145 Amazing Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights


As they always say, “Blondes have more fun!” And also, “Brunettes do it better!” In this never-ending feud among blondes and brunettes, if you are thoroughly confused between bleaching your hair blonde or painting it dark, you are in luck today cause you got an answer right here. You know what’s better than one shade? Two, of course! So, wrap your head around these mind-blowing hair transformations with blonde highlights on brown hairs!

Brown hair with blonde highlights lets you have all the breezy to warm taste on your hair transformation. If you are thinking of a fitting hairstyle that also gives life and charm to your hair, then you cannot go past the blonde highlights. And trust me when I say this, your dark strands can pull off any given style or balayage, and you don’t even have to be self-conscious almost all the time you are out.

Brunette hairs go with every style, tone, occasion, length, and what not?! If the effortless and low-budget updo is what you are opting for, then you have come to the right place. Let’s learn together how we can enhance our dark locks by picking out some flattering blonde shades and patterns to brighten up the look. Some of the great ideas are full or partial highlights, cool tones, gold and caramel blonde shades, etc. Let’s make brown hair THE best of all!

Layered Brown Hair With Sandal Blonde Highlights

The long dark brown hair looks great with the touch of sandal blonde highlights. This look surely imparts more of an ombre view which totally is worth it! I would not have a second thought on getting this layered haircut on sandal blonde highlights.

brown hair with blonde highlights

Caramel Twists

We gotta love how the caramel hue goes hand in hand with the brown hair. The combination of caramel blonde balayage plays right at heart, and we cannot agree to love more on the flowy and full-body twists it’s showing off.

Caramel Highlights on Short Hair

Who says ‘style’ isn’t a go for short hairs? The short hair with choppy ends has a dark brown undertone bleached with caramel hue on the top making the whole look very strong. The caramel color is great for any skin tones, too. 

Brown Hair with Vanilla Blonde Highlight

As they say, “Ombre is here to stay!” You can count on some cool shades like vanilla blonde to highlight your brown hair with. This style is super chic and sexy.

Golden Tiger Prints

This whole combo is determined to make your hair look intimidating and classic at the same time. You can choose the tiger print pattern to highlight your hair to and wear it like a model of the runway. 

Sophia’s Natural Looking Hairdo

Sophia Vergara, ahhh! The super sexy actress who has an amazing approach to her hairstyles is here with a very natural looking chestnut hue highlight on her dark brown hair. This look is super easy and achievable just at your fingertips.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

If you are looking for a subtle change on your blonde highlights, then try some lowlighting to make the blonde shade really pop! Lowlights add the ultimate dimension and depth to any blonde shade. This whole look is so irresistible that it makes me feel like trying it ASAP!

Ombre Blonde Lowlights

What else do you need when there’s all the fun at one place? There is the ombre-do on the brown hair, and the blonde lowlights to take your hair game to the next level! Have some fun with creative coloring to upgrade your hair potential.

Blush Blonde Highlights

For a real game changer, you can go with the blush and peachy blonde highlights on your sleek and straight hairdo. When blonde and brunette gather up; that’s when there’s more fun! Straighten your hair for more precise element.  

Creamy Blonde

This cohesive look captures the attention of those who behold it. The work of buttery and creamy blonde hue on a cap highlight will certainly give you the boring hair break!


Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Do you know what isn’t dropping its scales? The sheeny and precise hairstyle with soft caramel highlights. The undertone of the hair is almost black that helps the caramel color accentuate more of its form.

Peach Blonde Lowlights

Here is a refreshing way to upgrade your brown-blonde hair. Choose a peach blonde hue to deepen the base all the way through the mid section of the hair and get the stylish flair to your hair.

Rose Gold Highlights

Styling a bob is always somewhat tricky yet very fun! The side swept bangs have a touch of rose gold color that goes hand in hand with a brown undertone, making a suitable match for the bob.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Short hair doesn’t mean dull. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot of ways to style your short hair. For a fine example, you can try out the honey blonde balayage that makes an epic turnover.


Mocha Brown Hair

Next up we have the beautiful mocha shade that never goes out of style. This is an ideal look for the working women aka The Hustlers out there. A simple and subtle touch of mocha brown is not a bad idea, ladies.

Subtle Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut colors are on trend right now. It is subtle yet very intruding given its chic look. You can update your brown hair with warm chestnut highlights for a change.

Crazy Red And Blonde Curls

Red is all the rage, but maybe we should emphasize how beautifully it comes out with the peachy blonde shade on extra voluminous curls, right? It is a drop-dead gorgeous look.

Undercut Highlights

Another classic edgy, short hair with the side and back undercut is a way to go. The long strands on the top of the head have a slight hint of golden highlights that totally stands out from the rest.

Multi Textured  Highlights

The layered hairdo has a peep of sandy blonde and rose gold highlights that seem to go a long way. Check this out on your next hair appointment, ladies.

