.

Sensual Cool Purple Burgundy

Stand out in all the right ways by rocking this cool purple red goodness. Brilliant for straight hair, you can easily see all the subtle purple and reds shining through.

Mermaid Violet Reds

Combine both style and color to create a jaw dropping look like this gorgeous fishtail braid in violet and reds. One look and you know you’ve got an Instagram worthy style on your own.

Red Waterfall Tresses

Burgundy can be used in a number of ways. From a bun to a freefall hairstyle, you’ll love how versatile it is.

Deep Wine Braid Red

Here’s another variation to the braids and burgundy combination. This time, the burgundy is a little more understated. Instead of brilliant reds or purples, this shows off a deep red wine color, enough to make areas pop.

Stylish Red-Haired Selena

Sexy and charming Selena Gomez once experimented with wine-colored tresses. The sweet former Disney star shows off her delicate waves and baby face in this simple look.

Rockstar Red by Demi

Another Disney star who loved her burgundy hair, Demi Lovato throws a more rockstar vibe to her fiery piece.

Bubblegum Pink Princess

If Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum were a hipster lady, this is how her hair would look. Subtle, yet charming, the burgundy is toned way down to a pastel shade pink.

The Everyday Gal

Don’t want drama, don’t want too much attention? This everyday gal burgundy shade should be perfect! It’s understated, simple yet also gives your hair the right amount of oomph to start.

Rich Wine Red Shaggy Straight Hair

A straight shag can be amped up by adding the right color tone. This stunning hairstyle is great for creating texture and interest around your jawline and face.

Oxblood Red in Curly Waves

Almost a classic style, you can’t go wrong when pairing waves and burgundy together. You’ll find the oxblood adding to the richness while the softness of the curls contrasts against it.

Leather Chic Burgundy

A cool leather jacket, a warm smile and luxurious red burgundy hair – that’s the epitome of coolness right there.

Messy Red Bun Hair

Messy, cool and chic, this doughy red bun hair is a true beauty! Wear this for your daily look at home, at a party or even on a special date. The messy look goes well with leather, cotton shirts or a charming dress.

Ombre Queen Red to Blonde

This amazing looking hair is the best example of how burgundy can easily transition from dark queen red to a brilliant blonde. It’s totally a must try!

Blonde Lights with Dark Browns

One of the best ways to accentuate curves and waves, blonde highlights go best with simple burgundy browns like this.

Radical Orange Ombre

You don’t have to stick to a traditional red and blonde ombre look, in fact you can have fun and go from one shade to another. The sample below goes from burgundy purple to rich bright orange tips.

Barely-There Brown Burgundy

Keep your burgundy love affair low key with this lovely barely-there brown red shade.

The Kylie Burgundy

Kylie Jenner knows how to rock her burgundy! This fashion mogul looks darling as she matches her burgundy violet hair with her luscious matte lipstick and dark black lashes and smoky eyes.

Glisten Plum Short ‘Do

This beautiful hair color makes for a wonderful touch to a shoulder length shaggy hair. The dark luxurious plum gives the hair sexiness and the waves give off a nice volume.

Straight and Stylish

The easiest way to show off burgundy is to wear it on straight hair. It lets you see the beauty of the rich reddish brown while giving off that sleek, modern vibe.

Plum Red Brown Tones

Go for beauty gold with this dark red brown toned burgundy. It’s a luscious and sophisticated look especially when paired with large curls.

Waterfall Burgundy with Bright Red Tips

It’s technically a two tone hair but the wavy hair makes this flow so nicely you don’t see that stark transition between the dark brown hair to the lovely bright red highlights.

Short Simple Brown Burgundy

Want something glamorous? Go with this beautiful brownish red tone shade. It goes well with large waves like this.

Bold Red Plums

Perfect for date nights, this red hair goes perfectly with a smoky eye for a daring and seductive look.

Plum Burgundy Goodness

A compendium of inspiration, you can go from reddish plum to a darker burgundy depending on what you feel like. Go from casual to seductive in no time just by changing up your hair shade.

Brass Burgundy Half and Half

Unusual but bold, this brass burgundy beauty hairstyle is for you if you want something unique. This uses the natural dark hair as base with the brassy purple burgundy highlights all around.

Two Tone Seamless Burgundy

Avoid a one-tone brash burgundy look by mixing up different shades of this lovely color. Here’s one example of how to do it. Pick a darker burgundy tone at the top and allow the tips to echo a lighter or bolder shade.

Sleek Schoolgirl Look

Leaning over to the purplish burgundy side of things, you can get a laid back, schoolgirl chic look with this color choice.

Summer Sunshine Brown Red

Free flowing plum burgundy shades are the perfect choice even during summer. Because of its dark shade, most think burgundy matches fall but as you can see, it can easily take on a lighter rich tone even when it’s full blown summer sunshine.

Posh Red Affair

Rock the Posh Spice look with a dashing burgundy hair. With its blunt, textured cut, you’ll love how much sophistication this hairstyle exudes .

Subtle Brown Lights

Burgundy is a true beauty but what makes it stand out is when it’s paired with the right amount of highlights. Check the lush, almost nonexistend, brown highlights on this hair.

Ruby Red Highlights

Make your lovely hair gleam like a jewel by adding the right amount of bright red highlights in all the right spots.

Red Mane Drama

This is burgundy at its finest. Beautiful, ruby-like and cascading in soft bouncy curls. It’s everything you could ask for in a burgundy toned hair!