Ash Blonde Highlights

The cool ashy tones are the talk of the town this season. A refreshing take on blonde highlight is all you need to go for to compliment your hairstyle.

Warm Gold Tones

If you want a flattering look for your skin tone, then you should go for warm gold shades to highlight your hair with. This shade will absolutely do justice to your hair.

Beachy Waves

Absolutely in love with these voluminous and dark brown beachy waves painted by golden highlights. It is an incredible style with a messy element to it.

Low Ombre Hues

Notice that the dark brown shade transitions into peachy blonde hue almost from the two-third section of the hair. This look is marvelous for a transformation of brown hair.

Caramel Lights

You should definitely try the warm caramel blonde highlights on your brown hair to shine away!

Tousled Feathers

Feather haircut adds a boho-dimension to any kind of hair. And in addition to that, tousled effect and gradient blonde surely go a long way.

Warm Hues

Slightly yellow-ish shades on the blonde highlights are what you have to opt for.

Spikey Hair

Spikes speak for itself for its rockstar look, and when added with some blonde highlights, that’s the look to carry around with confidence.

Warm Auburn Blonde Highlights

Auburn shades have more reddish pigments on the shade spectrum that glows up the entire look instantly.

Ash Brown Balayage

Never underestimate the cool factor behind the refreshing ashy shades as it perfectly compliments the brown undertone hairs. 

Almost Black

This look is a spot highlight technique where only some specific parts are highlighted. A little bit of blonde goes a long way, girls.

Kim’s Classic Up-do

The Kardashians can make anything a trend within overnight. Here, Kim Kardashian is flattering her looks with copper blonde highlights on top. 

Cheryl’s Cool Shade

Love the way she is pulling off the cool undertones that bring out the eyes and her beautiful smile, too!

Blonde And Auburn

This is the living proof that the blonde and auburn shade can never go wrong if combined together. It makes a great mix and rounds off to a stylish hair transformation.

Ash Blonde Highlights

Another chic and breezy hairstyle option to go with for a sweet, summery vibe. The ash blonde can never do you wrong.

Sun-kissed Light Brown

To add more dimension and depth to your wavy hair, you should opt for the creamy blonde layers that accentuate the cool skin tones.


Gold Platinum

For a bright shade, with definitively warm, almost black undertones, is the epitome of Hollywood glam. Get this look to turn all the heads on the way.

Very Short

It takes guts to go very short, but if the result is this super-defined short hairdo with blonde highlights, then anyone will gladly take a chance. This look is very sweet yet very sexy hairstyle.

Black And Warm Blonde

These two colors completely contrast each other, but when they are put together, it comes out pretty perfectly, don’t you think?

Light Brown Hair

Whether you wear it straight or wavy, light brown shades will always be the go-to style for any given day. 


Sexy Look

Try these ice-cold stirring highlights for a very intimidating and sexy aura for your grand hair transformation. You will love it.


Natural Looking Caramel

The soft caramel tint is serving the best look among all, isn’t it? Simply stunning for a regular day hair.


Ash and Brown Mix

The mix of ashy and almost brown tones on a spiraled bob is a way to go! This look is totally manageable on the busiest hours too.

The Rosey Hue

We can’t get enough the rose gold ombre hair as it is definitive and takes the soft waves to a stylish platform just like that.


Short Ear Length Bob

The mix of honey blonde hue highlighted on a cap-pattern on a short bob brings out the skin tone and matches with a refreshing personality.

Champagne Blonde

I am digging the champagne blonde accents on the dark undertones that are making the hair fall perfectly in a flowy and sexy manner.

Bright Gold

Nothing is more amazing than the hair bringing out the skin tones and eye color in the spotlight. Try these long golden waves for a fitting combo.

Everyday Look

From a college hair to a simple day out, this hairstyle will surely do you justice in whatever ways possible. Mark this hairdo for your next hair appointment.

Waterfall Curls

If only I had some long, thick hair, I would rush into the parlor to get this boho blonde highlighted look. If you have a long hair, then don’t miss out on the chance to look like an Instagram model.

Wide and Long Curls

Seems like the warm blonde highlights on the brown hair do all kinds of justice on the wide and very long curls. Look at how the colors have created high definition and depth.

Sarah’s Dope Foundation Highlights

If we are gonna talk about the blonde perfection, we surely can’t miss out the DOPE style of Sarah Jessica Parker, can we?


Spotlight Hair

Chrissy was, is, and always be one of the perfections in the world. And focusing more into the hairdo, we have the long vintage rolls highlighted with soda blonde color, making it flattering on her skin tone.

JLo’s Classic Hair

Look at the style queen’s flattering choppy ends with reddish blonde highlights. If Jennifer Lopez is casually showing it off, we will surely try it any day!

Icy Blonde Highlights

If you want to make your cool skin tones work with brown undertones, then you should definitely go with the icy blonde highlights.

Straight Hair with a Knot

If you are wondering how to style your brown hair then, fist of all get it highlighted by a peachy blonde color and tie a beautiful hair-knot leaving the rest of the hair hang effortlessly like in the picture.

Stylish Layers

Layers have taken the backseat that calls for one haircut, doesn’t it? You can dye the brown undertones with pale blonde highlights to stand out in the crowd.

Simple Stacked Bob

Even length stacked bob can look more chic with a touch of blonde highlights that go a long, long way in the fashion road.


Root Tigress

The tiger print pattern is all over the place now, be it makeup or hairstyles. Choose the vibrant matches like pink and blonde to get the summery, sunny look.

Light And Gradient Blonde

The color work of light blonde and gradient blonde on the light brown undertone is making the hairlook so classy like of a celebrity!

Outdoorsy Look

As the name implies, you can try out the funky blonde shades on the brown hair to highlight the outdoorsy element to the hair. 

Gorgeous Feathers

This is the drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle that all of us had been looking for! The color combination shows off a pigmented hue that brings the face in the spotlight.

Blonde On A Spot

Just a little touch of blonde can go a long way, ladies. You can highlight a specific section of your front bang to accentuate your edgy bob.

Dusty Hue

These vibrant shades of highlights enhance the eye color and add more depth to the look as a whole! The shade seems great on the pale complexion.


Curly Twigs

Curly-haired beauties need not to worry! Try out your curls with lovely gold highlights and look beach ready, any day!

Polished Hair

I give this hairstyle 10 out of 10 for its super-distinguished hair strands. Love how brushed and polished this hairstyle looks like.

Seductive Short Hairs

We can’t take our eyes off of the highlighted and edgy short hair. This look is marvelous and a very sexy style to give to your short hair.

Subtle Highlights

Not too flashy, nor too exciting, this subtle touch of highlights is what you need to go for if you want a simple yet stylish look to outdo your hair.

Golden Highlights on Brown Hair

When it comes to lightening and brightening the brown hair, golden highlights are ultimately the perfect option to chase for. Be ready to outdo the hair with a golden take on them.

One-Sided Highlight

Rather than going extra, full length, you can also choose to highlight a specific section of hair on either side of your partition. This keeps the originality of your hair with a sweet style tweak.

Red-Brown Hair

Red-brown hair has become pretty popular over the years, and this is the hair color that you need to go with for 2019. It can be made even more lovely with the addition of caramel highlights upfront.


Blonde Bob

Lovely take on a bob with the mix of peachy blonde highlight.


Wow, another JLo’s classic highlighted paint on a straight hairdo that successfully blows our minds, as always.

Half Up, Half Down Caramel Hair

Just love how simple and elegant the caramel highlights look on the half up-half down hairdo. This look is great for a regular day to a wedding ceremony. Just add some accessories, and you are good to go.

Cool Tones

Cool tones on the brown undertones look amazing, particularly if you wear your hair in a relaxed fine waves. Try this look to feel like a spotlight star.



Fishtail Braid

Let’s keep one stunning fishtail braided hairstyle for the beach, shall we? The warm blonde ombre highlights on the caramel undertone bring out the whole out look with absolute perfection.


Dark Chocolate

Can you believe the light blonde highlights on the dark chocolate undertone? It is an absolutely gorgeous match of colors that complement each other in a perfect manner. A little touch of makeup and you are ready to rock the party.


Layers have been around since the beginning of time, and with its playful aura, it has become a perfect match to every hair types. Combine your layers with the faint and glossy golden blonde highlights to get the perfect look.

Silver Blonde Highlights

You can give your dark brown hair a heavy-metal, silver wash to transform your hair from plain to perfect. You can also strategically place the highlighted strands to make your hair pop.

Auburn Yellow Highlights

You can try warming up your hair shade to look like a whole lot of autumn with some lovely auburn highlights. These highlights are always at the peak of pigmentation that makes the hair look very vibrant. You can also try the spot or cap highlighting techniques to get this stunning look.

Toffee and Caramel Blend

If you are thinking of just lightening your locs but not going strictly blonde, then you can try out the mix of toffee and caramel hue. This blend makes the hair stand out and keeps it from looking mousy.


Bleached Strands

Ain’t this look just intimidating and flashy? Thanks to the blonde bleach that makes the hairdo sheeny and perfectly spices things up. You can bleach your hair and straighten it up to get the same effect.

Well, there you have it, girls. Coloring and toning your hair is always one of the fun subjects to opt for. Look out for the brunette and blonde look, making it the ‘bronde’ hairdo to try out to standout. Hope you found one or two styles fitting for your personality. Make sure to get jolly with the haircuts and shades of the hair. Happy styling!